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[Q]uik Sep 27 2012, 6:55am says:

Intruiging, I'm a big fan of OVERDRIVE so, might have to give this one a shot :)

+3 votes   article: Go! Go! Nippon! ~My First Trip to Japan~ Released on Desura
[Q]uik Sep 23 2012, 6:16am replied:

This is not a serious project, it's pretty much just for texturing excersize - But I do agree that the helmet would benefit from it.

+1 vote   media: Crusader
[Q]uik Sep 21 2012, 7:11pm says:

pretty damn awesome

+3 votes   media: Naked Snake
[Q]uik Apr 20 2012, 3:52am says:

IMO you should go with thinner, it simply does look better!

+1 vote   media: The Island - more progress
[Q]uik Feb 7 2012, 4:59am says:

looks beautiful

+1 vote   media: Oceanic dusk
[Q]uik Feb 1 2012, 2:47am says:

both songs are the same?
listened to lust from the webbsite though, and it sounds REALLY great!
looking SO amazing <33

+2 votes   article: Party of Sin Development Update: Sounds and Design
[Q]uik Jan 28 2012, 4:34am says:

strongly considering this, and the 75$ one is REALLY tempting, although, will it be possible to buy the shirt separatly later? i will most certanly buy the 15$ one! Really looking forward to this!!

+2 votes   article: Kickstarter Launched for Party of Sin
[Q]uik Jan 27 2012, 7:57am replied:

there is quite the difference between being offended, and being annoyed

+2 votes   media: Wreckage - Dr. Lyra Hendricson
[Q]uik Jan 9 2012, 11:27am replied:

thanks :)

+1 vote   media: Christmas Render Competition WIP
[Q]uik Dec 15 2011, 6:59pm replied:

They might not have textured the highpoly one, since it is rather unnecessary.
Might not even have unwrapped it.

+1 vote   media: Spiris Low Poly
[Q]uik Dec 13 2011, 3:36am says:

My god this was a bloody pain to read.

+4 votes   article: TheInsiderAlert : TIA - Taking Point week 10
[Q]uik Nov 21 2011, 1:29am replied:

you critizise it and then give it an 10/10 even though you find problems in it? lol..

+5 votes   media: Submerge Teaser Preview
[Q]uik Nov 6 2011, 8:40am replied:

i know the stomach is too thin, but i wont fix that lol, kind of the way i wanted it, just i should've made it a bit wider

also, its the texture that is too bright, might have to fix that indeed.
thanks for the comment! :)

+2 votes   media: Pyramid head
[Q]uik Oct 30 2011, 6:40am replied:

doesnt matter though really, since the copyright stil exists

+1 vote   mod: Dungeons Rising
[Q]uik Oct 28 2011, 7:36am replied:

For artistic purposes i would recommend increasing the specs and such a bit - i could hardly notice it was there

+1 vote   media: Alchemy
[Q]uik Oct 23 2011, 4:11pm replied:

that didnt even appear to me, thanks for the idéa! iam done with this one however, but ill still have a look around!^^ thanks

+1 vote   media: PSSH-41
[Q]uik Oct 22 2011, 8:26pm replied:

Thank you for your feedback: The barrel might very well be off: i didnt have much to go off in terms of references, there is a lot lacking etc. I did the best I could with the refs i could find. Also it was basicly a subdiviion hard-ish surface excersize - you see, I am very novice in terms of subdivision modelling.

Thanks for the comment.

+1 vote   media: PSSH-41
[Q]uik Oct 17 2011, 1:16am replied:

The chains at the top i wouldnt mind, but yeah, get rid of the bricks..

+2 votes   media: WIP - User Interface
[Q]uik Oct 17 2011, 1:12am replied:

I mostly agree with you but.. "This much", one feature is not a whole game.

+3 votes   article: Taking Point Controls (WIP)
[Q]uik Sep 5 2011, 3:08pm replied:

Thank you

+1 vote   media: Lever Action Rifle
[Q]uik Sep 2 2011, 6:15am says:

really clean looking texture .___.' AWESOME

+2 votes   media: YF-23A Grey Ghost
[Q]uik Aug 31 2011, 4:17pm replied:

Sorry, first time i checked on here. Free? really? That is really really brilliant!

