This (D2kA) is my mod for the OpenRA game with the goal to improve on Dune2k gameplay in multiple small steps. New content and inspirations from the Dune books take precedence over balance changes, initialy.
(See DONE FEATURES for new content)

Step 1 (complete): Create five interesting modded multiplayer maps for OpenRA Dk2 featuring just-as-much-as-needed content. Those maps are vsMission maps, which means they are mission scripted Co-op maps, but your adversary is actually another player.

Step 1.5 (complete): Revisit all [vsMis] and [d2kA] maps for the new OpenRA release and re-release them in one package.

Step 2 ( 0% ): Organize a quater annualy D2kA weekend tournament with the vsMis maps, open for all OpenRA players and (if possible) covered by a OpenRA caster.

Step 3 ( 5% ): Publish D2kA as an OpenRA standalone mod while trying to feed as many D2kA features back to the OpenRA developers as possible. So optimaly the mod would merge and vanish into the official d2k release after some (long) time.

Special Thanks go to
and abcdefg30 (of the OpenRA development team) for their repeated technical advice on the OpenRA LUA API and engine!

* Five [vsMis] maps. (make sure to get the latest revision)
In "Atreides Mission 1" the Atreides defend their harvest operations against Harkonnen air assaults.
In "Three Outopsts" three factions try FFA style to either harvest enough resources or outright detroy all opposition.
In "Harkonnen Aftermath" Atreides try to seize an abandoned Ordos base from the Harkonnen claws.
In "War of Assassins" Ordos and Harkonnen engage in infantry-only ritual fighting to settle a dispute.
In "Mutual Treason" two main factions battle utilizing the full tech tree, supported by smaller allies.
* [d2kA] skirmish maps. (make sure to get the latest revision)
Featuring the full d2kA tech tree. Map layout made by the original authors.
Tournament quality 1v1 maps "Death Depths", "Faufreluches XS", "The Duel".
2v2 skirmish map "Desert Twister" and 8 player free-for-all map "Habbanya Erg".
* New faction specific light units.
Atreides get a turreted trike, Harkonnen a HMG Quad and a troop transport, Ordos nothing new ;)
* Reworked and expanded elite Infantry.
The too generic Grenadier was replaced by the Atreides Loyalist, a fearsome and fast warrior. Ordos Saboteurs can now blow up Carryalls, if the timing is right. Harkonnen Sardaukar are now uncrushable and have a close combat attack, making them very hard to remove. A new infantry unit was introduced for each faction: The Harkonnen Assassin, the Ordos Guild Agent and the Atreides Propaganda Corps! (See images)
* New faction specific heavy units.
All Atreides heavy units are veteran. They also get an armend harvester. Ordos get a harvester immune to worms as well as turreted siege tank and missile tank units. Harkonnen have slavo-shooting artillery and get a Harvester which can carry more spice.
* Air reinforcement powers on an upgraded outpost.
These allow the three factions to call in reinforcements via carryall to an arbitrary location on the map. Each faction gets other units.
* Silos are upgradeable to increase income.
This is one step to make silos a viable player choice. Right now only gives a flat bonus, but this will change.
* Reworked build queues.
There is no bonus for multiple production structures. The MCV has all build queues, the outpost builds upgrades and the palace defenses.
This makes losing the MCV not as devastating, while providing a new, unique approach to build queues in OpenRA. Intended to force players to master each aspect of their army and use mind games to gain advantage.
* New starting unit option: A (mobile) crane.
This unit also replaces the starport MCV. It can only build basic buildings, is re-deployable and cannot produce defenses or upgrades.
* A mentat advisor.
Helping with mission goals and game rules in general.
* Family Palace
The palace provides special passive bonuses to the Houses. Ordos guild agents and saboteurs become stealthed, Harkonnen get the ability to store tonnes of spice as well as autorepairing defenses and the Atreides palace reduces the cooldown on all air powers (thopter strike, airborne reinforcements).
* New and unique Superpowers
The Atreides can summon their iconic patron Paul Atreides to cause all kinds of mischief. The Harkonnen Sardaukar Invasion superpower is much more straightforward, turning every last solaris of spice you have instantly into controllable landing ships filled with units. The Ordos utilize forbidden gas technology to craze all troops in a large area, causing tragic deaths and destruction.
* AI
Play vs the evil "Seurat" AI, which utilizes all new assets and abilities. Only on skirmish maps later than OpenRA playtest 20170902.

