Full concept MODIFICATION of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat that touches every game aspect including textures, sfx, music, weapons, A.I., items, weather, mutants, difficulty and much much more!

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N.Aaroe Author
N.Aaroe Mar 2 2013, 10:55am says:

Go here for more info about our Mutant Hunting mod of MISERY 2.0:

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N.Aaroe Author
N.Aaroe Mar 2 2013, 10:57am says:

The USS chart Moddb.com has a category, digestion of "Unhealthy food".
That category is a direct reflection of 'Zone Produced' diet.

One of the perks of the USS Sniper class is "Hunting" which lets him digest raw mutant meat with less side effects compared to the other 2 classes.

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kitethefallenangel Mar 2 2013, 10:59am says:

Didn't see this coming.
I remember asking before if there's going to be a warmth system
where the clothing you wear keeps from getting cold from either night air or rainfall - the latter prompting you to seek shelter.

Have you ever considered something like that?

Other than that, this mod is getting better with every update I see. keep it up!

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iMakeTea Mar 2 2013, 8:20pm replied:

This sounds easy to add into the game (but what do I know about modding?). Non closed cycle suits or just the lower tier armors in general could be susceptible to rain/the cold. Implement one of those icons for hazards like radiation, chemical, or fire on the side bar to indicate the rain or cold condition, and a small amount of damage to the suit due to being wet in the rain over time.

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Guest Apr 26 2013, 8:40am replied:

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harshmyth Mar 2 2013, 11:00am says:

sounds awesome,gj

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Wagner615 Mar 2 2013, 11:22am says:

Looks cool! Now killing mutants "just cuz" will have a benefit! You will get some food to compensate for the ammo you wasted on some fleshes that were simply minding their own business.

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_Black_Hawk_ Mar 2 2013, 4:16pm replied:

I'll wait other NPCs kill mutants to get some food...eh eh...USS Recon rulez...:)

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trojanuch Creator
trojanuch Mar 2 2013, 7:37pm replied:

They actually do loot mutant bodies and take meat and parts out of them.

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Webexplr Mar 2 2013, 9:13pm replied:

so it will work?
Also its a good idea to bring a wore weapon with ammo from dead stalker you encountered before, and then kill that NPC after he loots the meat, sneaking from behind ?

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Killboy10 Mar 2 2013, 11:25am says:

Oh sweet lubricated baby Jesus,yes!

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loner85 Mar 2 2013, 11:28am says:

Ah, now I'm really hungry.

And it's very good to know that ammo is now more rare, so you have to decide if your stomach or your brain wins if you see some fleshes.

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stavik96 Mar 2 2013, 1:21pm replied:

if it's a flesh then i'd rather save my bullets but if it's a dog then all i got to say is FIRE!

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loner85 Mar 2 2013, 1:31pm replied:

Yeah, I guess this'll guarantee some tricky situations. But I need about 10 shots from my beloved AKSU to kill a pack of dogs, while I need around 3-5 shots for some fleshes. But you're right, fleshes can deal way more damage than some dogs ;)

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[TZP]LoNer1 Creator
[TZP]LoNer1 Mar 2 2013, 1:45pm replied:

Dogs come in packs guys, fleshes aren't group creatures :)

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loner85 Mar 2 2013, 1:48pm replied:

Hmm, if I go out of the skadovsk, I always see 3-4 fleshes wandering around.

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Astyr Mar 2 2013, 1:57pm replied:

I would say fleshes may form groups but they rarely fight like one, preferring to run in circles trying to escape instead of amassing on the player.

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loner85 Mar 2 2013, 2:16pm replied:

Yeah, you're right. They aren't that social, compared to dogs. But if we mention "a group of fleshes" we're technically right, aren't we? If not attacked, they behave like a group.

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[TZP]LoNer1 Creator
[TZP]LoNer1 Mar 2 2013, 2:18pm replied:

You guys do know this is the MISERY mod page right? I might as well gave you a gameplay hint here ... ;)

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Wolfy17 Mar 2 2013, 3:28pm replied:

I'm used to kill fleshes with my knife, using firearms on them is wasting money, dogs can be easily killed that way too.
But I don't advice to fight bloodsucker that way...

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Wagner615 Mar 2 2013, 6:29pm replied:

My knife saved me from a bloodsucker that loved to take my guns once.

It knocked my shotgun and my pistol out of my hands. I was like "come at me bro" and pulled out my knife. That bloodsucker must have gotten cocky or something because he tried to flank in knife range. After a Couple of slashes and a grueling howl, it was all over

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Astyr Mar 16 2013, 7:57pm replied:

I always try to kill bloodsuckers with my knife, it's awesome to dodge the first attack and then chase them slashing at their back, works 90% of the time.

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Smoothskin Mar 2 2013, 11:31am says:

Oh my God, this is awesome. Looking forward eating a can of chili beans with a good beer along some other stalkers after a hard mission, waiting my gun to be repaired :)

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0rpheus Mar 2 2013, 11:50am says:

So are there any negative side effects when you don't eat/drink enough? Like getting tired quickly or maybe passing out?

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N.Aaroe Author
N.Aaroe Mar 2 2013, 12:23pm replied:

Yes, both

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SlayerX3 Mar 2 2013, 11:52am says:

The next logical step is inventing a device capable to transport you physically into the zone.

