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0 comments by AmDDRed on Aug 10th, 2013

While there cries on non-european country "regimes", EU prefers not to see obvious things under it's nose. And it's not about only Latvia, it's also about Estonia.

Latvia has one of the most unfair and divided societies in the European Union. As a result of unfair Latvian nationality laws, a total of 300,000 ethnic minority “non-citizens” are denied many of the basic rights enjoyed by citizens of other European Union member states.

“Non-citizens” cannot form political parties, run for political office or vote in national, local and European elections, and rights to free movement, employment and ownership of land are limited. Their right to use their own language in private and public, in education, business and the mass media is curtailed by law. More than 33 categories of employment are barred to non-citizens - including many public offices, the military and the police force.

The Non-Citizens’ Congress ask you to sign this petition in order to call on the Latvian Government to introduce an overhaul of citizenship laws to allow presently ‘stateless’ citizens to receive their full rights to participate in the democratic process like all citizens of European Union countries.



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0 comments by AmDDRed on Aug 3rd, 2013

Ideological war continues.

European gamer asked to restrict historically authentical signs on tanks "For Stalin", "Stalin's one" (Za Stalina, Stalinets) etc.


Well, it reminds me of postsoviet thought being pushed in head of people, that WW2 was won by people despite the Stalin. Like he wasn't Generalissimus of Red Army, but simply grabbed people and pushed them to death, personally. For me it sounds like "bees against the honey". You can win few battles, but you would do nothing without logistics, without economics, without strategic planning.

There were time when all the borders fell down, and new information came in from the west - and many started to think of WW2 in manner of "Company of Heroes 2" has shown. But now this wave has fallen down, and russians do look more clearly at their own history, then anyone else. There are many debates, because it was really complicated time, with a lot of lies and propaganda. There are nazi lies, which cold war ideologists has taken in an account to make USSR look evil, there were Khrustchov's lies about his ex-boss...

Now looking back, I'd say that Stalin really was great: he was son of his time, and he did best of what he could. He got his full power only in 1939, when the ring of antagonist countries were pressing USSR already: Japan from the east, anti-soviet border with nationalist dictators (Finland-Estonia-Latvia-Lithuania-Poland), and 3rd Reich rising. After Hitler grabbed czech republic and poland with untold permission of western countries (in both cases USSR has sent proposals of military union against possible threats but they refused), it was clear that war is imminent. Non-agression contract (which is called "Molotov-Ribbentrop pact", but the fact is that Gemany had these "pacts" with a lot countries, including Poland and Latvia, and it was Germany which asked if USSR signs it in a time when all the plans of poland attack were already confirmed) has prolonged peace for USSR a little bit giving time to prepare for war, but still in the end, in the Stalingrad 2 mln non-german european collaborationists were fighting with Red Army. USSR was asking for the 2nd front since the beginning of the war, but it was opened only in 1944, when it appeared that Red Army is ready kick nazi asses by themselves, and Europe is going to be too Red for the british-american bankers in the end.

So, it was a harsh time, Stalin was good leader of postrevolution country, like a good doctor of a very bad looking patient. No one wants to be in the patient's place, but being him they want a good doctor be near.

Even America praised Roosevelt during Great Depression caused by bankers. Kurt Wonnegut (by the way liberated by Red Army from concentration camp) said that after G. Depression he doesn't find word "socialist" ridiculous. I bet, many old people during american crysis when they lost all their pensions, thought the same.

Philip K. Dick were telling of CIA witch hunt in 80's. And after Snowden, Menning, Wikileaks you still think that you're not brainwashed? In Soviet America...

P.S.: By the way, FYI Stalingrad was named so, because in 1918 Stalin has defended Tzaritsin city.

P.P.S.: Signs were return to the places where they belonged.

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0 comments by AmDDRed on Aug 1st, 2013

There was once good studio named Relic Entertainment, that made game I felt in love with. That was Homeworld.

