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*Originally posted for Quake Live, but there is one game called Reflex, Q3 CPMA inspired, so, mb, NING would fit them also? Especially, as they have stake - allowing to make jumps of it...

Nail Gun.
Yes, we have already Nail Gun, but it's so... special... that usually there is no use of it. Classical shotgun makes more sense. But Nail itself is a symbol of a Quake! So I suppose the return of Nine Inch Nail Gun into the game.
What I want to suppose is to change it (Q4 inspired).

  1. NG should fire single nails, not a burst of them;
  2. Speed of nail should be enough to avoidable at far distances, hardly but avoidable at middle distances. Something like speed of PG ball;
  3. Firerate should be slower then PG but faster then RL. Well, maybe at 400 ms, or BFG speed;
  4. Damage - more then PG, less then RL and RG. So, probably, about 30-40.
  5. Pushback - well, it's the nails! It would be fun if dead bodies would hang on walls like in F.E.A.R. or Painkiller, but probably not with this engine;
  6. Reflections - like GL; one reflection from wall would be totally enough. Maybe, just on certain degree to the plane;
  7. Spinning - NG is capable of shooting instantly, but while hold attack, it can spin up to shoot faster, but not so precize. For close combat only.

Well, in this reincarnation, it would be unique weapon, without repeating of other gun functions, also taking place instead of old NG, CG and HMG.

I've played L4D2 quite much recently, so I had this idea born.

L4D2 workshop

There is a mod for Doom3, where you cooperate in group of 4 players to play original campaign. It's realy cool, as Doom 1-2 had this option by default. Also, Deathmatch for pretty single-playered game like Doom3 is too traditional to get quite much players (unlike initially multiplayer Quake Live or other examples). So I think that it would be pretty good if single player experience would take its part in multiplayer.

How it could be done? Well, pretty easily - there is already mod for zombie waves, there is mod for Coop, and there are a lot of mappers, creating their beautiful stuff. So, if we combine it, we can get multiplayer surivival campaign for Doom3. There's even no need to get some extra rules (like my idea of "Real Doom3" posted previously) or making possibility of playing with special demons (L4D style) or zombie evolution (Natural Selection/Tremulous/AvP2 style) to get initial game feeling (of course, extra stuff is welcome).

And you will get into quite classical today cooperation gameplay (Dow2: Last Stand, L4D, Payday, Portal2 etc) that requiers not only shooting but also covering and doing something together, which I find very cool, and that fits Doom3 survival feeling very much, IMHO. Like the Q3Defrag, but with frags )))


- I've left the planet because I got tired. At some moment I've understood that there is too much wrong happening around - things that seemed to fade at Kharak and disappear in our crusade. Difficulties have hardened our life, death have risen the price of it. This forge have burned down husks of our souls. Weak went away - there were those who did it by himself, and there were those who became our guardian angels of fire and steel. And of this... Paradise... Home... We made Hell.
All this struggle, policy of conquering instincts, howling carelessness not even for the lives of hiigarian taiidans, but for kushan themselves. And for what? So that our society to break apart, crushing itself in intestine corporative kiith wars?.. Luxury of the palaces are so unlike breath of desert and humble kellia of spaceship... Sometimes I think, that Sajuuk have simply given us one more temptation, this time it was temptation of mercy. And now Jakuul is smiling in favour, looking at us...

- That's why You have chosen to leave to the space again?

- Yes. Life is simpler here: cold breath of Qwaar-Jet is hold by the mercy of Koshiir-Ra, men, that are clear of uncertainty of tomorrow to come, and that's why they are not playing intrigues. They love life in every its moment, they care of their brothers and comrades, and for me it is very important. I can't find it on Hiigara... At home...

