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Operation:Firestorm is a modification for Command and Conquer Generals - Zero Hour


The goal of Operation:Firestorm (O:FS) is not to redefine, but to enhance the C&C Generals multiplayer and skirmish gameplay experience. The core gameplay as well as the base factions will stay the same, but are both greatly extended and improved. This mod has been under development for a few years by Stalker and pWn3d, with recent support from No Life Studios, and we are proud to present our work to the public.


Playable Sides:
This mod features 9 playable Generals, 3 of each base faction. (China, GLA, USA)
The first release will feature 7 of the following Generals:

General Xiang - Red Army (link to changelog)
General Tao - Nuclear Weapons (link to changelog)
General Leang - Secret Weapons (will not be available in the first release)

General Assaf - Fortifications
General Juhziz - Terror (link to changelog)
Dr. Thrax - Biochemical Weapons (will not be available in first release)

General Ironside - High-Tech
General Granger - Airforce (link to changelog)
General Wilson - SOCOM (link to changelog)

New Content:
All playable generals will be able to use a large arsenal of new units, buildings, superweapons and
upgrades. The default tech-tree has been expanded by an additional structure to unlock advanced units and upgrades.

Main Gameplay-Changes:

All generals will feature a unique tree of 23 available Generals-Powers, including usable abilities,
upgrades and unit-unlocks. Each general will have a number of abilities available to choose from at each rank. (3 at rank 1, and 5 at the ranks 2-5). After rank 5 (5-Star General) is reached, you will still be able to gain experience to unlock all the other Generals-Powers, up to Rank 21 (Supreme Commander).

Unlockable Units:
Each side has a number of units or buildings that are unlockable by a Generals-Point. All Super-heavy tanks (Overlord, Mammoth, etc.) and Heavy Artillery (SCUD-Launcher, Nuke Cannon, etc.) require a Generals-Point at Rank 3 or higher. A lot of these units will also be limited to a certain number (All Super-Heavy Tanks, Aurora Bombers, Topol-M, etc.).

No Over-Specialisation:
While all Generals are specialised in a certain field, all sides will have a complete arsenal of weapons.
That means all Generals have Tanks, Aircraft (GLA as well), and Artillery available, although with certain limitations.

Balance Changes:
A lot of unit-stats have been changed from default Zero Hour, to improve the balance in O:FS. A larger list of changes can be found here (note: this list is still incomplete)

Other Features:

Improved audio and video quality:
A lot of Zero Hour models, sounds and effects have been replaced by higher-quality ones. Overall this mod provides a better visual experience, while keeping the Generals-style.

High-Quality User Interface:
All parts of the UI as well as all button-icons now use high-resolution textures.

Widescreen Support:
O:FS will provide UI textures for both 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratio, allowing you to play Zero Hour in full HD.

This mod will be available in English and German language. This also includes all new unit voices.

Release & Update Schedule:
We try our best to keep you updated about O:FS and we still have a lot to show. While we have no fixed schedule, we aim to release a batch of informations and images every 1-2 weeks.
A Beta release is planned for 2014 (no guarantees). A Multiplayer Alpha (limited AI) might be released earlier.

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We proudly present our first release!


  • 7 playable Generals with tons of new units, generals powers, upgrades, etc.
  • working AI for Skirmish and Multiplayer
  • HD User interface and widescreen support
  • lots of explosions
  • and a lot more...

This mod is currently playable in Skirmish and Multiplayer only, Campaign and Challenge mode is not supported. A full list of changes from ZH can not be provided at this point but you get an idea from the mod description page.

Note that this is still a Beta and is not entirely bug-free. A lot of assets will be re-done, and there's still a lot to come in the future.

In order to quickly fix bugs we will open a Support and Bug Report forum shortly.
Installation instructions can be found on the download page.

Thanks for your patience and support, and have fun playing!

~Stalker and pWn3d


Operation:Firestorm Dev Team:

Additional Development & Design:
No Life Studios:

Additional Asset Providers:
Beng - Code
Cboidy - Particle Effects
Chappi - Particle Effects
ColT - Models
Coolfile - Models and W3D Importer
Creator - Models, Code
Fritz - Models and Textures
Ion Cannon - Particle Effects
IPS - Models and Textures
Mylo - Models
RequiemLux - Particle Effects
Sharpshark - Models
The_Hunter - Models, Textures, Code
TheHonestyFishZ - Models
Xezon - UI Textures

Special Thanks:
to the Staff & Community at:
Fallout Studios
for Resources, Assistance and Tutorials

and to all the other great ZH mods for countless
hours of fun and lots of inspiration.

