Homeworld fan. Trying to connect all three games in one. :)

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AmDDRed Sep 8 2014, 2:50pm says:

Windows are so big, great target!

+2 votes     media: EU Drone Carrier concept
AmDDRed Jul 2 2014, 6:51pm says:

Plasma corvette?

+1 vote     media: Pulsar Fighter
AmDDRed Jun 11 2014, 2:31pm says:

And the detective with ping pong ball deadly shot at the end of the train :)

+1 vote     media: SubwayShooter
AmDDRed May 14 2014, 5:14am says: +1 vote     article: Hyperspace Jump
AmDDRed May 13 2014, 8:01am replied:

Half-Life: Natural Selection?

+1 vote     article: Lambda Wars 2.3.5 beta is out. Heading for Steam release, recruiting!
AmDDRed May 12 2014, 7:03am says:

It would be fun to have "King of the Hill" deathmatch, with Predator against marines ^)

+1 vote     media: Forested
AmDDRed May 1 2014, 7:06am says:

I thought it was like alternative mode of standard shoulder cannon O_o

+2 votes     media: HeavyWeapons
AmDDRed Apr 20 2014, 3:14pm says:

Shotgun looks too chromed, IMHO. Maybe, it's only static picture impression.

+1 vote     media: Soldier
AmDDRed Apr 20 2014, 3:11pm replied:

Grey digital :)

+1 vote     media: Soldier
AmDDRed Mar 18 2014, 4:45pm replied:

And 3rd part to China :)

+1 vote     media: And so it begins
AmDDRed Jan 14 2014, 8:55am says:

Well, you can take a look at real russian special forces - Vitalykuzmin.net

+1 vote     media: Russian Officer W.I.P
AmDDRed Jan 3 2014, 3:38pm says:

Happy New Year! And I really hope to hear some good news from this project! ))

+3 votes     mod: S.T.A.R. 1088
AmDDRed Dec 29 2013, 2:52pm says:

Oh, such a kitbash... You could have improved engines, at least.

0 votes     media: RC
AmDDRed Nov 20 2013, 2:23pm replied:

I do understand you ) At least part about "non HW1 style".

+1 vote     media: HW@ "Black Sheep" Trailer
AmDDRed Oct 28 2013, 3:59am says:

Homeworld 2 Disco )
Will be there main theme techno remix? )

+1 vote     media: Dark Wars Destop Wallpapers
AmDDRed Oct 23 2013, 8:06am says:


+1 vote     media: 40k
AmDDRed Oct 13 2013, 8:00am says:

Bondages over armor? What heresy is that?

+1 vote     media: oct 13th
AmDDRed Oct 11 2013, 7:37am says:

Interesting video, could be used for your purposes )

+3 votes     game: Rogue Republic
AmDDRed Oct 11 2013, 4:10am says:

What's the advantages of this "ion" engine over old propeller one?
Is it cheaper?
Is it easier to maintain?
Is it easier more bulletproof?
Is it easier to pilot aircraft?
Are these advantages enough "heavy" to reorient facilities to more technically complicated production? Are there any other units using same tech, as modern military craft should be based on unification, as it makes production cheaper and repair works easier?

+1 vote     media: EC-995 Caracal
AmDDRed Oct 3 2013, 2:57am replied:

Balance, man, balance!

+1 vote     media: Beast Infected Taiidan Missile Destroyer (WIP)
AmDDRed Oct 3 2013, 2:48am replied:

I like your style! )))

+1 vote     media: Beast Kuun-Lan (Ingame)
AmDDRed Oct 2 2013, 9:45am says:

I suggest to make belly (where are now support module) something like birth thingy for large ships )

+1 vote     media: Beast Kuun-Lan (Ingame)
AmDDRed Sep 24 2013, 9:46am says:

Are buildings destructible?

+18 votes     media: Coalition-SV ingame
AmDDRed Sep 21 2013, 4:49pm replied:

Also, question, why Poland and Lithuania have left European Union?

