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Homeworld: Shipbreakers and Sjetti

The science is nothing without the big money behind it: The Large Hadron Collider won't build itself, it requires a lot of resources. Every spaceship launch costs millions.

Kiith Sjet was independent. Where did they take money for their scientific researches? In the world of capitalism only practical science is worthy - Nicola Tesla example shows what happens with pure scientists. But practical science is the field of all the major kiiths - Naabal, the engineers; Somtaaw, the miners; Hraal, the manufacturers; LiirHra, the space agency...

The only way I see kiith Sjet remaining independent is a very secret priest organisation. They are guarding their secrets even in cost of their (or somebody else) lives; they sell their technology for a big money; and when Naabali Age of Reason broke out, Sjet were the ones who gave kushans the patent system as a law, so everybody pay Sjet.

This is approved by "Cataclysm": remember, that Somtaaw wasn't able to buy standard kushani tech for their needs? That's the case - Sjet patent monopoly. And other kiithid also. But I'm sure, that Sjet, like Microsoft, has patent for every simplistic shit that could be invented anytime. The real patent trolls. Big kiithid that gather patent pools in their property, making smaller kiiths vulnerable and dependant from their will.

And here's the question: so, were Sjetti the kiith that helped Kharak to become more innovative and progressive? I guess, not really: only when Naabali came out of their valley to change existing system of Gaalsien/Siiddim dominance on the northern hemisphere, and started to share technologies to their allies, only then the progress have come to Kharak. And Sjetti has an indirect role in it.

And, by the way, was the grammar only thing that kiith Kaalel, known as spies and assassins in earlier days, have learned from kiith Sjet?..

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