This version of the FXmod is designed for usage on the classic Homeworld 2.
For the Homeworld:Remastered version, please keep an eye on the HW:RM Mods listing.

Latest Version:
FX v2.1 (CN)


Homeworld 2: FX - Commander (commonly known as the FXmod) is a ongoing modification project for Sierra's Homeworld 2 that aims to "tell the story of HW1 in HW2" while simultaneously improving various aspects of the game itself, both content and graphic-wise, ultimately bringing Homeworld2 to a brand new level. Development is led by 9CCN, a group of Chinese modders that made a name for themselves with their Gundam SEED modification for HW2.

Starting out as "just a mod that ported the HW1 vessels to HW2", the FXmod has seen countless updates, overhauls, exciting new features and changes ever since its first release in 2006. With new units, abilities, textures, maps, fx, player modes, icons, blueprints etc. we have only covered the tip of the iceberg in terms of what is already included in the mod and what is yet to come still. Much of the content in the FXmod cannot be found in any of the other current modifications.

Even with the amount of changes that have been made so far the creators say that the entire FXmod is only halfway done. Many people have already marked this mod as their favourite Homeworld2 modification following the release of v1.72. With over 370k page visits and more than 50.000 downloads, the FXmod is frequently covered in the "Top 100 Mods" list on ModDB and has even received attention from Gearbox. Come and try out the mod that many fans have dubbed as "Homeworld 3" and managed to catch the interest of the company that will be doing the HD remakes of the Homeworld series.


Latest Version: FX v2.1
--Patch notes for v2.1 are in the download file. Patchnotes for the 2.x series on the forum here.
Latest ModDB Update: 28 January 2015
What's New:

  • Posted a news entry entailing our plans for the future & details of our incoming FX 2.2 release.
  • Added several images of the new Bentusi Destroyer in action.


  • Custom HD Opening Cinematic (view it here!)
  • Custom (Animated) Main Menu.
  • Customizable in-game Music Player: The mod will randomly select tracks from the Homeworld, Homeworld2 & Strike Suit Zero OST and play those during your game. Customize it further while in-game through the repeat, shuffle, random and manual select functions It can also be disabled easily to use the default soundtrack for the concerning map.
  • 6 fully playable races, each with their own playing styles, unique units, technologies and abilities. Continue your campaign as the Hiigaran or Vaygr, reclaim past glory as the Progenitors, orchestrate the revival of the Kadeshi, or join the Taiidan Empire and Turanic Raiders in their quest for galactic domination.
  • Updated U.I. (User Interface) for all races.
  • New units and models for all races & updated/re-textured versions for a wide selection of HW1 ships.
  • New sounds, fx, animations, effects & more visually appealing changes for the prying eyes.
  • New unit abilities, a revamped research system & technology trees for more strategical options.
  • Coating Feature: Live change/update your fleet badge/colors while in-game -- just with two simple clicks.
  • New unit blueprints (shows in the U.I. / research manager).
  • New maps & additional gameplay modes / settings.
  • Several standalone addons to further bring out that "Homeworld1 vibe".
  • LAN and Multiplayer supported (v1.1 patch required).

Under Development

  • RPG Mode: A unique single-player campaign unlike anything you have ever seen before. It allows you to freely 'jump' between maps through a number of hyperspace gates that 'connect' all maps. You can receive missions from NPCs, buy units and do many other things, just like a real RPG game. RPG mode also includes several unique / bonus units that not playable or seen in Player vs. CPU or Multiplayer modes.
  • QeffectsGL support (highlight) & lens flare fx (v2.2)
  • New (7th) playable race: Bentusi.
  • New / re-textured units and models for various races.
  • New abilities & UI icons (EMP, Defence Field etc.) instead of the regular ones.

Staying up to Date

To get the latest news on the FXmod you can 'watch' the mod and / or frequently check back on this page for the latest news, downloads or media.

We also have a forum page ("Forum" tab in the menu atop of the page) that can be used for:

  • Getting help with technical issues.
  • Reporting bugs that you encounter while playing the mod.
  • Discussing the mod and sharing strategies.
  • Promoting FXmod videos / screenshots you made.
  • Meeting other people to play online with.

