Titanium Wars Mod for Soulstorm ver. 1.00.19. (It was restricted on ModDB, explanation here and here.)
NB!: Also read Titanium Wars FAQ item 4.8 (about private status).
Grumbling Orc Game Development,
Grumbling Orc Great Hall, December 2008 - April 2015.
NB!: This Mod only for Soulstorm ver.1.2 (not for Dark Crusade)!!!
Dark Crusade version see here.
NB!: Before ask here on ModDB any question about the Mod,
read Titanium Wars FAQ here in forum section. Also look on Change log.
Thread on Warforge forum - official forum of the Titanium Wars Mod.

Welcome to the World of epic wars on Titanium Wars Mod arena.

This is almost classic gameplay DoW Mod but with almost all GW units. If you was tired by "revolutionary revision of gameplay" mods you are welcome here. In this Mod you'll see very interesting dynamic extended gameplay with fully functional single campain, skirmish, and multiplayer. If you dream about epic Warhammer 40000 battles then this is your Mod. If you want to see all Warhammer 40000 units in one mod then this is your Mod. This Mod is a kind of a superstructure over original masterpiece from Relic and it isn't a radical revision of all gameplay ideas of DoW. Main motto of this Mod: "All Warhammer 40000 units must be in DoW!" See Mod's readme-files and visit the official forum of the Titanium Wars Mod on Warforge for more information. This is HUGE Mod. So much work was done and so much work awaits in future development!

Good luck in your epic battles in Warhammer 40000 Universe!!!

Features of this mod:

- Many-many new units and buildings. Extended tech tree. 12 playable W40k-races.
- Many-many new abilities and upgrades.
- New Heroes and fully functional Heroes wargear.
- RPG elements from CutterShane's Heroes System. Experienced units after battles.
- Fully functional single campain, skirmish, and multiplayer.
- And finally Titans and Titan-like units!

Important remarks:

- Main goal of this Mod: all Games Workshop units in DoW game.
- This is high quality Mod. This Mod was made with Relic standard of quality (and even higher for some parts and aspects).
- This Mod was the first DoW mod when you can see Titans and Titan-like units in all game types (campaign, skirmish and multiplayer).
- This Mod changed mind of DoW Community about Titans in game (balance issue). Now we see many mods with Titans.
- A lot of work was made in this Mod framework on 3D-level and in OE-code for Relic and DoW Community models. Many units and buildings were reworked to more quality variants (behaviour especially). Titanium Wars stuff are used in many other mods now.
- This Mod is new view on campaign. You can see new quality of game in campaign (especially in strongholds with new scar-code scripts).

Installation instructions can be found in readme files (file setup(eng).txt in Mod's folder in archive file) and/or here on ModDB local forum.

Note about known software problem under Windows 7: Known problem with campaign playing. Old DoW engine is not truly compatible with Windows 7. (Maybe Windows Vista and Windows 8 too. No any problems under Windows XP 32bit.) The problem is only in the end of some Strongholds in campaign. Sometimes DoW game crash after playing outro before end-mission-screen. This is software problem. DoW1 is very old game now without any support from Relic. TWM is not guilty... Methods of solution are described in Titanium Wars FAQ item 2.11. Please read and use one of these methods. Note: Steam version of DoW (ver.1.3) do not need methods like 1 and 2.


- Games Workshop for creation our beloved Game Universe and serious support to Warhammer 40000 fans for many-many years.
- Relic as best game developers team in all Our World.
- Corsix's Mod Studio and its creator.
- Dawn of War Texture Tool and its creators.
- Brother Santos as creator Santos' Tools for 3Dsmax 2008.
- Annihilation, TTRU (especially), Firestorm (especially), DoW Pro, Steel Legion, Inquisition Daemonhunt (especially), Whitch Hunters (especially), Craftworld, and Tyranid (especially) mods creators. Without those mods, I would never find so many ready-made models and its corresponding elements (textures, icons, sounds) necessary for basic idea of this Mod.
- Enthusiast-creators of new models, textures and FXs for DoW. This Mod was never created without good hard work of modelers and artists from International DoW Community. They created many beautiful good functional models for DoW Mods. Take my hot gratitude guys...
- Special thanks to Winterdyne as author of Warhound Titan model.
- Special thanks to Catwell as author of Great Unclean Ones and Keeper of Secrets models. Hierophant Bio-Titan too.
- Special thanks to Maestrorobertus as author of Stompa model.
- Special thanks to BoyChaos as author of Annihilation Barge, Doomsday Ark, and Ghost Ark models.
- Heroes System. Original Heroes idea and implementation by CutterShane 2006. Heroes Special rework by Arkhan 2007. Big thanks for their work.
- AI programmers from Dawn Of Skirmish Mod Team.
- Special thanks to Thudmeizer for his directions to some existing DoW models which were unknowing for me. (Needs list was partially satisfied.)
- Thanks to SS BugFix mod team for their detailed readme file. Some their observations were very useful and some their fixes were incorporated into the Titanium Wars Mod.
- Eugene Roshal for his great multi-functional file-manager Far.
- My best friend Vadim Nikitin for support.
- Alexei Yudichev, Evgeny Nikiforov, and Irina Fridman for their help with editing of English variant of readme-file.
- And you for reading this text and your interest for Titanium Wars.

