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There are small factions fleets in HW universe, has only few multipurpose ships as they got no resources/habits/possibility to build several ships required only for one purpose. Usually these are the pirates (Tobari/Turanics/Kadeshi) or some outcasts, like Somtaaw - the perfect example of small faction, with a lot of universal ships, capable of doing everything.

Let's talk about the Pirates and their possible fleet...

So, the pirate tactic:
We use only several ships that could do only one thing but they do it good; small ships - for small, big ships - for big:

  • Anti-fighter: turanic fighter/corvettes; kadeshi swarmers; tobari gunship;
  • Anti-Capital: turanic I.A. frigate-howitzer; kadeshi M.B. frigate; tobari frigate;
  • Building: turanic cruiser-carrier; kadeshi cruiser-carrier; tobari cruiser-carrier;

Also, the Abassid Keepers (Progenitors Automates) use the same scheme.


So the first pirates we met were Turanic Raiders.

But first-of-all, you need great enemies with whom you need to fight. From this angle, turanic raiders are not very candidates for their fleet growth, as they flee when they meet greater enemy. Or fight till the death - no exp. But still we cansee the progress they've made during 15 years - they've developed the mimic/cloaking tech for the coward's tactics. They are upgrading existing ships.

On the other hand there are now Turanic Kingdoms, where could be developed the base for the Quite Big Fleet. Maybe on the taiidani imperialist given tech. I guess the highest progress would be the light destroyer (simply destroyer from HW1), but more likely to have carrier-cruiser, carrier, normal chassis frigate(s), a lot of corvettes, and few more fighters.

So, I've imagined this kind of research tree for them:

Turanic Raiders Research Tree

  1. Turanics can have no facilities, as everything gets taken by research, only "Bandit" and utility ships are available by default;
  2. Light "Cracker" Bomber - idea taken from TEOT mod and Mololu raider tech tree, but I've decided to take the "Safecracker" short variant. It's built on the "Bandit" chassis, so the "Cracker" deals less damage but is faster. Probably, more comparable with Vaygr lance fighters;
  3. Multipurposal "Thief" corvette should have EMP strike, to help salvage victims;
  4. Ion Array Frigate actually is a howitzer: the gun, connected to the drive, hardly can be called a chassis. So, you need to make a chassis to create more frigates! After the chassis research you'll get the salvage frigate; it's named "Thug" as thugs were Kali prayers that killed their victims after becoming friends;
  5. No advanced or anti-cloak sensors (Vaygr alike);
  6. Autoguns idea is taken from Raiders Retreat mission;
  7. Mines idea is taken from HWC;
  8. Probably, almost every ship of Turanic Raiders fleet should have cloak tech;
  9. Well, if we have Missile "Brigand" Corvettes, then we can have Minelayer Corvettes too;


Religious pirates. For a long time they haven't seen any great enemy, so their little fleet potential seemed to be enough. Then came the kushanids, and killed the kadeshi. Or not. HW creators & HWC tell us that they are gone, fans - that they don't. Fans know better :P

Kadeshi already have their territory, but they won't flee (dead = no exp). The Great Evil have come to the Gardens of Kadesh. What's next? Will they make a totally new big fleet, or will they just improve what they've had?

Every race got their own type of strike craft. Kushans developed their own fighter/corvette chassis, only then they took the taiidani frigate/capital chassis (without the license, btw! And then somtaaw was forced to develope their own tech because of the patent holders — the Nabaali...). So, swarmer will be left, only developed further.

The problem is that kadeshi have no enemy to prepare for. IMHO, they would take as the example the
kushani fleet (their tech according to the 7-8th missions). Almost everything was already invented till this mission, even destroyers, so kadeshi would plan their fleet at least till capital ship... Till capital chassis. But... Would this be the BIG Fleet, or Somtaaw-type fleet — I dunno. But I guess, the mark of
the kadeshi — the swarmer — will be developed very much.

So, I've imagined this kind of research tree for them:

Kadeshi Guards Research Tree

  1. A lot of tech kadeshi would get by capturing, like other pirates. But might not. Purity, you know.
  2. I've added plasma and pulsar ships as they fit perfectly kadeshi style: pure energy, no resources spent: plasma swarmer shoots faster than a bomber and deals less damage, like somtaaw energy cannons (tnx Mololu for inspiration). Probably, more comparable with Vaygr lance fighters;
  3. Fuel pod is something like a resource controller mixed with light support frigate, so I left it as a ship that is available by default as all the resource controllers in HW2. Only thing that it's hard to understand the ship class of a fuelpod with it's corvette engines...
  4. Advanced swarmers should appear after swarmer chassis research - like taiidan researches of light and heavy interceptors;
  5. Kadeshi are good with hyperspace, so they get all upgrades for that; same for the sensors;
  6. A swarmer squad size should be 3/6 - because of the fuelpod made for so much swarmers fueling;

Btw, I think that both kadeshi/somtaaw used pilotless tech (controlling from the command/needleship).

