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To the Planet Vampire Community and Moddb,

As of today 7/27/16, Lenusk@ contacted me on Moddb and made it quite clear that she no longer needs any outside publicity assistance, so I am thus resigning from management and any involvement in and of this mod, due to a variety of reasons which do not need to be shared with the public at this time. I will pass on all aspects of management to her, including publicity, she has also made it clear to me that she does not want assistance regarding models and maps or python unless asked for. Consider all progress I have discussed, as well as any screenshots posted to be unofficial, and no longer in official use within the mod since Lenusk@ wants to decide alone what is allowed in to the mod, and what is not, and unfortunately, she is not very pleased with what has been done since her absence. In accordance, anything I have advertised previously, or promised may not be used, including the Sabbat Main Quest and related aspects.

Lenusk@ does not have an account on Planet Vampire, and she can only be contacted on Moddb with questions under the account name "Lenusk@". This resignation is voluntary as I feel that I no longer have anything to offer to the mod, in addition I cannot always devote my full attention to the mod due to other mods I am working on as well as life events. But I wish all the best and I hope that you all continue to enjoy it, since it is a revolutionary mod and has indeed changed much of the Bloodlines feel.

-Sincerely, FleshArtist

Current Status of Antitribu, 1.1.

Current Status of Antitribu, 1.1.

News 11 comments

First and foremost, Team Antitribu would like to thank all fans for sticking around with us while we continue to develop Antitribu...

Bloodlines Antitribu Version 1.0 - Changelog and Details

Bloodlines Antitribu Version 1.0 - Changelog and Details

News 10 comments

We (Lenuska and Me) would like to thank you all for sticking around this long, we have finally decided to release the mod with most main promised features...

Bloodlines Antitribu - Project Progress

Bloodlines Antitribu - Project Progress

Feature 3 comments

This Section is dedicated to the Progress of the Project, it will Pretty Much a good idea on how things are at the moment.

Textures - Basic Re-Texturing and Re-Skining

Textures - Basic Re-Texturing and Re-Skining

Textures Tutorial 8 comments

This Tutorial involves teaching how to do change the textures of a Particular skin (for a Model) or general textures of the environment in Vampire the...

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Version 1.1 Hotfix

Version 1.1 Hotfix

Patch 32 comments

To install the hotfix: 1. Open the Bloodlines location you installed Antitribu with the auto-installer 2. Merge the Antitribu_Mod folder in the archive...

Antitribu 1.1

Antitribu 1.1

Full Version 88 comments

1.1 is finally here, an official change log and more information is available in the readme installed with the mod.

Antitribu 1.0.10 Patch

Antitribu 1.0.10 Patch

Patch 30 comments

This patch contains the fixes all previous patches had, installation instructions and details within the .zip file.

Bloodlines Antitribu Version 1.0.9 Patch

Bloodlines Antitribu Version 1.0.9 Patch

Patch 55 comments

You don't need older patches - fixes most game breaking bugs and crashes.

Bloodlines Antitribu Version 1.0.5 Hotfix

Bloodlines Antitribu Version 1.0.5 Hotfix

Patch 11 comments

You dont need older patches - just apply this over the main mod and it should be fine. It fixes several small issues and makes some new modifications...

Bloodlines Antitribu Version 1.0.2 Quick Fix Patch

Bloodlines Antitribu Version 1.0.2 Quick Fix Patch

Patch 1 comment

A quick fix patch that fixed the discipline names issue in the character creation. and mercurio dialog.

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I guess this mod is dead? Real shame :(

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Hello: I am enjoying the new version of the game, but my character keeps getting prompts to eat some flesh.. how does she do that? I tried killing a person but she still didn't eat just drank blood and she lost humanity for the kill, of course. So how do I feed her and does she lose humanity each time she feeds? Thank for any info you can give me on this. Sherrid

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here is a guide to all the clans and new skills all the 5 levels of the skills

Lasobra Dominate, Obtenebration, Potence

Followers of Set Serpentis, Obfuscate, Prensence

Old Clan Tzimisce Dominate, Auspex, Animalism

Samedi Obfuscate, Necromancy, Thanatosis

Tzimisce Auspex, Animalism, Vicissitude

Nagaraja Auspex, Nihilistic, Necromancy

Giovanni, Dominate, Potence, Necromancy

Shadow Play: Move and shape the natural shadows around you
Shroud of Sight: Blanket an area in a cloud of unnatural shadow that obscures light, sound, and heat
Arms of the Abyss: Summon black tentacles from the shadows to assist you
Black Metamorphosis: Encase your body in nightmarish armor and grow black tentacles from your sides
Tenebrous Form: Transform into pure shadow that can only be harmed by fire, sunlight, or magic

The Eyes of the Serpent: Immobilize someone with your gaze
Hatch of the Viper: Disgorge from your mouth a living , poisonous serpent, formed from blood, this snake will distract and attack enemies for 30 seconds
The Form of the Cobra: Transform into a large venomous snake
Obsession: Fill someone with lust for an object or condition
Breathe the Sandstorm: Exhale a scorching blast of sand

Tremenes: making the flesh of a corpse shift once
Apprentice's Brooms: allowing the dead to rise and perform simple functions like lifting
Shambling Hordes: allows the dead to rise and perform attacks
Soul Stealing: remove one soul from its body
Daemonic Possession: place a soul in a fresh corps

Hags: Wrinkles: Alter skin and the underlying fatty tissue to create disguises or small pockets of flesh
Putrefaction: Inflict the decomposition of aging upon a victim
Ashes to Ashes: Transform into a pile of thick, sticky powder
Withering: Shrivel a victim's limb, making it useless
Compress: Skin tightens, muscles tense, rot boils over and, finally, the victim ruptures and showers the area in their viscera

Changeling You change your appearence to become alluring and beautiful. Icreases your seduction dialogue options
Fleshcraft: Alter muscle, fat, and cartilage
Bone Craft: Alter bone
Horrid Form: Transform into the war-form zulo, the transformation takes 2 turns to complete
Szlachta Creation: The pride of the tzimisce clan are their misshapen foot soldiers the Szlachta Creation

Eyes of the Wraith: Extend your senses into the Shadowlands
Consume the Dead: Gain sustenance from the corpus of a wraith
Aura of Decay: Infect an object with the taint of Oblivion
The Dark Touch: Attack a target with the energy of Oblivion
Nightcry: Summon creatures from the Shadowlands

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Hey Developer team one thing i would like to suggest a change of one clan for the other the nagaraja for the Ravnos

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I love this mod! best mod! but still needs more things added :)

I would love an avatar creation, better graphics? more then 7 clans..every clan from the game into 1 mod ;) (20 different clans or however

I like game visuals so if you could..possibly add a **** ton of visuals and lots of cool **** to the mod? would be awesome!

only if possible :) Thanks!

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There's about a snowball's chance in hell of that happening, since the engine would need modded I think, which Activision and Paradox Games would try to sue over.

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Having a bit of a problem, I went through Hollowbrook Hotel, and killed Andrei, but now I'm in the Library, and completely lost on what I should do to get out, please help.

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All of you whose are giving bad ratings maybe should look a single video first.

This is a many years expected work. A mod from a 2004 game.
If you played this game before, i suggest you to play this mod, because it´s a entirely new experience, very replayable, and will grant you many, many hours of fun. I´ll do it as well.

If not, maybe it´s time to play the game and the mods. Will run very smooth in actual computers.

Feb 6 2015 by richardtubbs

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