Also great thanks to our donators. Look on file "Donations.txt" in the Mod's folder or follow to this link to make donations. List of TWM-donators can be seen there. Donations remind modders that modders have to work. :)

Sincerely yours,
Grumbling Orc.

Grumbling Orc Great Hall, February 2012.

- !!! - Please read the text below before write here anything. - !!! -

The rules of moderation of comments.

- Abusive, disrespectful and rude behavior is prohibited.
- Stupid questions are prohibited too. Please think before you'll speak and write.
- If you are not able to download files from ModDB, do not ask me about it in comments. Ask ModDB admins about it. Or use alternative download links on Warforge.
- Read Titanium Wars FAQ. Do not ask questions from the FAQ.
- Do not promote other mods (in any form). Also do not make any other offtopic.
- Do not ask huge questions about TWM in comments. Please go to the forums for that.
- Do not ask technical questions here. Please read Titanium Wars FAQ first. Go to the forums if you do not find the answer to your question.
- Do not use public comments as PM to me. Use true PM for private communication.
- Please never ask about link/password to free access to latest version of TWM-SS here. I had made "easter eggs" enough in order to people be able to find my private download links.
- Please do not discuss here free access to TWM-SS, it does not make sense. We must respect the decision of the admins of ModDB here. TWM-SS was restricted here officially. If you have wish to restore free status for TWM-SS here on ModDB, ask admins of ModDB directly and persuade them about it in personal mails.

Comments (which do not comply with these rules) will be deleted. Please do not spam here. If your comment was deleted, it means that it does not conform to the rules. Just stop posting here. Go to the forums if you are needed the answer to your questions and/or discussions...

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NB!: Titanum Wars Mod for Soulstorm was restricted here on ModDB since January 2014. Now I unable to upload the new version of TWM-SS here on ModDB by admins' decision. Read below (in this article) and read Titanium Wars FAQ item 4.8 about it. Visit Russian DoW Community to find new version. Number of latest version of TWM for SS can be seen here. Also look on Change log. Private status of TWM for SS is not my fault. I hope you understand this.

The situation around the Titanium Wars Mod (TWM) for Soulstorm (SS) and its clarification.

This is half-year story. In May 2013 TWM for SS with Tyranid race was created. In the end of May 2013 I spoke with Zaha (zahagiel from Tyranid Mod team) about permission of Tyranid content for TWM. I had a big petition: to allow to TWM the Tyranid content without using "simple combiner" method because there are many-many technical reasons. I asked such permission as exception exclusively for TWM. TWM is not compatible with any other DoW-mods because it have very special concept in all aspects of DoW-modding. All content from any other mods was re-made within TWM-framework. Thus combiner method does not make sense for TWM and this method will lead to glitches which are not acceptable in TWM with its level of quality. Zaha refused in my request, but I have not lost hope to persuade him. I posted on Tyranid team own forum by Zaha's invitation. However I was ignored there. All work was paused until autumn 2013...

In the end of autumn 2013 I created version of TWM with Tyranids onboard for public release (TWM-SS ver.1.00.12). I spoke with Tyranid mod team again... and without good result again. However I saw that Tyranid mod is in long stagnation really. No any new version of old famous Tyranid mod for very long period. I thought that Tyranid content is abandoned now as for many other famous DoW-mods in the past. I was ready to help new Tyranid mod team with my work on Tyranid content which was made within TWM-framework by me. I posted on ModDB about it. No any interest from Tyranid mod team again. What must I do in this situation?

