-Complete standalone (download and play right now)
-4 fully by players and AI playable factions (GDI, Nod, Cabal, The Forgotten)
-HyperPatch 0.3 already included
-CnCGraphicsPatch already included for superior performance
-Many optional files aviable (Tiberium twinkle animations, smaller infantry, DDraw.dll)
-Over 100 new units
-A lot of new buildings
-Merciless AI with some brain
-Improved graphics & effects
-More than 1700 new unit quotes and sounds (more in future coming)
-New weapon sound effects
-New interface and EVA/Cabal voices

Upcoming features:
-Custom soundtrack
-GDI campaign
-Nod campaign
-Cabal campaign
-Forgotten campaign
-Hundreds of new skirmish/multiplayer maps

C&C Tiberian Sun Crystallized Doom
C&C Tiberian Sun Crystallized Doom
C&C Tiberian Sun Crystallized Doom

The Team so far:
Graion Dilach


The mod plays right after the events of C&C Tiberian Sun Firestorm.
Cabal was defeated by GDI and Nod forces together. But after the destruction of the Core the alliance didn't hold long. Kane was dead, the Brotherhood scattered up without a main leader. An easy target for GDI. In 2035 the Global Defense Initiative declared that the Brotherhood of Nod was finally defeated.
After that devasting victory, the task forces where split into three main groups. The defense group, the attack group alias Steel Talons and the expansion group ZOCOM. Each group had a main task. While the main defense force defended the last Tiberium free zones called Blue Zones, the ZOCOM reclaimed Tiberium infested Red Zones back. The Steel Talons however - got the task to get the old territory of Nod under control. They destroyed here and there some small Nod rebells but nothing dangerous was happening in the Yellow Zones...till one day.
2039...The Forgotten who lived hidden in these Zones formend a big organised military operation against the GDI. Surprised by the Mutants, GDI had to react.

Mod history:

Project Nemesis (2009)
Version 1.0 released on November 19, 2009
Version 1.1
Version 1.2
Version 1.21 hotfix
Version 1.3
Version 1.4

Project Nemesis (2010)
Version 1.5
Version 1.6

Version 1.7
Version 1.8 hotfix/hardcore
Version 1.8.5 BETA (Preview of new sides)
Version 1.8.6 Content Pack/hotfix
Version 1.8.8 BETA

Crystallized Doom (2010)
Version 1.9

Crystallized Doom Resurrected (2013)
Version 1.9.1
Version 1.9.2
Version 1.9.3 BETA
Version 1.9.31
Version 1.9.32 Standalone [cancelled]

Crystallized Doom Standalone (2013)

Version 1.9.4


Crystallized Doom Standalone (2014)

Version BETA
Version / hotfix

Version 1.9.41 - revised Techlevel I [skipped for public]

Version 1.9.42 - revised Techlevel II [BETA TESTING]

Version 1.9.43 - revised Techlevel III [WIP]
Version 1.9.44 - revised Techlevel IV

Crystallized Doom Standalone (2015)
Version 1.9.45 - revised Techlevel V
Version 1.9.46 - revised Techlevel VI
Version 1.9.47 - revised Techlevel VII
Version 1.9.48 - revised Techlevel VIII
Version 1.9.49 - revised Techlevel IX
Version 1.9.50 - revised Techlevel X
Version 1.9.51 - polishing files / feature complete
Version 1.9.60 - GDI campaign
Version 1.9.70 - Forgotten campaign
Version 1.9.80 - Nod campaign
Version 1.9.90 - Cabal campaign
Version 2.0.00
- Final release

Image RSS Feed Latest Screens
Nameless T3 Nod Tank Zone Marine death animations Forgotten Watchtower
Blog RSS Feed Report abuse Latest News: Status Report 1.9.41

5 comments by Astor on Oct 13th, 2014

Hi all!

Time has passed and people may be interrested in what happend all the last weeks.

First off, Crystallized Doom is getting in better shape each day we work on it, I can't wait to share it with all of you. The waiting is worth, believe me that.

So what exactly can you expect from build 1.9.41?

First fact, you will only be able to play Techlevel 1. That's intended as all work has gone into T1. Why? The answer is quite simple, for something big to build you need a solid base. If the base is not good enough the whole construct will fall into itself. That's why I want to make T1 great.