!! Please do -not- flood the comments in the downloads, images or news sections with technical issues / bug reports !! We have the forum for that. Although it may seem dormant, we check do it frequently.

If you enjoy the mod be sure to spread the word and let us know in the comments. It are our fans that made the mod into what it is, and it are our fans that will encourage us to continue.


Homeworld 2 FX - Commander
**7/6/2011** FX v1.86 is now available
Alternative Project: FX - Empires

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Bentusi Destroyer Bentusi Destroyer Bentusi Destroyer
Blog RSS Feed Report abuse Latest News: The Future of FX:Commander

8 comments by WildHeart|GENESIS| on Jan 28th, 2015

Hello FX fans,

Many of you have been asking about the plans for FX:Commander, seeing as the release of HW:RM is inbound on February 25th. Through this newspost we hope to provide some answers.

Before anything else, it should be said that 9CCN, like the rest of us, is very much hyped about and looking forward to the release of HW:RM. One of the guys said this:

Quote:Gearbox really gives us a wonderful Chinese New Year gift (the Chinese New Year is Feb 19th and the celebration usually lasts for 7 to 15 days)

From Here on Out

  • Will FX:Commanders continue in HW:RM?

Simply said, it is too early to tell. The team is still thinking about what their next move will be. But the signs so far have been positive.

  • Why is it too early to make the call now?

Because many details about HW:RM and the modding tools/support etc. remain yet unclear at this point. Furthermore, some of the old guys on the team may not have time to learn about those new mod tools and will quit, but other, younger modders are eager to try the new engine and succeed 9CCN's name.

The story of FX won't end, although we may change its name from FX:C to FX: Next Generation or something like that. We will continue our work as soon as we get used to the new mod tools

  • So is there perspective?

I'd definitely say so. HW:RM has 4 playable races in MP from what we have seen (Kushan, Taiidan, Hiigaran and Vaygr), but the FXmod also has the Kadeshi, Turanic Raiders & Progenitors as fully playable races (Bentusi WIP), each with their own models/animations/effects/fx and playing styles. Basically, the FXmod has its own style. The new generation within 9CCN may thus step up to continue the project their mentors have been working on for so long.

About FX v2.2

The release of FX 2.2 was originally scheduled to be before the Chinese New Year (Feb 19), but due to the incoming release of HW:RM it has been decided to publish it sooner -- probably later this week. This version is most likely the final release of FX:C for the old or 'classic' Homeworld 2.

FX v2.2 will re-introduce the Hiigaran / Vaygr as playable races as well as allow players to try the Bentusi for the first time. Bear in mind that since this version was scheduled for release at a later point, it will be incomplete: the Hiigaran and Vaygr are still not well-balanced, and the Bentusi are far from done. Even if so, we hope the fans will enjoy this release.

I have already asked the guys if FX 2.2 will come with an English patch, will edit this post once I have an answer.

What else is there to say, thank you for following us all this time. Be sure to keep an eye on the mods list for HW:RM -- if the team decides to continue their work in remastered, a page for the mod will be put up there as soon as possible (FX: New/Next Generation/Frontier or something in that spirit).
If you have any final questions, feedback or just want to show some the team some love for all the work they have done on the mod over the years, now would be a good time ;)

WildHeart|GENESIS & liuruoyang1995

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Official English Patch for FX v2.1 / 2.0

Official English Patch for FX v2.1 / 2.0

Jun 27, 2014 Patch 9 comments

The official English translation for the first two installments in the v2.x series. Patches FX v2.0 & v2.1 to the English version. Installation instructions...

FX v2.1 (CN)

FX v2.1 (CN)

Jun 2, 2014 Full Version 22 comments

Bugfix for v2.0. Adds the re-textured TAI Missile Destroyer & KPR "Demolisher" Frigate. Installation instructions below.

FX v2.0: Empire Rise (CN)

FX v2.0: Empire Rise (CN)

May 3, 2014 Full Version 22 comments

The long-awaited release of FX v2.0! New models, textures, fx features, technology & more updates!