Then there was "Sigma" project, Dawn of War 1, 2, Space Marine... (I haven't played CoH1) And these were good game also. Yeah, and Homeworld 2, of course.

But now they have released "Company of Heroes 2". And it appeared to be great historical falsification. I don't know why they made it, but it happened. Maybe, too much Cold War anti-soviet propaganda. Maybe, too much of Warhammer40K. Maybe, simply laziness.

Anyway, just watch it, and see why russians rant on Company of Heroes 2:

And don't buy this piece of lying shit.

In a way of Linus Torvalds quote: - Relic, fuck you.

Not yours anymore,

P.S.: Seriously, I'm glad that Homeworld now is in Gearbox property.

P.P.S: And vote here:
* Change.org

P.P.P.S.: Yeah, official distributor of CoH2 in Russia, 1C, has stopped selling game till unknown time. Probably, till SEGA makes Relic realize that they were wrong, and start doing something about it.

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0 comments by AmDDRed on Jul 9th, 2013

#Latvia #Riga #2015 #NoPrideAtAll
ES tolerance is going off the limits, starting to oppress usual people.Like Tolstoy had written in "Anna Karenina" - "Every happy family is happy one way, every unhappy family is unhappy in their own way", the same is about sexual life: men and women creating family - is normal; everything else - like pedophilia, zoophilia, homosexuality is not normal. We can accept that these people exist, that their sexual appetite is different, but in every other way they are "Good As You". But they must leave their sexual preference to themselves, not to go public. What if some heterosexual will go out and say "I like anal sex!" - SO FUCKING WHAT?! The same goes to these activists: don't fuck society with you're being different. Everyone is different in his/her own way. But some differences should not be taught as normal.

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0 comments by AmDDRed on Jun 7th, 2013

Read it here:

Found some old post
If you get into HW1 datas, you will find out that there are big problems with them: authors didn't catch all their glitches. HWC&HW2, IMHO, just tried to make it systematic. In HW3 we will see how successful )

One of the greatest story holes of HW1 is 3rd mission movie scene, where storyteller tells of 4k years agreement, which was violated by exiles. At the same time there were 3k years old Guidestone...

- Answer, bitch, why did you destroyed our planet!
- Agreement...
- What agreement?!!
- Many thousand year ago signed!
- How much?!!
- Three.. Four... I don't remember!..
- So is it three or four?!!
- Four, four, please don't... !
- Whaaht?!!!
Object did not survive interrogation

Yeah, and the greatest question - if hyperspace tech was forbidden, then how it came out that exiles made the path of 2500 light years on conventional drives in less then (3000 - 1215+) years?
The answer is - creators didn't think of it. They were creating fairytale of evil tyrants and good exiles, based on jew history.

  • 1215 BC - year of jew exiles from Egypt;
  • 13 generations, mentioned by kadeshi - it generations of jews living in Egypt, no real connection to exile journey;
  • 3000 years - Israel state recreation since the Exile.

So, I'm pointing that it's kinda strange for some to search for some structured canon in HW1 if there were no real universe, just very touching story of people which like phoenix has died and reborn again. But universe has started from HWC & HW2 (btw, HW2 events starts exactly 100 years after HWC events, which is quite remarkable).

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0 comments by AmDDRed on May 1st, 2013

HW1, Mission 11, "Tenhauser Gate"
"I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched c-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain. Time to die." (c)

It's very symbolical that this mission is named of the quote of "Bladerunner". Especially of the scenes happening there: Bentusi get killed.

And more symbolical is about person who speaks original phrase - it's an android, artificial human. And this is very interesting and fitting the line of Cataclysm, where we have found that the Bentusi is Unbound by the meaning of being one with their ship, and the line of HW2 where we have found that Bentusi are something like watchers of the Galactic races to prepare them for the treasures or damnation or both of Progenitors...

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0 comments by AmDDRed on Mar 18th, 2013

About that Kickstarter campaign of Homeworld Touch and HW3...

