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  1. It's strange why everywhere is written "Nabaal" - but manual clearly writes "Naabal/Naabel". Some great mistake like "tobari are turanic and taiidani outlaw child".
  2. Naabal-sa, who defeated religious kiith Gaalsien, was called Ifriit. Just listen to this: Ifrit Baal... I guess, it's the link to the theosopical version of Diablo: Luciferus, the Light Bringer.... Being shorter, HW1 manual is very heretical thing itself )
  3. It's interesting that Fleet Debates from HW1 manual happens in year 1302 - if we convert it to the Hiigarian years, it's the year 86, 30 years left till Makaan invasion :) The real good time for fleet renovation )
  4. In Fleet Debates - what did admiral Riif-sa meant saying "Your kiith Matron!" - Did he mean, that fleet admiral Chiisur Paktu is a woman?...
  5. Assam Kiithid from HWC backstory - did you know, that Assam is Indian state, called after it invaders? And those invaders, asams, were - tai people. ))
  6. In Homeworld 2 there were two Dreadnaught Berths: one for Makaan, one for Karan (in 9th mission one berth was outside the map). But the ship is one. So I don't get the point - whether there were two Progenitor Motherships, or it's the one part splitted into two peaces?..

Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak

Too Ancient Kiiths

We see all the official kiithid insignias on the wreckage of Khar-Toba:

Kiithid insignias on Khar-Toba

  1. Sjet
  2. Somtaaw
  3. Gaalsien
  4. Naabal
  5. Paktu
  6. Soban
  7. Manaan

Same 7 kiiths are here:

Gaalsien Relief

Besides showing local fremen's stillsuit, we can see this ancient wall of Gaalsi with pictures of Angel Moon and aggressive Taiidani Empire insignia.

Well, Somtaaw insignia does mean that HWC backstory is accepted as canon.

It would be interesting to get to know the roles of these kiiths - Sjet/Astronavigation and superjetting; Naabal/Engineering; Manaani and Somtaaw???..

But it's quite surprising to see Sobani and Paktu insignias on the wreckage of Khar-Toba, as they were born or risen as a major kiiths only on Kharak (see HW1 manual).

It looks like the game artists just took existing Homeworld insignias and put it on a wall without thinking what questions would it raise.

Northern Coalition Carriers

About carriers:

"The Sobaan-sponsored Sakala was the first carrier of this design to clear the constructions yards in late 1105 with the Kapisi following two triads later. While the Kapisi is being fitted for Operation Khadiim, the Sakala has served in combat operations nearly non-stop since her inaugural shakedown patrol and has already earned distinction in two major offensives against Gaalsien raiding formations. There are plans for eight other Command Carriers in this class with Nabaal and Hraal claiming construction priority for the next two."

Sakala (Siidim) is launched 6 month earlier, Kapisi (S'jet) - 3 months earlier. Next two will be Naabal and Hraal. Probably the fifth belongs to Soban (as we see in MP). And 5 more to come. For whom?

Sagald? Mevath Sagald was one that discovered Guidestone, if you remember. According to LAV pilot names, it's another one big kiith to deal with - but it's strange that there is no mentioning about it in HW:DoK Expedition Guide.

Paktu? For me, it's strange that there's no mentioning about them in-game, except for kiith insignia on the roof of Epsilon base hangar.

So, there might be several explanations:

  1. Southern Federation of Paktu is not in this war, and insignia is mistakenly drawn on a roof just for artistic approach;
  2. Southern Federation has it's own part in this war, just having their business on the southern reaches of Kharak;
  3. Southern Federation is out of this war, but they are sending some help (like USA in WW2).

Anyway it would interesting to get a little bit more information on that.

Hidden Rachel S'jet

In HW:DoK Expedition Guide there are description of 1106 and 1110 expeditions, with main officers files.

Rachel Is It You?

In case of 1106 expedition there were two classified officers, one of them was easily recognized as Roman S'jet, captain of Kapisi (1110) as picture and main info was the same. The second officer blackened photo profile was similar to Rachel, but it had different info at expedition of 1110. Only comparisson to picture in Developers Comments proved that it should be Rachel. So why information has changed? What has happened?..

Or this should be completely another person, as the solution of the mistery is simple: quick usage of existing photoshopped media?

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