I released TWM ver. 1.00.12 with Tyranid race on board 15 December 2013. I released this version with hope that Tyranid mod team will change their mind and they'll see that new Tyranid (remade by GrOrc) content is really interesting. What we saw afterwards? Only complaint from Zaha on ModDB and Relicnews, his accusations of theft, his other unfriendly actions against GrOrc and TWM. Very strange behaviour, isn't it? Topic about TWM for SS on Relicnews forum was freezed after such actions. And download link to TWM for SS was deleted by admins here on ModDB. Now many people believe that the Tyranid content has been stolen by GrOrc. Very strange opinion. Look on all TWM-info-files and Internet-sites. All copyrights (including for Tyranid mod) are mentioned there. The thief will never admit to stealing. But word "theft" is not about TWM. TWM obey all DoW-Community rules always and TWM never break any copyrights. TWM is old famous DoW-mod now with more than 5-years history. GrOrc worked on all DoW-Community so lo-o-o-ong time. Now we see strange hasty action on the part of administrators of ModDB site and Relicnews forum. It casts a shadow on GrOrc and his TWM. But all can see that GrOrc never do anything against civilized rules of DoW-Community. Just play TWM. Just read TWM-info-files in any version of TWM. I hope that all is clear now for all people. Here my point of view on this situation.

My recent misunderstanding with Tyranid mod team was unexpected for me. Almost all DoW-modders are friendly to me and my DoW-project (TWM) and I never had such problems in the past. Objectively Tyranid mod team just prohibit to TWM using of Tyranid content without "simple combiner" method. Many times I asked Tyranid mod team to allow using of Tyranid content without "simple combiner" method exclusively for TWM. This is not a question about copyrights. This is just a technical question. TWM can not use combiner method because many-many technical reasons. This is my firm position. However TWM never break any copyrights. All copyrights are mentioned always in all TWM-info-resources. TWM have 5 years history now. Everyone knows that TWM always mentioned true copyrights in gratitudes sections and change logs.

Most Warforge users (main part of Russian DoW Communty) disagree with current position of Tyranid mod team in regard to TWM. They want to play with Tyranids in TWM. GrOrc has some obligations to Warforge community. Therefore Warforge community will use latest version of TWM always. It lead us to special decision about current situation with TWM for SS.

Now Titanium Wars Mod for Soulstorm with Tyranids race on board goes to private status. Only users (visitors) of Warforge forum able to use TWM-SS with Tyranids (just a visitors of Warforge too). TWM-SS file with latest version (with Tyranids on board) will be passworded and it can be extracted only by Warforge users. This private status do not break any rules (any copyrights or ModDB terms of service). Any person can use anything in private manner (and for close circle of friends). This private status will be preserved until Tyranid mod team will change their mind or true old creators of Tyranid 3D-assets will appear from their present silence and they allow Tyranid content freely to all DoW Community without any restrictions. In my humble opinion all 3D assets of DoW Community must be in public domain now. DoW1 is too old game now.

I hope this situation will be resolved in future. Ask Tyranid mod team about it...

Sincerely yours,
Alexander aka Grumbling Orc (GrOrc)

P.S. Our donators never suffer from this situation. Also read Titanium Wars FAQ item 4.8.

P.P.S. I summarize long troll's thread (after releasing ver.1.00.14 [31 May 2014]) from my side here.

P.P.P.S. Happy birthday, Titanium Wars Mod!!! Now we celebrate the 5th anniversary of the Titanium Wars Mod. TWM-SS version 1.00.18 was released 15 November 2014 for this day. This is jubilee version. 5 years ago the first public version of the Titanium Wars Mod (for DC) was released (15 November 2009). Happy birthday article on Relicnews forum here and on Warforge forum here.

Anniversaries for TWM: 15 December 2008 -- the first day of the development, 15 November 2009 -- the first public release (DC-version), 16 February 2012 -- the first public release for SS-version.

Version 1.00.12 (15 December 2013)

Version 1.00.12 (15 December 2013)

1 year ago News 3 comments

Jubilee version of the Titanium Wars Mod. Five years ago (15 December 2008) it was the first day of the development of the Titanium Wars Mod. Now the...

Version 1.00.11 (30 May 2013)

Version 1.00.11 (30 May 2013)

2 years ago News 2 comments

Final spring version. Version 1.00.11 (30 May 2013) - Final spring version. - Some cosmetic changes.

New ver.1.00.07. First version of TWM for SS with true release status.

New ver.1.00.07. First version of TWM for SS with true release status.

2 years ago News 2 comments

New version 1.00.07 with essentially updated WH race and new Necron units: Annihilation Barge, Doomsday Ark, and Ghost Ark. This is first version of TWM...

First full version of TWM-SS-campaign is released in new ver. 0.99.06.

First full version of TWM-SS-campaign is released in new ver. 0.99.06.

2 years ago News 2 comments

First full version of TWM-SS-campaign is released in new ver.0.99.06. Global campaign update was completed. The SS-campaign was fully updated within TWM-SS...