Well, I’ve got an impression that these guys want to byte a piece too big for them. Seriously, these guys came of nowhere telling that they’re fanboys willing to make HW3.

First, what are the chances they get the IP? Of course, Homeworld is not casual game, but it’s game known in the game industry.

Second, what is this team? Who are they? Do they have any projects else to show to compare with A-class game like HW? Only thing public seen is this HW Touch which itself is quite discussable thing - no video of gameplay with this thing, nothing.

Third, if they have no experience of creating such hilarious projects as Homeworld - with wonderful plot, brilliant direction, charming music, perfect ship design and involving gaming, then how are they going to make succesful ancestor to HW-HWC-HW2?

Forth, according to the paper, they have plans of Napoleon: side missions, playing with derelicts and starbases, colonizing planets... As I remember of HW/HWC/HW2 history, they all had problems with time and tech - HW had to have upgrades and few more missions; HWC had to have completely different enemy and be compatible with HW1; HW2 had to have much more things in plot and environment. And these guys are promising to bring everything fan-community wants. How long are they going to make this game? Another 10 years? With what budget?

Fifth, I really doubt that this team is capable of bringing in true the homeworld spirit. Homeworld is about single story - with large background - with little things that makes missions somewhat unlinear (like bentusi giving you tech according to what have you research so far, like beast carrier showing up or not depending of have you destroyed it or in previous mission, like your fleet saved in this mission is best present in next one). It’s not about side missions and Master of Orion - we already have Endless Space for this. Even more it’s not about colonizing planets - Haegemonia is in different direction. It’s not about resource gathering - it’s about battle, strategy, tactics, interesting story and everything else mentioned in p.3And little things about backer status - how the fuck were chosen these kiithids? Let me speak of HW geek - in what way the were divided? Well, these little things make me think that HW3 of their hands would be much more discussable then HW2.

Well, despite all that had been said here, I’d rather donate them, if they have set reasonable goals. Believable ones. Like “creating HW Touch and HW:Remastered”, but not HW3. Actually, it would be really nice to get good old Homeworld with improved interface, little bit cleaned up code, little bit better textures and models, with deep integration with Steam, GoG & Desura. Even if it would be at Unity engine, not old one.For this I’d definetely paid money.

And also I’d paid money just for clone of HW, like O.R.B., from these guys. That would have approved that they know what they are doing, not just big tasty promises. But now better candidate for my money is one guy who is already experimenting with HW.exe to make it work with win7 at modern resolutions.

Or completely different proposal: let’s make community HW? Let’s gather programmers to make some wizardy with some open-source engine like the same Unity, to create basic game logic to make it possible of playing multiplayer and skirmish, models and race we have enough (see HWU) and those who want to make single player - let them make it on their own (like HW@). What do you think of it? ))

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0 comments by AmDDRed on Feb 17th, 2013

There is a new wonderful game "Endless space" - the ancestor to "Master of Orion", "Imperium Galactica" etc.

It would be interesting to implement "Homeworld" races into this game. Of course, no 3D battles available, but still it's good chance to feel yourself as vaygr conqueror "Sajuuk-Khar" Makaan, taiidani emperor "Mad Clone" Riestiu, kushani hyperleader "Unbound" Karan Sjet or starving Beast.I don't know yet nothing of "Endless Space" modding, but I'd like to collect some ideas here.

First target will be to have races with HW ship models, but in other meanings being alike custom created races.It also would interesting if there were something like prescripted map of galaxy, with races put on their own places, different type of pirates in different parts of galaxy, traders. Also, as hyperspacing is huge part of HW, it would interesting to remake way of ship moving, with hyperspace inhibitors built for affecting hyperspace jump, not allowing to jump except through the armed outposts... But this, probably would too much to ask ))So, overall there are 10+ known races of Homeworld Universe plus various factions.

As ModDB bloggin suxx, read more here - Amddred.deviantart.com

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0 comments by AmDDRed on Nov 1st, 2012

It's great that such great game as Heroes is getting rennovated.

