This is an add-on for Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines that adds a series of quests to the game, including one quest specific to each of the playable clans and a quest designed specifically for evil characters. Each clan quest exemplifies the ethos and MO of the clan!

Additionally, this mod integrates several other mods available for Bloodlines, including:

  • Arsenal Mod: Which modifies all the existing weapons to be more interesting and dynamic and even includes throwable hand grenades! Read more here
  • Camarilla Edition Lite: Based on the popular Camarilla Edition mod, this feature overhauls most of the game play elements, including revised disciplines, blood loss over time, new character models, sound effects and more.
  • Comp Mod Lite: A modified version of the Companion Mod, this adds Heather and Yukie as traveling companions.
  • Weapons Sounds Mod: This mod changes the sounds for all the original guns to make them more realistic and interesting.
  • Unofficial Patch 9.2: Clan Quest Mod, is built on top of this version of the Unoffiical Patch, and includes the ability to toggle the patch's "plus version" mode, which includes enhanced features and game play. Read more here

You can download Clan Quest Mod at any of the following mirrors:

Download Here!



The download includes self-extracting, menu based installer, and all related documentation. For install instructions please visit the official website of Clan Quest Mod at

Clan Quest Mod at

If you encounter problems, find bugs, or have ideas for other new content, come talk about it at the planet-vampire forums to get help or get involved.

Planet Vampire Forums

Known issues are also documented here:

Known Issues

Highlights of Clan Quest Mod

  • 12 totally new quests - one for each clan, two quests for evil players, a quest giving more context to the Kuei-Jin, and two other special scenarios! Each quest is written and constructed to match the clans' ambiance and feel; dig up dirt with the Nosferatu, work deals with the Ventrue.
  • Several Brand New Cut Scenes - Each one fully voice acted
  • A fully functional achievement system with 36 achievements. Track your progress in-game with an easy to use menu!
  • A new cut scene featuring VV's never before seen strip show.
  • Over 1,000 new dialogue lines, with main characters voiced by
    semi-professional voice actors!
  • The new quests feature genuine WoD lore and facts; learn more about
    the Masquerade than ever.
  • Learn more about the most influential NPCs through new dialogue and quests
  • Revisit some of the more neglected locations in the original game,
    such as the Asp Hole and the Empire Hotel, now infused with new
  • Meet 20 new NPCs including a members of the dreaded Assamite and
    Lasombra clans.
  • Powerful new quest rewards, including stat increases and even
    learning a fourth discipline!

Quest Highlights

Talk to Damsel after joining the Anarchs for a chance to stir things up.

Listen to Beckett to help him do a little research.

Find Kalliyan, the new NPC, in Chinatown after speaking with Ming-Xiao.

Pay Tourette a visit after making it to Chinatown for a chance to start a conspiracy. Also look for other Easter Eggs hidden around town, just for the lunatics.

Talk to Tung after meeting Gary for an opportunity to dig up some dirt

Council with Strauss once you’re his apprentice for a reconnaissance mission

Talk to Isaac after you’ve paid tribute for a chance to work on one of his film projects

Look for a special email from the prince for a power meeting with a hit man

Talk to the corrupt CDC worker to spread the plague around L.A.

Complete Fat Larry's quest, to get intertwined in L.A. Gang politics.

Look for opportunities in the city to use your vampire powers for some good

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RSS Articles

Progress on the mod moves slowly forward! A number of different aspects of the project continue to improve, including finishing another major character's voice acting and animations and tying up a lot of loose threads with regards to the programming. More and more it seems as though the smaller ideas are being polished rather than the the grand schemes designed and laid out. That said, I'd like to introduce yet another new character that will be a big part of the mod's plot.

arturo portrait arturo fullbody fin


Clan: N/a

Quote: You'll change your mind. The Latin Kings rule these streets. You wanna just survive, or do you wanna live?

Background: A hardened criminal but more than a thug; this aspiring, stalwart enforcer of the street gang to which he belongs knows perhaps too much about the shadows circling around him. But how far will he go to protect his brothers or secure his own interests?

Progress Report

Maps/Environment 90%

All the new maps are created at this point, now it's just a matter of making them darker and more thematic where possible.

Writing/Dialog: 85%

This has been moving along more slowly. It's perhaps the most creative aspect I focus on, but the one that's been least inspired in the last month or so. All bit characters have been written though, so it's only a matter of doing important re-writes on first drafts.

Programming / Cut scenes: 80%

This is the aspect that's moved along the most steadily. A significant amount of progress has been laid putting finishing touches on quests, testing changes and tying things into the overall programming / logic of the game.

Voice: 25%

Another major character's voice acting has been completed since the last update. I've got an eye for completing a third character in the near future, but I'm also losing access to the recording booth I've been using so far, which is unfortunate.

Models: 65%

Unfortunately, Lenuska seems to be on a hiatus from Vampire modding, so until she decides to return I'm exploring the idea of making new character models and skins myself.

