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HS module

4 years ago by AmDDRed 0 comments

In manual there was official name for the HS module:
Solid State Hyperspace Induction Module

For me, as for the not native english speaker, is quite hard to understand what did they mean.
Let's begin from a beginnning ))) let's break it to the parts:

1) Module - okey, it's a module, part of a ship, that can be ejected one way or another;

2) Hyperspace Induction - we're going to the hs, so we must induct it )))

3) Solid state - hard as a rock;

No, let's connect it.
Ok, module of induction. Induction of HS.
Solid state. Module is solid stated? Hyperspace? I guess not the Induction.

Please, tell me wtf. ))))


4 years ago by AmDDRed 0 comments

Bible, Numbers 20:17.

Well, we can see that there's very much attention to the Bible in the Homeworld - especially in the campaign part. And it's kind of confronting game manual. I'm very confused with it, really.

Authors merged too much senses together, so it's now quite unclear what their position was.

Kiith Sjet

4 years ago by AmDDRed 0 comments

Well, I thought about one thing...
High science is nothing without big money behind them: that's why reach countries can build some Android Collider for billions.
Kiith Sjet was independent. Where did it take money for his high science? In the world of trade only practical science is worthy - Nicola Tesla example shows what happens with pure scientists. But practical science is the field of all the major kiithid - Naabal, engineers, Somtaaw, miners, Hraal, manufacturers, LiirHra, NASA...
The only way I see Sjet could be independent is very secret priest structure. They are guarding their secrets even in cost of their (or smbd elses) lives; they sell their technology for very big money; and when Naabali Revolution broke out, as the basis for law existance, Sjet were the ones who gave kushans the patent system, so everybody pay Sjet.
Actually, my thoughts are approved by Cataclysm: remember, that Somtaaw wasn't able to buy standard kushani tech for their needs? That's the case - Sjet patent monopoly. And other kiithid also. But I'm sure, that Sjet, like Microsoft, has patent for every simplistic shit that could be invented anytime. Patent trolls )

So... Here's the question: so were Sjetti the kiith that helped Kharak to become more innovative and progressive? I guess, no: only when Naabali came out of nowhere, with half-stolen tech from Sjet, with half-self invented, sharing it for free to allied kiithid, only then progress have come to Kharak. And Sjet has very little to do with that.

And, by the way, was the grammar only thing that kiith Kaalel have learned from Sjet?..

Well, these HW1 numbers are pissing me off.
First we read that at 520 Gaalsi started Heresy Wars that longed for 3 centuries, till Naabali has shown with their steam tanks and gatling guns. That's okey - as it is told in A3, Nabaali have come out in 810, then in 830 Tiit became all the Kharakii capital.
Second: we read that in 717 Gaalsi have gone to the deserts away from decandence technology after the Saju-Ka (Mekka ;)) destruction, for which they were deemed as outlaw kiith at Diamid at Tiir.
Well, that's pretty strange isn't it? century till Naabali outcome, but voila! - here comes da Tiir!
The only normal suggestion, that in 717 year Gaalsi had gone, then Siiddim was raging for century, after that Naabali have come and made siidim quiet. After that smth like Nurnberg process happened were Siiddim-sid were judged (Templar process )))). And Gaalsi also - no advocates for them, sweet revenge from Naabali for being cast away for centuries. ))
The A-religion have come to the Kharak. ) With Sjetti priests and messianic Karan )

I guess, Mars was kind of inspiration for the Kharak. It's the same deserted planet in the end of it's geological life, the same cold as it was told in the early Kharak description, only not so far from the Hiigara-Earth )))
Maybe war between Mars and Earth was the very early stage of Homeworld script )

I would be interesting to play some kind of land strategy, dedicated to Homeworld - to Kharak. Its history is written quite good, to improve it more (especially I like the moment when Nabaali come from their valley with steam tanks, panzerkleins and automatic weaponry )).
So, I guess one of the best variants would be the "shogun: total war" variant (or Dawn of War: Dark Crusade) with Kharak surface - at least the North Pole semisphere; and kiith to choose.
You, of course, know all these kiithid:
Main kiith:

  1. Gaalsi,
  2. Siiddi,
  3. Somtaaw,
  4. Ferriil (actually we know nothing about them but that they are religious ones),
  5. Naabali,
  6. Paktu,
  7. Manaani,
  8. Hraali (actually, they are also not known before Naabali rise).

About 6-8 sides.


  1. Sobani mercenaries,
  2. Kaaleli ninjas,
  3. SJetti science...

And waste amount of vassal kiith bringing small bonuses to the Great Kiith when conquered.

One of the main resources will be water. Water and... whatever to build with. Then the coal (to have steam from), metal (to make swords and bullets) and the oil.
Game must be heavily based on survivalism. Every men must get experience, and fight with mastery, not numbers.

