The Apocalypse mod team proudly presents to the audience and fans of Dawn of War, a two year long waited content filled and epic release of all time, the Ultimate Apocalypse mod Grand Release, 2012. In production unreleased to the crowd for a long time, the Apocalypse mod Alpha Internal, the "mother of the Grand Release" was reworked towards the extreme. Featuring dozens of new content, no other mod will have, this mod lets you do the unthinkable unlike any DOW mod. Do you imagine the largest Warhammer40k scale battles topped with balance for all races? Do you ever want to experience your spine throttling like crazy with good feelings over, and over, and over? Do you hate having your squads limited by Relic's balance system? Do you want to see your enemies nuked by the abilities of your own superweapon, or steamroll them with many titans fighting other titans with complete balance? This is your mod. This is one of the best DOW mods.

Furthermore, this mod has the better gameplay, feel, and epic features that no other mod can ever match. The Grand Release is available now, today! Below is the trailer of this mod, watch it, and let your mind get blown!

Want To Play Online?
'The Veiled Region' Server Room is open. Everyone willing enough to be apocalyptic and have cccrrrraaaazzzyyyy fun, meet your friends and perhaps your hated opponents to take on for revenge within Dawn of War: Ultimate Apocalypse online.

Apocalypse Mod Team:
Krronus (Executive Producer and developer) - developed 1/15/10
Tyrantarmy6 (MODDB leader, Trailer developer) - joined July 2010
Cylarne_04 (Primary mod Team Leader, does everything in the UA mod) - joined 7/4/10
Cosmocrat (High Primary Modeller, Primary Art leader) - joined 10/19/2010
Profman96 (High Primary ALPHA mod tester) - joined 12/24/10
RT2 (Global 2d/3d hex n' tex professional) - joined 2/24/11
Gambit (Primary ALPHA mod tester, Advisor, Alpha testing team organizer) - joined December 2011
PsykoTenshi (Primary ALPHA mod tester, secondary advisor, community manager, entertainer, global guy)
Mauritiux (Alpha mod tester) - joined January 2013
Jazz-Sandwich (UA Campaign script writer, VO) - joined February 2013
BouncyTEM - (Sound Master artist, VO) - joined February 2013
Khaotic_Comrade - (Secondary coder, environment artist) - joined December 2013
Greyloc - (Professional VO) - joined December 2013 
Oomperial - (Primary Texturer) - joined June 2014

New Alpha Mod Testers (Organized by Alpha testing team organizer):
We are now currently looking for people to test the private Ultimate Apocalypse Mod, the Alpha mod project.

The Grand Release Trailer has been released!!!

The XP2 2012 Trailer has been released!!!

The Ultimate Apocalypse actual 2012 Trailer has been released!!!

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The Dreadknight - Fully Textured! The Dreadknight - Fully Textured! News from Joazzz - The gargant got updated
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43 comments by Lord_Cylarne on Aug 9th, 2014

Ultimate Apocalypse Mod

News - August / September

Updated for September!

There is actually literally nothing to talk about, as August... preeettttyyy much sums up everything about the mod so far. Necron, Inquisition, Imperial Guard, and Tau updates of new units. Plus the mod is now going at a VERY fast pace now, due to sudden free time.

First off, the UA team likes to thank relic for their extremely quick patch fix for just fixing a mod compatibility. August 6th to the 7th, a steam patch broke the mod by disabling the User Interface, and
then 24 hours later, they fixed it by rolling back a version at a relatively fast pace. More of it here:

As for the progress of July and early August, I was very happy to see done the Inquisition Daemonhunters at last, at least 80% apocalyzed. Chaos Daemons are almost completely done and almost completely ready for release with little bug fixes and polish to attend to. And finally most of the concepts for version 1.74 is almost completed. Now... even though all of that is completed, it will be harsh to see its release as of yet, as the mod currently, in alpha stages of 1.74 is hardly as pretty as we like it to be.

    Beta testing reports -

    Surprisingly well. We got some bugs to fix, and perhaps a lot more, but compared to version 1.73, 1.74 AS IS is more functional. Less crashes, Sisters of Battle working in fine order, the Necron AI was fixed up, Tyranids more devastating to play against, fatal AI errors fixed... etc. So at this rate, you can find 1.74's performance quite strong and durable.

    Necron enjoyment? Heck yes...