- Every society builds its own rule of behaviour. Would You return back to Assam, few months later You find naive the crew of your ship. I, as officer, exist in the society of Sobani, and many think of us as too straight, as one-gyrus soldiers. But we are not, we learn, we fight ourselves to be better, every day. The understanding, that your comrades are the only men, that you must trust now, and only this can save your and not only your life; and only sometimes only Sajuuk believes that you and your men will return alive...
I know what You are talking about, Somtaaw-sa, and I feel what You're talking about. Souls are purified in sufferings, but what suffering have kiith-sid?.. Luckily, kiith Soban protects all the kushans, not the separate kiith doings - we are neutral. Unluckily, we still train mercenaries...

- Yes, and kiith Somtaaw use this privilege with pleasure.

- Forgive me Somtaaw-sa. I said something stupid.

- ...What we would do without Sjetti techologies, if medieval rules of hiding knowledge would still be in charge? Would Nabaali win in Heretical Wars if they didn't share techologies with allies?.. But You are right, we have spent too much memories for unpleasant societies, and they are pulling us back, leaving dirty traces in the shining of our minds. We must change the place. Would you like to see the ship?

- It will be an honor for me to be under you command for this time...


- What do you think of our ship?

- It's very nice one.

- And like every ship it requires repair. How do you think, if, with the time, we replace absolutely all the parts of this ship with new parts will it remain the same "Silent Prayer"?

- What a strange question... I guess, yes.

- And if we take all these old parts and rebuild ship of them, would it be "Prayer"?

- Emm... Well, actually, first one can be considered as true "Prayer", but the second also can't be taken as a copy or another ship. Well, probably, yes, it would be a shitty, but "Prayer" version. Why do you asking me these questions?

- I'm thinking of our place in universe. Many years ago our race has been divided to the conquered and outcasts... Conquered majority has stayed at homeplanet, slowly assimilated by taiidans... Of course, it's never one-way path, and taiidani has taken a lot from hiigarians, especially their high rank people. We now believe in one God, for example - and it's just one obvious detail of a culture...

- Well, for you as keeper of "thousand religion" kiith must be obvious that it's not very uniting detail.

- We have lost our faith of Sajuuk, and scattered it into pieces. Now looking through them we see false mirroring of demons. While we smelled the sea of fire of Kharak, we had belief and I felt Sajuuk by our side. But what happened next...

- Taiidani empire crushed, Hiigara has become our world.

- Yes, exactly. And I am thinking of that billions of hiigarian taiidans. Many of them were ancestors of those hiigarians who stayed here.

- So what? They are assimilated now. They are not hiigarians, They are taiidani. We are true hiigarians.

- Unlike us they have always been hiigarians. Even if it's only first generation of living at the planet. We are now guests here. Lamb who have become the lion. We are ancestors of politics, high rank men who were responsible of decision which led us to this point of no return. Maybe, they even had no people support at this time. And our culture has been twisted many times away of original, so we don't remember it. But we come here and say that we are true hiigarians. What right do we have? What right do we have to treat these people as second sort citizens with no decision rights?

- The right of power. The same right Ristiu used against us.

- Mad emperor has taken what he has deserved. But what about justice?..


Games 2 Play

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A little list of games I find great and interesting. To be enlarged. List does not show priority. Only games I've played and having some remarkable memories, and I'd find it still enjoyable to replay. Very IMHO.


  • Heroes of Might and Magic 3 & 5;
  • King's Bounty (new ones);
  • Disciples 2;
  • Etherlords;
  • Battle for Wesnoth;
  • Endless Space;
  • Nexus: The Jupiter Incident;
  • Homeworld 1 & Cataclysm & 2;
  • WH40K: Dawn of War 1 & 2;
  • CivilizationV;

Logic Puzzles

  • Portal 1 & 2;
  • Q.U.B.E. (w/o DLC);
  • Antichamber;
  • Magrunner: Dark Pulse;
  • Braid;
  • The Bridge;
  • LIMBO;
  • World of Goo;


