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While watching "The Double" I've managed to recall such films as "Brasil" and "The Dark City". Well, decorations reminded me of spaceships - System Shock 2, Pandorum, Event Horizon, Fallout bunker Nr. 13 (ok, not a spaceship) - dark, gloomy, everything is known for a long time, same persons, same places, restrictions and rules... Sounds like Kafka's hell - people just doing what they've been told, every day is exactly the same, society grows their children to obey, follow the rules to survive... Something like in "Captive Universe" of Harry Harrison. Or Ursula Le Guin novel, where habitants of colony ship started doubting if there is world outside the ship.

And if so, then people grown up in claustrophobic space would admire agoraphobic doors of The Great Hangar, separating them for the Great Wastelands of Cosmos (and Chaos same time), Nietzsche's Void that looks into your soul, while you look into the mirror...

Great sacrifices as a Great Goal.

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HW1 was counting ships by unit per class - so much per fighter, so much per corvettes etc.
HWC was counting ships by crew - so much supports unit per one type of ship, so much per another type.
HW2 was counting ships by squadron numbers - so much units in squadrons, so much squadrons are allowed per class.

Squad system wasn't used only in HW2 - it was also seen in Haegemonia and WH40K:Dawn of War. Last one was also Relic's doing, and I liked it more then StarCraft, for example. :P
One of the things I liked there was squad improvements: like space marine squad could be converted to tank busters, shootah boyz, heavy unit killers and so on. Along this, squads could have a hero: create a mighty unit - something WarCraft3 influnced - and then just add it to the squad as an addition. Or make a sergeant. This way, quite weak squad of imperial guardsmen, for example, could be turned into something you need to be aware of.

As we see, we can count ships in HW in three ways - it's quite interesting how HW series inside itself has turned into genre experimental lab - by unit, by SU, by squadrons. And me find advantages in all three ways of counting ships (like sheep to the rhytm of the war drums...) - all three can be combined together making player head explode. Squadrons allows you control less while having the same numbers. Counting per class can limit unit number max count, and counting per unit would create variations of strategies for player (of course, then class limits alltogether should be a lot bigger then SU limit).

What am I aiming to? Well, like in big 4x TBS strategies, there should be squad constructor. Can be opened in-game, but better to construct your dream squad - with basic, advanced tactics, with formation selection, with units selected and their behaviour, random icon, before the game. Of course, if you setup squadrons with too complicated conditions - too expensive, too research-advanced, too much SU - then you might not get in-game. So, you will have to balance it yourself. From game developers it would require only to balance unit themselves, set price and SU for single units, mb, basic squads like in HW2. Of course, squadron prices won't be so round as they are now (350-500-550 etc).

Like in real life - you have basic squad of 8 men (NATO standard), but it can be enforced by machinegunner, grenade guy etc, increased its number to 12 or more - depending on the tasks to execute.

So, you would be able, to create squads of interceptors, strengthtened with defence fighters. Or Heavy Resolution squad of minelayer corvette, defenders and defence fighter to protect resource spot. Of course, you need to have control of separate units, but this, probably, could be done with solution of fleet tactics - you would be able to set single unit actions, but it won't excluded from the squadron.
Capital ship combination with strike craft would do nicely: ICF + Flak, or Missile Destroyer + bomber squadrons and support units of support frigate, repair corvette/worker, defence field frigate, defence fighter etc
Talking of support units - their behaviour needs to have separate triggers so they don't try to kill everyone instead of repairing or protecting units by force shield - less of micromanagement. They can be added in DoW way, actially - squad + support unit: not attacking with everyone, not guarding, not following, but supporting, doing their staff depending on specialization. And if this support unit is set up as part of squadron, it would be easier to understand what's going on the battlefield - to see not all the ships, but tactical groups.

Of course, need to think of recursive squadroning - "dawg, I herd you like squadrons, so I put a squadron in your squadron so you can...". Yeah, because we can... Nah, no squadrons in squadron :D.

It reminds me of Impossible Creature, actually - another one Relic's project, where you could create animal mutants with flaws and advantages of each animal part. Create you perfect squadron, meh!

And as we started talk of "parts" ("to become selves"), capital ships could be constructed in R.E.A.R.M. or Complex or... I dunno... Endless Space way - with setting up armor, ammo etc. Of course, it would require balancing of capital ship class and then with strike crafts... Well, it's much more complex then squadron creation that is just cumulative combing of existing ships.

