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There is a new wonderful game "Endless space" - the ancestor to "Master of Orion", "Imperium Galactica" etc.

It would be interesting to implement "Homeworld" races into this game. Of course, no 3D battles available, but still it's good chance to feel yourself as vaygr conqueror "Sajuuk-Khar" Makaan, taiidani emperor "Mad Clone" Riestiu, kushani hyperleader "Unbound" Karan Sjet or starving Beast.

I don't know yet nothing of "Endless Space" modding, but I'd like to collect some ideas here.
First target will be to have races with HW ship models, but in other meanings being alike custom created races.
It also would interesting if there were something like prescripted map of galaxy, with races put on their own places, different type of pirates in different parts of galaxy, traders. Also, as hyperspacing is huge part of HW, it would interesting to remake way of ship moving, with hyperspace inhibitors built for affecting hyperspace jump, not allowing to jump except through the armed outposts... But this, probably would too much to ask ))

So, overall there are 10+ known races of Homeworld Universe plus various factions.


Originally, in ES there are transport, corvette, destroyer, cruiser, battleship and dreadnaught.

As names are changing, we can easily input here HW ship classes, which are - fighter, corvette, frigate, destroyer, cruiser...

But there is problem that in ES corvette has same size with destroyer and cruiser - with battleship. So there is place to think of good option.

One is to use for ES_corvette and ES_destroyer HW_frigates, as these are smallest ships for interstellar travels, HW_destroyers for ES_cruiser and ES_battleship, and HW_HeavyCruiser for Dreadnaught. Thus we could solve ES hull capacity equality, but there is problem that this would work only for HW1 fleets, as both HW:C and HW2 lack for supercapital class ships.

Maybe, in mod dedicated only to HW universe, there could be changed both capacity of ships to HW known (or kinda squad-like for fighters and corvettes) and fleets sizes.

Anyway it's not HW fighting system, so all this is kinda abstract.


Races that are well known in galaxy, and got enough ship hulls researched.

  1. Kushan Exiles
    Somtaaw Miners
    Hiigaran Empire
  2. Taiidan Empire
    Taiidan Republic
    Taiidan Loyalists/Confederation
  3. Vaygr Tribes
    Vaygr Crusade
  4. Turanic Raiders
    Turanic Kingdom
  5. Kadeshi Keepers
  6. Tobari Gangsters
  7. Bentusi
  8. T-MAT
  9. Beast
  10. Frerrn Agregate
  11. Lavashi
  12. Naltorians
  13. Progenitors
  14. AI's.



Main "hero" of HW series.

First they've been usual interstellar empire, with Hiigara, Earth type planet, as capitol. Then they've lost the war with taiidans, and all the government dicks were exiled far-far away...

On the way these people have turned to have some twisted social structure, dividing to feodal or corporative factions called kiith.

Finally they have found some old dusty planet, Kharak; suffered knowledge loss and had short conspect of human history, beginning from heresy wars and ending with communism. All has ended up with taiidani SS team income, Atmosphere Deprivation Weapon usage on Kharak, thus burning down 300 million people.

Big colony ship managed to escape the execution, got into breaking bad and with support of ancient interstellar merchants and taiidani rebels, killed taiidani emperor and ruined "Emporio Taiidani".

In next 15 years hiigarians had to fight with taiidani loyalists and the Beast invasion.

After a century of peaceful living new threat has come to them - Vaygr Crusade.


  • This race relies more on diplomacy, trading and science then at war expansion.
  • It is quite low on population, so they use highly trained professionals for war, covert operations and spies.
  • They are experienced space travellers (faster movement).
  • They used surviving planets with harsh conditions (less penalty).
  • They stand for their Homeworld (low assimilation, war gives approval bonus).
  • Racism (low population increase, assimilated planets get depopulated for few first turns).