  • Aliens vs. Predator 2000 & 2;
  • System Shock 2;
  • Bioshock 1 & 2;
  • Doom3, Quake4, Prey;
  • Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena
  • F.E.A.R 1 & 2;
  • Half-Life 1 & Opposing Force;
  • Clive Barker's Undying;
  • Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver 1&2 & Defience;
  • Max Payne;
  • Quake 3;
  • Urban Terror;
  • Carmageddon 2;
  • Left4Dead(2);
  • Dark Messiah of Might and Magic;
  • WH40K: Space Marine;
  • BroForce /Expendabros;

RPG & Tactics

  • Fallout 1 & 2 & Tactics;
  • Jagged Alliance 2;
  • Paradise Cracked;
  • Cops 2170: Power of Law;
  • Faster Than Light;


  • Dear Esther;
  • To The Moon;
  • The Stanley Parable;

Games can be bought at Steam, GoG.com or Desura. At least, some of them.
P.S.: Moddb text editor still suxx. Even in HTML mode. Can't it be wikia alike?..

Free FPS

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Urban Terror (CS alike):

Xonotic (UT alike):

Cube (Serious Sam alike):

Tremulous (AvP alike):

AssaultCube (CS alike):

Alien Arena (Q2 alike):

Warsow (Q3 DeFrag alike):

OpenArena (Q3 alike):

Red Eclipse (Q3/UT alike):

Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory (BF1942 alike):

The Dark Mod (Thief alike - single player):


Few days ago someone on FB had made beast-infected Kuun-Lan, then there was unannounced HW:Cataclysm HD (I still hope that it will happen, especially, as I believe, there were no big changes to original HW1 engine), then my colleague wanted to play some HW game... In short, I've remembered Cataclysm and it's multiplayer: actually, it was most original among 3 HW games, there even was a site with tactics described... So, I thought of Beast realisation, as different from others race - like Orkz or Eldar after SM/CSM races in W40K Dawn of War.

So, Beast was something like neuron net, it was using crew brains to operate ships and simulate a kind of reasonable behavior. But it's not able to create, make inventions etc. It can only use existing information. And salvage. So, actually Beast is like a pirate, similar to Turans. Or Kadeshi. Or _is_ Turan and Kadeshi if they are salvaged.


If we check HWC, Beast fleet consists of the ships taken from different races. So, actually, Beast should capture all these ones, to use them. But the beginning of the game, Beast should have some fleet, pirate one to begin with, to get their salvages. So, we need some unused one. And this would be Somtaaw one. This way we would "kill" two ducks with one shot: we will have Beast functionality and Somtaaw fleet. Somtaaw are good ones, but they don't have enough power to fight again H/V/T fleets, also they are part of Hiigara. So I believe, joining Somtaaw with Beast will be perfect solution.


  1. Recon - scout and anti-stealth (available from the very beginning);
  2. Acolyte - main fighter;
  3. Mimic - stealth-spy;


  • Cruiser missile - actually, don't know how to make it - in PTV it was done, but not sure if it's done w/o enabling kamikaze option, which cruches single player campaign );

Microships (platforms):

  1. Leech - salvage machine;
  2. Sentinel - guardian;


  1. Heavy Tug - salvage frigate (available from the very beginning);
  2. MBF - anticapital frigate or, as there will be Hive as anticapital, it can be pulsar frigate;
  3. Hive Fr. - originally, antifighter, this frigate will be anticapital now: first, because of missing drone logic in HW2, second, because of swarmers are too small to have brains. Now hive frigate will deploy mines. With frontal double plasma it would make it interesting anticapital ship. Or... It can salvage in vaygr frigate way, but I like 1st option more, as there is already salvage frigate ));


  1. Destroyer - semidestroyer;
  2. Carrier;
  3. Dreadnaught;


  1. Worker - resource collector and salvager (available from the very beginning);
  2. Processor - resource controller (available from the very beginning);

Salvagers are big part of the Beast fleet )


Research is very straight: you build factory (analogue), get access to researches of ships (each research makes one ship) in price of it's original - in HWC you had to retire ship to get to production of it. When you salvage ship, you get research of it. When you capture carrier, you get access to the fighter/corvettes researches. Probably, nothing more the frigate can't be researched.
There is description on Beast ships that they are tougher but slower. I think, at first ships will be usual ones, but Beast will have upgrade on whole ship section that would increase class health and restoration rate, but decrease it speed (like Beast mass is feeding of energy from reactor). So user will have to think if he wants speed or toughness )

No beast signs (meat) will be onboard, so that we could use original models of the game w/o unnessecerely increasing mod's size.