Well, after all player will get his dream squadron capable of attacking and defending itself, instead of getting single fighter that would die in a seconds alone.

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...or 3-Dimensional Space Real Time Strategies.


0a. Homeworld (28.09.1999)

Hail to the king, baby! In some ways still unbeatable 3DS RTS.
Being the first, HW wasn't the ugly duckling: it has found it's style, and way of controlling camera, unit classes etc has become standard for similar type of games.
There are still advantages of HW1 engine, despite moddability problems (races, ships, abilities are hardcoded), it has more advanced physics system, ship behaviour etc then HW2.

0b. Homeworld Cataclysm (30.06.2000)

Only 7 month to develop! It included story, sound, models, gameplay design and source code update. Gearbox says, they're missing the source code, yeah...
Started as add-on, HWC became standalone game. Probably, because it would take too much effort to make HW engine flexible. So, HWC has become advanced mod for HW1 (like HW1 campaign for HWR).
Well, it have included two new races (1 consisted of old HW1 ships), completely different, with a lot interesting features - so multiplayer of HWC was totally different to HW1 and more interesting. Unit experience gathering, unit building restricted only to man count and other interesting features. Like, modules were first introduced here, waypoints, time fastening, ordering in Sensors Manager screen... Some buttons were redefined here, but overall nothing big has changed since HW UI.

0c. Homeworld 2 (16.09.2003)

New engine, new rules, great moddability with lua-scripting, but also simplified physics and unit behaviour. But now it had great multiplayer - with 2 races that were different enough to have interesting fights. But this time it was more about the strategy not tactics and microcontrol.
What was new in UI - slide camera when mouse at the edge, move and attack order, big formation for the whole fleet so that you could form up groups consisting of different ship classes moving with the same speed. And GUI that did not required to close view of battle to build, launch or research something. Also, movement was done more easy - just click RMB and select point at map.

1. The Rift / Far Gate (11.09.2001)

First competitor to HW - but it was few years late. No good engine, no good models - horrible trailer shows it all. BUT. I'd play this just to check what improvements or flaws they have made in UI of 3DS RTS.

2. Project Earth: Starmageddon (26.04.2002)

This one looked promissing... BUT. Despite pretty good picture and quite interesting features, this game was ruined by UI. Bad voice acting - who's interested in this shit? But UI... It was using WASD movement to go through the space. No other chance to get to the point of the battlefield - no sensors manager a.k.a. big map to see whole picture of the battle, no concentration on units, no pause, to attack or move units you have to click RMB in space which may lead your unit engine knows where - it's fkn 3D not 2D! And then you had few plane battles that no one had told you about... Well, I gave it a few tries and I'd return to this game only if republished version would have HW-like UI.

3. Haegemonia (01.05.2002)

This is not HW. It's more like 4X RTS - with planet colonisation, large technology tree - well, light version of SoaSE but with real 3D movement. Actually, it reminded me real time version of Endless Space - just simplified. Well, game is still looking good. Despite it's age, it's still beautiful - spaceoperish design of ships, planets, meteor belts etc - all was done with great love. Only 3D characters appearing from time to time - "I want to be your hero, sir!" - are lacking charisma. Music and campaign are quite spaceoperish also, so you won't find anything to catch on. Actually, sometimes I was misleaded by music into the memories of Disciples II.
But if we are interested in tactics and strategy, I'd say, that you will find strategy only: tactical fights are missing, big guns resolves everything. Well, of course there is possibility of controlling units in 3D space, but it won't help you much except for covert operations - like in O.R.B. you had whole solar system under your control (or several) but this time you could colonize them, and have radar sensors around, so sneaking here and there with 3D space is more interesting then two-way path of 2D plane. But overall big map was 2D - probably, that's why big map (on space) wasn't something you could rotate and fine tune to your needs (same problems like in O.R.B.).
It's interesting, that Haegemonia was first to introduce squads (at least among 3DS RTS) - ships came in squads (though you had to build them separately) so you have kinda balance of light ships in numbers to heavy ones outnumbered. Also, mouse side slide was first introduced here. Of course, by default, Y-axis was inverted, but it wasn't restricted by options to return it to natural statement. Well, focusing was working strange - instead of close focusing on ship, second click on MMB (or F) released camera from following - but that's more likely because of the 2D map nature of this game when you have no big need to turn your camera straight up or straight down - well, HW2 (don't know if HW1/C) had same problems, so that vertical maps are not quite welcome. Humans!...
Well, it's a nice example of a game, there are modding tools - I've seen them at modDB, so, any three races of HW would fit the mod for Haegemonia. Especially, as there is no need for diversity of ships - just, colony ship, marine ship, fighter, corvette, few more capitals and space bases. Voila!

