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A little list of games I find great and interesting. To be enlarged. List does not show priority. Only games I've played and having some remarkable memories, and I'd find it still enjoyable to replay. Very IMHO.


  • Heroes of Might and Magic 3 & 5;
  • King's Bounty (new ones);
  • Disciples 2;
  • Etherlords;
  • Battle for Wesnoth;
  • Endless Space;
  • Nexus: The Jupiter Incident;
  • Homeworld 1 & Cataclysm & 2;
  • WH40K: Dawn of War 1 & 2;
  • CivilizationV;

Logic Puzzles

  • Portal 1 & 2;
  • Q.U.B.E. (w/o DLC);
  • Antichamber;
  • Magrunner: Dark Pulse;
  • Braid;
  • The Bridge;
  • LIMBO;
  • World of Goo;


  • Aliens vs. Predator 2000 & 2;
  • System Shock 2;
  • Bioshock 1 & 2;
  • Doom3, Quake4, Prey;
  • Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena
  • F.E.A.R 1 & 2;
  • Half-Life 1 & Opposing Force;
  • Clive Barker's Undying;
  • Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver 1&2 & Defience;
  • Max Payne;
  • Quake 3;
  • Urban Terror;
  • Carmageddon 2;
  • Left4Dead(2);
  • Dark Messiah of Might and Magic;
  • WH40K: Space Marine;
  • BroForce /Expendabros;

RPG & Tactics

  • Fallout 1 & 2 & Tactics;
  • Jagged Alliance 2;
  • Paradise Cracked;
  • Cops 2170: Power of Law;
  • Faster Than Light;


  • Dear Esther;
  • To The Moon;
  • The Stanley Parable;

Games can be bought at Steam, GoG.com or Desura. At least, some of them.
P.S.: Moddb text editor still suxx. Even in HTML mode. Can't it be wikia alike?..

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Question for the "professional" multiplayer HW2 gamers:
Have you noticed any issues in HW2 balance, like prevail of Vaygr or Hiigara in certain situations?
Some very unused ships?
Only few strategy and tactics usage, leading to win in any cases?

For example, there is an issue found: vaygr gather less resources at about 30%, only because of slower animation.
Personally for me, after playing few games, I'd input such game options:
* no ping;
* no battlecruiser;
No research - no easy life for hiigarians. )

Also there's a big question where to get new maps )))

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Urban Terror (CS alike):

Xonotic (UT alike):

Cube (Serious Sam alike):

Tremulous (AvP alike):

AssaultCube (CS alike):

Alien Arena (Q2 alike):

Warsow (Q3 DeFrag alike):

OpenArena (Q3 alike):

Red Eclipse (Q3/UT alike):

Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory (BF1942 alike):

The Dark Mod (Thief alike - single player):

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I was thinking of the Taiidani Project: well, because of the time absence can't get even to get existing ships from BloodFleet's mods to make some kind of "beta" version, but still I have this idea in my mind. Something like one of the things to do before I die )))
Main idea was to get some part of HW into HW2, balanced, looking natural and competitive to existing races. As the kushans had become hiigarians, and, actually, HW1 main races were actually the same, and we need some big fleet, then Taiidans were the only guys to choose.
Then they needed some feature, which was their research/building: Hiigarians build modules to get ships, Vaygr build modules and research to build ships, Taiidans will be researching only. Sounds okey.


Few days ago someone on FB had made beast-infected Kuun-Lan, then there was unannounced HW:Cataclysm HD (I still hope that it will happen, especially, as I believe, there were no big changes to original HW1 engine), then my colleague wanted to play some HW game... In short, I've remembered Cataclysm and it's multiplayer: actually, it was most original among 3 HW games, there even was a site with tactics described... So, I thought of Beast realisation, as different from others race - like Orkz or Eldar after SM/CSM races in W40K Dawn of War.

So, Beast was something like neuron net, it was using crew brains to operate ships and simulate a kind of reasonable behavior. But it's not able to create, make inventions etc. It can only use existing information. And salvage. So, actually Beast is like a pirate, similar to Turans. Or Kadeshi. Or _is_ Turan and Kadeshi if they are salvaged.