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GabeTheKid Mar 2 2013, 12:18pm says:

looks like im gonna be wasted all day every day :D
the kcal system is a verry clever idea :)

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N.Aaroe Author
N.Aaroe Mar 2 2013, 12:27pm replied:

Yeah, I think so too. And trojanuch made it match its real life equivalents so people like me actually am able to take notice and learn a thing or two about calorie consumption

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bsnighteye Mar 2 2013, 12:31pm says:

I hope Misery will have place for rare complex military rations and good ol' tushonka conserves. It's good with "Cossacks" vodka. :)

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stavik96 Mar 2 2013, 1:23pm replied:

You mean like MRE?

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Swirekster Mar 2 2013, 7:39pm replied:

i ate some of those, these with the chicken are the best IMO.

I hate those with omelette, Jesus these are gross!

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Geez21 Mar 3 2013, 10:14am replied:

All MRE is gross... blargh

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ShadowFear Mar 2 2013, 1:19pm says:


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loner85 Mar 2 2013, 1:33pm replied:

Yeah, so you can FIRE these at these mutants...hehe...no.

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AK.Stalker.XX Mar 2 2013, 1:36pm says:

This Is Cool Like it

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Maramanasa Mar 2 2013, 2:58pm says:

Hmmm Flesh bacon actually dosent look half bad. Sounds tastier then Bloodsucker goulash.

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Mental_Tormentor Mar 2 2013, 3:07pm says:


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harry80 Mar 2 2013, 3:55pm says:

I hope bread is still ingame. How I´m supposed to eat goulash without bread? :))

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N.Aaroe Author
N.Aaroe Mar 5 2013, 6:03am replied:

Bread still featured in version 2.0

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mp5lng Mar 2 2013, 4:01pm says:

Happy meal !

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MinikuiOni Mar 2 2013, 4:29pm says:

mmmmm...bacon... :D

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Roh Mar 2 2013, 4:47pm says:

Are we absolutely sure the flesh was never human?

Ah I see. Pigs. Wow. Never knew.

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Trooper425 Mar 2 2013, 4:51pm says:

I noticed a distinct lack of MREs. Will they not be making an appearance in MISERY 2? I would hope that they will be in there.

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TheKingCanine Mar 2 2013, 4:52pm says:

this is just food and drinks though.....i can imagine a lot of possibilities with drugs as well.I wish we had more info on that unless it is going to be the same.

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trojanuch Creator
trojanuch Mar 2 2013, 6:02pm replied:

Hehe no, no I wounldnt worry about drug overhaul part :)

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AoXo Mar 2 2013, 5:39pm says:

I'd really like to see a third category of "Luxary" items that could feature things ranging from MRE's to Coca Cola or chocolate, fruit and vegetables. Some of them may have really good nutrition, some may just be "popular" (i.e. worth a bit of money).

I really like the idea of combining food items to balance effects, a lot like artifacts. In there any planned features to allow players to be able to craft meals? Perhaps adding an NPC chef around the place - bring him several items and he uses them to create a new meal that provides good stats. (Maybe having cooking gear in your backpack that provides a bonus or something?) Just a thought.

Anyway, quite excited. :)

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キレックス Mar 2 2013, 6:07pm says:

Aww yeah, I love almost everything related to food.

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Hardliner Mar 2 2013, 7:23pm says:


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domanz Mar 2 2013, 8:39pm says:

No good old whisky to drink like Talisker or Ardbeg? Gonna stay at home for a while then. ;)

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Sigilstone17 Mar 3 2013, 3:49pm says:

Just to point this out: Mutants are (or at least once were) human so wouldn't eating mutant flesh be cannibalism?

Other then that, very nice addition.

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Maramanasa Mar 3 2013, 5:32pm replied:

Some mutants like snorks and bloodsuckers are, the rest like flesh and blindogs were pigs that were mutated and well wild dogs.

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All consumables (food/drinks) now being divided into 2 categories:
Zone Produced / Imported

"Zone Produced" - items of a raw nature that are attainable with a bit of effort at all times. The trading value of these items are low as side effects (radiation) play a huge role in this diet.

"Imported Goods" - popular consumable items with a very high trading value. They have no side effects and are perfect for transportation and nutrition sources when in the field.

Each item will clearly state if it is an imported item or not.

- - - -

A gui overhaul was made to let each item state its nutrition value in real life "kcal eq." instead of a 'satiety digit' that didn't tell you anything before. The 'kcal eq.' value is also a nice indication of the trading value as every Zone man wants his food to pack as much energy as possible.

- - - -

All new added consumables have proper 3D model designs, texture mapping and bumpmaps. The image at display here shows actual ingame meshes.

- - - -

When consuming any item you auto-holster your weapon and pause for a moment while the item is digested.

- - - -

Dirty food is supposed to be eaten in combinations, for ex.:
cooked boars meat >> dog goulash >> water can / cigarretes >> vodka. This combo provides more nutrition than one conserva at similar price.

When you're in base you wanna eat cooked, 'Zone' meals and drink alcohol after that to kill radiation. It has been set so that drinking one cheapest vodka is enough to kill radiation of one boar meal - which makes you full on similar level as conserva. And boar meal + vodka combo is still cheaper.
This is also time consuming due to usage sequences and requires few different consumable to be used. On the other hand its always cheaper.

When you're in the field you should eat hi-quality, imported food. This will allow you to save on carrying radiation-killers around. So high-quality food is much better suited as 'mobile' nutrition source. But it comes at much more hefty price!

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Mar 2nd, 2013
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