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[Q]uik Oct 17 2011, 1:14am replied:

It takes x amount of years* to develop a game, especially a 16$ one.

+2 votes   news: Enemies, and how they react?
[Q]uik Oct 17 2011, 1:13am says:

you removed both my comments...

+1 vote   game: Taking Point
[Q]uik Oct 17 2011, 1:12am replied:

I mostly agree with you but.. "This much", one feature is not a whole game.

+3 votes   tutorial: Taking Point Controls (WIP)
[Q]uik Oct 11 2011, 3:48am says:

Just a question, from the videos, there's notmuch to test really is there? maybe try the gun handling and thats it? since you have no finished map as far as i can see and no enemies?

+2 votes   news: Taking Point Browser Game Test
[Q]uik Oct 10 2011, 2:36pm says:

I'd suggest looking up a few anatomy sites and study them for a fair bit, maybe looking up a few tutorials. What program was used? i suppose blender?

+1 vote   media: Male, White Concept Body texture 01
[Q]uik Oct 4 2011, 5:13pm says:

Very nice :)

+1 vote   media: Paradise Golf
[Q]uik Oct 4 2011, 5:08pm says:

Not to speak of the costs in making a MP game: unless you plan on entrusting the servers on the players, in which case you would still have to create a software that makes that easy etc

+1 vote   news: Singleplayer will be here on Taking Point!
[Q]uik Oct 4 2011, 5:03pm says:

One of my favorite indie companies i must say :) I still havent gotten around to BUY this yet though, mainly because i dont have paypal...

well well, i get a new computer and money in the end of this month, a good oppurtunity arises? :) keep up the excellent work guys!

And i LOVE your videos: i, whom am pretty into modelling and game industry learn a lot and find it extremely interesting. Thank you for that :)

+1 vote   news: Overgrowth a151 changelog
[Q]uik Oct 4 2011, 4:52pm says:

turn down the specs on the wood and your good to go really, looks awesome

+1 vote   media: M1 Garand
[Q]uik Sep 26 2011, 1:11am says:

A question here: are the normals baked? it almost looks as it was quickly made in photoshop, how big are the texture maps? if below 2048 i would suggest cranking them up a bit: especially considering these guns are extremely lowpoly, so adding a bigger texture map could be quite great.

+1 vote   media: SVD Final - Gun models by Andrew Marley
[Q]uik Sep 26 2011, 1:09am replied:

Not at all. These rocks, bushes etc look alot more natural and realistic. Theyre more "correct" if you please.

+2 votes   media: Far Cry 2010 Work in progress V0.16.04
[Q]uik Sep 26 2011, 1:08am says:

well, judging from the commentaries up there, it seems like it is essentially because of lazyness alt because of grudges in the team =/

Too bad, singelplayer would be quite nice indeed.

+7 votes   news: A cancel on Singleplayer.
[Q]uik Sep 23 2011, 2:13pm replied:

Removing comments are rather childish though isnt it? You removed my comment when i only posted feedback. you are only making a fool of yourself.

+5 votes   media: Vote Now to choose the best Sniper Scope!
[Q]uik Sep 23 2011, 2:07pm says:

too bad only half his head moves, makes it look a bit weird imo.

Nice design though!

+2 votes   media: New Zombie :)
[Q]uik Sep 16 2011, 5:50am replied:

so pretty much an DLC?

+1 vote   game: Taking Point
[Q]uik Sep 16 2011, 5:49am says:

I wonder where my comment went..

+1 vote   media: Apply!
[Q]uik Sep 9 2011, 4:06pm says:

without permission is NEVER okay, never.

should need permission and credit should be given.

+1 vote   poll: Mods using others' intellectual property (without permission)
[Q]uik Sep 9 2011, 4:06pm says:

without permission is NEVER okay, never.

should need permission and credit should be given.

+2 votes   poll: Mods using others' intellectual property (without permission)
[Q]uik Sep 5 2011, 3:08pm replied:

Thank you

+1 vote   media: Lever Action Rifle
[Q]uik Sep 4 2011, 1:19am says:

rocket launcher sounds are crap, sounds like my headphones are broke >__>

good job on the rest though!

+1 vote   news: Solo Zombie Grinding on wave_depot!!
[Q]uik Sep 2 2011, 6:15am says:

really clean looking texture .___.' AWESOME

+2 votes   media: YF-23A Grey Ghost
[Q]uik Aug 31 2011, 4:17pm replied:

Sorry, first time i checked on here. Free? really? That is really really brilliant!

+2 votes   news: A little bit more Zombie Grinder gameplay~!!
[Q]uik Aug 31 2011, 3:48pm replied:

how much will it cost?

+1 vote   news: A little bit more Zombie Grinder gameplay~!!
[Q]uik Aug 31 2011, 1:03am replied:

I am posting critisism, because of the fact that you have in all due honesty set the barrier extremely high by just saying this game will look realistic.

+2 votes   media: AK-47 Finished in 2 1/2 Hours
[Q]uik Aug 29 2011, 10:14am says:

arms are brilliant, face is good, chest and stomach could use some work though

+2 votes   media: male anatomy wip
[Q]uik Aug 29 2011, 10:12am says:

smoothing groups, please dont post images behind the gun when showing it of: iam interested in sideview and perspective, pretty much..
and it's a little bit too wide

+1 vote   media: AK-47 Finished in 2 1/2 Hours
[Q]uik Aug 27 2011, 10:14pm says:

try to use more than one smoothing group :3

+2 votes   media: DESERT EAGLE .50Cal Gun Model
[Q]uik Aug 25 2011, 1:06am replied:

yes there is, there is noise and the normal map on this picture proves the point very well.

+1 vote   media: Reflections IMG for news
[Q]uik Aug 24 2011, 6:53am replied:

not at all sure wth u are talking about? theyre working on the combat, THE COMBAT IS BASICLY THE GAME. it is a fighting game = combat HAS to be good, and they ARE working on map assets and putting that together. just shut up, lay back and watch the flipping progress.

+3 votes   news: New Overgrowth a145 video devlog
[Q]uik Aug 22 2011, 8:09am replied:

yeah, that might be part of the problem.

+1 vote   media: Reflections IMG for news
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