P.S.: If cruise missile cannot be done in normal way, it could be made smaller and used as probe.
Or! There is model of bot, that was used for taiidani start mission in HW1, and as was decided that this is kushani guys who suffered, then this bot was used in Cataclysm opening scene. Probably, it could be used as probe, as well. Maybe, other type or something.
Or not. Beast is kinda human_brain_centric, so all these autobots are kinda out of date )

I believe that there hundred and thousands of kiith on Kharak, in type of mafia family or corporation - somebody gets uprised, somebody consumed. Like Liir, being part of Hraal in HW, become independent and in HW:C made Hraal part of itself. Or Nabaal that wished to consume Somtaaw.
Kiith-sa Corleone

But according to HW manuals there were most notable:

  1. Gaalsin,
  2. Siiddim (or Siid, or Siddim),
  3. Somtaaw,
  4. Ferriil,
  5. Nabaal (or Naabal, or Naabel)
  6. Sjet (Super Jet),
  7. Paktu,
  8. Soban,
  9. Manaan,
  10. Hraal,
  11. Liir (LiirHra later),
  12. Kaalel,
  13. Tambuur,
  14. Riif (there were admiral Riif-sa, that means, he's the head of Riif kiith)

Also there were 4 more surnames (unknown of it beeing Kiith): Doine, Sagald, Jaraci and Magann.

Telling of "this is alternate history" doesn't solve anything, as there should be starting point of it, and there must reason for alternate events.
Eastern part of map could've been result of Russia's being weak enough to divide. And this has happened in the Time of Troubles of 1612, in the Revolution of 1917, and in USSR falldown of 1991.

  • If this have happened in 1612,
    then there were no Russia, as Poland was at the peak of it's strength that time. So, there would be the dream of modern polish nationalists - Great Polska from Gdansk to Tobolsk. There might be some more events in 400 years of this, maybe, Poland instead of Russia would have become the "horror" of all Europe (and Revolution of 1917 would have happened in Warsaw), maybe, not all the russian culture would be consumed, as Poland would be opened to european invasion (unlike Russia which is kinda protected by Poland)... Anyway, there would be completely different Russia, completely different Poland and as a result - different map. For example, most probably, northern part of Russia would become part of Scandinavian Empire (Dutch, Norway, Sweden, Finland and northern part of Livonia).

  • If this would have in 1917...
    Well, civil war happening in Russia would have made a lot of thing shown here possible. There were finnish-russian war in 1920, as Finland were claiming Karelia is theirs, Poland has run over Belorus, Lithuania and Ukraine - also it have taken part of Czech just before WW2 while Munich pact of 1938.
    Also Soviet army had problems in Caucasus, where it had to use strength to calm down and disarm local radicals. So, if Red Army and White Army would weaken themselves, that noone would win, so they could not resist finnish invasion, caucasian rebellions and polish invasion, then it would lead to this situation, and even worth - Russia would have become smaller, and, probably, there were several "russian" republics - socialistic, capitalistic, monarchic etc.
    Also, in the end of Civil War (1921) Czech voluntary forces with stolen gold of admiral Kolchak, strong enough so that Soviet government had just let them go home, were returning home, so Poland would have quite much problems with them.
    Also, european countries, including USA, weren't happy about Polish enlargement - if it would have gone too far, there would be no supply for Polish army anymore. Also, particulary, Latvia would be smaller, if Poland would claim for Latgalia, or larger, if Poland would stop on the borders, and Russia would have no forces to resist latvian invasion (which resulted in occupying important railway center of Pytalovo, and which is now claimed back latvian nationalists).
    If this situation is gone to modern days, that means that there were no WW2, thus, Prussia still exists, and it is not Kaliningrad, but Konigsberg. Also, without bombing Japan with nuclear weapon what look would our world have?
    If we talk about nationalistic movement - in the beginning of 20th century nationalistic movement was largely supported by interested countries: this way was broken Austrian-Hungary Empire and Russian Empire. And Ottoman Empire has turned into Turkey...
    Also, if there were no WW2, then USA wouldn't have so much as it has now: no european gold to store, no dollar as a world currency, no exit of Great Depression with selling USA products for WW2 purposes, and post-war recreation, no carriers patrouling whole world, no Japan to train with nuclear bombs, no Vietnam, no Lybia, no Syria etc... No USA as we know it.

