Gloom is an atmospheric team play modification for Quake II that puts humans against a team of alien spiders. The object of the game is to obliterate the opposing team by killing their troops and destroying their spawn points. Each team has six classes which can be bought with frags earned, as well as two base classes. The depth of Gloom lies in the radical differences between its teams as well as the versatility of the builder classes that have the power to make every game truly unique. The fun of Gloom lies in using teamwork and class advancement to dominate each game.

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2009 has been a fantastic year for modding and indie gaming. With the highest amount of recorded featured releases ever on ModDB it can still go over the heads of most of our visitors.

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2009 has been a fantastic year for modding and indie gaming. With the highest amount of recorded featured releases ever on ModDB it can still go over the heads of most of our visitors. Even with the help of the monthly ModDB Spotlight and the brand new Why Should I Play feature it still can be tough to soak in all the goodness that our dedicated community of Modders seems to be able to come up with. So as a last ditch effort to help bring out all the mods you SHOULD have played here is a year in review.

August 2009

Many big named mods for both Unreal Tournament 3, Half-Life 2 and Fallout 3 came out over the corse of August, it's easy to say that it sure was a mixed bag. It may have been a slow month for the AAA titles, but the Modding community stood tall, there should be no excuse for you to download and try these amazing Indie games and Mods.

Screenshot NEW OKIO v3 pre release pics The Ball - Cahua


looks good, escepially Cube experimental

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Provenance was awesome.

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i never really did like median. probably because it was pretty much an add on for diablo 2

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If you like Diablo 2 I don't see how you couldn't like Median

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Nice art style in Warsow, me likes! :D

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