Homeworld fan. Trying to connect all three games in one. :)

0 comments by AmDDRed on Jan 20th, 2012

Was thinking about HW2 engine once again.

Probably, going to the new engine is one exit. But it would be a painass for the most of the modders, as they are already used for some instruments of original one.

It's interesting, how much does the HW2 engine cost? I've seen some thread at relicnews, when smbd tried to know out how much would it cost for his own game, but he was unsuccesful.

I wonder if the whole HW fan community would start collecting money to buy out the HW2 engine, to make ioquake3 or iodoom3 alike - open and advanced. Of course, there is a bad experience with HW1 source but still, there are quite interesting modding communities of HW2, that go much further than just new ship adding...

So, how do you think, how much would it cost?.. How real this dreams could be? Of course, it's interesting if Relic & THQ will agree to do that - who knows how much sues are hidden in closed source code?.. ))

But, anyway, would you donate money for such thing? )

P.S.: Btw, did you knew, that Formula1 inventions are not patented - because if one tech would be closed for others, they'd forbid it in F1 and there just no use in patenting ) Because it's honest and crystal clear competition.

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Hiigarian Vortex from Complex mod is probably one of it's famous and best models, fitting the original hiigarian design.
And what have thought about - this thing looks very much like somtaaw dreadnaught:
And behaves in the same tactics paradigm the somtaaw has - like dreadnaughts repulsor weapon and multibeam frigate "cowboy" shooting, Vortex is made for shooting everything around it. So if we think about what place this ship fits mostly - it would be somtaaw fleet.

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0 comments by AmDDRed on Nov 24th, 2011

HW is getting old. Engine of the last game was not so flexible as many awaited.
So it's time to think of a new directions for HW fans.

Writing own engine would be a little bit bitchy, but, actually, there is no special need for this, as there are plenty of different free and open-source engines with quite large communities supports both by windows and unix OS's (e.g. linux & mac). I'd name some:
a) Spring RTS engine - made originally for the Total Anihilation remake, it has big community and probably could be used; GPL license, as far I can remember;
b) Blender engine - engine that is part of "Blender project" - GPL modelling program;
c) Unity - it's commercial, but for non-commercial games it's for free. Seems to be quite advanced;
d) iodoom3 - e.g. Doom3 engine (idTech4). Yes, it's FPS, but very advanced, and it became GPL recently for non-commercial use; also, as you know id engines, it can be developed to anything - race, TBS, and so on;
e) DarkPlaces - ex-Quake engine, it's been reworked and now features a lot of stuff from idTech2-3, knowing people tell that this one is on level of idTech4. From Blood Omnicide project - remake of Legacy of Kain: Blood Omen - till Nexuiz/Xonotic - Unreal Tournament like FPS.
f) and so on - plenty of them, Arx Fatalis, Cube, Ogre, Nomad, ioquake3 (idTech3) etc etc etc.

So, seeing the number of mods with different races and styles of game, I need to say, that all we need - guys, that are able to program the game itself - unit movement and AI, control and interface. But yeah, it's not so little ((( But on the other hand it would allow to make new features (and combined from various HW and HW-like games) without senceless asking of the commercial developer studio.

Of course, it won't be HW3, even not HW - only in mods, but it would be smth that would make Relic to move on with it) and race for the "who's the best" prize))

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1 comment by AmDDRed on Oct 28th, 2011

These are the facts:
1) MS has its own HS-module;
2) Ship must carry 3 industrial powerplants to carry the HS-module;
3) HW1 tells us that carrier carries it's own HS-engines.
So, if it would be the default option for capital ships, then it wouldn't be mentioned. Also, if we take a look at the frigates, then we can see that it is too small to "carry three industrial powerplants". So, we must admit that only ships that are bigger then carrier are HS-module carriers. And that what the HW2 show us.
But of course, there are frigates (3, 12) and destroyers (12) that jump alone to the far side of the galaxy w/o any HS-carriying vessel support. Probably it can be countable as emergency (12) jump or a cleaning patrool (3) jump that were considered as "we will be there for you later".

4) There are 4 times in a game, when the strike craft is sent through the hyperspace (1, 13,14, 16 missions);
5) There are hyperspace windows that are not connected with the certain ship module (13, 14 missions);
It could be counted as a proof of energy source advancement in Taiidani Empire - like frigates carrying cooler small-size reactors )) that could "bit" 3 kushani's industrial one's. Bu tmaybe not - as HW authors were considering sides at quite same technological level - another one HW1 story glitch. Yeah, there were massive bases and so on, but that's only matter of resources and time, not technology.

So, it were just the HW1 stuff, which only gets in line with HWC and HW2 stuff.
But that's not the thing I wanted to ask. So:

* So it's possible for craft w/o module to make a HS-jump;
* HS windows are quite controllable (as they are moving to the ship, not the ship moving to it; as they just appearing in some point of XYZ, not just enabling ship to jump);
So then there's a question - do the ship need to have some sort of HS-interface to connect to the opened HS-windows? If not, then why we don't play "send this fleet away" game; if yes, it probably must be some quite cheap thing unlike the whole HS-module...

What do you think?

P.S.: how do you define "strike craft"?

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3 comments by AmDDRed on Sep 18th, 2011

I'm starting to like HW1 manual. Unlike other HW-serie manuals it has not so much visible story-bugs, but if they are found, they cannot be discribed any otherway but the "BUG".