Special Technologies

  • Advanced living technologies for planets
  • Advanced AI: increase of fleet size
  • Ion tech - ion cannon and pulsars
  • Cloak tech
  • Defence fields

Special builds

  • Sobani War Academy;
  • Sjetti Science Academy;
  • Sjetti Radars;
  • Somtaaw Temple;
  • Somtaaw Mining Facility;
  • Manaani Trading Campaign;
  • Kaaleli Mass-Media;
  • Kaaleli Intelligence;
  • LiirHra SpaceTech Manufacturing;
  • Naabali Factories;
  • Tambuur pirating;

Home Planets

  • Kharak - old desert planet with low resources and population
  • Hiigara - earth-type planet


  • Karan Sjet - scientist, fleet leader.
    Daughter of kiith leader. She has given her life to make herself a Core of Mothership, thus making mothership operational.
  • Suo Nabaal - pilot-ace.
    Hero of Homeworld War.
  • Aart Somtaaw - technician, pilot;
  • Cpt Soban - pilot, wing commander;
  • Adm. Riif-sa - admiral;
  • Cpt. Elohim - shipyard administrator;
  • Iifrit Tambuur - small kiith leader, captain of frigate;


We have two fleets: one is Kushani (HW1), second - Hiigarian (HW2).


  1. Transport - Khar-Toba/Carrier
  2. Corvette - Interceptor
  3. Destroyer - Heavy Corvette
  4. Cruiser - Assault Frigate
  5. Battleship - Standard Destroyer
  6. Dreadnaught - Heavy Cruiser


  1. Transport - Crew Transport/Carrier
  2. Corvette - Interceptor
  3. Destroyer - Gunship
  4. Cruiser - Flac Frigate
  5. Battleship - Destroyer
  6. Dreadnaught - Battlecruiser

Another option for Hiigarian fleet is to make new model (or use it from HW2: Sands of Time mod) of Hiigarian Dreadnaught.

What fleet to use for this race is to be decided. Maybe, mix up fleets to have big ships only, or even to create two races instead.


Somtaaw - is a kiith of kushani. In terms of Endless Space it can be compared to United Empire and Sheredyn relations.


After returning to Hiigara, fight for power among kiithid has started again. Naabal, Kaalel, Sjet, LiirHra, Soban, Manaani and Paktu, greatest clans left alive, has tried to make other kiith their vassals. Naabali was aiming for Somtaaw, once one of strongest religious kiith (their religion is somewhere alike buddhism) at Kharak, now minor mining clan.

But Somtaaw has resisted to absorbtion within atheistic kiith. Instead, many other small kiithid being oppressed same way, has joined Somtaaw clan, thus it became biggest of the smallest, smallest of the biggest.
Being restricted to technologies used by big clans, Somtaaw were forced to go their own ways to the things standard for other kiithid, like buying inventions from interstellar merchants, Bentusi, or kushani scientific kiith Sjet; and researching found wreckages.

Thus Somtaaw has developed their own tactics and strategies, unlike standard fleets. This difference was achieved even more while fighting the Beast invasion: though as religious zealots they were not afraid to give their life for the greater good, shortage of men forced them to use most advanced technologies in defence and AI, also making their ships multipurpose.


  • This subrace relies on mining, trading, research.
  • It is very low on population, so they use highly trained professionals for war, covert operations and spies.
  • They are experienced space travellers (faster movement).
  • They are used to survive planets with harsh conditions (less penalty).
  • Religious persons (high morale), but due to high zealocy, low population raise.

Special Technologies

  • Advanced AI
  • Advanced shields
  • Advanced mining
  • Zealocy

Home Planets

  • Kharak - desert planet
  • Hiigara - earth-type planet
  • Spaceships - asteroids, gas giants


  • Aart Somtaaw - technician, pilot
  • Other to be "invented"


Somtaaw fleet has no corvettes (doubled fighters hardly can be counted as corvettes), so we start with frigates. Or other option, perfect for scout - use recoinassaince fighter for corvette hull.