FX v1.88

FX v1.88

Aug 22, 2011 Full Version 25 comments

This release is a quick release after version 1.87. Unfortunately, as there are no changes listed in the official channels that I can find I have no idea...

FX v1.86

FX v1.86

Jun 7, 2011 Full Version 5 comments

This is another release in the v1.8x series, 1.86 makes a lot of balance fixes, adds some new features, new models, new specials effects and more sound...

FX v1.85: New Hope

FX v1.85: New Hope

Feb 13, 2009 Full Version 73 comments

Yet another release in the v1.8x series, this version fixes all bugs found in v1.84. Click 'read more' for details.

Post comment Comments  (0 - 10 of 361)
Comander-07 Jan 29 2015, 1:53pm says:

would like to play it, but it crashes to desktop every time I try to start a game. That the campaign cant work without the factions seems logical ^^
but not even a match vs cpu starts -.- tried to reinstall, but same problem again.
I loved to play FX mods, like FX Empire, but now it just crash :/ other mods work fine ..
Any sugestions?

+1 vote     reply to comment
WildHeart|GENESIS| Creator
WildHeart|GENESIS| Jan 29 2015, 2:23pm replied:

Did you reinstall in the right order? (uninstall all -> reinstall HW2 -> v1.1 patch -> FX. It is very important to have the 1.1 patch installed before installing FX.

Also try turning off the strengthening effect, if you had it enabled.

If all this doesn't work consult our section under the "forum tab".

+1 vote   reply to comment
Comander-07 Jan 30 2015, 5:19am replied:

omg, im so stupid.
changed the 4th window to Fx Mod 2.1, but not to Sierra\Homeworld2\FX MOD 2.1
sorry ^^

+1 vote     reply to comment
EmptySoul01 Jan 25 2015, 3:18pm says:

What is the future now for this mod and your members cause Homeworld Remastered Collection coming out soon, after reading what new in additional features like having 4 races Hiigaran, vaygr, taiidan, kadesh for multiplayer and mod support and mod tools?

+1 vote     reply to comment
Unlimited_X Jan 28 2015, 6:11am replied:

We're still considering our next move since details about remastered are still uncertain. Besides, I think there will be no kadesh as playable race in HWR(it should be kushan instead).

+1 vote     reply to comment
WildHeart|GENESIS| Creator
WildHeart|GENESIS| Jan 28 2015, 8:48am replied:

Kadesh is not playable in HW:RM MP from what I've seen. Kushan/Taiidan/Hiigaran/Vaygr are the 4 playable races.

+1 vote   reply to comment
EmptySoul01 Jan 28 2015, 11:33am replied:

Sorry I miss read kadesk for Kushan for multipaler race , im so excited of the news of remastered and thank you for the answering my question.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Martizatorius Jan 22 2015, 11:02am says:

Hello is there any chance in the future that you add Kiith Somtaaw and the Beast form homeworld cataclysm

+1 vote     reply to comment
ledernierrempart Nov 23 2014, 7:04am says:

really nice mod :)

there is although little things that bother me.
only tested turanic raiders and kadeshi against taidan for the moment.
turanic raider fighters and corvette could have a better model compared to the frigate models and capital ship.
then turnic bombers have indeed a missile launcher but 2 on each side in the ships an not one in the middle.
their destroyer have a taidan concept and not a raider one :/

about the kadeshi i didnt saw their big capital ships shaped like the mother ship. i dont remember their name. templar i think...

well thats all for now.
still a good mod :)

(after the bentusi are you planning of making the beast and the Kiith Somtaaw?)

+1 vote     reply to comment
WildHeart|GENESIS| Creator
WildHeart|GENESIS| Dec 23 2014, 5:09pm replied:

Making re-textured versions of the HW1 is a very demanding task. The Taiidan had all their frigates / capital ships renewed, which took a great amount time.

As far as I know, there are no plans for re-textured fighters/corvettes or adding the Beast/Somtaaw. The FXmod focuses on 'telling the story of Hw1 in Hw2', and Cataclysm is not part of that. If you want to play with those races -- they might be featured in the Homeworld Universe Mod.

+1 vote   reply to comment
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