4. O.R.B. (08.11.2002)

First pretty successful Homeworld clone. Beautiful backgrounds - great work with editor that allows to create solar systems. Even after 12 years it looks hillarious. But models - they are blocky and boring. Story - well, everything from HW combined together in not so effective manner.
In general it's HW UI. But There are interesting ideas on improving HW UI - like CTRL use for moving, fast waypoints and other things. Pressing middle mouse button (a.k.a. wheel) makes camera move along horizontal plane - well, it's the continuation of 3D modelling editors practices, just without unneeded features. Besides that there are a lot of features - like custom behavior setup, a lot of formations, spionage etc etc etc... But boring gameplay and gamedesign didn't help to use all these features.
Well, actually it's a pity, that there were no modding tools for this game, as it would increase life of a product. For example, HWC somtaaw would fit perfectly into this system: beautiful ships + beautiful backgrounds...

5. Nexus: The Jupiter Accident (05.11.2004)

First, it was Imperium Galactica III, then it switched name and genre. Now it's 3DS Tactics. Very beautiful even now - just look at this solar system maps, at these ships inspired from Space Odyssey 2010... And they are even animated quite correctly!
Mouse RMB camera control and zoom in/out on wheel is HW-inspired, and it's quite confusing to have no default plane to orient to. At least it could have been setup by your main ship position (or special key + other one you select). But actually, you find out quickly, that picture in front of you is just for fun. You will assign all your orders by clicking GUI-elements. Press pause, check closest enemy, select way of destruction - by artillery strikes, by heavy gun usage or fine tuning by cutting out enemy ship subsystems - weapon systems, energy batteries, shields... Actually, in later game, it turns out to be game "who's shield is the weakest" - if you disable enemy shield and make shield generator dead, you just watch how enemy is cut to pieces by your forces. And to control every ship of your fleet, you need to use pause a lot - well, biggest key on the keyboard should be used most often, isn't it?
And, actually, there is nothing in this game but orders where and how to hit assigning. Oh, you can also enable stealth mode and scan your enemy, but you can't move anywhere except for predefined points and already existing objects on the map. You can't order you ships to move in random direction - just in direction of storyline object, or object to destroy to. And that leads to strange situations when two groups of ships just stand in front of each other and shoot without manoeuvring.
But overall, it turned to be a nice game, so it's pity, that Nexus 2 wasn't able to collect enough money on Kickstarter. Trailer was awesome, and I hope that some managers responsible for denial of N2 got fired after Gearbox successfully remastered Homeworld 1/2.
Btw, there is fine official modding manual and tools coming game install. At least, in GOG version.

6a. Star Wolves 1 (12.11.2004)
6b. Star Wolves 2 (2006)
6c. Star Wolves 3 (15.05.2009)

It's not 3DS RTS, it's 3DS RPG Tactics: you control carrier and fighters piloted by your mercenary team: fight pirates, get quests, gain experience and buy new fighters, weapons and ammo.
UI is similar to HW. But no big ships, actually. You will suck fighting government fleet ships...
Also, there is strange story about SW 2-3. SW3: Civil War is actually SW2 reincarnation. And real SW3: Ashes of Victory are stuck in development hell.

7. Flotilla (29.03.2010)

Fast session game similar to FTL or Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space or Atom Zombie Smasher (btw, Flotilla is from the same studio Blendo Games) - procedurally generated worlds, events. You have ship, then you travel from planet to planet, meet pirates, find new ships for your fleet...
Blocky design isn't a problem for this game, problem is about WASD-controlling. Even with pauses (set destination, facing and prioritisation - and 1 minute fight), it is hard to setup your ship behaviour. Imagine, you're in the middle of a fight, your ships and enemy ships are mixed - and what was OK while "chess starting position", is failed control now. You can't set camera to follow certain ship or group of ship (have a point to rotate around), as you are object yourself, so you are rotating around your own axis. And like in FPS games, you need 6 buttons + mouse to control your position, plus you need to follow what happens with your fleet and control it. So camera absolute freedom brings too much problems to 3DS RTS while having only one advantage - freedom of camera!
Besides that Flotilla pausing gameplay with manual ship control brings another problem: fight of 2vs2 already takes too much time - and with conditions when noone promises you fair fights (it's procedurally generated world!) but a lot of retries, you might be disappointed in this game. Well, there is a demo, so you can try it out.