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Detailed Player Changelog


This detailed changelog includes all changes relevant to players that were made in this mod in comparison to standard OpenRA Dune2k. Applies to all maps with the [d2kA] prefix.

-Sun Tsu says: "If you know yourself and your enemy, you need not fear the course of a hundred battles."

Build queues

  • You will most likely start with a "crane" intsead of an MCV.
  • Cranes only have access to a reduced set of structures and cannot make defense turrets or upgrades. But they can undeploy and redeploy unlike MCVs. Produce an MCV later in the game to tech up fully.
  • MCV remains unchanged (can build all structures, upgrades and defensive turrets).
  • Outposts get an extra build queue for upgrades.
  • Palaces get an extra build queue for defensive turrets.
  • Build queues do not get a production speed bonus for multiple structures.


  • The starport only builds cranes instead of MCVs.
  • The starport builds (slightly weaker) mechenary tanks instead of combat tanks.
  • The MCV unlocks 3x3 concrete without further requirements.
  • The barracks unlocks troopers without further requirements.
  • Walls block projectiles again like in RA/TD. Walls can block low-flying artillery shells.
  • Rocket turrets now detect stealthed aircraft (not ground units).
  • Rocket turrets don't require MCV upgrade anymore.
  • Silos recieve an upgrade.
  • Outposts recieve an upgrade.
  • The palace provides a passive power.


  • MCV upgrade removed.
  • Upgraded Silos generate (small) continual income.
  • Upgraded Outposts provide a power. ("Air Reinforcements")


  • All palace superpowers are replaced by new ones.
  • Harkonnen-AirReinforcements: Calls in a controllable carryall with 2 sardaukar and 2 missile quads inside.
  • Harkonnen-passive: +8000 spice storage and small continual income, auto-repairing walls and turrets.
  • Harkonnen-super: Instantly drains all your money. For each 2000 spent this way, a controllable troop transport is called in with 6 sardaukar and 1 combat tank inside.
  • Ordos-AirReinforcements: Calls in a controllable carryall with 1 guild agent inside.
  • Ordos-passive: Reinforcing carryalls gain stealth, guild agents and saboteurs gain stealth.
  • Ordos-super: Calls in a stealth carryall which bombs an area with confusion gas. Confused units will reject orders and fight each other and anyone close to them for 10 seconds.
  • Atreides-AirReinforcements: Calls in a controllable carryall with 3 veteran infantry and 2 veteran troopers inside.
  • Atreides-passive: Cooldowns of "air strike" and "air reinforcements" powers are reduced by 30%.
  • Atreides-super: Summons the "paul atreides" unit anywhere on the map. Paul atreides spawns "Fremen" units from killed buildings and can teleport a small distance and moves stealthed on sand terrain. If he gets eaten by a sandworm, he dies and turns into a wormrider unit which is very powerful and can crush-move everything, but cannot leave sand terrain. The wormrider can also self-destruct to remove all spice in a medium size area.

Units (no price increases or other changes if not mentioned):

