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[Q]uik Jan 3 2015 says:

The mod does not work: all the weapons show up as pink "texture does not exist" textures :S

+1 vote   mod: Project Armory
[Q]uik Nov 6 2012 replied:

Hardly racist as hippies would not be considered a "race", but its discriminating.

+3 votes   game: Hippie Swarm
[Q]uik Nov 4 2012 replied:

you pay 100$ for cod...? the ****

+1 vote   game: Malevolence: The Sword of Ahkranox
[Q]uik Oct 29 2012 says:

Best scary games I have played:
Obscure <when I was younger I found it scary>
Silent hill <not so scary maybe, but it does have kickass monster design>

+3 votes   poll: Halloween is nearly here and...
[Q]uik Oct 29 2012 replied:

... no

+7 votes   poll: Halloween is nearly here and...
[Q]uik Oct 29 2012 says:

Cant wait until you release it to the public - by then, I will certanly grab a copy - no doubt.

+2 votes   game: Dungeon Dashers
[Q]uik Oct 22 2012 replied:

Should've re-rendered ^^ Oh well, gorgeous gun

+1 vote   media: Lee Enfield
[Q]uik Oct 7 2012 replied:

But he has got a point :) getting tired of all "overly sexually appealing" girls. Not that it's anything wrong with them but.. it's, refreshing to see something else ^^

Great model, great texture would LOVE ot see a turnaround and a wireframe!

+1 vote   media: Girl character model
[Q]uik Oct 5 2012 says:

You've got a LOT of details in the front of the model - but hardly anything in the body itself of the gun :/

+1 vote   media: M-16 (WIP)
[Q]uik Sep 27 2012 says:

Intruiging, I'm a big fan of OVERDRIVE so, might have to give this one a shot :)

+3 votes   news: Go! Go! Nippon! ~My First Trip to Japan~ Released on Desura
[Q]uik Sep 27 2012 replied:

The anime is based of this Visual Novel.

Certanly did not expect to see this here

+3 votes   news: Higurashi When They Cry Released on Desura
[Q]uik Sep 23 2012 says:

How many are you guys that's working on this?

+2 votes   game: Enola
[Q]uik Sep 23 2012 replied:

This is not a serious project, it's pretty much just for texturing excersize - But I do agree that the helmet would benefit from it.

+1 vote   media: Crusader
[Q]uik Sep 21 2012 says:

pretty damn awesome

+3 votes   media: Naked Snake
[Q]uik Jun 7 2012 says:

I only want damage increase, is there a possibility just to get that?

+1 vote   mod: Far Cry 2 Rewards
[Q]uik Apr 20 2012 says:

IMO you should go with thinner, it simply does look better!

+1 vote   media: The Island - more progress
[Q]uik Apr 12 2012 replied:

"DF Is still in development"
yes.. and it has been, for a LONG time... about 10 years i think - and its still release 0.something.

Saying "DF is still in development" is NOT an excuse...

+2 votes   game: The Old World
[Q]uik Apr 12 2012 says:

The Wood texture is really amazing. However, the metal textures are a bit.. bland, and very uninteresting

+1 vote   media: M14 BattleRifle
[Q]uik Mar 28 2012 replied:

RO2 has brilliant gameplay?

-3 votes   media: GDC Screen 3
[Q]uik Mar 14 2012 says:

Will this game be moddable? if someone oculd mod in the 256 player servers....

+1 vote   media: Annual Gathering ...
[Q]uik Feb 13 2012 replied:

doesnt matter if he did or didnt, they have registered a trademark on it

+1 vote   media: B3
[Q]uik Feb 13 2012 replied:

Breach has a Trademark, meaning youre on very thin ice when it comes to naming ur game Breach

+1 vote   media: B3
[Q]uik Feb 7 2012 says:

Looks really cool, now, Texture it! <:

+2 votes   media: FN-SCAR-H
[Q]uik Feb 7 2012 says:

looks beautiful

+1 vote   media: Oceanic dusk
[Q]uik Feb 4 2012 replied:

If its a trailer, then i recommend doing some cutting aswell, you know.. like normal trailers xD

+1 vote   news: Zombie Grinder Released on Desura
[Q]uik Feb 1 2012 says:

both songs are the same?
listened to lust from the webbsite though, and it sounds REALLY great!
looking SO amazing <33

+2 votes   news: Party of Sin Development Update: Sounds and Design
[Q]uik Jan 28 2012 says:

strongly considering this, and the 75$ one is REALLY tempting, although, will it be possible to buy the shirt separatly later? i will most certanly buy the 15$ one! Really looking forward to this!!

+2 votes   news: Kickstarter Launched for Party of Sin
[Q]uik Jan 28 2012 says:

Trees seems WAY to small xD

+1 vote   media: CONFIRMED MAPS 01 (Untitled)
[Q]uik Jan 27 2012 replied:

there is quite the difference between being offended, and being annoyed

+2 votes   media: Wreckage - Dr. Lyra Hendricson
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