  1. Transport - Carrier
  2. Corvette - Hive Frigate
  3. Destroyer - Multibeam Frigate
  4. Cruiser - Destroyer
  5. Battleship - Dreadnaught
  6. Dreadnaught - Command Ship

Taiidani Empire


Long time ago there was taiidani empire. They had no good relations with hiigarian empire, and once hiigarians had attacked the capitol planet, Taiidan, thus destroying imperial palace with emperor. Admiral Riestiu has gone postal and in short period of time has entered Hiigara solar system.

By recommendation of Galactic Council, hiigarian government and part of the population was exiled. From now on Hiigara has become capitol of taiidani empire with Riestiu as emperor.

This has lasted for three thousand years, and all this time clones of Riestiu has ruled the empire. But growing bureaucracy and corruption of stagnant state has raised the revolt which spread out when kushani fleet has returned to Hiigara solar system. And Galactic Council has decided that Hiigara and systems around has to be returned to kushans.

But taiidani empire has broken apart: the main core has turned into Taiidan Republic; part of the regions has stayed under rule of military leaders, lords and generals; part has gone to Frerrn Aggregate; part was occupied by turanic raiders.

Republic has suffered economics turbulences from loosing regions, war damage and "allies" speculations on the broken empire in the first years, but still it hasn't stopped them from advancing. One of the greatest weaponry of that time was local "death star", Nomad Moon, which unluckily was infected by the Beast.

Loyalists were cooperating in trying to return Empire back. They have attacked Hiigara 4 times but unsuccessful. They've tried to use the Beast, but it has betrayed them for food. After that they have silenced for a long time: some have tried to defend their rule from consumation by stronger forces. Many of them turned to criminals: pirating, forbidden things... Most famous of these has become so called Tobari gangsters, establishing their base at the ruins of ancient artificial mega-structure, Karos Graveyards, made by long time ago dissappeared Progenitors.

During Vaygr invasion loyalists were fighting at Makaan side. Republic tried to resist but was conquered. Death of the Makaan has changed straight-forwarded course of Vaygr Crusade, breaking this new empire into parts. Most probably, Taiidani Republic has revived, but the loyalist forces has established Taiidani Confederation.


  • War, expansion, science. Mostly fits United Empire ideology.
  • Having large fleets.

Special Technologies

  • Advanced shields
  • Ion cannon tech
  • Diplomacy

Home Planets

  • Taiidan - earth-type planet
  • Hiigara - earth-type planet


  • Cpt. Elson - leader of one of the rebel fleets
  • Other to be invented


  • Transport - carrier/colony ship
  • Corvette - Interceptor
  • Destroyer - Heavy Corvette
  • Cruiser - Assault Frigate
  • Battleship - Standard Destroyer
  • Dreadnaught - Heavy Cruiser

Special builds

  • Nomad Moon - superior ship, which more like starbase: very sloooow and powerful. Taiidans, actually should have a lot of such outposts on the borders.



This race wasn't known for a long time: found at the far reaches of galaxy eastern part, being divided into somewhat tribes, living life of pirates and miners, they weren't taken seriously as a thread. And it was until Makaan came.

In his religious crusade he has united vaygr clans around him. As a natural enemy of Hiigara, hunting it's most guarded treasure - ancient Hyperspace Core - he has allied with taiidani loyalists, and together they conquered taiidani republic, accessing it's people and technologies.

Moving fast, consuming small worlds, using taiidani loyalist links of pirates, like turanic raiders and tobari gangsters, Makaan has destroyed almost all Bentusi traders, but failed to do this with hiigarians: he was destroyed at the very goal of his crusade.

The fate of vaygr empire is not clear: it has broken apart, most probably in the way of Alexandr the Great empire did. Some parts returned to the state which they were before the invasion, some parts has left under control of vaygr new leaders, some part has turned into Taiidani Confederation.


  • These are space wanderers, low at science, high on speed.
  • With Makaan they have grown up as military force.
  • High on population, large on fleets.