This are fixes that are going to be included:

- Tweaked sound proirities
- Improved LAN netcode performance
- Fixed laser waveclass internal error
- Cyborgs will now properly play death animations instead just exploding
- Removed a few hardcoded stuff
- Removed additional weapon muzzle flash animation (Husk)
- Fixed GDI AI walls
- Added muzzle flash animation to Hunter
- Fixed GDI Fortress Tower Turret graphic for MG
- Fixed GDI Fortress Tower Turret graphic for Single Cannon
- Fixed GDI Fortress Tower Turret graphic for Dual Cannon
- Fixed GDI Fortress Tower Turret graphic for Artillery
- Fixed GDI Fortress Tower Turret graphic for Sonic

So we are getting better network performance, the laser waveclass crash is gone and some other essential fixes. AI has got an improved wall logic too and finally GDI AI got their own walls back. Also Cabal and The Forgotton got their own new walls.

Example of a T1 easy AI base

Next thing are factions. Now we have custom sidebars for GDI, Nod, Cabal and The Forgotten. Additional to that each of them has it's custom EVA. GDI & Nod use the ones from Tiberium Wars. While Cabal is voiced by himself (quite obvious right?). The Forgotten now have their own EVA - called "The Voice" more will be revealed later about him. We already recorded over 100 new lines for units!

Cabal's Sidebar

Our team has grew in size. We got 4 new voice actors, who are doing a great job! ATM we have new voices already finished for the Grunt, Forgotten Harvester and Forgotten EVA "The Voice". Next ones are the Forgotten MCV, GDI Medic and Forgotten Mechanic on the list. So you can expect some awesome new voices. I may upload a teaser of that soon.

As for gameplay, it's still not final (as the UI has priority right now). Techlevel 1 will be quite "big" compared to pre 1.9.41 or vanilla TS. In Tiberian Sun you only have Light Infantry available in T1. In Crystallized Doom 1.9.41 you have up to 6 infantry types available for use.

GDI T1 Infantry

As seen on the image we have the following units:

Basic GDI infantry, well balanced

Disc Thrower
Basic AT infantry, very usefull against buildings and light armored units (vehicles, cyborgs)

Use the Scout to infiltrate factories, power plants, radar, refinaries or to just explore the battlefield. He is also stealthed and has no weapons.

Watch Dog
They can deal a lot of damage to non armored infantry, but are very ineffective against cyborgs. Dogs can't damage buildings or vehicles. Another useful ability is that they can find cloaked units. Remember dogs are no tanks, they are vulnerable.

The Engineer we love and hate, most balanced one.

Medic are very usefull for healing infantry anywhere, but be prepared, cyborgs, mutants and Nod troops don't care if he is a medic or not - they will shoot him with plesure.

Nod T1 Infantry

Basic Nod infantry, not as strong as the Marine, but faster and cheaper.

Basic AT infantry, very usefull against buildings and light armored units (vehicles, cyborgs)

Use the Scout to infiltrate factories, power plants, radar, refinaries or to just explore the battlefield. He is also stealthed and has no weapons.

Battle Dog
They can deal a lot of damage to non armored infantry, but are very ineffective against cyborgs. Dogs can't damage buildings or vehicles. Another useful ability is that they can find cloaked units. Remember dogs are no tanks, they are vulnerable.

The Engineer we love and hate, but this one trades durability for stealth. Once detected they are an easy target.

As for Cabal and the Forgotten, I may upload images of the complete T1 set later. For now I give you the new Husk. It looks more armored then before.

So yeah there is still some work left, but it won't take too long for a public release.

Best regards

Astor :)

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Downloads RSS Feed Latest Downloads
Crystallized Doom (Hotfix) [Outdated]

Crystallized Doom (Hotfix) [Outdated]

Jul 22, 2014 Patch 6 comments

A quick update to fix a small mistake, for the latest release.

Crystallized Doom (Standalone) [Outdated]

Crystallized Doom (Standalone) [Outdated]

Jul 20, 2014 Full Version 15 comments

Download of version for Crystallized Doom.