8. Ancient Space (23.09.2014)

Haven't played this one, there are mixed reviews...

9. Void Destroyer (20.01.2015)

More like Wing Commander, but it seems like there is possibility to control units without piloting HW alike. Released just recently.

To Be Done

Shallow Space

"Nexus and HW spiritual successor" - they even got one of "Nexus" producers! Well, it's more like Nexus (pause on space - biggest button that should be used very often!) and Starmageddon (WASD control scheme) ancestor... Well, game looks very interesting from those videos, but WASD really scares me...
You can try alpha-demo for PC/Mac/Linux that has arrived just recently to have your own opinion.

Nomad Fleet

FTL and Homeworld mixture - procedurally generated galaxy, and HW-style fights. There is alpha-demo, btw.

Deep Space Settlement

3DS RTS. Base building, ship customization...

Universe of War

3DS RTS. Long time ago it was HW2-clone, but now it's separate game for mobile (only :() platforms built on Unity3D engine. Design of this game is something like irrational, but overall, as it has fine roots of HW, it can bring very nice gameplay after all.
Right now heavy testing happening, you can subscribe to it (sorry, this team has big problems with PR-manager, so they are only at Vkontakte.com, RU). Or try older test-demo version (3 years from now).

The Mandate

Ships, ship salvaging... Yet to be done.

Starship Corporation

Ships, ship salvaging... Yet to be done.

Enemy Starfighter

Looks like similar to Void Destroyer, but no progress was seen for a quite long time.


a. Endless Space

TBS, but very cool one: with generated planets, nice detailed view of space ship battles....

b. Galactic Civilizations III

TBS, construct ships, colonize - haven't played actually.

c. Sid Meyer's Starships

TBS. Haven't played.

d. Sins of a Solar Empire

4x RTS - something of Haegemonia on steroids. I feel too much uncomfortable seeing 2D space :)

e. EVE Online

Well, CCP studio should have done some singleplayer space project based on EVE universe long time ago.

Article will be updated from time to time.

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Before going into the rush with making squads of taiidani fighters and corvette, we need to check what HW2 originally had, so we could compare, so we could have "golden" example. Like in Blizzard's WarCraft3 it was Human faction that was used to check the overall balance.
So, here will be the list with HW2 strike craft costs with additional division to see how much each unit price.

* Scout: 350 / 3 = 115
* Interceptor: 500 / 5 = 100
* Bomber: 550 / 5 = 110
* Gunship: 625 / 3 = 210
* Pulsar Gunship: 625 / 3 = 210
* Minelayer: 800

* Scout: 350/3 = 115
* Assault Craft: 500 / 7 = 70
* Bomber: 550 / 6 = 90
* Lance Fighter: 500 / 5 = 100
* Missile corvette: 625 / 4 = 155
* Laser corvette: 650 / 4 = 160
* Command corvette: 400
* Minelayer: 800

So, we can see, that HW2 game designer(s) were aiming for the following prices:
* Special units: 350, small squad;
* Interceptors (anti strike craft): 500;
* Bombers (anti capital craft): 550;
* Corvettes: 625;
* Minelayers: 800;

Btw, strange, that HWR didn't have possibility of having HW1 style gameplay - with non-squad units for H&V :)

So, now let's think of taiidani conversion to HW2 system.
Before we go on, there are things that makes different. In HW1, as in usual RTS, there were general unit limit for each class, and balancing happened counting overall value of each unit. In HW2 we have quite the same system, but now includes squads. And as counting is now in squads, it brings new scale for balancing - unit number in squad. Unit itself might be powerful, but if they have some disadvantages, would you spend low number of squads for the squad that is not that useful? So it may effect cost of the unit.
For example, scouts have EMP after upgrade, so that in numbers they can disable even frigate (or destroyer, if taken everything); they are speedy and farseeing. But, as they have only three units with low damage, they cost 350 and are used in support role positions. If we count in separate units, they cost more, but in squads they cost less as they are specific units.
Also different number for units in class can be counted as another one balance fine tuning (vaygr strike craft number vs H).