+2 votes     article: Rogue Republic Alternate History
AmDDRed Sep 21 2013, 10:39am says:

So, this is Intermarium unit?

+1 vote     media: Bastion
AmDDRed Sep 19 2013, 2:04pm replied:

Из чьего-то творчества:

Польщо! Одвiчний демоне Вкраїни.
Вампире лютий, ненаситний,
Що вже столiттями цiлими
Спиває кров своїх офiр!
I може жити тiльки там
Де труп, де цвинтар i руїни (…)
Ти струп плюгавий, що обсiв
Народ-дiтину, – струп гидкий,
Якого навiть нам огнем
Не вдалось випалить, згоїти.
Ти новородок окаянний
I звiр мiж звiрами незнаний
Що iз зубами народився,
Iз кигтями, як сатона

+2 votes     article: Rogue Republic Alternate History
AmDDRed Sep 19 2013, 6:17am says:

Cossacks! O_o
Are White Scars taken from Vostroyan Guards?

+1 vote     media: Death to Xenos! (And everyone else)
AmDDRed Sep 18 2013, 8:29am replied:

So, how do you think, how much there are chances of Karelia republic to be separated?
Also, you say about China when it was in war - very harsh time. You want to separate Karelia in peace time, and that's kinda very different situation. Latgalia of Latvia, Catalonia and Bask country of Spain, Kosovo north regions full of serbians, etc, can's go on separation despite the fact that they want to.
Just today I've found some interesting video about Ukraine:
Well, this is also possible future. Polish Federation? Never heard of it ))

But if we talk of weak Russia then you mate is kinda right - if you have made Karelia separated (with updescribed conditions), then it means, that Russian Federation republics that are more likely to disjoint (like caucasian republics with influence of "great turan"), will do it. And Kuril islands will be japanese, Vladivostok will be chinese after short war, Norway will take some part of the seas, Kaliningrad would be separated... Probably, only big part from Smolensk to Ural will be left of Russia, if it is not broken again.
But again, there will be no money for "Koalitsiya-SV", old rusty T-72 & T-80 will be used ) No PAK-FA...

Shortly, I believe, this is impossible situation.

+2 votes     article: Rogue Republic Alternate History
AmDDRed Sep 18 2013, 8:29am replied:

I believe Russia's government is thinking about getting over gas-oil revenues, that's why Customs Union is created. But anyway, if it's not yet overcome in 2030 - does it mean, that Europe don't need oil or gas for warming up their houses (remember how much Europe has been disturbed when due to Ukraine-Russian conflict there were no gas for EU?)? Of course, not, this resources will always cost some money, and 20 years are not the time of things to radically change (especially, when Europe is closing their atomic plants, and having economic crysis to make this radical steps).
Then, Customs Union is one of these stability factor which will make Russia more stable - why to separate, if it will make everything worth?
Then China separation happened due to national borders, the same it happened in USSR: latvian people, lithuanian people, belorussian, ukraine, armenian, georgian... These are national borders. And as far I know history of this time, these countries were allowed to disjoint, first, supported by USA/EU agents, second, by Gorbachov not giving straight order to stop this, third, by Yeltsin, who signed everything he was given. Well, like Lenin in his days )
So if we talk of Karelia - it is not the same as in 1917. That time there were 34% of karels, now it's only 9% (that's why status of republic was lowered to "autonomy"), the majority of population are russians. Also, if you remember Winter war of 1939, it has started of the fact, that Finland had become nazi ally, it had been sponsored by england to be armed, and seeing that fact, Stalin asked, in exchange for bigger territory, to move border away of Leningrad, as it was second capital of Russia, and strategically important place. And even in the 90th, when Russia was in its lowerest point, actually ruled by western "advisors", Karelia did not separated.

+2 votes     article: Rogue Republic Alternate History
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