Special Technologies

  • Advanced missiles
  • Propaganda control

Home Planets

  • Vay - probably, earth-type
  • Spaceships - asteroids, gas giants


  • Makaan - the Warlord
  • Other to be invented


  • Transport - carrier
  • Corvette - Interceptor
  • Destroyer - Missile Corvette
  • Cruiser - Assault Frigate
  • Battleship - Destroyer
  • Dreadnaught - Battle Cruiser


  • Space stations - there are also space stations available for this race.


Races which are low on fleet, living by trading, pirating or both. Or else.


First race we get familiar with in HW1. Their tech is outdated, their motives - uncertain and quite agressive, their tactics is ambush, hit & run. Seem to play the role of "orcs".


Turans are the pirates habiting west part of galaxy, lurking in the starless Great Wasteland between the galaxy rims for traders fearless enough to cross this area without having enough firepower. Turans were named by region where they were noticed for the first time.

Taiidani managed to establish contact with these pirates, and they secretly served Empire with dirty covert operations for the technologies and other goods of more civilized race.

With fall of Riestiu old bounds were heritated by Taiidani Loyalist, but this time turanic raiders were in equal positions with loyalists, so they used this situation to grab some solar systems under their control, creating Turanic Kingdoms, and hiring taiidani mercenaries in their fleets. Also loyalists used turans for military operations, but their habit to care more about life then honest victory, made these pirates not so trustable allies.
In the age of HW2 turans seem to play same role of pirates and dirty job executives, while having progress of ruling small kingdoms.


  • Covert Ops


  • Fighters - "Bandit" fighter
  • Corvettes - Standard "Thief" corvette, Missile "Brigand" corvette
  • Frigates - Ion Array "Assassin"/"Dagger" frigate
  • Carrier - Attack "Lord"/"Rancor" carrier

Special builds

  • Outpost - mothership


Technologically advanced space race, having some very interesting technology examples, very convenient for ambush and straight destruction in fast fight. Zealots. Playing the role of "elves".


On the way of hiigarian exile, part of the ships have left in resource rich nebula, establishing their own society. With time, having to keep themselves in strong control to survive in open space in fear of taiidani forces come for them, kadeshi turned to be very religious. Nebula has become sacred garden for them were no heretic should exist. Thus, Great Nebula has become mysterious place where nobody has gone to, as "no one returns...".

But, unluckily for kadeshi, taiidani fleet has destroyed Kharak, where other exiles lived, thus forcing kushani mothership despairly to go in direction of long forgotten homeworld. And this path layed through the Nebula, as taiidani outposts were to heavily armed for avoiding this area.

There kadeshi and kushani fleets had struggle of brothership and dogma. Kushans won, kadeshi considered completely destroyed.


  • Hyper-Engine lock (no ship can escape the battlefield)
  • Very advanced ion cannons
  • Pilotless technologies
  • AI tech
  • Low population


  • Fighters - "Swarmer", "Advanced Swarmer"
  • Subfrigates - Fuelpod
  • Frigates - Multibeam frigate
  • Carrier - "Spire" Needleship


These guys are not met yet in official game, just in HW2 Dustwars scripts. Of their name historical link and information given in Dustwars, we can conclude that these are likely to be gang constisting fo ex-taiidans. The background can be easily imagined then.


With the return of kushans Taiidani Empire has fallen. It broke apart to big Republic part and small kingdoms of any kind. Some taiidans did not get along with this situation and used it for their own. In Beast War loyalist forces has depleted to rush on Hiigara for more times, so they have turned to protection of their lands and covert ops mixed with criminal activity.

At the events of Core Wars (Vaygr Crusade) one of most biggest criminal bases was established at Karos Graveyard - one big and misterious place, habited with automats cleaning out giant structures left of Progenitors and because of that avoidable by usual forces. These criminals have called themselves "Tobari Gangsters".

During the War tobari gangsters helped vaygr and their allies, taiidani loyalists. For example, they have found for vaygr new hiigarian mothership build site. After the war their positions should have increased because of postwar chaos and support of Taiidani Confederates.


  • Covert ops
  • Tradeships



These are not pirates but ancient traders and watchmen of galaxy. They are united with their ships and are very technologically advanced.