There could be:

  1. Gaalsi Campaign ("Survival");
  2. Siiddim Campaign ('Purity);
  3. Paktu Campaign ("Escape");
  4. Manaani Campaign ("Vengeance");
  5. Somtaaw Campaign ("Hold");
  6. Naabal Campaign ("Reason");
  7. Sobani mercs ("Honor");

Only thing I "fear" - that if we would dig HW manual history for realism, we would fail, actually )

In Sunni and Shia eschatology, the Mahdi (Arabic: مهدي‎ / ISO 233: mahdī / English: Guided One), also Mehdi (Arabic: مہدیEnglish: One of the Moon) is the prophesied redeemer of Islam who will stay on Earth for seven, nine or nineteen years (according to various interpretations)[1] before the Day of Judgment (yawm al-qiyamah / literally, the Day of Resurrection)[2] and, alongside Jesus, will rid the world of wrongdoing, injustice and tyranny. [3]

  1. It's strange why everywhere is written "Nabaal" - but manual clearly writes "Naabal/Naabel". Some great mistake like "tobari are turanic and taiidani outlaw child".
  2. Naabal-sa, who defeated religious kiith Gaalsien, was called Ifriit. Just listen to this: Ifrit Baal... I guess, it's the link to the theosopical version of Diablo: Luciferus, the Light Bringer.... Being shorter, HW1 manual is very heretical thing itself )
  3. It's interesting that Fleet Debates from HW1 manual happens in year 1302 - if we convert it to the Hiigarian years, it's the year 86, 30 years left till Makaan invasion :) The real good time for fleet renovation )
  4. In Fleet Debates - what did admiral Riif-sa meant saying "Your kiith Matron!" - Did he mean, that fleet admiral Chiisur Paktu is a woman?...
  5. Assam Kiithid - did you know, that Assam is Indian state, called after it invaders? And those invaders, asams, were - tai people. ))


4 years ago by AmDDRed 0 comments

Many of HW2 modeller are used of making some straight lined ships. But this is wrong: for example, look at the shape of the Sajuuk-ship: it looks like curved knife. The HW Universe is the universe of curved knifes, not the straight ones.

Actually, I was thinking about how can Makaan cult save itself? Very easily - The new paradigm would be taken - that he forced the events making bentusi to reviel the event. So he was the actor of the Sajuuk. Something like Buddhism's “Bodhisattva” who’s actions cannot be judged by usuall people.
Karan & Makaan could be taken something as Ying-Yang thing: The Great Shiva, Destroyer, Makaan, the Great Beginning, and the Karan, The Saviour, the Vishnu, the Great Continua. Mb, in the HW Universe these are Quaar-Jet & Koshiir-Ra avatars.

Btw, about “khar”.
There are two formed meanings of this: “ship” and the “first”. Both are quite right. But...

1. Kharak - Planet habited by the Exiles
a) "Ship" meaning could be taken not so straight: it could mean smth like "place"; but even without it the planet is quite big ship - for those who had seen only their prison ship for generations, "ship" could have more sacred meaning then we do;
b) Guys translated it smth like "first planet" that was possible to habite;

2. Khar-Selim - Explorer ship;
a) Ship-explorer, very simple )
b) First explorer, smth like this;

3. Khar-Toba - city on the ship ruins;
a) Ship-city; ship-landing or else. Some are taking this name with guidestone - the reflection to the Kaaba in Mekka (Mekka's "brother" is Sajuu-ka, IMHO), the black stone. This is quite corellating, especially if we know that "kara/khara" in turks language is "black";
b) Something like "first city";

4. Kharam - ship wreckages on some mp map;
a) Ship-am )))
b) First-am )) well, we should know smth more about this ship and it's purpose. Mb, it's the first, but... we don't know;

5. Sajuuk-khar - "The Chosen One"
a) The placeholder of the Sajuuk, the “sajuukshipped”; the one who's is lead by Sajuuk, the captain )) So, the ship of the Sajuuk should be named the same - Khar-Sajuuk;
b) The first after Sajuuk?..
There are few more ancient city names with Kar/Khar in it. Like Khar-Nak - egyptian city near the Tanis. ))
And actually I more like "ship" version - it's more like translating from other language, where you have to take two words and to think why they are connected this way and what was meant originally.

Like Sajuuk - One, who's hads shape what it is. I guess there are two words: "shaping" and smth like "universe". But like word "ubuntu" meaning humanity and all the stuff connected with it, this two words are surrounded with meanings. To shape sand/clay with hands (by quaran man is made of clay) and the noun "everything existing".
Like Yahweh - tetragrammaton YHWH - "I am" - words told by Christ answering is he Jesus when guards came to capture him, and also:

quote wrote:The word Yahweh is a modern scholarly convention for the Hebrew יהוה, transcribed into Roman letters as YHWH and known as the Tetragrammaton, for which the actual pronunciation is disputed. The most likely meaning of the name may be “He Brings Into Existence Whatever Exists", but there are many theories and none is regarded as conclusive.[2]


4 years ago by AmDDRed 0 comments

The Kunlun mountains are believed to be the paradise of Taoism. The first to visit this paradise was, according to the legends, King Mu (976-922 BCE) of the Zhou Dynasty. He supposedly discovered there the Jade Palace of Huang-Di, the mythical Yellow Emperor and originator of Chinese culture, and met Hsi Wang Mu (Xi Wang Mu) , the 'Spirit Mother of the West' usually called the 'Queen Mother of the West', who was the object of an ancient religious cult which reached its peak in the Han Dynasty, also had her mythical abode in these mountains.