Like here, in describing hyperspace module name.
First, it's Hyperspace Induction Module. OK. (p.3)
Then, it's Solid State Hyperspace Induction Module. Is it solid-state module or module inducting the hyperspace into solid-state, that our ships could contact it? (p.9)
Ok, then we fin the answer - it's the solid-state Hyperspace Module. (p.9)
And finally we understand that only core of the hypermodule is solid-state, embedded by most complex systems. (p.9)

Ok, it's quite clear - hypermodule consists of at least 3 major parts, the solid-state core, the quantum oscilatoin device, the control and the power systems. And the powerplants. Three at least. Why? Any powerplant would be usefull? How much industrial fusion powerplants could be placed on the frigate? 150 meters long it is. Could it be just one, but with more advanced? Khar-Toba seemed to have only one...

So much details, but these only messing one on other, leaving too much questions. Looks like these writers wanted to leave great impression, but they've never thought of small details which usually ruin everything.

One more: "This catapulted our tech 500 years forward!" - interesting, what timeline did they use? 20th century was quite heavy on inventions, and if we take this exponential leap, that would mean that kushans were like protoss ) But the reality shows us quite earth-like design (I mean taiidani ships as they were originally intended to be the exiles, but kushani ships are not superior either).

And what did they find out from HS-module if at page 9 they telling all the time - we don't understand how it work, we have limited understanding, there aren't even theories... ???
We were testing hyperdrive heavily! - first, and - we were in a lack of resource, so only few HS-modules were made before MS, some crashed... - in the last news. Tested, you say...

Sometimes I even think that HW continuations were thought out more carefull then the original one...

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0 comments by AmDDRed on Aug 17th, 2011

The movie of the 2nd Nexus shown long time ago became one step closer to the reality. Studio is in a lack of money to start the development:


Well... I'd give some money for this, as it's space, ships, strategy and all the stuff, and the 1st game was good enough. BUT! It's now a long time passed since I've played anything from the modern titles - I can't even play the last two campaigns of HeroesV, very cool game, till the end! I'm replaying Doom3 for the N time, replaying Homeworld... Once a week - in a night between friday and saturday, I have no time for games more actually.

Having new game is not the reason that could force me to donate money (especially as it's not donating, but "future discount"). These golden years have passed long ago. I'd like to have something instead - not for me, being one of a thousands is not so inspirational (my name somewhere in the final titres), you know - but for the whole party.

I'm becoming heavy linux user, so I do want that this game would be loadable on linux workstation. So, the linux client is the first condition. And the second - to follow mr.Karmack's (id Software) example - and to give Nexus engine to the public with GPL lisence.

So - these two conditions against my money (the most possible that I won't buy this game - not because it's bad, just no time to play long hours).

Quite fair, IMHO.

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0 comments by AmDDRed on Aug 1st, 2011

In manual there was official name for the HS module:
Solid State Hyperspace Induction Module

For me, as for the not native english speaker, is quite hard to understand what did they mean.
Let's begin from a beginnning ))) let's break it to the parts:

1) Module - okey, it's a module, part of a ship, that can be ejected one way or another;

2) Hyperspace Induction - we're going to the hs, so we must induct it )))

3) Solid state - hard as a rock;

No, let's connect it.
Ok, module of induction. Induction of HS.
Solid state. Module is solid stated? Hyperspace? I guess not the Induction.

Please, tell me wtf. ))))

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Anyone knows Adobe products - it covers all over the needs that creative person could have. But they cost a lot, that's no good.
So free software developers are coming for help: they make a new totally free cross-platform video-editor specially for and with the help of artists, designers - all who are really interested in such work, are inside this field. But they need a liitle help: just to gather a little bit more money for the final go.
If you are for the free software community, if you have amazon account, you can help these guys to end up this project and bring to life very good product for everybody.

Come here: Kickstarter.com

And do it faster - they less then two days to gather needed sum. )

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Bible, Numbers 20:17.

Well, we can see that there's very much attention to the Bible in the Homeworld - especially in the campaign part. And it's kind of confronting game manual. I'm very confused with it, really.

Authors merged too much senses together, so it's now quite unclear what their position was.

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0 comments by AmDDRed on May 19th, 2011

Well, I thought about one thing...
High science is nothing without big money behind them: that's why reach countries can build some Android Collider for billions.
Kiith Sjet was independent. Where did it take money for his high science? In the world of trade only practical science is worthy - Nicola Tesla example shows what happens with pure scientists. But practical science is the field of all the major kiithid - Naabal, engineers, Somtaaw, miners, Hraal, manufacturers, LiirHra, NASA...
The only way I see Sjet could be independent is very secret priest structure. They are guarding their secrets even in cost of their (or smbd elses) lives; they sell their technology for very big money; and when Naabali Revolution broke out, as the basis for law existance, Sjet were the ones who gave kushans the patent system, so everybody pay Sjet.
Actually, my thoughts are approved by Cataclysm: remember, that Somtaaw wasn't able to buy standard kushani tech for their needs? That's the case - Sjet patent monopoly. And other kiithid also. But I'm sure, that Sjet, like Microsoft, has patent for every simplistic shit that could be invented anytime. Patent trolls )

So... Here's the question: so were Sjetti the kiith that helped Kharak to become more innovative and progressive? I guess, no: only when Naabali came out of nowhere, with half-stolen tech from Sjet, with half-self invented, sharing it for free to allied kiithid, only then progress have come to Kharak. And Sjet has very little to do with that.

And, by the way, was the grammar only thing that kiith Kaalel have learned from Sjet?..