Vault-Tec engineers have worked around the clock on an interactive reproduction of Wasteland life for you to enjoy from the comfort of your own vault. Included is an expansive world, unique combat, shockingly realistic visuals, tons of player choice, and an incredible cast of dynamic characters. Every minute is a fight for survival against the terrors of the outside world – radiation, Super Mutants, and hostile mutated creatures. From Vault-Tec, America’s First Choice in Post Nuclear Simulation.

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"The Grey-Wolf Corporation! The new pioneers of the world in the fields of mercenaries-for-hire, combat training, arms dealing, arms manufacturing, intelligence gathering & processing, counterintelligence, sabotage,smuggling, assassinations, slave trading of both humans and androids, chem dealing, chem manufacturing, and revolutionary experimental scientific research!"

"You want it? We have it." ~The Grey-Wolf Corporation

All items distributed by The Grey-Wolf Corporation, The Institute, MA.

This is a mod which contains many new interesting Weapons, Ammo, Gadgets, Chems, Outfits, Accessories, and useful Mercenary Companions for hire! All assets seen in the pictures above are contained within this mod + much, much more. All Items can be purchased from the Child Spy located inside of the Institute Spy Submarine located underneath the bridge neighboring the Brotherhood Of Steel Citadel.

Image 17Spec Ops Knife 16Spec Ops Axe 15Image 18

This mod only requires that you have Fallout 3 and The Pitt DLC.

Grey-Wolf Corporation

- G.W.M. 10mm Suppressed Auto Pistol
- G.W.M. 10mm SMG
- G.W.M. Suppressed .45 Pistol
- G.W.M. 50 Cal. Sniper Rifle
- G.W.M. 9mm Auto Pistol
- G.W.M. AS50 Sniper Rifle
- G.W.M. G3 Assault Rifle
- G.W.M. G3 Assault Rifle (Gren. Attch.)
- G.W.M. Auto Shotgun
- G.W.M. C4 Detonator [Remotely detonates G.W.M. C4 Charges found in Misc]
- G.W.M. Combat Knuckles
- G.W.M. Depleted Uranium Rocket Launcher
- G.W.M. Depth Charger [For killing things deep underwater]
- G.W.M. Dragons Breath Gatling
- G.W.M. Flamethrower
- Flare Gun
- G.W.M. Gatling Gun
- G.W.M. Concussion Grenade
- G.W.M. Frag Grenade
- G.W.M. Incendiary Grenade
- G.W.M. Grenade Launcher
- G.W.M. Hellfire Launcher
- G.W.M. Incendiary Mortar
- G.W.M. Incendiary Launcher
- G.W.M. Utility Knife
- G.W.M. Landmine
- G.W.M. Light Machine Gun
- G.W.M. Marksman Rifle
- G.W.M. Mortar
- G.W.M. Recon Rifle
- G.W.M. Rocket Launcher
- G.W.M. Scout Sniper Rifle
- G.W.M. Sharpshooter Rifle
- G.W.M. Spec Ops Axe
- G.W.M. Spec Ops Knife
- G.W.M. Stiletto
- Museum B.A.R. Light Machine Gun
- Museum M1 Garand
- Museum Grease Gun SMG
- Museum Thompson SMG

- Ammo Case Backpack
- Grey Wolf Combat Armor
- Grey Wolf Combat Helmet
- G.W.M. Fighter Hat
- G.W.M. Backwards Fighter Hat
- G.W.M. Mercenary Shades
- G.W.M. Backwards Cap
- G.W.M. Night Vision Goggles
- G.W.M. Night Vision Goggles (OFF)
- G.W.M. Night Vision Glasses
- G.W.M. Thermal Vision Goggles
- G.W.M. Thermal Vision Glasses
- G.W.M. Wasteland Ghillie Suit
- G.W.M. Kevlar Business Suit
- G.W.M. Rebreather
- G.W.M. Respirator
- G.W.M. Surgical Mask
- Backwards Cap
- Titanium Bucket
- Beer Bottle
- Cigarette

- G.W.M. C4 Charge [Must be dropped to be detonated]
- C4 Teddy Bear [Must be dropped to be detonated]
- G.W.M. Nuclear Depth Charges [Used as Ammo]
- G.W.M. Globe [Intelligence + 1 when being carried]
- G.W.M. Radar [Perception + 1 when being carried]
- G.W.M. Hot Plate [Science + 10 when being carried]
- G.W.M. Microscope [Science + 10 when being carried]
- G.W.M. Bonesaw [Medicine + 5 when being carried]
- G.W.M. Forceps [Medicine + 5 when being carried]
- G.W.M. Opthalmoscope [Medicine + 5 when being carried]
- G.W.M. Scalpel [Medicine + 5 when being carried]
- G.W.M. Scissors [Medicine + 5 when being carried]
- G.W.M. Syringe [Medicine + 5 when being carried]
- G.W.M. Surgical Tubing [Medicine + 5 when being carried]
- G.W.M. Tweezers [Medicine + 5 when being carried]
- G.W.M. Hammer [Repair + 10 when being carried]
- G.W.M. Wrench [Repair + 10 when being carried]
- Inflatable Tire [Dropped to be used as a floatational device]
- Gold Bar
- $100
- $50
- $20

