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Ultimate Apocalypse version 1.7 "Grand Release" Trailer (slightly outdated):

Random The Hunt Begins - Grand Release ScreenshotsRandom Screenies - Alpha Internal (DODA or THB) Random Screenies - Alpha Internal (DODA or THB)Some progress screenies of version 1.74 Part 2 Further Works on the Riptide and R'Varna (WIP) Some progress screenies of version 1.74 Part 1 Dreadknight Model finished! In-Game export inboundNews from Joazzz - The gargant got updated Necron Sentry Turret fully textured!More of Joazzz's tex work - Today the Great Gargat New Textures Provided By Oomperial!The Deathstrike Missile Launcher arrives Upcoming Stuff -  The Stompa is now TC, with BadgeEven more Teamcolorable units!
The Ultimate Apocalypse mod group on Steam is a great place for anyone looking for more people who plays the mod. Check it out!

More information available on our ModDB forums and our Relicnews thread

To view the credits go here. List of donators and pending donators coming soon!

Download Ultimate Apocalypse: The Hunt Begins today!
Ultimate Apocalypse - The Hunt Begins

Get the 1.8.2 Patch too!
Ultimate Apocalypse - THB Patch v1.8.2

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13 comments by Lord_Cylarne on Jun 29th, 2015

Ultimate Apocalypse News - July

So basically, Lord Cylarne, the creator of the Ultimate Apocalypse mod is back for a temporary time until the 13th of July. Within this time, the Apocalypse mod team will now go through and gather whatever information is necessary to make a new patch coming out very soon! Version 1.8.# will be coming along with lots of changes and tons of balance fixes that will make gameplay a little more better in terms of less cheese. There is also a probably of more content. If you liked THB so far, the next patch is a need to get!

Link to channel for UA THB updates: Youtube.com

Download Ultimate Apocalypse: The Hunt Begins today!
Ultimate Apocalypse - The Hunt Begins

Get the 1.8.2 Patch too!
Ultimate Apocalypse - THB Patch v1.8.2

Need help setting up UA? Check the instructions below!

What you need to play UA The Hunt Begins:

1. Dawn of War - Soulstorm installed. Any version (Steam or disk) works.
2. Ultimate Apocalypse v1.8, aka "The Hunt Begins" installer. Download from the download buttons above or:
Moddb.com OR Mediafire.com OR Drive.google.com OR Mega.nz OR .torrent file
3. Ultimate Apocalypse v1.8.2 patch installer. Download from the download buttons above or:
Moddb.com OR Gamefront.com OR Mediafire.com OR Drive.google.com OR Mega.nz
4. Install them, the patch after the main installer
5. Launch Soulstorm, click the Game Manager on the Main Menu and select: "UA: The Hunt Begins"

What you need to play THB New Factions:

1. Dawn of War - Soulstorm with UA The Hunt Begins installed
2. Inquisition: Daemonhunt mod installer. Download from:
Gamefront.com OR Drive.google.com OR Mega.nz
3. Chaos Daemons mod installer. Download from:
Gamefront.com OR Mediafire.com OR Drive.google.com OR Mega.nz
4. Tyranid mod installer. Download from:
5. Install all three Inquisition: Daemonhunt, Tyranid, and Chaos Daemons mods
6. Launch Soulstorm, click the Game Manager on the Main Menu and select: "UA: THB - New Factions"

5/31/15 - Mod Author's important post:

Greetings everyone, I am Cylarne, the creator of UA mod if you did not know already, and I am just here from my returning business to notify you guys: THANK YOU FOR YOUR FEEDBACK!

My biggest apologies not being here on the day of a big release as real life sucked me out of the loop again, but I'm able to check the updates every week, Saturday-Sunday if I have internet capability. Youtube videos will be uploaded every Tuesday on my chennel at 12 pm.

Thanks to the UA mod team for making a SUCCESSFUL release!

Bugs will be noted on our todo lists, replying to you guys after it will be very time consuming, so we apologize for that, but we will get to as many as we can. This will be going on for the next 6 months to 2 years unfortunately, but I at least am eager to get on when I can. If I don't reply immediately or within the next 2 weeks, it means I am overloaded with PMs or the internet over here is dead, will need a month to recharge the data limit.

That's it. Thanks for playing our mod!