Of course, the case is not only about gameplay mechanics - HeroesV are modern enough and have very comparable gameplay to HeroesIII. It's also about nostalgy - that's why guys still playing old games, making patches and even remakes. The same I'm looking forward to see VCMI rise and shining.
And not only waste possibilities of gameplay bring a lot of game popularity, not only some special spirit and design, but also large modding possibilities, allowing to enchance original game this or that way:
sometimes it's adding new objects, sometimes it's changing game rules directly.

I've tried to read all the threads here at forum: to get the new ideas and to get reasonable arguments if there are any against them. So, here I'll try to get all my thoughts together and write down thing that good to be implemented in VCMI and why.

Warning: I'm not a big programmer, so everything read further is a product of my imagination, some modding experience of Homeworld2 and some other stuff and theoretical discussion of spherical horse in vacuum. You're the guys who made to 0.9, so you decide.

Read more here: Amddred.deviantart.com

P.S.: ModDB blogging really suxx.

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0 comments by AmDDRed on Oct 9th, 2012

DisciplesIII has proven the new habit of game industry: there's the sequel to good old game, but this sequel is so arguable, that might be better if doesn't happen at all. Another one example of managers not game designers ruling the project.Third part of the game has twisted gameplay elements of predessesors that, if you just remove the name, you can see completely new TBS genre game, which is not bad at all. But bad thing is that is using not his name, thus destroying hope not only for improving previous games but for return of good old gameplay, which defines exactly Disciples game.In this article I will tell about my vision of what really could have been improved in original games without drastical gameplay change.