It's unclear of how Bentusi acquired these technologies and more important - the First Core, but they have become the watchmen of the galaxy under the mask of traders. They were the race which had given hyperspace technologies to world.

Colonization of galaxy weren't peaceful, but Bentusi always were there to become judge and punisher of agressor. "Great Bentus" was the most advanced and fastest ship known, so like Superman they were everywhere. But the same this ship was only one, so when the massive rebellion has started on the Outer Rim of the galaxy, Bentusi didn't managed stop it. And galaxy was divided among 15 empires. They formed Galactic Council with participation of Bentusi.

Two empires had border issues and this raised a war. Hiigarians had found Second Core and using it jump range, organized strike on Taiidani homeworld, destroying its Emperor. As an "assymmetric" answer, bentusi destroyed hiigarian flagship with Core, and taiidani occupied Hiigara and sent all hiigarian rebels into exile.
Since that time Bentusi has turned into pacifists. But their "political" career has not ended. They were among taiidani rebel organizators, they helped kushani to return to Hiigara. For these actions they were beaten by taiidani forces. This reduced their number as bentusi seems to have lost technology of recreation.

More losses were during the Beast Wars: part has made suicide being infected, part has managed to flee to the very distant place. And the last hit was made by vaygr: seeking for the First Core, bentusi genocide has been performed. The last of the bentusi, Great Bentus, has sacrified himself to save hiigarians from progenitor keepers.


  • Tradeship
  • Super hyper-drives
  • Super drives
  • Super armor
  • Super ion cannons
  • AI tech


  • Fighters - Super Acolyte
  • Frigate - Cargo Barge
  • Mothership - Trade Posts
  • SuperMothership - Harbour Ship "Great Bentus"


This race was planned to appear first in HW1, with fight , but they were removed due to technical problem; second, in HW:C, but replaced by Beast due to time and resources limitation; and third, in Dustwars, as one of the game antagonists, but in HW2 their only appearance was in the final mission, and they weren't acting themselves. All the information can be gathered of background story.


This race seems to be relative somehow with Bentusi. It seems that they were the reason of massive rebellion of Outer Rim when Bentusi has lost their monopoly of being "world police".

After that they've put efforts in helping taiidani emperor, but failed. Their success was obvious with Makaan, and he almost destroyed their enemies - bentusi...


  • Covert-ops
  • Political manipulations
  • Super hyper-drives
  • Super drives
  • Super armor
  • Super ion cannons
  • AI tech


  • Mothership - starhip, dreadnaught

The Beast

This race was created for HW:C, as developers needed to have some easy creatable antagonist race. So they've used some ideas of other universe (like "the thing" of Carpenter, zergs of Starcraft, borgs of StarTrek, tyranids of WH40k, aliens of "Aliens" etc) to create Beast, infection organism, which takes control of crew, reworks it into biomass to control the ship, and uses their brains to think.


Million years ago unknown race has made a journey from their native subgalaxy to the major galaxy of HW. On their way some thing has attacked ship and destroyed it from inside. It's unknown how did it happened - the Beast could have been sucked in with resources; or it was some unsuccessfull experiment, which like Frankenstein, has destroyed its creators (like Alien has killed Space Jockey); or it was something of hyperspace nature (very doubtful). Before being consumed, crew has severly damaged ship's engines, so it left Beast floating around for the very long time. But the thing has managed to launch escape pod with "self" part (or it was unsuccessful attempt of crew to save themselves, but... in space no one can hear your scream).

This pod was found long time after, accidentally: while helping damaged destroyer somtaaw miners noticed some strange signals and turanic raiders lurking around in a search of something. Somtaaw command ship Kuun Lan has salvaged this wreckage and decided to investigate its content alone, as they were in need for bonuses helping them to get better place in kiithid.