Light Interceptor (Scout)
* HW1: 35; HWR: 90;
In HWR Scout was introduced in a same role of regular hiigarian/vaygr recoinassance units, the idea of which was taken from HWC Somtaaw recon. But original HW1 scout (defined in source files and scetches as Light Interceptor) wasn't intended to act this way. There was nothing to search, as everything was shown on the radars (especially with Sensors Array), and gamers went on using scout as resource war interceptor - fast, cheap and quickly running away. Like zerling of StarCraft. So if we think in squads, then closest analogue will be vaygr assault craft - cheap and highnumbered.
So I think of returning scouts their original name - Light Interceptor, it will be first battle craft of taiidani after Fighter Engine research (well, we need to give time to H&V to build their factories). To follow canon, it will have faster engines then usual interceptors and to compensate it will do less damage then vaygr assault craft. Like Hit&Run; fighters. Of course, it appears that with the same price they are weaker then VAC (that are weaker then Hiigarian Interceptors...), but they will have chance to run away especially with their special ability.
So, HW2TP price is: 500/7, role: enemy fighter blocker, resource war executer;

Heavy Interceptor (Interceptor)
* HW1: 55; HWR: 100;
In HW1 Interceptor was all-purpose fighter: you need to eliminate fighters? Done! Corvettes? Done! Frigates? Done! Destroyers? Well, umm, okey, done... In HWC with all-purpose somtaaw acolytes, that were mixture of interceptor and light/heavy defender, in mission01 you had a chance of exterminating carrier with heavy cruiser. That's all because of HW1 "fair bullet system", where ships weren't playing dices: fighters were fast and maneurable enough to get out of cannon sight, so they lived a lot longer then in HWR. In HW1R I refused to build anything but bombers for the Ghostship, as everything but the heavy & multigun corvettes died in a blink of an eye (in previous missions). Probably, squad system was introduced as a possibility to make fighters live longer (also, to make control easier). Also, again it approves concept of H for civilization, as they have great number of frigates to fight strike craft; and V for pirateborns/barbarians as they arise from strike craft overusage... But let's return to Taiidans.
If T light interceptor was lighter then V assault craft, then I want to make T heavy interceptor heavier then H interceptor. First of all, it's in its name - "heavy interceptor". Second, it's fucking Triikor, one of the most famous Homeworld ship designs. And third, it should follow HW1 path. So, I'd him better attack against corvettes, so it would not beat them like Lance fighter, but it could hold enough, so the player is not shitting his pants seeing antifighter corvettes. But everything has its price...
So, HW2TP price is: 550/5, role: anti strike craft, fighter humilator;

Attack bomber
* HW1: 85; HWR: 120;
Well, this is kinda most standard unit to recreate. Two options: Vaygr path or Hiigarian path, 6 vs. 5 squad system. Probably, 5 spaceships, as kushans copypasted taiidans, and hiigarians are kushans after Homeworld War... But, this "attack" thing, and do taiidani need for anti-modular research?..
So, HW2TP price is: 550/5, role: anti capital fighter;

* HW1: 65; HWR: 120;
This one is harsh. This is supporting fighter. In case you need to guard some frigate or bigger ship, this one is for you. Or you need defence from the sudden attack... So, as anti-fighter role is already taken, I'd make this fighter similar to HW2 platform weapons (actually, it looks like platforms are defender evolution). Like if you need quick and effective response to light interceptor or bomber attacks - squad of 3 defenders for 350! Usual platforms are 300, btw. But these ones are also moving without restriction...
Or you need full scale squad? Needs to be tested. Or does it need separate platform section?......
So, HW2TP price is: 350/3, role: supporter, anti-fighter, anti-corvette;
So, HW2TP price is: 500/4, role: supporter, anti-fighter, anti-corvette;

Defence Fighter
* HW1: 85; HWR: 130;
In HW1 defence fighter was eliminating projectiles - now only missiles. But we must admit that number of missiles in HW2 has increased very much. Vaygrs use them very much - and Hiigarians have some torpedoes too. Taiidani/Kushani missile destroyer is also dangerous thing.
Taiidani suffer from reconnaissance unit absence. Well, as it's used purely for no attack, the same as scout, I would add him speed and sensor range: after all it looks like soviet sputnik. :) But it will be late game "scout", as its research can be put only after fighter drive research. After canon - it's researched only after fighter chassis...
...As taiidani minelayer corvette don't clean up mine fields, I believe this function should be added to defence fighter - mine is modified missile after all...
So, HW2TP price is: 350/3, role: reconnaissance, support, anti-missile;