- 3D Face Sculptor
- Book Recycling Machine
- Counterfeiting Machine
- Pre-War Money Counter
- Fission Battery Generator
- Clipboard Information Extractor
- Dirty Water Purifier
- Security Camera
- Hire Mercenary Grunt Contract (250 Caps)
- Hire Mercenary Heavy Gunner Contract (250 Caps)
- Hire Mercenary Hitman Contract (250 Caps)
- Hire Mercenary Incendiary Specialist Contract (250 Caps)
- Hire Mercenary Marksman Contract (250 Caps)
- Hire Mercenary Medic Contract (250 Caps)
- Hire Mercenary Rocket Specialist Contract (250 Caps)
- Hire Mercenary Scout Sniper Contract (250 Caps)

- Wireless Telephone
- Heroin
- Cigarettes
- G.W.M. Medical Arm Braces
- G.W.M. Medical Leg Braces

fallout 3 Project Omega

fallout 3 Project Omega

News 2 comments

I've Been Working On This Mod For 2 Years And Its Time The World Found Out It all goes back to the vault tec corporation and project safe house but what...

Escape: Sierra Leone (ESL), other news for the team/group/website

Escape: Sierra Leone (ESL), other news for the team/group/website

News 2 comments

small Game being worked on by Slayer_2 (adam) ... - NEW Site up for your perusal. - Mod Teams - Etc.

Vaultmp 0.1a snapshot "Gary 2" (release #9)

Vaultmp 0.1a snapshot "Gary 2" (release #9)

Vault-Tec Multiplayer Mod 26 comments

A lot of fixes and improvements. Huge extensions to server-side scripting interface. Inventory now completely server-sided, resolving several issues...

Update v2.0 for Weather for ENB is out !

Update v2.0 for Weather for ENB is out !

Weather for ENB - URWLENB FO3

OK, been working hard to finish up the mod, still not quite done yet, but made some significant progress. I added snow and duststorms in the scripted...

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Fallout 3 AI Remastered Blur be Gone Edition Patch

This patch fixes two broken textures and adds a few that were missed. If using MO2, simply install the 7zip and have it load after the main mod or unpack...

Raiders Graffiti Restored

Raiders Graffiti Restored

Full Version

This mod restores Raider graffiti that, for some reason, was never implemented in the game despite being in the files.

aspectsofwar 4 5

aspectsofwar 4 5

aspects of war Full Version

sequel to the original game i made and includes an epic raider hunt with giant ants and robots. some scouts help you out so it doesnt feel hopeless.

Vault 33 - Missing Daughter ENG ver 1.0

Vault 33 - Missing Daughter ENG ver 1.0

Vault 33 - Missing Daughter English Version Full Version

Explore flooded Vault 33 and find the stranger's missing daughter. Now with English translation.

Secret Bunker English version 1.1

Secret Bunker English version 1.1

Secret Bunker English Version Full Version

Brotherhood of Steel needs your help once again. Fight off Enclave soldiers and find an ancient weapons storage. Now with English translation.



Fallout 3 AI Remastered Blur be Gone Edition Full Version

Fallout 3 Fully Remastered including all DLC and the intro movie to 4k

Comments  (0 - 10 of 199)

So I put Fallout 3 inside of New Vegas, then used New Vegas Randomizer on it.... The results made for one of the most epic playthroughs I've ever done, and this is only the first day 😁👍 more coming soon

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I'm so glad mod db hosts mods for this series, I have been playing Fallout 3 recently and am looking forward to trying out mods that fix some of the unfortunate issues in this amazing game as well as mods that add new content. :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I <3 falout series and it's my favourite game, the additives themselves are also good.There is nothing more to say it just GOOD game...

...and still is better than Fallout 4 ;)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Fallout 4 is coming ! Embrace yourselves guys ;)

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

Why most of the mods here are dead? where are the other active mods in

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Hey guys. If you guys want any news regarding the Next game Fallout 4 go to falloutnews . com

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Fallout 4 may be announced soon :D

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

No.. :( we won't be seeing Fallout 4 for years

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes


Is there any PS3 Fallout mods on here?

Reply Good karma Bad karma-8 votes

Yes, there are so many mods for the console versions of Fallout 3 that a warp in space and time has caused all of them, along with the method of creating them, to disappear completely and permanently.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+7 votes

You're joking, right?

Reply Good karma Bad karma-3 votes

You are why I have lost faith in Humanity.

I'll summarize everything for you, in a method you understand. "Coffinbag uses BLATANT SARCASM! It's Super Effective! Anonymous Poster was Confused!"

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