Offtop: it would be very interesting story about the Beast vs. Kadeshi war. It would explain very much things and add new interesting ones:
a) the Kadeshi get their Great Enemy - the Apocalypse Beast is a very great enemy, I think ); also Somtaaw is quite linked to the kadeshi;
b) that would explain why in the red ambush mission in HWC were no kadeshi - they got outnumbered );
c) so that's how there where no sign of kadeshi for all this years;


Ex-imperialists, gangsters who habit the Karos region (look the HW:Empire) has their little fleet (we have only three tobari ship concepts: gunship, frigate and the carrier), and don't seem to be expanding their fleet. These are more HW2 enemies, because they've helped Makaan.

So, I've imagined this kind of research tree for them:

Tobari Gangsters Research Tree

Not much time passed to talk about their fleet. But of course, they can have some more gunship types. And few more frigates. And few more turrets on their carrier-cruiser tzarrier.

Taiidani Imperialists

These guys have survived the HWC, and live now happily each one with ones own fleet. Of course, they would unity in the threat of the Tai Republic, but in a peaceful time they would eat each other. Makaan consumes them all into his fleet, defeats the Republic and goes to Balcora...

After the death of Makaan and fail with the Hiigara, they would take the lead (at least, partly) of the Makaan Empire, and like Alexander the Great Empire after his death, they divided it to parts. Of course, not without the hiigarian Sajuuk & taiidani rebels help.

The HW:Empire script tells about some Taiidani Confederation (Imperialists). So this mean that they would reduce their fleets to a lesser level to have more possibilities for the same money.

All the craft would be reduced to some multipurpose one-two machines, or contrarely, to some several class machines used each for one purpose (as pirates), but the capital ship, IMHO, would be changed - carriers would be modular, to be fast and cheap in massive production (build up later), and the destroyers would be universal, against all. Of course, not everybody would have these machines...

HWC tells us, that all the light and heavy corvettes were retired in favor of the swifter and more capable Multi-Gun Corvettes. Exactly fits the Imperialist pirate strategy.

What would happen after Makaan? Well, HW3 will tell. Or not.


So, where am I leading to? Of course, to the next pirates. The Somtaaw is the Tao, which leads to the great victories...

So, at first, Somtaaw had the same pirate fleet structure: they've got one fighter, one frigate, one resourcer - and the controller (they are miners, after all). And Command Ship is the cruiser-carrier.

Only after they met the need to defeat greater enemy, they started to invent something new. But still they preferred to upgrade already existing ships, than to make new ones - only when it was really needed. Missiles for the acolytes, martyrship for the mimics, anti-strike craft missiles for the destroyer & dreadnought... And pervert tactics ))) made for sneaky fights not one-on-one - Siege Cannon, also leeches/hive swarmers/mimics/EMI corvettes...; and on the other hand - MultiBeam Frigate, repulsor weapon made for fighting surrounded by the enemies... (interesting, what combat style Somtaaw have - some mixture of aikido, judo, Tao mortal arts...).

Hiigarian Vortex from Complex mod is probably one of it's famous and best models, fitting the original hiigarian design. And behaves in the same tactics paradigm the Somtaaw has - like dreadnought's repulsor weapon and multi-beam frigate "cowboy" shooting, Vortex is made for shooting everything around it. This thing even looks very much like Somtaaw Dreadnought:


It fits the idea of HW2 initial fleet consisting of different kiith ships, for example, bombers could be descendants of an Acolyte model... But what if kiiths has developed their own fleet for special operation and selfdefence? Like, Sobani mercenaries, Tambuur/Manaani/Kaalel spy/diversion craft, but we haven't seen them yet! And there are old kushanimobiles fleet for lesser kiiths, new 'Pride of Hiigara' fleet and Somtaaw deep-mining operation vessels that could be called for help (like it was in the beginnig of HWC).

So, I've imagined this kind of research tree for them:

Somtaaw Emergency Help Research Tree

As we remember there were two Command Ships of Somtaaw that can take place as Kushani Shipyards. Or another kiith's help - this kiithid thing gives a space for a wild imagination.

Offtop: Somtaaw kiith and Soban are very alike. Just Sobani is like samurai, and Somtaaw is like shaolin monk, especially after the Beast War, the crusade against the Beast of the Apocalypse. The Soban is also very religious as was mentioned in the old HW2 script... Smth like active & passive zealots.


So, why I was talking about them.

Like with the idea of hiigarians calling for Somtaaw or other kiith ships, big factions may call for a small factions. But if we look for the Vaygr & Taiidani, who are their friend (who can help them become millionaire?!)?

It was my dream for HW1 - that developers make kushani call for kadeshi help, and the taiidani call for turanic help; or another option - to make kadeshi/turanic playable in the «carrier only» mode, against kushans, taiidans, somtaaw, beast carriers...


If we take T as republic, then - no one. They are not friends with pirates. Frerrn Agregate is a strange «friend» which has took of several territories for itself during the civil war. Imperialists? No way. Nice to see you guys, but this would be really strange.

If we take T as Empire then these are the turanic raiders; Tobari? - maybe, as the ex-loyalists;


Vaygr got helped by the taiidani imperialists and the tobari...

But one problem: these are the other races, and if the taiidans really got several fractions, then Republic is not friendly with the others. So... I don't even know if these «helpers» are needed. The kiithid thing is really hiigara exclusive thing )

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