+2 votes   article: A little bit more Zombie Grinder gameplay~!!
[Q]uik Aug 31 2011, 3:48pm replied:

how much will it cost?

+1 vote   article: A little bit more Zombie Grinder gameplay~!!
[Q]uik Aug 31 2011, 1:03am replied:

I am posting critisism, because of the fact that you have in all due honesty set the barrier extremely high by just saying this game will look realistic.

+2 votes   media: AK-47 Finished in 2 1/2 Hours
[Q]uik Aug 29 2011, 10:12am says:

smoothing groups, please dont post images behind the gun when showing it of: iam interested in sideview and perspective, pretty much..
and it's a little bit too wide

+1 vote   media: AK-47 Finished in 2 1/2 Hours
[Q]uik Aug 24 2011, 6:53am replied:

not at all sure wth u are talking about? theyre working on the combat, THE COMBAT IS BASICLY THE GAME. it is a fighting game = combat HAS to be good, and they ARE working on map assets and putting that together. just shut up, lay back and watch the flipping progress.

+3 votes   article: New Overgrowth a145 video devlog
[Q]uik Aug 17 2011, 10:06pm says:

Cool :D

+1 vote   media: Elekid rig
[Q]uik Aug 17 2011, 10:05pm says:

Awesome :D looking forward to it

+4 votes   article: Blender Modeling and Animation Tutorials
[Q]uik Aug 6 2011, 6:46am replied:

since it is a mod: who cares? really?

+2 votes   article: Editors Choice - Best Singleplayer Mod
[Q]uik Aug 5 2011, 11:08pm replied:

and i'd also want to see how people are to pirate an online only game (aka wow without monthly fee)?

+2 votes   article: Diablo 3 not supporting mods
[Q]uik Aug 5 2011, 11:06pm replied:

Nope, nobody owes us anything: But i see it this way: if they cannot provide me any way of testing it before i buy it, aka demo or trial: then why the hell should i buy the game? If we are not even worth that little (no blizzard will most likely not release an trial at launch.) then why, just WHY should companies be rewarded for it?

+2 votes   article: Diablo 3 not supporting mods
[Q]uik Aug 5 2011, 11:04pm replied:

they charge people for putting out the item, actually getting it sold and redeeming money.

but yes, this system can go to ******* hell.

+2 votes   article: Diablo 3 not supporting mods
[Q]uik Jul 18 2011, 4:19pm replied:

pretty high, but since the one i made it for is fine with it... AND he wants me to att polies (make it less sharp)
anyway its 1546 quads&tris, and i really havent found a way of re ducing it withoug removing important geometry

+2 votes   media: Dining Table
[Q]uik Jul 12 2011, 5:22pm replied:

well i dont know lol xD was an impulse thing, i got so annoyed with the upper half of the head so i gave up and just made some silly things with the crease brush

+2 votes   media: Super Hero
[Q]uik Jun 26 2011, 7:38pm says:

roof of the left and the building next to the soldier thingy needs work: lacking of detail and is looking quite messy

other than that you got some cool stuff going on here.

+1 vote   media: New Forum Romanum, South-East
[Q]uik Jun 23 2011, 11:29am says:

oh my god thats a hawt render setting!

the lower parts (handle) of the model looks quite blocky and messy, also parts of it looks very uncofirmatable to hold onto, since its so blocky (giivng of a sharp look)

the upper part looks brilliant though

+2 votes   media: Models
[Q]uik Jun 12 2011, 2:16pm replied:

well, I tend to buy indie games more often than AAA titels
same quality, less money.

60$ or 10$ for the same, or better quality? 10$ ofc.

+4 votes   article: How can we lower game piracy?
[Q]uik Jun 12 2011, 2:03pm replied:

I am totally supportive of demos, but theyre getting fewer and fewer, as the greater companies say: "they cost to produce", and thats true.

however, I have definitly seen a decrease in demos, both on indie and AAA, which is quite sad.

I try before I buy, and if I see a demo I grab that one instead of the torrent.

Also: Multiplayer helps, i know all games cant have it, but it helps

+1 vote   article: How can we lower game piracy?
[Q]uik Jun 3 2011, 8:08am replied:

thanks x)

+1 vote   media: 3d head second try
[Q]uik Jun 3 2011, 8:00am replied:

thank you :)

+1 vote   media: 3d head first try
[Q]uik May 4 2011, 8:00am replied:

all sleepy little girls needs little creepy teddybears, duh!