Cloaked Fighter (kushan)
* HW1: 85; HWR: 130;
Of course, it's not taiidani ship, but I'd talk about it. Just got it in HWR campaign and thought what shit it has become. In HW1 it was quite useless ship, as everything was done by more simple and cheap ships: scouts did resource war, interceptor did dogfighting, so initial role of cloaked fighter was actually taken. It's advantage - permanent stealth (well, fuel was the reason to come back to base) wasn't so useful, as radars already showed everything (+sensors array...), and spending a lot of resources for hidden attack of not so fast fighter... Well, doesn't look interesting. Better to build 20 scouts, speed burst, destroy resource base, and dock.
In HWC, due to fuel removal (HW2 has taken this feature also), Cloaked Fighter (Beast version) appeared with slooooowly going down cloaking bar. And as radar has become less "seeing" - we've seen only our ships sensors ranges (HW2 has taken this feature also...) - it has become useful. Until Somtaaw developed advanced sensors...
Now cloaked fighter is slow (bomber like), low-damage (scout-like), and expensive. What are the advantages? Well, short time of cloak! So, it won't be like you send them to operation and enable stealth-mode - no, you have to enable it directly before enemy. WTF?! So, reconnaissance and resource war role is not for cloaked fighter anymore. What's left? Is it good fighter? Low damage shows that it's not. Well, maybe it's likely to live more with stealth enabled - it show up in attack, then disappear, enemy fighter don't aim, and when they do it's too late already...
I really don't know what could be done with it. It should be speeded up, or stealth ability raised, or damage raised (like F117) or else. Well, if it would be fighter similar to interceptor but with permanent invisibility on secondary sensors (and shown on primary sensors - "eye contact"), then it would already become nice covert ops unit. Or just make usual scout analogue of it. With stealth - to be invisible probe :)
--So, HW2TP price is: 550/5, role: ???
--So, HW2TP price is: 350/3, role: reconnaissance, resource war;

Before we get to the corvettes, I must say, that I wish to make HWC reference in researches for fighters (and every class actually, see HW2TP research design document): Fighter Drive research leads to Advanced Fighter Drive; Fighter Chassis leads to Advanced Fighter Chassis. But as speed is now not so battle affecting (dices, chances to hit... or I'm not right?) in HW2, I'm afraid that fighter armor upgrade would OP tdn_fighters.
On the other hand, it can raise light interceptors on the level of vaygr assault craft; and for heavy interceptors - they would start from hiigarian interceptor level to become superior, though not so fast. And planned upgrade is x1.3, not x1.5 of HWR (or even 2.5 for defender). Well, it have to be tested.


Light Corvette

* HW1: 135; HWR: 250;
I believe that this corvette should become "bomber" killer. Like light interceptor, it the first machine made with corvette drive, so it has to have lower armor, lower damage then average corvette, but fast enough to have no mercy for bombers running away. It will be good enough to fight with fighters, but not superior. Main role of this craft is to hit running strike craft as much as possible (speed must be lower then bomber's, but enough to hold in the tail hurting them badly). Also, same as light interceptor, they would be successful resource collector executers.
To compensate weak armor, there will be 4 units in squad.
So, HW2TP price is: 625/4, role: resource war, bomber humilator;

Heavy Corvette
* HW1: 240; HWR: 270;
Heavy corvettes must be anti-corvette/ anti-capital craft. Analogue of Pulsar Corvettes and Laser Corvettes.
To follow idea of a "fat bastard" it should be a little slower and tougher then usual corvette, but it a right choice for big fish hunters.
So, HW2TP price is: 650/3, role: anti-corvette, anti-capital (anti-frigate);

Multigun Corvette
* HW1: 225; HWR: 300;
Clearly this is anti-fighter thing, grammaton cleric of corvette class. This is a little bit more anti-fighter corvette, so price is a little bit higher.
So, HW2TP price is: 650/3, role: anti-fighter;