Look here - moddb blog suxx - Amddred.deviantart.com
= TERRAMORPHING =Or forming, doesn't matter. But first what you notice in game is total landscape change of territory that is yours. But what does it do except for marking your lands? That's the point that it does nothing. But if we think a little of developing this feature we can get a lot of new interesting gameplay improvements.== Motherland ==Territory itself can give bonuses.In practice, I propose to give additional armor both for damage and magic to armies located on their territory and make a little weaker hostiles. Or otherwise, for dark races (Bethrezen and Mortis children) it won't give anything but remove armor, thus making more damage. And Elves as Duality God children would have 50/50 - remove and add at one time.This coefficient must not be equal for every piece of your land, but must be dependent of distance to your land source (rod/garnison). For example, rod gives 5% bonus to defence at close. Rod range is, for example, 5 steps, so at fifth step armor bonus is not 5% but only 1%. If there's enemy rod close to the first one, they would weaken each other. Something like lowering bonuses modifiers at borders depending on how far is enemy land source.This would make more need in rod planters as strategical supporters, and would make need in planting rods not only near resources.And, as main factions receive bonuses from their native lands, probably, it would be fair if NPC races would have their one. Like, merfolks will have bonus at sea, barbarians - at snow mountains etc. And it would be great to have possibility to hire these creatures not only from special buildings but from garnisons located at their ex-territories and have possibility to improve them there. Something like capturing barbarian capitol. But, mb, this would be too much for Disciples.Also it would be great if lands would enlarge smoothly mixing with neutral or allie lands, but showing smth like conflict with growing into enemy lands - like being in no change with allie land, but changing every day with enemy land.== Rod Monsters ==Despite the fact the rods and rod planter were simply thrown away, leaving only "listening posts" like in WH40k:DoW, Disciples III idea of rod defender is not bad at all, especially if we implement it in D2 gameplay.Essence is that more time rod has existed on map, more powerful it monster is. Something alike summonned creatures, only living in rod and appearing when somebody is trying to take it off.There will be four levels of existing: zero level, when rod is brand new, with no demon inside; and first-third level, with each of them demon equiering new abilities. He still would be able to level-up after that, but it won't improve him much - we saw it in Disciples/Wesnoth.Type of magic attack of rod monster is dependent of it's race: undead would hit with death; legions - with fire and so on. But there rods that are put into resources - this make special rod monster which will strike with mixed magic - first source is "native" race magic, and second is resource magic (death, fire and so on). Gold mine, of course, is not magic one, but anyway, this rod monster, for example, can have more hitpoints, or hit with some material strike.Being attacked, rod monster is fighting alone, except for case when there are rod planter near by: it's the only leader, which can defend rod monster (or otherwise), fighting in one squad with him. For this rod planter will have "natural" restriction to have more then 4 units with him, one less then other ones.Experienced rod will spread his "land" influence more then the fresh one. The same goes also for other land sources up to the Capitol, as the maximal power of land source. So, if enemy puts the new rod near you old one, then the border will be much more closer to the new one, as old one has more influence. But, of course, if put 4 and more new rods, then the old won't be able to resist them and, probably, will become weaker (if evil race).The same thing would happen to the garnisones and the Capitol: when enemy lands will be under the wall of the city, it will influence the defenders and rod/capitol monster, thus making easier to capture it. But, of course, you'll have to plant a LOT of rods to overpower the capitol demigod.Talking about garnison monsters: if Capitol and rods, as land sources, have their own defenders, then why garnisons doesn't have one? Even more, there are free space for such (only 5 places maximum). Yes, of course, 6 places - and it's already a Capitol, but why not.Garnison defender's level-up can be made different ways: we can make it grow with time or with each upgrade of city, or combine this two by limiting monester level-up with city level, something like usual unit upgrade when you need to buy building to get him upgraded, just this time this is town level, and it's personal for each garnison.Or other options, like monster appearing from the very beginning; or only from 2nd (to have +1 level unlike rod monster), or 3rd (to have the same upgrade amount as rod monster), or even from 5 (as town build up completely and getting close to Capitol). But to know what's better iIt must be tested.= ARMY =Let's talk about leaders, if have started thinking of rod planters. But let's begin with higher rank guys - Lords.