    Perhaps the worst race in version 1.73 currently, they were worked to the extreme, and the results were outstanding. Even our mod testing critics who looks mainly at balance and the actual playability of the Necrons enjoyed them with little to no flaws about their gameplay (even though some). We got reports from our testers that Necrons are now AT THE BEST of the Apocalypse mod. 100x better than 1.73, 10x better than 1.72 Necrons, and etc. The team likes them, most if not all due to the nitpicky and all that, but Necrons are a definite play through upon 1.74 guaranteed. This also goes out to all of you Necron fan lovers! Crushed to see Necrons ruined in 1.73 due to work in progress concepts. Most of the audience I hope will be fond of them, at the best potential yet.

New content!

As Requested - The Basilisk Magnus Emplacement

Necron Sentry Turret fully textured!

More of Joazzz's tex work - Today the Great Gargat

Reaver Titan 2.0

Unfortunately though in terms of the new content and polish, we strive to get that done asap, but as is, the mod is aesthetically unfinished due to work in progress models not FULLY ingame, but indeed ingame. Perhaps 40% of the new content is ready to be released and we cannot afford a non polished feel of the 1.74 release. Icons and new voice overs are also required to get the finalized feel ingame and on this part alone, we are slightly behind on the release, but overall not bad. In terms of:

- Polish - Far from ready.
- Coding - Decent.
- Scenarios/maps - Almost ready.
- Winconditions - Far from ready.
- Balance - Decent.
- AI - Decent.
- Testing - Decent.
- Inquisition - Far from ready.
- Daemons - Almost ready.
- Necrons - Almost ready.
- Sisters - Almost ready.
- Tau - Almost ready.
- Space Marines - Far from ready.
- Chaos - Far from ready.
- Tyranids - Decent
- Orks - Completely ready
- Imperial Guard - Almost ready
- Eldar - Almost ready
- Dark Eldar - Completely ready.
- Overall feel - Decent

    So we want to make this the best release of all time (yet again). We hope to not screw it up with all the bugs from version 1.73, and we are in a steady pace. Keep in mind, though, it is summer vacation here and we may take a break from time to time, so constant 24 hours work won't happen often, but we like to get this version done ASAP. :)


Ultimate Apocalypse Trailer:

Ultimate Apocalypse Downloads:

Download the latest version, 1.73!

Ultimate Apocalypse Full Version (1.73) 


Mega - Filesmelt - .Torrent file

If downloading from Mega, make sure you either use a Chromium-based browser (Chromium, Opera, Google Chrome) or install the Mega browser extension for Firefox, otherwise the file won't be saved correctly as it is a bit over 100MB. Official explanation here.

Get the latest patch! (Very Recommended!)

Ultimate Apocalypse Patch - 1.73.4

Download the recommended map pack!

Version 1.73 Bonus Maps (Recommended Download)

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Macabee Mod SS and Macabee Mod UA Dual Release 1

Macabee Mod SS and Macabee Mod UA Dual Release 1

Sep 14, 2014 Full Version 6 comments

Mod author: Ezarik | This addon adds Thomas Macabee (Venerated Pariah) into game for Ultimate Apocalypse! As an addon, make sure you acquire version 1.73...

Fan Made Addons

Fan Made Addons

Jun 5, 2014 Models Pack 50 comments

Ultimate Apocalypse Addons, provided by fans of the Apocalypse mod! Thanks to Crosslune and JAPIERDOLE2, they have provided extra content that you may...

Ultimate Apocalypse Patch - 1.73.4

Ultimate Apocalypse Patch - 1.73.4

Apr 5, 2014 Patch 97 comments

REQUIRES ULTIMATE APOCALYPSE VERSION 1.73!!! - Extract all files to your Soulstorm directory. - overwrite version 1.73 version files with this patch...

Version 1.73 Bonus Maps (Recommended Download)

Version 1.73 Bonus Maps (Recommended Download)

Mar 31, 2014 Multiplayer Map 33 comments

A MUST GET bonus maps for version 1.73, including removed pesky fog, removed skyboxes that used to block camera view, decreased water level to allow units...

Ultimate Apocalypse Full Version (1.73)

Ultimate Apocalypse Full Version (1.73)

Mar 31, 2014 Full Version 217 comments

IMPORTANT NOTE: Delete any previous versions of the mod before installing 1.73! Do NOT merge the installments. -- The long awaited 1.73 release is out...

(OUTDATED!) Ultimate Apocalypse Patch - 1.72.7

(OUTDATED!) Ultimate Apocalypse Patch - 1.72.7

Jun 26, 2013 Patch 82 comments

Version 1.72.7 patch was released for the Ultimate Apocalypse mod Grand Release version 1.7. REQUIRES NO OTHER PATCH! The patch fixes for one, a huge...