NOTE: If we forgot anyone on that list, send us a message on Moddb

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Operation Firestorm Russian

Operation Firestorm Russian

Patch 4 comments

Russian Translation for Beta01 (text only) by DenGresh Updated by Damfoos Installation instructions included in the download.

Operation Firestorm German

Operation Firestorm German

Full Version 9 comments

German Files for Beta 01 Deutsche oder Englische Files werden benötigt.

Operation Firestorm Beta 01 Main Files

Operation Firestorm Beta 01 Main Files

Full Version 40 comments

Main files for Operation Firestorm, required for both languages.

Operation Firestorm English

Operation Firestorm English

Full Version 13 comments

English files for first Beta release. Either English or German is required.

Widescreen for Zero Hour

Widescreen for Zero Hour

GUIs 11 comments

This mod adds High-Res User Interface textures in widescreen (16:9) aspect ratio. Most menu screens have been altered to look better in widescreen resolution...

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Is it true that in the next update for this mod A-10 warthog will be able to have depleted uranium rounds upgrade on airfield for 25% more damage?

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pWn3d_1337 Creator


Reply Good karma+1 vote

hello i wanna say that i like the mod but i would apreciate if it installed more like shockwave and rotr because i have those both installed simoultaniously and can play both without unistalling either. In this mod you have to only play one mod and gave me serious errors when i tried to launch rotr or shockwave so i would really like it if it downloaded in a simpler form and was compatible with having multiple mods. Best of luck

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
St4lk3r Creator

There should be a .bat file included with the mod, which enables/disables OFS. This should work alongside RotR or ShW

Reply Good karma+2 votes

In the future, you make make a clean copy of your Zero Hour folder and just install separate mods in these, so no compatibility issues. This also allows you to put extra addons (like widescreen) without interfering with mods installed there.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I installed this mod yesterday and i have some problems with this mod. When i play longer time, and when i build up my units and base my game becomes slower, and when i use white phosphorus i can't see white smoke (just explosion and fire on the ground) When i move my mouse it moves slower. At the beginning everything's just fine, but later as my base and units are growing up and developing everything is awful.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

And GLA should have more WP weapons except this in promotion. I propose when you work on update to have in mind to put in GLA howitzers some sort of upgrade in which player can choose whether howitzer will fire WP shells to burn down opponents base and units or just explosive shells. Just like Scud launcher have option where you can choose whether will fire bio missile or just explosive, or nuke cannon can be chosen whether will fire neutron shells or nuclear shells. It's not enough to only have in promotion as super weapon White Phosphorus. There shuold be in some GLA howitzers and maybe in some planes also.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Will this get an update? It would be such a shame to let this wither away, I had so much fun playing!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes
St4lk3r Creator

Yeah, we're still working on it.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Wow, I've been away from the Generals modding scene for over a year now and I'm surprised, yet very grateful you and your team are still working on this! :D Till this day, it's one of the best mods I've ever had the pleasure to play that wasn't the mainstream ones like Contra or ROTR with some unique aspects that couldn't be matched! Keep up the amazing work guys and thanks again for keeping things rolling. :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

ACEofZeroz thank you for your heartfelt and cheering words that you shared with us on this day!
i dont think the team gets enough credit at all.
this mod made a statement that its in to play with the big boys, seems to be in the top 3 surpassing some if not all atleast in some aspects,and that with just 3 generals for 3 sides.. (with the next release) (wich will be soon i hope)
to be fair eventhough im sure that stlkr and pwnd do the most of job since its their mod..they do get assets from the pioneers of modding,to what extend is out of my knowledge...
and its good to see so gifted craftsman come together to...craft

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

You're very welcome -Grimlock-, it was my sincere pleasure to give the team the credit it deserves as it's almost a crime that they don't get enough! I agree, OFS clearly shows a master level of work and attention put into making it stand out and against the most popular Generals mods and this benefits its overall enjoyability. ;) My fingers are also crossed for another update at some point, and that more people will appreciate how amazing the first beta is, and its potential to be even better once the issues are addressed.

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It has that Shockwave / Contra feel to it. Its well balance and has tons of new things to play around with.

May 14 2014 by xonone

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