This decision was strategically good and tactically bad: if Beast would have been investigated in Hiigara's laboratories, then kushanids would seek for their new homeworld, because no cure but Exterminatus ("Atmosphere Deprivation Weapon" (c) taiidani empire) helped them. But studying Beast inside Kuun Lan, has lead to the loss of men and half of the ship: lucky somtaaws had possibility of disjoining lower deck thus saving main crew but creating Beast mothership. On the other hand, if somtaaw would selfdestructed themselves, like Bentusi, there were no pandemia... Anyway it went the way it went.

Beast War has begun. Naggarok ancient "self" has made short-term agreements with taiidani loyalists, but this didn't helped any of them: Somtaaw, with help of world, has found the ways to destroy this "vyrus".

For now, the Beast is on the edge of distinction: if these are noticed then somtaaw busters are called. Probably, last beast pirating ships left in forgotten edges of galaxy.


  • No research
  • United command
  • Salvaging
  • Kamikaze salvage
  • Technologies come with salvage


  • Naggarok - giant ship, which has started this all. May be considered as "transport".

Frerrn Agregate

Nothing is really know of this faction, except of one line in HWC backstory.


Frerrn Agregate had border troubles with Taiidan Empire. It seems that with Empire fall this problems had dissappeared. According to the name, we might consider that Agregate is something like federation or union - like USA, RF, EU or USSR. Actually, that's all we can tell about them for sure.


  • Fast assimilation


  • No ships known


No actual race existing with such name. But there is a big asteroid-like "Lava Ship" appearing in the end of HW1, as member of Galactic Council. First, this ship was planned as T-MAT starship replacement (technical problems), then T-Mat was completely removed. T-Mat, as they are (starshaped), appeared in HW2, but this one left as one more race of HW universe.


Member of Galactic Council. Supported taiidani revolution and kushani return. No information of further existence.


  • Gravity field
  • Asteroid home
  • Asteroid defense field



One more race having no official presentation.


This race has fallen in troubles during Dustwars. Vaygr had attacked them, tobari tried to sell that information to hiigarians, naltorian patrons, but unsuccessfully. What happened to naltorians next - unknown.

Naltorian are matriachat race.

This whole story is not canonical, as Dustwars turning to HW2 has lost naltor, tobari and others.


  • Peaceful race


  • Picasaweb.google.com
  • Naltorian port - it's actually no ship, but only thing that relates to naltorians


This race is NPC in HW2 game. All is left of it are great structures, like Karos or Megastation, dead ships and their wreckages, like Sajuuk, and automatic guards like Keeper Movers.


It's unknown why Progenitors has come to HW galaxy. From different version of script, we can assume that they were fleeing from their own civil war, and Sajuuk was the rebel one or something; or completely another reason - we will not know this till HW3.

But at the end their structures were destroyed and abandoned. All is left - bentusi watching childish civilizations to grow up enough to give them the secrets of progenitor treasures, to be strong enough to defeat Keeper machine. Accidentally, they fail that mission.


  • Super-uber technologies
  • Hyper-super-fast engines
  • Super-uber-mega structures


  • Keeper Drone - heavy fighter
  • Keeper Mover - heavy corvette and salvager
  • Keeper Destroyer - carrier-destroyer
  • Dreadnaught - actually, it's not a battleship, but the power key to activate Balcora hyperspace Gates: its cannon produces a lot of energy, that can also vaporize enemies
  • Sajuuk - same as dreadnaught, but bigger, the container for 3 Cores and the power key to the Eye of Arran, galactic hyperspace net

Special builds

  • Balcora - galactic hyperpace net;
  • Mothership - great ship, built for seeding civilization over the galaxy. But it's not certain. Harbour for both dreadnaughts;


Well, in HW universe are few other interesting actors.

  • Ghost Ship - very-very old big ship controlled by AI smart enough to capture other big ships;
  • Karos Dawg - or "dog" - guardian of the Karos Graveyard, it's not clear if it's single one or multiple. Corvette sized, it capable to salvage much bigger ship, and using hyperspace windows, collect it to certain place of Karos. Also, it's not clear if this automaton is connected somehow to Progenitors or is completely different machine.


Battle options

  • Gravity Well - spend some dust for disallowing escape
  • Salvaging - capture enemy ship

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