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Ultimate Apocalypse - THB Patch v1.8.2

Ultimate Apocalypse - THB Patch v1.8.2

Jun 14, 2015 Patch 85 comments

Fixed and ready! DOES NOT REQUIRE 1.8.1! Install directly after the main THB release. Can also be installed on top of version 1.8.1. Click "read more...

DoW Mod Manager 1.1 C# Source Code

DoW Mod Manager 1.1 C# Source Code

Jun 6, 2015 Source Code 10 comments

As requsted comes the entire Project file of my recently released DoW Mod Manager v1.1. Enjoy it, Code-Monkeys!

Ultimate Apocalypse - THB Patch 1.8.1

Ultimate Apocalypse - THB Patch 1.8.1

May 31, 2015 Patch 62 comments

OUTDATED! Get the newest patch! - Small attributes patch fixing some gameplay issues. REQUIRES THB to be installed first! Click "read more +" for download...

Ultimate Apocalypse - The Hunt Begins

Ultimate Apocalypse - The Hunt Begins

May 31, 2015 Full Version 60 comments

Ultimate Apocalypse - The Hunt Begins! Does not require or conflict with any previous versions. That means you can install it alongside 1.73.9 :) Click...

DoW Mod Manager 1.1

DoW Mod Manager 1.1

May 26, 2015 Full Version 43 comments

This Tool was written by me to make your life with Mods in Dawn of War much more easier! Current revision v1.1

DOW Ntcore executable (Steam Only)

DOW Ntcore executable (Steam Only)

May 23, 2015 Installer Tool 35 comments

The Ntcore executable is a modified version of the Soulstorm.exe. The Ntcore version allocates extra ram to your Dawn of War - Soulstorm game to make...

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lardplanet Online
lardplanet 39mins 47secs ago says:

Hello everyone! So Recently i posted a comment in the Ua boards letting everyone know of my plan to get new units into the game, well, that plan starts here! I have lined up a modeller on freelancer.com sent him the images for the Necron Tomb Blade (I picked something smaller but impressive enough so we can see how the results of the first model turn out) and he has agreed to build the model in 10-15 days for $750!

Here is where i posted the project: Freelancer.com.au

Now heres were you come in, i would love to just pay for the models creation flat out, i have a great passion for this game and am interested in improving it, but it something i can't do on my own, so as i stated in my comment i want to set up a donation system to raise $700 from us all, the community, to pay for this units creation, then it is the property of us all, we can all use it! (Although i am very interested in seeing it added to the Ultimate apocalypse mod to improve it's awesomeness!).

With any luck, if the model turns out great, this can become a recurring thing in the future, and we can raise money each month or few months (depends on how many people donate) and add all the units of our dreams to this game!

+2 votes     reply to comment
lardplanet Online
lardplanet 1hour 21mins ago says:

Just letting everyone know, i have posted a project regarding model creation at freelance.com.

I am currently chatting with someone regarding building and animating a smaller model, if it seems like it could be done, i can get a price, and then maybe we can set up donations or contributions from us all in the community!

+1 vote     reply to comment
GC_dzbanek 5hours 6mins ago says:

I almost forgot:
Is it possible to raise max requsition and power income over 1000 and 600 respectively? In some games when I try to build more than 5 nuke/other-endgame-mass-weapon centres, it's pain to be able t ofire them, but don't have cash/power for it :(

+1 vote     reply to comment
Lonewander101 8hours 6mins ago says:

Will you be adding the Gue'vesa to the Tau? Gue'vesa if you dont know are humans who have willingly joined the Tau and serve in the Fire Caste they use Tau armour shaped for humans and use both Imperial Lazguns and Tau Weaponary such as the Pulse Rifle and Photon Grenades. To get an accurate example of what they look like in game check out the DoW DC and DoW SS Mod Titanium Wars or do a quick search on Google and look at there table top mini's representation. I really feel that adding them would complete the Tau 100%!!! Im a big Tau player and big fan both in the table top and DoW and I feel this would be a fantastic as well completly lore friendly addition to this mod. Whether they are added or not I thank you very much for this mod. "For the Greater Good"

+1 vote     reply to comment
To9thecreeperorc 15hours 15mins ago says:

On the topic of possibly adding the Adeptus Mechanicus, they are the only race left from the tabletop game that needs to be added and we will have all the tabletop armies in this mod! The downside is that they will have the same titan's as the other imperial races and probably the same superweapons too which kind of sucks, the Adeptus Mechanicus will probably not have as much content as the other races but it would be cool to see them in this mod anyways.