== Lords ==Original game had 3 lords: warrior, archmage and guild master.As land now means something more than just a your territory counter, it's quite natural to make one more lord: Landlord. He would have two abilities: first, raised land bonus (for example, not 5%, but 10%), second, his rodplanters will have 3rd level from the very beginning (with default or selectable perks) or they will have leadership of 2, which means that they will be able to get not one but two units. Will they cost more - 350/400 gold - that's the question, but no other abilities present.As an experiment, there might the second lord candidate: the guy who has replaced Guild Master in DisciplesIII. The one who had +15% gold more per turn. Let call him smth like "burgomaster" and leave everything as is. Let check if money would win the evil?..In any case, additional lords would increase game strategical possibilities.== First Leader ==And there's a question - what about leaders? Because it depends of a lord, which first leader you will receive! Who will be the first leader for these two new lords?This question is solved quite easily: we just need to give a choise of first leader. First, when playing campaign, many use to have "unnative" leader, as the main one (for example, combination of ranger leader and archmage lord with correct spells makes a marathone runner capable of passing through the half of the map in one turn); and second, when importing hero you choose your favorite one, of course, not the game given. As a result, everything would be much easier: starting the game you will choose leader the you like and play in your favourite style.== Monsters for Leaders ==I was always confused by the possibility of hiring only those leaders which are in garnison/capitol. There are a lot of monster-leaders on the map, why don't we follow this?If we take a look at any leader then we understand that this is second level unit which has stopped in developing and getting additional perks. What if we might make leader of a unit? We have "stop upgrading" button, why don't we develop further this idea?When unit get to 2nd level and more, he can be turned into the leader in Capitol for 500 gold - and will continue to get experience according to his upgrade tree but without upgrades, of course.Units will receive perks due to their basic "class": warrior, mage, ranger and rod planter (maybe this artificial rodder will have leadership of two, maybe it's price won't be 500, but 350/400 - must test it). There might be upkeep in 250-500 gold for each level of unit turning into leader, but I don't think it's needed penalty: from now you will have one high-level battle unit less, and you'll have to think harder of how you're going to make it great leader.There may be a problem with "big" (two square) units due to their size. We can just not allow to create "big" leaders, which will solve logical fail with wearing artifacts. Or we can limit them to have maximum leadership of 4, not to wear some artifacts, and have cost of 750 gold. Even more, every unit-leader can have "dress code" restrictions - but, of course, we can also say that this is simple game conventionality.For this operation we can make new building at the Capitol in the same section with temple, guild and mage tower. And "burgomaster" will have this as default (like other lords having something built at the beginning of the game).Well, also we could have possibility of combining leaders together in one squad, like it was done in "Heroes 4". It's quite arguable change as it would make too much bonuses for one squad, but on the other hand, it would be like putting all eggs in one basket - and as we know of classical Disciples, squad is quite fragile for global magic...Might be worth of giving some special perks to units that have stopped their upgrading, but this may be a little too much into personalisation. Or not: give names, make a little randomisation...== Diplomacy ==Many TBS have possibility of forcing neutral unit become allie. Why can't we get something similar in Disciples?It must not be very simple - in the most of the cases, neutral squads are more likely to die of your hands (or otherwise). For them to join you must be several parameters checked, like: is attacked unit race frendly to the player's race; how much attacker is stronger then attacked units; how good is leader's diplomacy... AI must count his chances to make any damage: if it's very low or no at all (it usually can be told by first turn), then it better to give up.The same is about running away - computer is standing till the end. Even if there are only one supporter's left with no damage doing, it continues to cast spells till all is left of him is ash or jibses. It would be more logical to run away of the battlefield, and then try to give up.== Thief ==Thief is one very special character. First, he doesn't level-up, second, he does some very unique thing, which are not available to other leaders. And as he is single it's hard to call him leader...The thing is that now he will level-up.There was a Guild Master lord which gave to thieves new abilities. Now these abilities would open with new levels - but, as it was, they will be available to this lord from very beginning. How this will be done?There may be two options: whether it's available from the very beginning, whether Guild Master will be served by the best thieves of third level. As I think it would best about additional levels, as it will create unified system with Landlord's high level rod planters. On one hand, it would be good to start with special units of 3rd level, on the other hand, you won't be able to act freely at the beginning of the game because of neutral squad for experience, and to achieve new level this guys would have to work more then usually... That's why this option seems to me quite balanced.== More options ==What else can we thing about?I'd add possibility of destroying buildings in Capitol for having alternate unit upgrade during the same game (like wrong decision in long campaign mission). Do you want to develop another branch? Destroy existing building for it's initial cost. It's good if you have decided it early, but what if you need to revert building that cost you 3000 gold?..Also would be good if allies would be able to get into your garnisons for unit heal and ressurection (and otherwise) and ally basic unit hire. Why they are needed without upgrade building - unclear, but option is good. Can be usefull.