If we check HWC, Beast fleet consists of the ships taken from different races. So, actually, Beast should capture all these ones, to use them. But the beginning of the game, Beast should have some fleet, pirate one to begin with, to get their salvages. So, we need some unused one. And this would be Somtaaw one. This way we would "kill" two ducks with one shot: we will have Beast functionality and Somtaaw fleet. Somtaaw are good ones, but they don't have enough power to fight again H/V/T fleets, also they are part of Hiigara. So I believe, joining Somtaaw with Beast will be perfect solution.


  1. Recon - scout and anti-stealth (available from the very beginning);
  2. Acolyte - main fighter;
  3. Mimic - stealth-spy;


  • Cruiser missile - actually, don't know how to make it - in PTV it was done, but not sure if it's done w/o enabling kamikaze option, which cruches single player campaign );

Microships (platforms):

  1. Leech - salvage machine;
  2. Sentinel - guardian;


  1. Heavy Tug - salvage frigate (available from the very beginning);
  2. MBF - anticapital frigate or, as there will be Hive as anticapital, it can be pulsar frigate;
  3. Hive Fr. - originally, antifighter, this frigate will be anticapital now: first, because of missing drone logic in HW2, second, because of swarmers are too small to have brains. Now hive frigate will deploy mines. With frontal double plasma it would make it interesting anticapital ship. Or... It can salvage in vaygr frigate way, but I like 1st option more, as there is already salvage frigate ));


  1. Destroyer - semidestroyer;
  2. Carrier;
  3. Dreadnaught;


  1. Worker - resource collector and salvager (available from the very beginning);
  2. Processor - resource controller (available from the very beginning);

Salvagers are big part of the Beast fleet )


Research is very straight: you build factory (analogue), get access to researches of ships (each research makes one ship) in price of it's original - in HWC you had to retire ship to get to production of it. When you salvage ship, you get research of it. When you capture carrier, you get access to the fighter/corvettes researches. Probably, nothing more the frigate can't be researched.
There is description on Beast ships that they are tougher but slower. I think, at first ships will be usual ones, but Beast will have upgrade on whole ship section that would increase class health and restoration rate, but decrease it speed (like Beast mass is feeding of energy from reactor). So user will have to think if he wants speed or toughness )

No beast signs (meat) will be onboard, so that we could use original models of the game w/o unnessecerely increasing mod's size.

P.S.: If cruise missile cannot be done in normal way, it could be made smaller and used as probe.
Or! There is model of bot, that was used for taiidani start mission in HW1, and as was decided that this is kushani guys who suffered, then this bot was used in Cataclysm opening scene. Probably, it could be used as probe, as well. Maybe, other type or something.
Or not. Beast is kinda human_brain_centric, so all these autobots are kinda out of date )

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I believe that there hundred and thousands of kiith on Kharak, in type of mafia family or corporation - somebody gets uprised, somebody consumed. Like Liir, being part of Hraal in HW, become independent and in HW:C made Hraal part of itself. Or Nabaal that wished to consume Somtaaw.

But according to HW manuals there were most notable:
1. Gaalsin,
2. Siiddim (or Siid, or Siddim),
3. Somtaaw,
4. Ferriil,
5. Nabaal (or Naabal, or Naabel)
6.Sjet (Super Jet),
11.Liir (LiirHra later),
14.Riif (there were admiral Riif-sa, that means, he's the head of Riif kiith)

Also there were 4 more surnames (unknown of it beeing Kiith): Doine, Sagald, Jaraci and Magann.

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Telling of "this is alternate history" doesn't solve anything, as there should be starting point of it, and there must reason for alternate events.
Eastern part of map could've been result of Russia's being weak enough to divide. And this has happened in the Time of Troubles of 1612, in the Revolution of 1917, and in USSR falldown of 1991.

* If this have happened in 1612, then there were no Russia, as Poland was at the peak of it's strength that time. So, there would be the dream of modern polish nationalists - Great Polska from Gdansk to Tobolsk. There might be some more events in 400 years of this, maybe,Poland instead of Russia would have become the "horror" of all Europe (and Revolution of 1917 would have happened in Warsaw), maybe, not all the russian culture would be consumed, as Poland would be opened to european invasion (unlike Russia which is kinda protected by Poland)... Anyway, there would be completely different Russia, completely different Poland and as a result - different map. For example, most probably, northern part of Russia would become part of Scandinavian Empire (Dutch, Norway, Finland, Sweden and northern part of Livonia).