If you want to stay up to date with my day to day updates, follow me on Twitter or subscribe to my channel on Youtube. Finally, big shout outs to Rogellio Camarillo (Yes, Camarillo!) for providing the voice to Arturo and also to Anchefanamon for her character concept art. Both these super talented people deserve your interest!

Clan Quest Mod 3.1.2 Patch Released

Clan Quest Mod 3.1.2 Patch Released

News 4 comments

Today the 3.1.2 version patch for Clan Quest mod is released which provides a number of bug fixes and other improvements to the game.

New NPC Featured in Next Clan Quest Mod Release

New NPC Featured in Next Clan Quest Mod Release

News 10 comments

Check out some teaser details about a prominent new NPC from the next release of Clan Quest Mod, Jesse, the grunge street artist.

Teaser Video for Next Major Release of CQM

Teaser Video for Next Major Release of CQM

News 8 comments

View the first teaser video for CQM 4.0 and learn about some other updates about the mod.

Updates from 2016

Updates from 2016

News 8 comments

Some small updates on the progress on the mod as of 11/16.

RSS Files
VtMB   Clan Quest Mod Installer 3 1 2 Patcher

VtMB Clan Quest Mod Installer 3 1 2 Patcher

Patch 5 comments

3.1.2 Patch for Clan Quest Mod which provides a number of fixes and improvements

Clan Quest 3.1.1-Patch

Clan Quest 3.1.1-Patch

Patch 4 comments

This is the latest patch version for Clan Quest Mod 3.1 that fixes a game breaking bug that occurs in the Tremere clan quest. If you encounter this bug...

Clan Quest Mod 3.1

Clan Quest Mod 3.1

Full Version 51 comments

Full release for Clan Quest Mod 3.1. Includes executable installer, readme, and all packaged mods' documentation.

Clan Quest Mod 3.0.1 - Bug Patch

Clan Quest Mod 3.0.1 - Bug Patch

Patch 9 comments

Patch release for version 3.0 of Clan Quest Mod, fixes some major bugs.

Clan Quest Mod 3.0

Clan Quest Mod 3.0

Full Version 52 comments

Full release for Clan Quest Mod 3.0. Includes executable installer, readme, and all packaged mods' documentation. And, a condensed feature list here below...

Clan Quest Mod 2.1

Clan Quest Mod 2.1

Full Version 9 comments

Clan Quest Mod is an add-on for Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines that not only adds several new quests, and an achievement system, but also integrates...

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I've only ever used the unofficial patch but the quality on this mod looks really good. Can you run this with the latest 9.8 patch or do you have to run it separate since it says 9.2?

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Came up with few suggestions for you today.

As Tremere, you can't get Skyline haven, but it is a place where you can find Galdjum, which is very good for Tremere's Auspex. I belive adding a little bit challenging content for Skyline's haven will be interesting ( few vampires guarding it ), if you are Tremere. All to obtain Galdjum.

Also, little suggestion for Heather embrace as Tremere. I belive it is not enough just to have Lacroix permission. You should ask Strauss aswell. Maybe do something for him, so he will allow you to embrace Heather, as part of Pyramid.

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I did something wrong.

Silly me did uninstall VmB before the new install without the Cam mod light but I did NOT remove the content left behind by Steam so part of the Cam mod must have remained.

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Hi, I loved what I saw of this mod but even when not installing the Cam light mod (had it unticked) I still had continues blood loss on my kindred.

Is blood loss a feature of clan quest as well? It really irks me because I HATE feeling rushed in any game.

Am I doing something wrong?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Any update on release date? I keep hitting refresh hoping it will show up :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
burgermeister01 Creator

Man, I feel the same way =p But really, I wish I had more news for you. I am still working on it, but real-life stuff is overwhelming right now. The good news is that I'm really pushing forward with the voice acting stuff, so hopefully I'll have an update about that sometime in the near future.

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Please do something about the running walking and crouching animation it is just awful.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Does this mod adds a Haven in Chinatown District?

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
burgermeister01 Creator

No, unfortunately not.

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The clanquest mod is brilliant. Combined with the unofficial patch it has improved the game experience to a legendary level. I have played through all the clans with this mod and there is not a moment that i have been dissapointed, so it is really easy for me to give this mod a 10. This mod has been given the stability the game needed and a great depth to the story and the world.

Thank you so much for giving me this amazing experience!

Dec 4 2013 by Donnan

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Back from holiday, and back with a new LP video. Knee-deep in working on 4.0 edition of the mod once again!

Sep 14 2017

Nice cosplay!

Sep 6 2017

Got a new LP up this morning!

Aug 16 2017

New LP is up ... this one with the Kallyian quest!

Aug 3 2017

Still one of my favorite vampire flicks!

Jul 31 2017

RT @MircallaTepez: "Within her mind rooms" by @MircallaTepez and Isifotoart. #vtm #malkavian #vampire #LARP #MircallaTepez

Jul 26 2017

Guess what? This weeks' Let's Play video is ready!

Jul 20 2017

RT @OWbN: Prince: Why have you stapled the Malkavian to a bus? Toreador:

Jul 20 2017

New Let's Play video (finally) up.

Jul 12 2017

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