  • If this would have happened in 1991...
    Well, I believe, that Russia, ruled by foreign advisors, had given everything she had. There were separatist movement in 1998, when there were money printed for Ural republic, also, Chechen war, supported by some countries, with arabian fighters teaching locals what's shariat, but that would mean russian division - well, 1917 scenario. Probably, Karelia, as finland claimed, would be parted also... But no big Russia anymore. But no big Poland either. Belorus and Ukraine are equal to Poland to be under its flag.
    Also strange that Romania has joined this Federation, as they very different from slavians. Then why Hungary didn't joined it also?..
    Strange that Cyprus is not divided into two parts: Greek and Turkey parts. Also, strange that there are no Abkhazia and South Osetia on a map. If we follow this logic, then it's strange that Kosovo isn't the part of Serbia...

So, main idea of this text is: when you're thinking of alternate history, you can't just paint the map as you like. For every event must be a reason, and reaction to it, like in physics laws.

If you get into HW1 datas, you will find out that there are big problems with them: authors didn't catch all their glitches. HWC&HW2, IMHO, just tried to make it systematic. In HW3 we will see how successful )

One of the greatest story holes of HW1 is 3rd mission movie scene, where storyteller tells of 4k years agreement, which was violated by exiles. At the same time there were 3k years old Guidestone...

- Answer, bitch, why did you destroyed our planet!
- Agreement...
- What agreement?!!
- Many thousand year ago signed!
- How much?!!
- Three.. Four... I don't remember!..
- So is it three or four?!!
- Four, four, please don't... !
- Whaaht?!!!

Object did not survive interrogation

Yeah, and the greatest question - if hyperspace tech was forbidden, then how it came out that exiles made the path of 2500 light years on conventional drives in less then (3000 - 1215+) years?
The answer is - creators didn't think of it. They were creating fairytale of evil tyrants and good exiles, based on jew history.

  • 1215 BC - year of jew exiles from Egypt;
  • 13 generations, mentioned by kadeshi - it generations of jews living in Egypt, no real connection to exile journey;
  • 3000 years - Israel state recreation since the Exile.

So, I'm pointing that it's kinda strange for some to search for some structured canon in HW1 if there were no real universe, just very touching story of people which like phoenix has died and reborn again. But universe has started from HWC & HW2 (btw, HW2 events starts exactly 100 years after HWC events, which is quite remarkable).

HW1, Mission 11, "Tenhauser Gate"
"I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched c-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain. Time to die." (c)

It's very symbolical that this mission is named of the quote of "Bladerunner". Especially of the scenes happening there: Bentusi get killed.

And more symbolical is about person who speaks original phrase - it's an android, artificial human. And this is very interesting and fitting the line of Cataclysm, where we have found that the Bentusi is Unbound by the meaning of being one with their ship, and the line of HW2 where we have found that Bentusi are something like watchers of the Galactic races to prepare them for the treasures or damnation or both of Progenitors...

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