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Venris Jul 22 2015 says:

Its a very good idea. But research should be tier 3 and cost more.

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Deathz_Jester Jul 22 2015 says:

Maybe just a passive/aura boost to the % of the auto-Resurrection?

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VoidLight Jul 22 2015 says:

If i'm correct that the transport for Necrons. If so there is no real need for such an ability as most basic transports (rhino) sever little purpose in terms of firepower and durability. If anything increase its armor and the number of units it can carry to 2 or 3 since its role is to transport infantry. That ability also kinda takes away from the Overseer that requires much more resources to gain the auto Resurrection ability.

To sum my opinion up this units: devalues the Overseer and makes the already powerful/cheap Necron infantry even more unstoppable than they already are especially considering that the ghost ark can be spammed. Maybe it would be better if the Ghost Ark gained a small scale Resurrection ability (at a cost) after its researched in the energy beacon or energy core.

Besides you don't see other race have useful abilities for their basic transports.

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VoidLight Jul 22 2015 replied:

After thinking about it more I don't really see this being a game breaking change as long as its cost and tier requirements are pushed up.

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Necronguy Author
Necronguy Jul 22 2015 replied:

I was thinking of changing it so that it has a higher cost, requires tier 3 and is only a resurrection ability like the necron lords. How does that sound?

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Venris Jul 22 2015 replied:

Passive aura is better. Maybe you can change its radius to smaler one.

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howitzerjunkie928 Jul 22 2015 replied:

i like the idea of having it like the Necron lord i would definitely be using the ghost ark a lot more

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Arkandir Jul 22 2015 says:

I like the idea, altough as someone else said, it is kinda overkill when you consider the necron caster mass ressurrection. Besides, even if i like the idea, there is already many ways to resurrect necron infantry.

The overseer, the Necron lord, the doomsday monolith, the energy beacon both normal and global versions of the skill, the tomb spyder.

I like the Ghost ark, since necron infantry is really slow, it can be useful when transporting infantry, but for making it more useful in combat... maybe the phase shift ability but with higher health regen? i feel like it could be useful for healing necron infantry.

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Necronguy Author
Necronguy Jul 22 2015 replied:

I like the idea of a phase shift ability for it, i'll see how i can make it unique.

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VoidLight Jul 23 2015 replied:

I agree with Arkandir, a phase shift ability would suit the Ghost Ark role as a transport better than the Resurrection ability.

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sinblood Jul 22 2015 says:

What about a damage buff when transporting infantry instead and maybe health buff/addition like when you attach a character to a squad? Dunno if it's technically doable but it sound more logical to me + I agree, Necrons have already many way to resurect troops.

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K-leb Jul 24 2015 says:

ARGH! The video shows nothing but black if I want HD quality.

I don't know of the Ghost Ark's current abilities so sorry if I make a miss-assumption in the following text.
Anyway I think the ability has an idea that's going somewhere. In the lore of Warhammer 40k, Ghost Arks are able to regenerate un-powered or broken Necrons. However, the necrons have to be stationed within the ark, so that lots of tiny scarabs may go about fixing them.
So I reckon instead of having the necrons regenerate where they are, allow the ark to either
1. Heal necrons that are being carried
2. pick up "dead" necrons and put them into the ark so that they may slowly come back "alive" and be unloaded to wage war again (I don't if that is possible to code)
3. Both of the above
Another neat thing about the Ghost Arks in the lore as that they can break down necrons that are too damaged into raw energy. This could be interpreted into the game, and I reckon it would be a fairly unique ability for the necrons. The ghost ark could hover over "dead" necron bodies on the field, or pick them up and put them in the cargo, and then the player would slowly gain the power resource until the bodies are completely gone.

Whether this whole thing should have to be researched late tier...well, I'm not the biggest fan of the idea of researching in this game (research this and suddenly all marines have better bionics even though they're already on the field...), but in terms of balance it would probably need to be so.

I don't know of the coding limits in this game so pardon if any of my ideas are too wild. And I've read that an ability like this could give the Necrons too many resurrection abilities...Well, I think it would be fine. That is one of the main themes of the Necrons. If it had the limitation that the necrons had to be carried within the ark to be brought back to "life", and the process was relatively slow, then I reckon it would be balanced.
And besides, and like following the lore accurately.

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SkullHunter727 Jul 25 2015 says:

I like the idea of the ghost ark reviving units. gives some one the chance to actively revive their forces without spending big on commanders or a Doomsday Monolith

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sinblood Jul 25 2015 says:

If only ghost ark was itself able to stay long enough "alive" to achieve that function XD

1- No opinion.
2- In short, what tomb spider already do but less efficient...hum.
The raw energy thing might be doable. Sounds like DE soul harvesting system in some way.

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After hearing that the Ghost Ark is not a very useful unit, i saw some feedback from a fan which i thought was great idea, so i decided to put it in game and show it off in a video. What do you think? Do you want this in the game or not? This is a WIP so things are likely to change, but any and all feedback is welcome!

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Jul 22nd, 2015
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