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HeavyMetalBreadLoaf 1hour 53mins ago says:

@ Sir_scout: That sounds like a rather more severe issue with your Windows itself. Likely a malware infection or something of the sort. If at all possible, download and run this little program
It cleans your computer from ANY of those dumb toolbars, browser hijackers (those annoying buggers that change your browser's homepage) and many other stuff antivirus programs normally don't take care of.
At any rate, not being able to run any .exe is more severe than not being able to install a mod. Unfortunately I can't fix your computer from here, but you should give getting it fixed a high priority.

@ shef2: I'm... not sure how to help you. I'm having trouble understanding your comment.
Here is some general troubleshooting:
Download and install the following:
Objective Points mod:
Tyranids 0.5b2:
Might fix your problem.

@ Warhammer_40K_Fan:
I can't ID the source on your user icon (this one ). As in what game/media it is from. Mind letting us know?
(go watch Katanagatari. bread/10 anime, would recommend).

Oh! And, upvotes... for EVERYONE!
See? It's THAT easy to troll them karma trolls back.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Warhammer_40K_Fan 1hour 36mins ago replied:

To be honest, it is not from a game. Just someone's animation. The other one was too big so I used the top one instead. ^^

Also, I sent you a friend request. Please accept. :)

+1 vote     reply to comment
Sir_scout 9hours 11mins ago says:

Hey i need a help when i try to install the chaos daemons mod i cant open the .exe file comes error message and cant open other .exe files too :(

+1 vote     reply to comment
shef2 12hours 38mins ago says:

I ustonovil mod for Warhammer, stop by launch it in the Add-ons Manager, turn on the mod, mod has started and suddenly on the screen is written is not possible to include extra. and so with every mod. what's the problem?

+1 vote     reply to comment
EmperorTheBest 37mins 37secs ago replied:

Русский? Скажи мне, я переведу. По твоему объяснению понял что у тебя нет тиранид мода. Возьми здесь

+1 vote     reply to comment
shef2 12hours 40mins ago says:

help me how to correct the mistake additions

+1 vote     reply to comment
Steellegion(bf.ST) 14hours 26mins ago says:

Ok guys. thank for your enjoying :)

And first of all, Actually this addon is NOT! for some balance work or for good game like original UA
but only for my taste and that things :(
So there are many problem exist. Of cause
But I want you guys know that this is for only my taste and
I'm work only solo and no other help things
(I'm studied and work sololy and so verrrrrrry! stupidity about mod make

And second, I want say that thanks for your testing and good advice
It will be added on next Ver if I can

+3 votes     reply to comment
Warhammer_40K_Fan 15hours 4mins ago says:

Alright gentlemen.

I have compiled the testing results from Steellegion (bf.ST) AKA satan66666 and frankly, it's a good addon. My rating of it from a range of 1/10, I would give it an 8.5. It has excellent potential and is a very entertaining addon, but there are several issues I have encountered with it. Over 80% of the Dawn of War II models (excluding the Tyranids) have animation errors such as the Wraithlords, Wraithguards, and Chaos Dreadnought. I played as Eldar, Chaos, and Space Marines thus far. I can tell that right now, it is still incomplete. Now the Space Marine faction is the most confusing part about this addon for me, which is what is the purpose for the Mark III Space Marine armor of the Space Marines? I would only recommend to use that texture for the Veterans like the Sternguard and Vanguard. Also, Tactical Marines have no upgrades? Heresy. (no offense, lol) Another questionable standpoint is how come the Scout Marines look like a Veteran Squad with Mark V looking armour? I like their silencers on their bolters though. It is strange, but of course, I have nothing against your work. Now an earlier post stated something about the Chaos Rubric Marines, which I have encountered the same thing. Eldar are ok, just would recommend you fixing up their Wraith units. Sad to see the original Mutilators get replaced but, I am sure they will be back in the possible next version of his Addon. So overall, its an 8.5/10 rating for me. Keep up the good work and I will hope to see a next version of your awesome talents Steellegion (bf.ST).

Cheerio for now gents!

+2 votes     reply to comment
JAPIERDOLE2 22hours 57mins ago replied:

It would be nice if they added Lynchguard as a separate unit (I like pariahs but Lynchguard look very nice too ) and Spinegaunt must be in official UA! Flying unit is that what this race need for little refresh.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Sathsarrion 19hours 29mins ago replied:

I agree Lychguard (if someone has a good model for them) would be an awesome replacement for Pariah.

As for the Spinegaunt, isn't that just a type of gaunt with Spine Fists? I don't recall that being a flying unit.

+1 vote     reply to comment
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