Crystallized Doom BETA [Outdated]

Crystallized Doom BETA [Outdated]

May 10, 2014 Full Version 6 comments

Crystallized Doom beta build - This is the latest build for people who like to try it out. If you prefer a polished version you should wait...

Crystallized Doom [Outdated]

Crystallized Doom [Outdated]

Oct 30, 2013 Patch 5 comments

Crystallized Doom update - NOTE requires 1.9.4 standalone!

Crystallized Doom 1.9.4 Standalone [Outdated]

Crystallized Doom 1.9.4 Standalone [Outdated]

Oct 23, 2013 Full Version 36 comments

After 5 months of hard work it has arrived! We hope you enjoy it! Changelog in description...

Crystallized Doom 1.9.31 [Outdated]

Crystallized Doom 1.9.31 [Outdated]

Jun 13, 2013 Full Version 12 comments

Crystallized Doom updated to 1.9.31 with many important new features! If you are getting a "Please reinstall error" with the mod, you are missing essential...

Post comment Comments  (0 - 10 of 820)
Pat_famous Nov 15 2014, 6:04am says:

I installed this mod on my laptop (Windows 8.1)
this is such a really good mod and i love this...
but it often crashed :-/

+1 vote     reply to comment
Astor Creator
Astor Nov 15 2014, 9:16am replied:


Nice that you like the mod. Not so good that you have problems.

As for Windows 8.1 you need to do a few additional steps to get it to work right.

First add the DDraw.dll and the CFG file from DDraw1 folder to your mod folder (where the game.exe is located)

Then you have to make a shortcut from game.exe

Set that shortcut to start in windowed mode:

(example path)
"D:\Program Files (x86)\EA Games\SUN\Game.exe" -win

Set to 16bit mode, set Admin rights and set XP or Win98 compatibilty (try which one of those works better in terms of performance)

Do NOT set to your highest resolution (i.e desktop resolution)
or game will crash when moving with mouse outside of window

The resolution should be smaller than your native resolution. So if you have 1920x1080 then you have to set to 1900x1050 or something like that.

To change it, just open SUN.ini with notepad.

ScreenWidth=1900 <- set them about 20-50 pixels smaller
ScreenHeight=1050 <- set them about 20-50 pixels smaller

Also graphic details should stay on medium for, on high settings you get WaveClass errors which crash your game (laser hitting bottom of screen will crash game).

Hope this helps!

+1 vote   reply to comment
Pat_famous Nov 15 2014, 11:10am replied:

ehm... the thing is i installed it from origin ( origin 17 years edition )
is it a little bit different? (sry for my bad english, i'm from germany)

+1 vote     reply to comment
Astor Creator
Astor Nov 16 2014, 7:15am replied:

You don't need Tiberian Sun for this mod, Crystallized Doom is completly standalone. Just download it, then do the following steps above and start it.

PS: Your english is fine (btw I am from Austria ;) )

+1 vote   reply to comment
Meyerm Nov 6 2014, 9:12pm says:

Is that a tib floater dragging a wagon?

+1 vote     reply to comment
Chubrokoli Creator
Chubrokoli Nov 7 2014, 6:48pm replied:

yup (age of empires) :D

+1 vote   reply to comment
Guest Oct 26 2014, 11:49am says:

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

Astor Creator
Astor Oct 27 2014, 12:18pm replied:

Yes mappacks are still planned.

+1 vote   reply to comment
Corelious Oct 24 2014, 6:30pm says:

Hi all, just downloaded this mod. I extracted it into my origin games/tiberian sun game file and it started up okay. The windows mouse cursor still shows up and when I click on skirmish, options, etc. it doesnt do anything. The next screen never shows up - it stays on the main menu screen. However, if I click around I can hear the sounds for hitting option buttons and what not - but I cant do anything else. I have windows 8.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Astor Creator
Astor Oct 25 2014, 7:52am replied:

That's a major problem of TS and Win 7/8, you need the DDRAW1 fix which can be found in optional files (from Crystallized Doom). Put the file ddraw.dll and aqrit.cfg into your game folder. Then set up all settings as mentioned here: Moddb.com

This should remove the invisible menu bug, as I have it too without the fix.

+1 vote   reply to comment
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