Full concept MODIFICATION of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat that touches every game aspect including textures, sfx, music, weapons, A.I., items, weather, mutants, difficulty and much much more!

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Info on equipment handling
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N.Aaroe Author
N.Aaroe Feb 14 2013, 5:29am says:

One cool thing mentioning, is that you can go to the Mechanic at any given time and ask when your stuff will be ready. If he feels motivated he will give you an exact estimate of minutes left [ingame] until your order is ready for pickup.

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Swirekster Feb 14 2013, 9:52am replied:

Stalker goes to the mechanic
-Hello Cardan, could you upgrade my old makarov pistol? You know, to make it like...stronger.
-Huh? Makarov? My friend, if you want somethin stronger, why not just to buy yourself a revolver or...
-look. It's important to me. It's honourable version of makarov with engraving from my dad in the army.
-Oh i see. But it will cost you. Also i can already tell you how much time i have to spend to...
-Yeah, and i have something...

<Stalker pulls out a whole box of the-most-legendary vodka in the zone.

-...so how much i have to wait-

<in place of makarov pistol there is new RPG-7 Launcher now>

-but...but it's not my pistol...
-but the engraves...

<in place of new RPG-7 there is RPG-7 in gold, ivory and diamonds, with signatures of Stalker's dad, mom, sister and dog.>

-...it's beautiful.

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N.Aaroe Author
N.Aaroe Feb 14 2013, 10:37am replied:


*Another Stalker approaches...*
"Hey man! You wanna team up and do some showoff down in Yanov?"

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smiffy555 Feb 14 2013, 11:15am buried:


not funny

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N.Aaroe Author
N.Aaroe Feb 14 2013, 11:20am replied:

This is a sad story. Not supposed to be funny.

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~Phisher Feb 17 2013, 1:00pm replied:

That's exactly how it would go!

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Thryker Feb 17 2013, 8:51pm replied:

Unless I misread and this is something you're doing , it'd be good if you gave AK's varying qualities (i.e. they'd been reassembled with different parts) meaning a trip to the mchanic could be very beneficial, combined with the fact their ammo is more common than other rifles (though you could get lucky and find one that had semi decent parts).

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riopitt Feb 14 2013, 5:32am says:

Looks very good!

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PachyF88 Feb 14 2013, 5:34am says:

That. Is. *******. Awesome.

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bigfutus Feb 14 2013, 5:36am says:

And what motivates him? Vodka? :)

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N.Aaroe Author
N.Aaroe Feb 14 2013, 5:37am replied:

Exactly. Who's not motivated by vodka, right? ;)

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Atiarotias Feb 14 2013, 5:45am says:

Gives me good reason to stock up on more Vodka on stash box I see.

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soad-9208 Feb 14 2013, 5:46am says:

Immersion is the word, Misery is the name of the bird!

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Gulp343 Feb 14 2013, 5:57am says:

Do you have to wait for one upgrade at a time or can purchase multiple ones and summ up the waiting times?

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N.Aaroe Author
N.Aaroe Feb 14 2013, 6:53am replied:

Currently the system hands over your item the second you order an upgrade or customization. So needing 2 upgrades on 1 item requires you to order the second when the first one is done.

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Alundaio Feb 16 2013, 12:31am replied:

Yes, one upgrade at a time but you can upgrade or repair as many items you wish at one single time.

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CobraMad Feb 14 2013, 5:58am says:

I guess we will need many Vodka bottles. :)

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Dieger Feb 14 2013, 6:15am says:

do i still need to get tools?

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N.Aaroe Author
N.Aaroe Feb 14 2013, 6:56am replied:

[quote trojanuch]:
"Upgrades which logically do not involve 'dissasemly' of gun or armor but are rather only installations of ready-to-install parts (such as scope rail for AKs, nightvision sets for helmets or old 'artifact containers' for suits) will not require any tools on the mechanic. I.e. I want to make it possible for the player to install highest tier of NVD on his helmet or 2 extra 'artifact containers' from gamestart when he can afford it"

I think this is an answer that we can all love and respect, right?

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.Krinkov. Feb 14 2013, 7:39am replied:

I like the availability of high end upgrades from the go. It gives you a greater flexibility in playstyle. I felt that the tech tree in vanilla often felt too 'videogamey,' and was restricting rather than logical.

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N.Aaroe Author
N.Aaroe Feb 14 2013, 7:43am replied:

Good thing we have trojanuch to actually notice and react upon such elements.

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grazegrabber Feb 14 2013, 6:38am says:

Nice idea.

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GenezisO Feb 14 2013, 8:24am says:

I just think that it is stupid to be able to sell only stuff in perfect or good condition(90%) because in reality, trader could appreciate each part of weapon or armor (because mechanics needs some components too-and he will buy them from who? From trader, so it makes sence that I can sell stuff in 50% condition or better too :D).Finally, if I cannot sell these stuff, where I suppose to earn money. In quests? Just kidding me? There are only few valuable quests so stuff is the only thing I can get money from. And second, stalkers I killed should have more stuff, not only knife, but each character should have things I have(medkit, bandage, some food, ammo for weapons he shought from etc.)
That was my short complaining about how to make money and that is what I want from you in next post of news - trader system selling and buying stuff and stuff in NPC bags. Thank you.