* If this would have in 1917... Well, civil war happening in Russia would have made a lot of thing shown here possible. There were finnish-russian war in 1920, as Finland were claiming Karelia is theirs, Poland has run over Belorus, Lithuania and Ukraine - also it have taken part of Czech just before WW2 while Munich pact of 1938. Also Soviet army had problems in Caucasus, where it had to use strength to calm down and disarm local radicals. So, if Red Army and White Army would weaken themselves, that noone would win, so they could not resist finnish invasion, caucasian rebellions and polish invasion, then it would lead to this situation, and even worth - Russia would have become smaller, and, probably, there were several "russian" republics - socialistic, capitalistic, monarchic etc. Also, in the end of Civil War (1921) Czech voluntary forces with stolen gold of admiral Kolchak, strong enough so that Soviet government had just let them go home, were returning home, so Poland would have quite much problems with them. Also, european countries, including USA, weren't happy about Polish enlargement - if it would have gone too far, there would be no supply for Polish army anymore. Also, particulary, Latvia would be smaller, if Poland would claim for Latgalia, or larger, if Poland would stop on the borders, and Russia would have no forces to resist latvian invasion (which resulted in occupying important railway center of Pytalovo, and which is now claimed back latvian nationalists).If this situation is gone to modern days, that means that there were no WW2, thus, Prussia still exists, and it is not Kaliningrad, but Konigsberg. Also, without bombing Japan with nuclear weapon what look would our world have?Also, talking of nationalistic movement - in the beginning of 20th century nationalistic movement was largely supported by interested countries: this way was broken Austrian-Hungary Empire and Russian Empire. Also Ottoman Empire has turned into Turkey...Also, if there were no WW2, then USA wouldn't have so much as it has now: no european gold to store, no dollar as a world currency, no exit of Great Depression with selling USA products for WW2 purposes, and post-war recreation, no carriers patrouling whole world, no Japan to train with nuclear bombs, no Vietnam, no Lybia, no Syria etc... No USA as we know it.

* If this would have happened in 1991... Well, I believe, that Russia, ruled by foreign advisors, had given everything she had. There were separatist movement in 1998, when there were money printed for Ural republic, also, Chechen war, supported by some countries, with arabian fighters teaching locals what's shariat, but that would mean russian division - well, 1917 scenario. Probably, Karelia, as finland claimed, would be parted also... But no big Russia anymore. But no big Poland either. Belorus and Ukraine are equal to Poland to be under its flag. Also strange that Romania has joined this Federation, as they very different from slavians. Then why Hungary didn't joined it also?..Also, strange that Cyprus is not divided into two parts: Greek and Turkey parts. Also, strange that there are no Abkhazia and South Osetia on a map. If we follow this logic, then it's strange that Kosovo isn't the part of Serbia...

So, main idea of this text is: when you're thinking of alternate history, you can't just paint the map as you like. For every event must be a reason, and reaction to it, like in physics laws.

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While there cries on non-european country "regimes", EU prefers not to see obvious things under it's nose. And it's not about only Latvia, it's also about Estonia.

Latvia has one of the most unfair and divided societies in the European Union. As a result of unfair Latvian nationality laws, a total of 300,000 ethnic minority “non-citizens” are denied many of the basic rights enjoyed by citizens of other European Union member states.

“Non-citizens” cannot form political parties, run for political office or vote in national, local and European elections, and rights to free movement, employment and ownership of land are limited. Their right to use their own language in private and public, in education, business and the mass media is curtailed by law. More than 33 categories of employment are barred to non-citizens - including many public offices, the military and the police force.

The Non-Citizens’ Congress ask you to sign this petition in order to call on the Latvian Government to introduce an overhaul of citizenship laws to allow presently ‘stateless’ citizens to receive their full rights to participate in the democratic process like all citizens of European Union countries.


Report abuse World of Tanks: European Attack

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Ideological war continues.

European gamer asked to restrict historically authentical signs on tanks "For Stalin", "Stalin's one" (Za Stalina, Stalinets) etc.