* HW1: 275; HWR: 340;
Well, classical minelayer corvette. In HW2 his price for 1 unit is 800, so I see not reason why it should be 340 for taiidani. If it was weakened then it must be strengthened back to regular stats. It's a pity that this minelayer unlike H&V versions can't shoot down mines, so I believe Defence fighter should gain this ability... Or add such possibility to taiidani minelayer - there fucking horns now everywhere, they should have put some laser instead...
So, HW2TP price is: 800/1, role: anti-capital;

Salvage Corvette
* HW1: 220; HWR: 250;
I don't really know what to do with this guy: should it be moved to another "utility (corvettes)" class of ships as it should be built one-by-one, thus occupying fast all corvette squads: for example, marine frigate could be 4 of 21 to be succesful; 1 to capture frigate (1/21); in case of salvette, it is 2 (1/7), not so fair, especially if we allow to have the same number of salvettes (14) thus occupying all corvette slots. On the other hand it could be fast-building ship to hold near carrier or MS, to be used as fast as possibru; also increase of corvette squads (16?) number for taiidani could be nice bonus...
Well, gotta think of it, and test. Price left as it is set in HWR.
So, HW2TP price is: 250/1, role: texas-hold-em;

Repair Corvette
* HW1: 150; HWR: 250;
Well, this one definetely needs to be removed from battle corvettes as it is lonely medic. This unit ability is kinda half of H/V res.collector abilities (another one feature from HWC...), so it should be placed in "utility (corvette)" class, and given half price - 400/2 = 200.
Apart from that, as taiidani support frigate works fine with H/V fighter squads, I suggest returning back H/V support frigates would be just logical, being full analogue of T/K support frigate...
So, HW2TP price is: 250/1, role: repairer;

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Well, Homeworld 1 of Homeworld Remastered appeared to be just a big mod without actual Homeworld 1 battle system.

Like, no fuel, resource collectors dock into carriers (look at their size!), taiidani DFF is a copy of hiigarian DFF, scout is a copy of hw2 scout, not battle unit, defence fighter shoots down just missiles and mines... And so, so on, so on, so on. Looking from this point of view, it's stupid that HW1 multiplayer was completely disabled.

Seeing this the question appears - why the hell do they need Homeworld Cataclysm source, if they don't restore old unit behaviour, but redo, rethink in terms of HW2 engine? Yes, it would require a few more features, but it's not like developing completely new game. The same goes about HW1 to HWC upgrade - for example, somtaaw acolyte is just changed light defender.

With simple adding of HW1 races to HW2 races we have lost all the balance, turning balanced multiplayer into something that is just fun. So, adding Somtaaw and Beast would bring more fun and diversity into the gameplay, creating interesting experimental field for future HW games. And mods-mods-mods... For me it would be interesing to bring O.R.B. races to HW battlefield. Like in honor of their try to beat the king :D But that's the job for HWU mod :P

So, as taiidani ships are already present ingame, nice, shiny and beautiful, and they are made in a weird way of combining HW1 & HW2 system, I plan to finalize HW2 Taiidani Project according to the old plan (with minor changes). Probably, work will start in June, as I have to successfully finish studies for this year :)

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...For FPS.

1. Easy: you carry all weapons, no reload, no limit on carried ammo, ammo count shown, running all the time, health autorestored, medpacks;
2. Moderate: you carry all weapons, reload with leftovers going into general count, ammo is limited, ammo count shown, running all the time, health autorestored, medpacks;
3. Hard: you carry 3 weapons, reload with leftover in clip thrown away, ammo count shown, ammo is limited, running is limited, medpacks;
4. Impossibru: you carry 1 weapon plus additional (with heavy weapon only in hands), reload, ammo is limited, ammo count not shown, running is limited to weight, medpacks just stop bleeding;

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*Originally posted for Quake Live, but there is one game called Reflex, Q3 CPMA inspired, so, mb, NING would fit them also? Especially, as they have stake - allowing to make jumps of it...

Nail Gun.
Yes, we have already Nail Gun, but it's so... special... that usually there is no use of it. Classical shotgun makes more sense. But Nail itself is a symbol of a Quake! So I suppose the return of Nine Inch Nail Gun into the game.
What I want to suppose is to change it (Q4 inspired).

