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Kiith Liir

There is a kiith LiirHra, actually, one of the fateful kiith in kushani hiistory. :)

As was told in HW1 manual & HWC apocrypha (stories about LiirHra & Kaalel kiithid), Liir-Hra was the vassal of Hraal, an industrial kiith.

Arban LiirHra, the first kiith-sa of the separated LiirHra, managed to get his kiith freedom only by a miracle. And by the money of Manaani-sa.

They became a space exploration kiith. Probably because of them the cosmic era started on Kharak: the Mothership launch, the destruction of the planet and so on and so on...

HW2 gave us the new LiirHra name - Malketh LiirHra, which said some epic speech before going into 3000 year hegira.

"The Hegira: There and Back Again"
"Lord of the Cores: The Trinity of the Cores"
"Lord of the Cores: The Two Flagships"
"Lord of the Cores: Return of the Sajuuk
"The Progenitarillion"

Pain & Enslavement

Hearing the name Malketh LiirHra at first time is quite surprising. That's because of the fact, that we've learned about the LiirHra kiith only from the HW1/HWC manuals: they've came from Hraali people. And as we know, the kiithid society system came out of the hegira: the exile division to kiiths happened there. Thus it's hard to understand why the LiirHra kiith representative existed before the exile: is this an example of a lazy writing?..

The word 'kiith' has its roots in Paul Anderson books, where was the Kith, a persecuted starfaring civilization.
Well, "HOMEWORLD" itself is a collection of science fiction stories: "Hyperion", "Dune", "BSG". And, of course, Moses Egypt exile story

But on the other hand, let's look at the situation from the different angle. Was it possible to move all the billions of hiigarian people away from the planet? I think - NO. If we look at the situation from the real world examples, we can see that always been that the government, dissidents had to leave the country, but the usual people remained. Even the big emigration is only percents of the people staying.

And might happen that these exiled people would tell upon return that not only them but all the people was suffering, because they were the cream of the crop, and loosing them would mean irreparable harm to the folk, and from now on they have the rights to do the irreparable harm to their offenders. Usually, it turns into the never ending vendetta. 'In fair Verona, where we lay our scene'...

So, when the taiidani came to Hiigara with the ultimatum "get out from the planet!', I believe that was referring to the people who were responsible for the Taiidan Emperor's death. They were given a chance to move away. And these were the government, their families, the aristocracy: being shorter, all the people who felt that they would suffer badly in a new Taiidani Order, and who felt that they won't be able to give the oath to a new Emperor. Plus, these could be the supporters: like religious people.

Btw, it gives a good explanation, why taiidani would also believe in Sajuuk: like greek teachers taught roman children the Olympic Gods, those who stayed taught taiidans their understanding of the Sajuuk - As the Hiigara became the capitol of the Taiidani Empire, there should have been mutual influence, similar to the one described in ''Chapterhouse: Dune", when Honored Matres consumed Bene Gesserit.

We can see, that the exiles were tempted in politics. So was no surprise that they started dividing even in such harsh conditions. The LiirHra family supporters, the Gaalsi famiily... Limited space of spaceships left no options but to obey to the rules, and finding a habitable planet gave a little relief, because the harsh conditions of the planet forced to stick to the feudal kiith society, thus saving the power of the "chosen" centuries ago... Well, later on, adapting to the new land, the society deviants found their way to create new kiiths with their own rules, but still it was thinking in the old kiithid paradigm.

Homeworld manual heavily uses woman names in a high rank positions, leaving a feeling that Kharak society is a matriarchical one.
Probably, this feature was taken from the jew history, as by their tradition the groom goes to the brides house, and the nationality is given by a mother (the stable mark in an unstable world, where you might not know who is the father).
I cannot tell whether matriarchy is basic Hiigarian feature, or it's grown in the prison ships, or was some kind of Kharak developed. For example, polyandry is a natural way to control the birth rate in a conditions of limited resources. And in case of exile ships, natural male instincts of aggression/ expansion/ exploration should be reduced, which can be done via Anima supremacy over Animus and strict rules of religion (you won't break the rules, if the rules are the part of your thinking), thus creating very conservative society. Like in the novella of Ursula Le Guin 'Paradises Lost', where the part of the colonists started to believe that there's no habitable planet, only the ship. Sounds similar to the Kadeshi story, isn't it?..
Btw, it may lead to the interesting consequences - after the Dark Times were enlightened with the unexpected tech introduction from Nabaali, and in the Kharak Age of Reason, were men fighting for their civil rights? :)


But let's return to the LiirHra kiith.

The HW1 manual tells that in general all the kushani believed in Sajuuk. Only every kiiths - in their special way. With additional gods or special conditions.

I don't know how is correctly spelled this word - Hra - but it could be reference to the Amun-Ra religion (like "Kharak" - to Kharak city; Tiir - to Tir etc) and other heliocentric religions, believing that the sun is the God. The sun plays very big role in creating life, especially in conditions of the Kharak, with it's boiling water equator temperatures.

Usually people don't like when their gods are doubted (for example, the Greek philosopher Anaxagor in the 5 century BC was exiled because he told that the sun is not a god but the fireball), but in the Age of Reason, started by Nabaali victories over Gaalsi, LiirHra people could have wanted to understand what they are believing in.

Of course, the astronomical researches would change their belief paradigm: some became atheists, some joined the other "professional" denomination with much better elaborated construction of the world, where the God/Sajuuk is not bound to the object (it would be fun to praise Black Hole as a super-star or a Big Bang as a predecessor of all stars) but to the idea. But the sun could stay as a LiirHra insignia.

On the other hand, the LiirHra kiith had the rights for a revolutionary brand new changes after leaving Hraal: they could have used their professional tools to describe themselves, for example, the astronomical satellite dish would do pretty well. Or a rocket. Or planetary system - like in the cases of NASA/Roscosmos insignia's.

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