= BATTLE =There are discussions about tactical mode: many don't understand why there are so less units in squad, why they are not moving - conventionalities all around. And these many think of tactical mode the first pretendent to be changed.But, before chopping with no painkillers, let's think of why it was made such way.== Running around ==If take "Heroes" as ethalone, then we can resolute that in "Disciples" strategical mode (global map) has taken almost everything from tactical (battlefield), leaving only moment of strikes. That's why there is not movement on the battlefield - all the movement had been done previously.But if we still decide to change tactical mode, then we can go in a "chess" way - something alike "Heroes5", but with much smaller battlefield. Units will move maximum for one step.We can leave old standard of no space between armies, or put few cell to make retreat easier: one cell if units will move and hit in one turn or two cells if units whether move wether attack. This movement thing would also make interesting collision about going for the last row of enemy unit: traditionally, you can't kill supporters before you slay all first row guys; now you can go for them, using empty spaces between guys of first row (which will be convinient for werewolf, for example). So there will be a lot of headache: will we count turn for movement? Will hits from behind and side do more damage? Or let's do the "tetris": while row is not fully dead, you can't access second one? Or some cover fields, you cannot pass?..In general, I'd say that it's not worth of it - it's better to leave everything as it was. All genius stuff is simple. I'm not wondering that DisciplesIII has not succeded with unit movement implementation, copypasted HoMM and added a lot of unusefull things turning game from TBS with RPG elements into RPG with TBS elements. They would better played "Etherlords"...== Thousand and one unit ==Six units - is it many or not? I think, for Disciples it's quite many. Of course, when ending campaign, with experienced leader leveling-up of his units is a matter of few not very difficult battles; but if you start from the very first level, then you will get 2 more leadership, thus filling up all 6 slots, is not very easy and fast.And if we remember that Disciples strategy is definetely not about single squad developing - he will be dead soon enought with magic, thieves, summoned creatures and enemy frag-leaders help - then we will understand that 6 units is a very good number. Even more - it would be very sad to loose, for example, 10 high-level units (which are trained with a lot of unreturnable low-level monsters) because of few "Armageddons" casted in the wrong time in the correct place.That's why I think that there's no need to change this element. But for others...== Side-bar ==I was always wondering about "big" units of why there's no possibility of placing them other way then "vertical"? I'd change this: in any case such monster is taking two slots, but working as one (one and half, let's say). If the big guy is behind, then there will be maximum of two mages, and it will be faster to go through the first lines to kill the mages. Or, if it will be in front, then big guy is opened for kicking of every enemy unit - all three guys in the first row and supporters from behind. Practically, all the positions will have their pro et contra.Realisation of this can be done in "Heroes5" way: if small unit is for one cell, then big unit will have four, but two of them must always lay on the battlefield. And to place it you will have to circle around your army placing.== Waiting ==There is the button "wait", that was implemented in Disciples2. It can be upgraded a little bit.Let's pretend "Heroes5" copypasted unit turn queue from DisciplesIII (actually, it can be polished a little bit and put back): as we remember, if we press "wait" button, unit's turn will fly away into the round end. I suggest that "wait" effect would not send unit to the queue end but after the next unit. Awaiting unit avatar may have some sand clock animation.== Blocking ==Also there must be possibility of setting unit for blocking ally from hits. It won't do anything but cover - at least one time. At least non-magical attacks.== Trainee ==Get some units to map with the time to have possibility of training few high level squads. Make this optional as enemy with more territory will have advantage of gaining more experience for his support squads.== Pop-corn ==And the last thing that tactical mode asks for - is special effects. The fight must look similar to "Etherlords", "Tekken" and "Dawn of War" animations. Few options of animations for lucky strikes, fatalities, defense and death (there might be even nice scene of turning dead unit into ashes or smth else)... And, of course, the possibility of speed it up or turn it off. Yes, epic animation of battle is quite notable part of Disciples, but not so important, so for FOSS realisation of D2++, you can use just simple models, and even sprites.= SKILLS ="Disciples" skills have always reminded me perks of "Fallout". And the same they were some serious help for destroying enemy units, unlike these childish "+5 to Death magic defence" of "DisciplesIII".Probably, it's quite obvious thing but still I'll tell it: there must be pack of perks, available for all leaders. But, besides them, there must exist special perks for each type of a leader, special perks for each type of lord, special perks for each race. And also converted units should have there own traits.