1. NG should fire single nails, not a burst of them;
2. Speed of nail should be enough to avoidable at far distances, hardly but avoidable at middle distances. Something like speed of PG ball;
3. Firerate should be slower then PG but faster then RL. Well, maybe at 400 ms, or BFG speed;
4. Damage - more then PG, less then RL and RG. So, probably, about 30-40.
5. Pushback - well, it's the nails! It would be fun if dead bodies would hang on walls like in F.E.A.R., but probably not with this engine;
6. Reflections - like GL; one reflection from wall would be totally enough. Maybe, just on certain degree to the plane;
7. Spinning - NG is capable of shooting instantly, but while hold attack, it can spin up to shoot faster, but not so precize. For close combat only.

Well, in this reincarnation, it would be unique weapon, without repeating of other gun functions, also taking place instead of old NG, CG and HMG.

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I've played L4D2 quite much recently, so I had this idea born.http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=153558250
There is a mod for Doom3, where you cooperate in group of 4 players to play original campaign. It's realy cool, as Doom 1-2 had this option by default. Also, Deathmatch for pretty single-playered game like Doom3 is too traditional to get quite much players (unlike initially multiplayer Quake LIve or other examples). So I think that it would be pretty good if single player experience would take its part in multiplayer.
How it could be done? Well, pretty easily - there is already mod for zombie waves, there is mod for Coop, and there are a lot of mappers, creating their beautiful stuff. So, if we combine it, we can get multiplayer surivival campaign for Doom3. There's even no need to get some extra rules (like my idea of "Real Doom3" posted previously) or making possibility of playing with special demons (L4D style) or zombie evolution (Natural Selection/Tremulous/AvP2 style) to get initial game feeling (of course, extra stuff is welcome).
And you will get into quite classical today cooperation gameplay (Dow2: Last Stand, L4D, Payday, Portal2 etc), which I find very cool, and that fits Doom3 survival feeling very much, IMHO. Like the Q3Defrag, but with frags )))

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There was a massacre at the Odessa: nazi, with support of police, have attacked pro-russian (ukrainians that are russian oriented) camp and literally slaughtered more then 100 people.
The beginning of the provocation:

The massacre at the end:

Dobriy-eekh.livejournal.com - french, german texts here.

More here, but not in english:

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- I've left the planet because I got tired. At some moment I've understood that there is too much wrong happening around - things that seemed to fade at Kharak and disappear in our crusade. Difficulties have hardened our life, death have risen the price of it. This forge have burned down husks of our souls. Weak went away - there were those who did it by himself, and there were those who became our guardian angels of fire and steel. And of this... Paradise... Home... We made Hell.
All this struggle, policy of conquering instincts, howling carelessness not even for the lives of hiigarian taiidans, but for kushan themselves. And for what? So that our society to break apart, crushing itself in intestine corporative kiith wars?.. Luxury of the palaces are so unlike breath of desert and humble kellia of spaceship... Sometimes I think, that Sajuuk have simply given us one more temptation, this time it was temptation of mercy. And now Jakuul is smiling in favour, looking at us...
- That's why You have chosen to leave to the space again?
- Yes. Life is simpler here: cold breath of Qwaar-Jet is hold by the mercy of Koshiir-Ra, men, that are clear of uncertainty of tomorrow to come, and that's why they are not playing intrigues. They love life in every its moment, they care of their brothers and comrades, and for me it is very important. I can't find it on Hiigara... At home...
- Every society builds its own rule of behaviour. Would You return back to Assam, few months later You find naive the crew of your ship. I, as officer, exist in the society of Sobani, and many think of us as too straight, as one-gyrus soldiers. But we are not, we learn, we fight ourselves to be better, every day. The understanding, that your comrades are the only men, that you must trust now, and only this can save your and not only your life; and only sometimes only Sajuuk believes that you and your men will return alive...
I know what You are talking about, Somtaaw-sa, and I feel what You're talking about. Souls are purified in sufferings, but what suffering have kiith-sid?.. Luckily, kiith Soban protects all the kushans, not the separate kiith doings - we are neutral. Unluckily, we still train mercenaries...
- Yes, and kiith Somtaaw use this privilege with pleasure.
- Forgive me Somtaaw-sa. I said something stupid.
- ...What we would do without Sjetti techologies, if medieval rules of hiding knowledge would still be in charge? Would Nabaali win in Heretical Wars if they didn't share techologies with allies?.. But You are right, we have spent too much memories for unpleasant societies, and they are pulling us back, leaving dirty traces in the shining of our minds. We must change the place. Would you like to see the ship?
- It will be an honor for me to be under you command for this time...