  • All factions can build the "light thopter" from the high-tech-factory. It is a fast scout with aniti-air-beams. Can only be targeted by rocket turrets, missile tanks and other thopters.
  • All faction's siege tanks get +300% range (up to 20), +100% damage on a direct hit and -66% fire rate. Added 4 cell minimum firing range.
  • All factions missile tanks can detect stealthed aircraft.
  • Atreides cannot build grenadiers anymore.
  • Atreides harvesters produced in the heavy factory get a gun turret.
  • Atreides trikes get turret-mounted instead of hull-mounted weaponry.
  • Atreides heavy factory units start with veterancy.
  • Atreides get access to the "loyalist" elite infantry when also having a high-tech-factory and barracks upgrade. It is as fast as a rifleman and has a strong anti-tank rocket weapon.
  • Atreides get access to the "propaganda corps" elite infantry when also having a palace and barracks upgrade. It has an aura that prevents allied infantry from going prone. Exits at the palace.
  • Harkonnen harvesters produced in the heavy factory can load 30% more spice than other harvesters.
  • Harkonnen trike chassis gets replaced with a quad chassis (+22% HP).
  • Harkonnen get access to the "troop crawler" light vehicle when also having a barracks and light factory upgrade. It can transport 8 infantry (excluding engineers, saboteurs and paul atreides).
  • Harkonnen missile tanks get burst fire (2 missiles) and ~tripled reload time.
  • Harkonnen siege tank gets burst fire (4 shells) and ~quadrupled reload time.
  • Harkonnen get access to the "assassin" elite infantry when also having a high-tech-factory and barracks upgrade. It is a sniper infantry which gains stealth while holding position in rough terrain (grey cursor).
  • Harkonnen "sardaukar" elite infantry available now when also having a palace and barracks upgrade. Gets a instant death close combat attack and is uncrushable by vehicles. 37% price increase. Exits at the palace now.
  • Ordos harvesters produced in the heavy factory are not targeted by sandworms.
  • Ordos can build missile tanks at the heavy factory as well.
  • Ordos missile tanks get turret-mounted instead of hull-mounted weaponry.
  • Ordos siege tanks get turret-mounted instead of hull-mounted weaponry.
  • Ordos "saboteur" elite infantry can now be built at the barracks when also having a high-tech-factory and barracks upgrade. The demolition charge has a 5 second delay now and will destroy carryall+harvester if timed right.
  • Ordos get access to the "guild agent" elite infantry when also having a palace and barracks upgrade. It has stealth, even when moving, as long as the ordos palace is not destroyed. It reveals the last produced unit on enemy structures and whether or not an upgrade for that building has allready been purchased. Exits at the palace.
  • Fremen now only move stealthed on sand terrain. (not on rock and rough terrain)

Tech Tree:


Tools used to create this mod

Tools used to create this mod

Starting a mod Tutorial 2 comments

Since my mod maps are now feature-complete and only small changes like bugfixes of upgrades to newer versions of OpenRA will be done for some time (and...

RSS Files
D2k Advanced Complete MapPack

D2k Advanced Complete MapPack

Full Version 3 comments

This includes all mod maps I made for Dune 2k Advanced plus two desktop backgrounds. 5 Multiplayer mission maps. 5 Skirmish maps with AI support. All...

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SirCakealot Creator

Complete map pack is now out! Enjoy bug-free and highly polished Dune2k Advanced :)

Reply Good karma+1 vote


Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
SirCakealot Creator

Once the new OpenRA release is out (which can take a while), I will post my final super polished 1.0 version [vsMis] modmaps, and some skirmish [d2kA] modmaps with the full tech tree as a zip download. Nice and easy in one package!
That will be the "release date" so to speak.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

New playtest 20170902 ready!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

DIfferent sprites will AMP up your mod for sure

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
SirCakealot Creator

lol, i HAVE different sprites (which I made myself) for many units in this mod. Just scroll trough the pictures ....
Atreides trike, Harvester, Loyalist, Propaganda Corps, Quad, Harkonnen Harvester, Troop Crawler, Siege Tank, Missile Tank, Assassin, Starport Tank, Mobile Crane, Ordos Siege Tank, Guild Agent and finaly Ordos Harvester.
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to list all those..

Reply Good karma+2 votes

I am very excited dude, can't wait!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I suggest as well changing the looks of units in different houses as well, difficult task but taking some aesthetics from Emperor and even fanart will greatly give character. Id possible, add the sub houses like in Emperor or even as playable houses.

i would love to see new original missions or remakes of others = D

very excited!

maybe even have the thinking machines as an enemy

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

instead of
Categories: Cooperative Mission
why not make it
Categories: Versus Mission ?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
SirCakealot Creator

The problem currently is that no one knows what exactly a "Versus Mission" is. Frankly, the phrase has not been coined yet^^. I thought Co-Op is as close as you can get while using a known term.

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