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Operation:Firestorm is a modification for Command and Conquer Generals - Zero Hour


The goal of Operation:Firestorm (O:FS) is not to redefine, but to enhance the C&C Generals multiplayer and skirmish gameplay experience. The core gameplay as well as the base factions will stay the same, but are both greatly extended and improved. This mod has been under development for a few years by Stalker and pWn3d, with recent support from No Life Studios, and we are proud to present our work to the public.


Playable Sides:
This mod features 9 playable Generals, 3 of each base faction. (China, GLA, USA)
The first release will feature 7 of the following Generals:

General Xiang - Red Army (link to changelog)
General Tao - Nuclear Weapons (link to changelog)
General Leang - Secret Weapons (will not be available in the first release)

General Assaf - Fortifications
General Juhziz - Terror (link to changelog)
Dr. Thrax - Biochemical Weapons (will not be available in first release)

General Ironside - High-Tech
General Granger - Airforce (link to changelog)
General Wilson - SOCOM (link to changelog)

New Content:
All playable generals will be able to use a large arsenal of new units, buildings, superweapons and
upgrades. The default tech-tree has been expanded by an additional structure to unlock advanced units and upgrades.

Main Gameplay-Changes:

All generals will feature a unique tree of 23 available Generals-Powers, including usable abilities,
upgrades and unit-unlocks. Each general will have a number of abilities available to choose from at each rank. (3 at rank 1, and 5 at the ranks 2-5). After rank 5 (5-Star General) is reached, you will still be able to gain experience to unlock all the other Generals-Powers, up to Rank 21 (Supreme Commander).

Unlockable Units:
Each side has a number of units or buildings that are unlockable by a Generals-Point. All Super-heavy tanks (Overlord, Mammoth, etc.) and Heavy Artillery (SCUD-Launcher, Nuke Cannon, etc.) require a Generals-Point at Rank 3 or higher. A lot of these units will also be limited to a certain number (All Super-Heavy Tanks, Aurora Bombers, Topol-M, etc.).

No Over-Specialisation:
While all Generals are specialised in a certain field, all sides will have a complete arsenal of weapons.
That means all Generals have Tanks, Aircraft (GLA as well), and Artillery available, although with certain limitations.

Balance Changes:
A lot of unit-stats have been changed from default Zero Hour, to improve the balance in O:FS. A larger list of changes can be found here (note: this list is still incomplete)

Other Features:

Improved audio and video quality:
A lot of Zero Hour models, sounds and effects have been replaced by higher-quality ones. Overall this mod provides a better visual experience, while keeping the Generals-style.

High-Quality User Interface:
All parts of the UI as well as all button-icons now use high-resolution textures.

Widescreen Support:
O:FS will provide UI textures for both 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratio, allowing you to play Zero Hour in full HD.

This mod will be available in English and German language. This also includes all new unit voices.

Release & Update Schedule:
We try our best to keep you updated about O:FS and we still have a lot to show. While we have no fixed schedule, we aim to release a batch of informations and images every 1-2 weeks.
A Beta release is planned for 2014 (no guarantees). A Multiplayer Alpha (limited AI) might be released earlier.

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We proudly present our first release!


  • 7 playable Generals with tons of new units, generals powers, upgrades, etc.
  • working AI for Skirmish and Multiplayer
  • HD User interface and widescreen support
  • lots of explosions
  • and a lot more...

This mod is currently playable in Skirmish and Multiplayer only, Campaign and Challenge mode is not supported. A full list of changes from ZH can not be provided at this point but you get an idea from the mod description page.

Note that this is still a Beta and is not entirely bug-free. A lot of assets will be re-done, and there's still a lot to come in the future.

In order to quickly fix bugs we will open a Support and Bug Report forum shortly.
Installation instructions can be found on the download page.

Thanks for your patience and support, and have fun playing!

~Stalker and pWn3d


Operation:Firestorm Dev Team:

Additional Development & Design:
No Life Studios:

Additional Asset Providers:
Beng - Code
Cboidy - Particle Effects
Chappi - Particle Effects
ColT - Models
Coolfile - Models and W3D Importer
Creator - Models, Code
Fritz - Models and Textures
Ion Cannon - Particle Effects
IPS - Models and Textures
Mylo - Models
RequiemLux - Particle Effects
Sharpshark - Models
The_Hunter - Models, Textures, Code
TheHonestyFishZ - Models
Xezon - UI Textures

Special Thanks:
to the Staff & Community at:
Fallout Studios
for Resources, Assistance and Tutorials

and to all the other great ZH mods for countless
hours of fun and lots of inspiration.