-1 votes     reply to comment
SouIstormfan 7hours 24mins ago replied:

UA team dont need to add this race because mechanicum mod leader said he will make it compatible with ua

+1 vote     reply to comment
GC_dzbanek 12hours 16mins ago replied:

IMO it's pointless to add one more race that's essentially uses the same units as others. And we won't have tabletop here just because it's RTS, and not as expensive ;D

+1 vote     reply to comment
Guest 16hours 49mins ago says:

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

GC_dzbanek 17hours 22mins ago says:

Some bugs I found:
>Choosing any combi-bolter for Chaos Terminators makes them hold air in their hands.
>Choosing any combi-bolter or stormbolter for SM Sternguards does not show any effect; their weapon is exactly as it was.
>No way of adding a commander to Obliterators. That's propably not a bug, but it'd be cool to do so.
>Techmarine constructs buildings slower than fully-reinforced servitor squad.
>Force commander in terminator armor has bugged weapons. Choosing claws makes him wield hammer with shield, and choosing any of melee-dedicated weapons (claws or ham & shield) plus cyclone launcher makes the launcher disappear. It still works, though. (I know I've written it before, but wanted to remind before patch release.)
>Units engaged in melee combat, most often titans or other endgame ones, cannot move, use abilites, teleport or jump away.

And please, let SMs build two own Shrines. These loyal servants of Emperor really need them :<
Also, if someone could reply to that comment, so I can be sure that team knows about these things I'd be very grateful.

+1 vote     reply to comment
yaranaikANG 6hours 6mins ago replied:

No way of adding a commander to Mutilator too

+1 vote     reply to comment
GC_dzbanek 5hours 50mins ago replied:

Ugh, I thought it's only Obliterator's case, didn't try Mutilators. So, it seems that it's not a bug, but intended feature.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Solidatermx 13hours 41mins ago replied:

In my opinion, space marine squads should be 3min -6max per squad, plus a sergeant. Right now they are seriously lacking in numbers. Vanguard veterans also need a buff.

+1 vote     reply to comment
GC_dzbanek 12hours 22mins ago replied:

I don't think so, because:
1. They shall be less in number, but far superior in strenght and durability. That's essence of Space Marines.
2. Codex states that teams may consist of 5 or 10 members. IMO 10 would be too much (they'd need to be nerfed if so, what shouldn't be done), and 5 + apothecary/sth is perfect.
Both veterans need a buff ;)
Of course, mod don't HAVE to follow codex, but it should do it as far as possible without gameplay neglecting.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Solidatermx 8hours 47mins ago replied:

Well, the cost of each space marine would still be the same. I just think it would be better gamplay-wise to have 5 squads of 7 marines instead of 7 squads of 5 marines. That way you don't have to constantly build new squads to have a sizeable force of space marines.

Also, to deal with the numbers problem: space marine scouts should be slightly cheaper, and deal almost as much damage with a bolter as a tactical marine with a bolter (currently it does about half, which doesn't make any sense.)

+1 vote     reply to comment
GC_dzbanek 5hours 52mins ago replied:

If they get buff, you won't need neither 7 squads 5 marines each, nor 5 squads 7 marines each. 4 fully-upgraded tactical squads with attached apothecaries and two shrines built (that's expensive, I know) will be able to face every single foe, as well as most smaller armies. That's way SPESS MEHREENS should work.
Maybe in case of SMs shrines could be replaces with two additional researches, each giving boost equal to Emperor's temple.
BTW, if I place four squads of marines with apothecary attached to each of them (as commander, not part of squad) close to each other, will recovering effects of healers stack?

+1 vote     reply to comment
Guest 16hours 37mins ago replied:

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

GC_dzbanek 12hours 20mins ago replied:

They're not bad in beginning, and pretty good in middle-game, but are devastated in end-game. As buffing all units would be pointless (cost must be raised as well then), IMO shrines are best solution, especially because BBs and IDH have them.

+1 vote     reply to comment
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