== Foredefence ==It would nice to have some perks alike "Tactics" of Heroes: it will be usefull when you are forced to fight, for example, you can regroup for retreat. I don't know if this would be fair and "disciplish" enough.If we continue the idea, we can also make defence from the global magic: when you're about to be hit, you will be warned of some unknown spells going down from the sky or elsewhere. You will do air magic defence but noooo - it was a rock, earth magic. But the next level you take upgrade of "Foreseeing" perk and now you understand what's going to happen, but you have no recources. And you fail again.These feature may be for all. But we can give only to certain type of leaders (warrior/mage) or even certain type of leader under command of certain type of lord. Choosing lord's favourites may give certain bonuses.== Experience ==I think, modificators of non-upgrading level-ups must be lowered: in "DisciplesI", unit, reaching the end of it's upgrade tree, has stopped gaining any experience at all, which is not very good."DisciplesII" has improved this part of the game, but, at least in campaigns, there was developed only one overpowered leader, and that was dimming true strategical mode from the eyes of player.Second problem was succesfully solved in "Battle for Wesnoth", where units are leveling-up alike "Disciples" with choice of who to be, but secondary levels (without turning into somebody else) are not giving big advance in front of enemy except for gaining full life instantly. It's quite good feature.If we talk of campaigns then between scenarios there must be possibility of taking no only one unit but several: main leader, secondary/rodplanter and thief; for player to be used of developing few characters at once.== Inventory ==There is quite much claims for inventory being too much abstract: to wear some boots you need to have perk for this, like your leader have never seen boots in his life before.Maybe we should have possibility of using items without needed perks - it will only limit magical effect of item to very low. Probably some additional items like armor could be implemented, but there are doubts if it won't get Disciples too much into RPG.= MAGIC =Magic is a mighty thing in "Disciples". And first what I'd certainly changed - it's an option to disable spell animation, and possibility to make spell pack to cast them all selected at once (like improve defence, hits and so on).== Fog of War ==When you have all map opened, then you can cast spells everywhere you want, which is quite nasty. In the beginning I thought that it would be better to strike only on your land, but it was considered not very smart.But we can implement fog of war: it will be clear at your land; there will be misty at lands you'd been at, but these are not yours yet; and completely dark at unknown ones. Your lands will whether open new territories whether won't go to the unknown lands.This would both save you from enemy spells (and otherwise), and would make a need of recoinassance for succesfull war actions. Not like in previous games: you open map and have half of the victory in your hands.== Book Revision ==Balance that was based on 4 old races has broken with Gallean people return: new mana has appeared, and elves wer neither good (Imperium, Clans) neither bad (Undead, Legions), so it was unclear what kind of magic will be using.But the developers did it smoothly: thanks to dual nature of elves, chaos and order, madness and clear mind of Gallen, elves have become the center in the cross of the good-bad races relations (Clans-Undead & Imperium-Legions). That's where come spells of +/-30% of armor: plus for us, minus for you and there goes the same 50% that take off bad guys and add-on good ones. It's interesting, that "DisciplesIII" had possibility of making this feature as developers has chosen imperium, elves and legions as playable races, but for some "innovative" reasons, they have decided to create their own frankenstein. Also like old spells, elves need one mana type for first and second levels of magic, and then were added 1-2-3 mana types for further levels. So elvish spells fitted the game quite naturally. Of course, it doesn't cancel the fact that other races doesn't need Gallean mana at all. The same, DIII was created only thinking of elves, human and demon mana: nothing for upcoming add-on for Undeads, nothing for unfinished add-on for Clans...I think, that elvish mana needs to be included into other race spells from the very beginning. 5 spells levels for 5 manas: 1st level for native mana; 2nd level for two manas and so on. It would interesting to make magic combinations logical: for example, if you combine air and earth manas, you get meteor shower; fire and water makes deadly steam; death and life makes poison - and so on.= INTERFACE ="Diciples" is the game of no hurry. It is quite slow: your turn, enemy turn, spell effects, epic unit animations... Very meditative. And interface is helping this.How could we increase the speed of the game? First, we might take "HoMM" idea of fast movement by double click, which disables animation allowing "overjump" leader to needed place. For animated movement we need possibility to stop it by one-click.Second, we could bring oftenly used things to the main screen, such as most used spells and spell packs or garnisons with forces inside.= THE END =Here I stop as my ideas end. In any case here are enough ideas too say that this won't be DII any more. But, if any of these will come to realisation, then it would requier many time to test it. But still I hope I have interested you. )

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