NOTE: If we forgot anyone on that list, send us a message on Moddb

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Operation Firestorm Russian

Operation Firestorm Russian

Patch 4 comments

Russian Translation for Beta01 (text only) by DenGresh Updated by Damfoos Installation instructions included in the download.

Operation Firestorm German

Operation Firestorm German

Full Version 9 comments

German Files for Beta 01 Deutsche oder Englische Files werden benötigt.

Operation Firestorm Beta 01 Main Files

Operation Firestorm Beta 01 Main Files

Full Version 40 comments

Main files for Operation Firestorm, required for both languages.

Operation Firestorm English

Operation Firestorm English

Full Version 14 comments

English files for first Beta release. Either English or German is required.

Widescreen for Zero Hour

Widescreen for Zero Hour

GUIs 11 comments

This mod adds High-Res User Interface textures in widescreen (16:9) aspect ratio. Most menu screens have been altered to look better in widescreen resolution...

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How does one enable the HD widescreen? I am launching the 1920 bat file and when I go into the settings in the game, there is no option to change the resolution to it (and it doesn't happen automatically). Any help would be much appreciated.

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pWn3d_1337 Creator

ingame change does not work, but the .bat should launch it with -xres 1920 and -yres 1080. What does not work? Is the UI not widescreen or the 3D-game itself also not in the correct resolution?

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Nothing is widescreen. I launch the bat and the launcher comes up to select Generals or Zero Hour, then the game launches and it's still in the windowed low-resolution.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
pWn3d_1337 Creator

the .bat should start the generals.exe from zero hour directly and no launcher. What version of C&C Generals have you got installed?

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Version 1.04 through Origin

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
pWn3d_1337 Creator

I don't know how origin has the game organized. If you find the .exe of zero hour launch that directly with commandline arguments: -xres 1920 -yres 1080

You can add that to a shortcut.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Do you know a command that bypasses the launcher? The launcher just pulls up whether to choose Generals or Zero Hour.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
pWn3d_1337 Creator

you could try setting the resolution in the options.ini of zero hour. It is located in your documents folder. But i'm not sure if it works. I have never used the origin version of the game.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Awesome, it worked! Thanks for the help!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

me aaaaaagain (last time i promise)
*crossing fingers*
on a serious note
i dont want to spam,i just like this mod and would like to play (surely im not alone) is the update close or does it take much longer?

when playing with airf you can have twice the hologram by building another hq
but maybe this isnt a bug but rather a reward for expansion
with hightech it is different with the chronosphere
you can only use one at a time maybe you consider changing that
but you can still use one and then the other i suppose

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
St4lk3r Creator

Hi, sorry for the late reply.

The Hologram ability is a bug, thanks for reporting.
The chronosphere is limited to 1 because it would share its contained units anyway.

About the other posts: Yes, SOCOM will receive some new stuff in the future. I'm not sure what you mean with the stealth ability. The Chinooks can be upgraded with stealth, but it would be OP to give that to the Apache.

We don't have a release date yet, but hopefully we can post some updates soon.

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me again :D

to me socom general seems inferior to the rest, i do like the idea of those covert ops with the helis droppin from shortcut them soldiers to place c4
however it would be a nice addition if it is possible to see the normal helis with that nice stealth ability they already have to drop a surden amount of soldiers
or something like the rebel ambush would suit that general well maybe with some humvees 1 sniper and some soldiers
you already got the marker to drop soldiers it functions like if they have to be build in barracks
so if that "production time" would be reduced or from 1 being build 5 or so would be droped .. would balance things better.. just my oppinion

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

DRAGONSTAR UCA V looks pretty cool, but the Xian H 8 or H 20
looks good and is pretty much secret weapon sts
just saying...

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Einer der besten Mods ,er ist super so wie er is.
Was besonders heraussticht ist dass man bei diesem garkeine Einheiten irgendwie seinem Arsenal hinzufügen muss, da jeder General ansich auf allen ebenen gut bestückt is!
Und ich kann mich auch nur anschliessen dass endlich mal alle Generals fähigkeiten freizuschalten sind find ich gut...
hab ich bis jetzt auch nirgendswo gesehn.Kann man gegen euch selbst spielen irgendwie?^^ wäre cool mit all den extras die ihr so habt wie widescreen option usw wenn ihr einen server hättet.
Frohe Weihnachtsgrüsse aus Deutschland!ps. Was kostet denn auf dieser seite was..mein englisch ist nicht allzu gut..

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It has that Shockwave / Contra feel to it. Its well balance and has tons of new things to play around with.

May 14 2014 by xonone

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