The Unofficial Patch is not really a mod, but while the default basic patch mostly only fixes bugs, the optional plus patch, that can be choosen at installation, is like a restoration mod adding a lot of unfinished content, including new quests, maps, weapons, items, characters, dialogue, graphics, models, sounds and music!

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Version Changelog:

v9.7 28.12.2016
+Restored Chateau Hotel to ending, thanks EntenSchreck and Psycho-A.
+Swapped clone Brujah at solo ending with Toreador for male Brujah.
+Made Gary gift different bloodpacks and fixed missing Kathayan bug.
+Stopped shaking Malkavian lines in Ocean House and at observatory.
+Made crypt ghosts vanish and added missing door to Chinese Theatre.
+Fixed map details, cleaned files and updated SDK, thanks Psycho-A.
+Removed Lotus Blossom patron with bad shadow and fixed green drips.
Switched badly fixed missing Tommy line with better fitting float.
Fixed Kilpatrick's line making it possible to restart Carson quest.
Recreated floats and subtitles, thanks miracle.flame and Psycho-A.
Fixed four level holes at the Ocean House and one in Venture Tower.
Mirrored SM area maps and improved details of others, thanks IanW.
Fixed unbalanced XP of Bad Luck Farmer quest and minor text issues.
Corrected Luca, Damsel, Bertram, Gary and Skelter dialogue issues.
Removed confusing left over corpse and gone cars in parking garage.
Fixed Zhao exploit and walkthrough errors, thanks to sunsmountain.
Corrected lip-sync of prostitutes in cemetery and her dialogue bug.
Improved Empire Hotel mafia TV room sound switch and music radius.
Disabled bump mapping option because of issues with improved water.
Fixed Nadia sequence, frozen zombies and Ming endgame camera shot.
Repaired bad icons and flickering for upper Venture tower elevator.

A new second beta of 9.7 has been released and can be downloaded from The Patches Scrolls. Beside recompilation of all new maps with the updated SDK which might change the lighting a bit, only very minor issues have been fixed except for:

Made Santa Monica blueblood return after Domination, thanks Malkav.
Corrected and improved Linux Wine loader script, thanks Wrzlprmft.
Disabled low poly model LOD in engine.dll, thanks Drog Black Tooth.
Fixed weird camera after endgame Cabbie discussion and a cut line.

Update for the third 9.7 beta:

Repaired museum combat area and added model tutorial, thanks Icicle.

Update for the fourth 9.7 beta:

Repaired broken Asylum door music and two Blood Hunt Asylum holes.
Improved Sabbat issues in the tutorial and restored one Chunk line.
Put 4GB patch in Patch_Extras/Player Mods, thanks Daniel Pistelli.
Fixed invincible burning Lasombra and signs and curtain at theatre.
Corrected freeze during Beckett's "Wait" cutscene when Obfuscated.

Update for the final 9.7:

+Recreated missing Dane cops conversation, thanks to Zeno and Stosh.
Fixed lights and textures in SM clinic and Asylum, thanks Psycho-A.

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Bloodlines SDK

Bloodlines SDK

SDK 2 comments

This is an unofficial SDK for Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines by Psycho-A (and Fire64 and Behar).

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Maybe that's a stupid question but I don't know what version should I download. On there are four 9.7 beta patches and one 9.7 patch, every one of them have the same date. So, can somebody tell me what is the newest patch?

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Hey there - I'm playing on patch version 9.7 and I've run into an apparent bug with the Sabbat ending.

I apparently chose all the correct dialogue options when I met Andrei the first time, because when I went to the Hollowbrook he was waiting for me and offered to let me join the Sabbat. I agreed and said I'd kill LaCroix and Ming Xiao for him, then he said he'd give me something (presumably the fancy sword?) and I was teleported outside where I had the usual conversation with Ming Xiao.

However, I didn't actually GET whatever Andrei said he was giving me, and more importantly my quest log didn't update - it still says that I need to kill the Sabbat in the hotel. The window-washer's lift is gone so I can't get back into the Hollowbrook, and I also can't get into the lift to go to LaCroix's office and advance the plot. I guess I could reload and attack Andrei instead, but I'd really like to get the Sabbat ending if there's a way to make it work!

(I'm happy to change variables with the console if given instructions on how to do so.)

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Wesp5 Creator

Was Andrei silent there? If he was, this may be connected and to fix it, you need to go into the Unofficial_Patch\sound\character\dlg\hollywood\andrei folder and change the twelve vcd files from line177_col_e.vcd on to start with actor "AndreiSabbat" instead of actor "Andrei", any text editor will do...

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Yes, he was, and yes, editing those files fixed the whole problem. Thanks for the assist, I have now joined the Sabbat!

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Hey Wesp, i am sorry to bother you again but i still have problems with my histories. I made 21 histories (this is the max you can see on character selection screen [12 are stats shufflers, 6 are common and 3 for each clan). The problem: only half of them (stats shufflers to the first 2 brujah histories) work, the rest of them dont change any stats. I tried to figure out what i screwed up but i couldnt. I made a post on PV forum (+histories/traiteffects files download) in hope that someone can redo them for me or atleast tell me what i did wrong. You are my only hope. Ty in advance.

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Wesp5 Creator

Try deleting some histories until they work. Maybe the traiteffects file has a limit itself!

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i deleted almost half of them, same result. I dont think this is the problem anyway.

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Wesp5 Creator

Check my answer on Planet Vampire, I think I found the problem!

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Honestly, there isn't much that can be said that can give this impressive amount of hard work enough credit. The dedication put in by all of the people working on this patch is incredible, and I truly appreciate all that is done with every single update. Wesp5 and the VTMB unofficial patch crew, thank you. Honestly, the only reason I continue to play this game is to see just what you folks put in or restore next. I have never been disappointed. Keep up the good work! To give more of an explanation…

Feb 8 2013 by LordHemlock

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