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Edited "Soulstorm.exe" for using extra memory.

Edited "Soulstorm.exe" for using extra memory.

2 years ago Patch 12 comments

In the starter of this theme I wrote about the well-known technical problem in the campaign under Win7. I've found that editing the file in accordance...

Post comment Comments  (0 - 10 of 850)
Guest Sep 26 2015 says:

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

Maeno Sep 10 2015 says:

I have a bug with repentant sisters of the new model. When they are battling their chainsaw change in banners or flags and they can not move for a while being paralyzed and then return to normal and then happen again.

Someone else will happen?

I installed the game again and again and did the installation steps outlined in the forum and the error persists me.

as I can fix this problem?

+1 vote     reply to comment
Darknessimmortal669 Sep 11 2015 replied:

Yes, I noticed the same bug. I hope it will be fixed.

@GrOrc will you add the random high-quality Chaos Space Marines that is seen on top of Chaos land raiders in TWN and in the codex mod as the CSM squad? It would match the Space Marines' unit quality. Please do that in the next version.

+1 vote     reply to comment
grimmlooter Aug 8 2015 says:

Just a few queries.

Firstly, does 1.00.19 require the previous version of the mod, does it clash with it, or does it stand alone? I currently have 11.00.11a installed, BTW.

Secondly, Does 1.00.31 require 1.00.19, or can it simply be installed over 11.00.11a?

And finally, the passkey to unlock 1.00.19 is not working for me. Is this a common problem? What am I doing wrong?

Aside from that, I really enjoy this mod - or at least, the older version of it :D

-1 votes     reply to comment
GrOrc Creator
GrOrc Aug 8 2015 replied:

Read installation instruction. Read Titanium Wars FAQ.

+3 votes   reply to comment
grimmlooter Aug 13 2015 replied:

But it's so long... And there's Russian... And I refuse to open my mind... K.

-1 votes     reply to comment
GrOrc Creator
GrOrc Aug 15 2015 replied:

Open your eyes and you'll English versions for all txt-info for TWM.

+3 votes   reply to comment
TriniZero Jul 1 2015 says:

Hey GrOrc its been awhile, ive return to the dawn of war scene and pick up the latest titanium wars mod. It is the best dawn of war mod out, gameplay wise and unit wise with such minor hiccups. I have an issue though and i hope its an installation issue. The tyranids are very incompetent they use to be a challenge in the version from 2014, but now they are the weakest faction. its funny because they use to be the strongest and daemon hunters were the weakest in the older version. Please help, i want to fight the real swarm again.

+2 votes     reply to comment
Darknessimmortal669 Jul 2 2015 replied:

Tyranids are the weakest faction? Are you playing on easy difficulty or joking?

+4 votes     reply to comment
TriniZero Jul 2 2015 replied:

I played them from hard to insane, they start off with few units and take a very long time to produce warriors under pressure or left to be. even in big team games not one carnifex came out, i get some warriors, genestealers and termagrunts from the ai only. What im trying to say is the ai they have isnt working properly compared to the titanium wars version from 2014. I would really love to fix this, if you arent getting this issue please help me fix mine. I miss the challenge.

+2 votes     reply to comment
Guest Nov 22 2015 replied:

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

GrOrc Creator
GrOrc Jul 2 2015 replied:

To TriniZero. Firstly, check your installation DoW+TWM. Do not use simple combiner with TWM. AI will work incorrectly with it. Read Titanium Wars FAQ item 2.7 about it. Secondly, perhaps you have low statistics. AI behaves irregularly on various maps. Play on large map (for example Burial Grounds or Confrontation) with only 4 races on map including yours. On large map with wide empty place AI works good mostly. AI can work bad if it was placed in jammed position (between enemies).

+3 votes   reply to comment
TriniZero Jul 6 2015 replied:

Thanks so much for the help, made a clean install with no other mods and back to the greatest action ever. Played tyranids on insane with my tau and lost badly. Only my daemon hunters can beat them, the razor back damage is extremely high like broken. Time for me to find a new strategy with tau, their tier 2 is pretty weak, during that phase you gotta stall to tier 3 or 4. Broadsides so far is the only way to counter tanks efficiently in tier 2.

+2 votes     reply to comment
TriniZero Jul 7 2015 replied:

Nvm GrOrc, you really balanced this game well. I started utilizing the fire warriors more and tech into the kroot tree for health. Won some free for all matches, the ones i lost were against a full army ambush, if only i had my titan ready. Thank you so much for reviving dow for me, I hope somehow relic can recognize your talents.

+3 votes     reply to comment
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