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N.Aaroe Author
N.Aaroe Feb 14 2013, 8:46am replied:

We already did this. You will be very pleased with the whole system and balancing in MISERY 2.0. All of your annoyance is likely to not even exist in version 2.0.

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GenezisO Feb 14 2013, 9:20am replied:

I am looking forward. Great :D

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stavik96 Feb 14 2013, 10:50am replied:

In stalker the best way to earn money is artifact hunting. But i do agree that you should be able to sell items in worse condition, but that would also mean it would be for VERY small sums because if not you would be rich and would get end game stuff really easy. The game is supossed to be a challenge.

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HuckTheStalker Feb 22 2013, 11:08pm replied:

Maybe it is going to be made so its condition effects the price so say if the gun is at 50% its sold for half price?

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Swirekster Feb 14 2013, 8:40am says:

oh, so now it's not like i must to wait just for this damn mod to be released. There is more waiting AFTER THAT!


i like youuuuu

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N.Aaroe Author
N.Aaroe Feb 14 2013, 8:47am replied:

'Waiting' is just another term for 'being able to have fun with something else right now'

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Swirekster Feb 14 2013, 8:54am replied:

but i want to feel 'miserable '
so You are doing me a favor, in-game and in-real life :D

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GabeTheKid Feb 14 2013, 8:44am says:

never even thought of it but now i want that :D

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N.Aaroe Author
N.Aaroe Feb 14 2013, 8:46am replied:

You got it

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Guest Feb 14 2013, 9:29am says:

MISERY is exactly how I dream S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Thanks to developers...

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Amez Feb 15 2013, 1:44am buried:


So you dream of the zone as being a landscape that looks like its been smeared in ****? More like a nightmare for me.

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Woozle Feb 15 2013, 11:59am replied:

Its REALLY dreary, and I don't know what to think about it.

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Streloker Feb 14 2013, 9:57am says:

I cant wait for this mod but longer you work on it better it gets

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kalidrone Feb 14 2013, 10:20am says:

Oh hell yus, it's well worth the wait, especially for me beloved weapons like the Mosin Nagant for instance. <3

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Seeker_of_Strelok Feb 14 2013, 10:57am says:

You know, I'm rather impressed with these ideas you and this team keep popping up with, the way that these 'updates' are presented as well.

Very nice.

Since this mod, and hell.. others as well, are aimed more towards immersion and realism, I'm curious about something, just have no clue on how it would be implemented :

Supressors ( Silencers.. damn it, Hollywood.. ) never need any repair, the things last, well.. forever. Is it possible to figure out, or create a way to make them wear out, after so many shots, so they need repair, or be tossed all together?

Just a thought.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. modders seem to be some of the sneakiest / smartest out there, the idea seems possible.


p.s. - Since weapons like the VSS and VAL have integrated models altogether, perhaps the wear rate ( since they were probably designed from the beginning with this idea ) could be less, due to an internal coating, or be higher due to it being non-removable and thus even harder to clean, if at all. Just added thoughts.

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ShotgunSurgeon Feb 14 2013, 2:55pm replied:

Well made suppressors are quite durable, and require little in the way of cleaning(disassemble, clean, light coat of oil), and the two rifles you mentioned have removable suppressors (all but the first ~10 cm of the barrel is integral to the suppressor). The VSS can be packed into a small suitcase.

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gotimas Feb 14 2013, 11:29am says:

"equipment handling 1/2"
i wonder what else could be changed to make it better
i guess only time will tell

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IrwinSnodgrass Feb 14 2013, 11:39am replied:

i guess only N. Aaroe will tell.

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キレックス Feb 14 2013, 3:06pm says:

Yeah, I'm liking this.
I would love to see even deeper weapon customization in Stalker.
Like, you could change the barrels, inner mechanisms and **** like that.
It's probably something we won't be seeing in stalker any time soon, but a man can hope, right?

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harry80 Feb 14 2013, 3:47pm says:

Hi Aaroe.
could you explain litle bit more the "tt-diversity"?

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trojanuch Creator
trojanuch Feb 16 2013, 5:09am replied:

With New Ordnance we have weapons cathegorized by 'tiers': rusty, worn, normal, modernized etc. This diversification has many repercusions in many different aspects - and one of them is upgrafes affinity.

Ie. - your upgrade options are depended on tier of gun you're holding in your hands.

Beside that we've desinged some customized upgrade threes for some of Misery's 'new guns' (like GP100 or Mosin) which previously were using vanilla weapons upgrade schemes.

+4 votes   reply to comment
harry80 Feb 16 2013, 9:31am replied:

Thanks for the answer. It sounds very interesting and logical. You guys should develop your own game.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Szabtom Feb 14 2013, 5:28pm says:

Now this is megacool.

+4 votes     reply to comment
ShadowLoner Feb 14 2013, 6:50pm says:

This is Awesome.

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blah1334 Feb 14 2013, 9:37pm says:

why would a mechanic not have his own tools. imo it was more than enough you had to dig around for them in the first place.

but i guess this could be a cool feature.

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Roh Feb 15 2013, 12:05am says:

<.< >.> -.- You guys know it's all a scam right? They developed the entire first release and all the content for the media we've seen just so that when release comes we can download.... A giant troll face! It's coming I tell you!

(Not really. I love the Misery team. While the delays pain me it's only because it becomes so much better with each one.)

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VitaminK Feb 15 2013, 3:08am says:

cannot wait for release!

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