Well, it reminds me of postsoviet thought being pushed in head of people, that WW2 was won by people despite the Stalin. Like he wasn't Generalissimus of Red Army, but simply grabbed people and pushed them to death, personally. For me it sounds like "bees against the honey". You can win few battles, but you would do nothing without logistics, without economics, without strategic planning.

There were time when all the borders fell down, and new information came in from the west - and many started to think of WW2 in manner of "Company of Heroes 2" has shown. But now this wave has fallen down, and russians do look more clearly at their own history, then anyone else. There are many debates, because it was really complicated time, with a lot of lies and propaganda. There are nazi lies, which cold war ideologists has taken in an account to make USSR look evil, there were Khrustchov's lies about his ex-boss...

Now looking back, I'd say that Stalin really was great: he was son of his time, and he did best of what he could. He got his full power only in 1939, when the ring of antagonist countries were pressing USSR already: Japan from the east, anti-soviet border with nationalist dictators (Finland-Estonia-Latvia-Lithuania-Poland), and 3rd Reich rising. After Hitler grabbed czech republic and poland with untold permission of western countries (in both cases USSR has sent proposals of military union against possible threats but they refused), it was clear that war is imminent. Non-agression contract (which is called "Molotov-Ribbentrop pact", but the fact is that Gemany had these "pacts" with a lot countries, including Poland and Latvia, and it was Germany which asked if USSR signs it in a time when all the plans of poland attack were already confirmed) has prolonged peace for USSR a little bit giving time to prepare for war, but still in the end, in the Stalingrad 2 mln non-german european collaborationists were fighting with Red Army. USSR was asking for the 2nd front since the beginning of the war, but it was opened only in 1944, when it appeared that Red Army is ready kick nazi asses by themselves, and Europe is going to be too Red for the british-american bankers in the end.

So, it was a harsh time, Stalin was good leader of postrevolution country, like a good doctor of a very bad looking patient. No one wants to be in the patient's place, but being him they want a good doctor be near.

Even America praised Roosevelt during Great Depression caused by bankers. Kurt Wonnegut (by the way liberated by Red Army from concentration camp) said that after G. Depression he doesn't find word "socialist" ridiculous. I bet, many old people during american crysis when they lost all their pensions, thought the same.

Philip K. Dick were telling of CIA witch hunt in 80's. And after Snowden, Menning, Wikileaks you still think that you're not brainwashed? In Soviet America...

P.S.: By the way, FYI Stalingrad was named so, because in 1918 Stalin has defended Tzaritsin city.

P.P.S.: Signs were return to the places where they belonged.

Report abuse Company of Heroes 2: Russians Strike Back

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There was once good studio named Relic Entertainment, that made game I felt in love with. That was Homeworld.

Then there was "Sigma" project, Dawn of War 1, 2, Space Marine... (I haven't played CoH1) And these were good game also. Yeah, and Homeworld 2, of course.

But now they have released "Company of Heroes 2". And it appeared to be great historical falsification. I don't know why they made it, but it happened. Maybe, too much Cold War anti-soviet propaganda. Maybe, too much of Warhammer40K. Maybe, simply laziness.

Anyway, just watch it, and see why russians rant on Company of Heroes 2:

And don't buy this piece of lying shit.

In a way of Linus Torvalds quote: - Relic, fuck you.

Not yours anymore,

P.S.: Seriously, I'm glad that Homeworld now is in Gearbox property.

P.P.S: And vote here:
* Change.org

P.P.P.S.: Yeah, official distributor of CoH2 in Russia, 1C, has stopped selling game till unknown time. Probably, till SEGA makes Relic realize that they were wrong, and start doing something about it.

Report abuse No pride in that Pride

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#Latvia #Riga #2015 #NoPrideAtAll
ES tolerance is going off the limits, starting to oppress usual people.Like Tolstoy had written in "Anna Karenina" - "Every happy family is happy one way, every unhappy family is unhappy in their own way", the same is about sexual life: men and women creating family - is normal; everything else - like pedophilia, zoophilia, homosexuality is not normal. We can accept that these people exist, that their sexual appetite is different, but in every other way they are "Good As You". But they must leave their sexual preference to themselves, not to go public. What if some heterosexual will go out and say "I like anal sex!" - SO FUCKING WHAT?! The same goes to these activists: don't fuck society with you're being different. Everyone is different in his/her own way. But some differences should not be taught as normal.