+1 vote   media: Sloth_Render_1
[Q]uik Nov 6 2010, 7:05pm replied:

might have been the point=)

+1 vote   media: Nurani, PASKAL Elite Foot Soldier
[Q]uik Nov 6 2010, 7:02pm says:

looking just plainly AWESOME!

+3 votes   media: Teaser
[Q]uik Oct 15 2010, 5:35am replied:

ayeah! XD

+1 vote   media: Latest Hell2 Screenshots
[Q]uik Sep 15 2010, 6:23pm replied:

twilight books are really great in my opinion ^^ I like vampires too, however twilight is great aswell, movies sucks thoug

+1 vote   media: Brizha Raey Beley
[Q]uik Sep 15 2010, 6:21pm says:

why is it so highpoly ._____.'

+1 vote   media: Nebula-A Attack Cruiser
[Q]uik Sep 8 2010, 1:21am replied:

he might not afford 3ds max? not everyone does..
However why he doesnt use AC3D or other cheap packages i do not know
How about blender? free and great!

Great models! :D

0 votes   media: Port
[Q]uik Sep 8 2010, 1:20am replied:


Good piece of.. horse.. man... ship

+3 votes   media: Bust #1
[Q]uik Sep 6 2010, 3:58pm replied:

yeah, i was tired aswell, soo..
well **** happens right? Sorry Wird.

+1 vote   media: Plasma blaster 2
[Q]uik Sep 5 2010, 8:25pm replied:

well, then iam sorry, but it really sounded sarcastic in my ears..
might just be that iam tired aswell >.>
Well, if thats the case then iam sorry for misunderstanding

+2 votes   media: Plasma blaster 2
[Q]uik Sep 5 2010, 8:13pm replied:

Not sure what I did to.. "get him down"
what i was adressing to was: "whoa! holy ****. you took the last thing you made...and took the bottom off it? that' looks like one hell of a space ship. " to me, that sounded really sarcastic. But what do i know?

+1 vote   media: Plasma blaster 2
[Q]uik Sep 5 2010, 8:01pm replied:

iam getting really annoyed with your.. immatureness

look at the top of this page doesnt it say..
"if you're a modeller, animator, skinner or looking at getting started with 3D"

how old are you Wird? 12? cant be more, since my 2 year old is more mature than you are right now.

now onto the model, iam not sure if you are a beginner or if you have done this for a while? iam suggesting beginner? if so then this is acually some quiet nice stuff! a bit toyish but tbh, i like it hha^^The texture is, lemme guess a lot of different pictures? I suggest getting into UVmapping =)

keep it going! :D

+1 vote   media: Plasma blaster 2
[Q]uik Sep 4 2010, 4:32am replied:

why would it be more smoothed? It is already oversmoothed as it is

+1 vote   media: xtreme tank v3
[Q]uik Aug 24 2010, 12:50am says:

How awesome isnt this!? !!!!!!:D

+1 vote   media: Sloth_Render_2
[Q]uik Aug 20 2010, 2:22pm replied:

you made the wireframe in gimp? So it is not the actual wireframe? not sure if i understand

And Ngons = polygons that has 5 or more edges

+1 vote   media: U.S.S. Infinity
[Q]uik Aug 20 2010, 7:04am says:

looks great! except for that it is way to shiny and that makes the "sides" of the globes to... well... it looks like liquid... and the metallic part could use a lot of material work. But other than that it looks great!

+1 vote   media: Playing around
[Q]uik Aug 13 2010, 4:31am says:

you have LOADS and i mean LOADS of unnecessary polygons who dont seem to add anything to the geometry! the end result does look good but it isnt optimized in any way, and you have a few Ngons aswell

+1 vote   media: U.S.S. Infinity
[Q]uik Aug 12 2010, 6:49am replied:

yes i did do notice that xD cant be bothered to change that now, but... oh well^^


+1 vote   media: Zen Stones
[Q]uik Aug 7 2010, 12:53pm says:

this is awesome! very interesting and amusing read^^

+2 votes   article: Interview with Mickaël Riciotti
[Q]uik Aug 3 2010, 11:30am says:

thats pretty cool! :D

+3 votes   media: Naluri
[Q]uik Aug 3 2010, 7:42am replied:

There we go, crack in the skull ay^^ the whole face was just really really quick to be honest, the eyes should overall be more defined, darker

+1 vote   media: The Grim Reaper's Son
[Q]uik Aug 2 2010, 7:36am replied:

thank you^^

+1 vote   media: Health pack thingy
[Q]uik Aug 1 2010, 4:19pm replied:

you are right about the eyebrow, i dunno why i put it there? however teeth and the "scar (which was mostly supposed to be like, a "scar in the skull" so to speak..) is fully logical to have on a skull, thanks for the critts tho, will think it through next time i make something like this, however this was a quickly whipped together model and texture^^

+1 vote   media: The Grim Reaper's Son
[Q]uik Aug 1 2010, 3:24am replied:

visual style yeah, but gameplay wise it looks like PoP/GoW
looking forward to it though =)

+1 vote   article: New In-Game Screenshots
[Q]uik Jul 30 2010, 11:09am replied:

correction, i would smooth most areas. since it is mostly round.

smooth the gun and it would become 100 times better =)

+1 vote   media: RPG-7 Fly-Through
[Q]uik Jul 28 2010, 9:26pm says:

that's one h*ll of a nice plane!!!

+4 votes   media: F-16C Full Ammos
[Q]uik Jul 25 2010, 9:02am replied:

the new gun is great aswell, however i liked the old gun a lot, i was just giving it critism, which isnt bad. I didnt intent to get rid of it so to say, however i also like the new gun a lot.

+1 vote   article: Fps Terminator Alpha Demo 1.0.1 update/fix
[Q]uik Jul 17 2010, 1:32am says:

ugh it is sooo white my eyes hurt, and thanks to whiteness i can barely tell the details>.<

+2 votes   media: Makarov
[Q]uik Jul 16 2010, 5:22am replied:

pretty sure this is the 3d one, since it is very "edges out" like a lowpoly 3d character would be, unlike an concept which would have smoother rounder circles and stuff.. Anyhow i gotta say i like this one the most so far! it is just... awesome!! the teeth is great, the cloth is great, the colour is great everything is just awesome!

+1 vote   media: Greed Render 2
[Q]uik Jul 15 2010, 11:30am replied:

i think i want to add a sight closer up so it is easier to aim, other than that i think i am going to start unwrapping it after that

+1 vote   media: Benelli m3
[Q]uik Jul 6 2010, 7:02pm says:

oh yes, the power of the Normal maps.
but for your information: Normal maps go hand in hand with specular and diffuse maps, even in toon games.

+1 vote   media: The normal map equation
[Q]uik Jun 3 2010, 7:01am says:

looking very good, very solid, but i, personally believe you can so a little bit of poly reduction, to optimize the mesh a bit more^^ but very good

+1 vote   media: Model Render
[Q]uik May 17 2010, 11:17am replied:

which is basicly what he said? <.< downloading now^^ looks like a hell of a game:D

+2 votes   download: Windows - 0 A.D. Pre Alpha 2
[Q]uik Apr 2 2010, 12:30pm says:

the hair on the back is a bit low res tbh, rest looks really good!

+1 vote   media: Heavy Hogur 3D modelling
[Q]uik Nov 2 2009, 3:39pm says:

texture could use some work =P
great otherwise^^

+1 vote   media: The warrior bug
[Q]uik Nov 2 2009, 2:52am says:

great, but the holes are totally unecessary=P anyway awesome^^

+2 votes   media: Brewery Window
[Q]uik Nov 1 2009, 3:04pm says:

the left ones chest looks really weird aswell as the chest and what i can see the back is bad too, legs and head is fine =P dunno about the arms though... possible a total remake of it would be good? =P right one looks cool tough, maybe make him acually not look like he had eating problems before he died? =P (goes for lefty too)

-1 votes   media: Character Development Hard at work
[Q]uik Oct 27 2009, 1:10pm says:

for a first try its awesome!^^ you could have made a rubber or such just to get variety to the scene but its good^^

+1 vote   media: Pencil+Box | Blender [WIP]
[Q]uik Nov 27 2008, 4:07pm says:

Sounds good, looking forward to it^^ when do you expect it to be done?

+1 vote   mod: Insanity
[Q]uik Oct 29 2008, 4:34am says:

WOW that looks like... like... like a picture taken in the savannah!!! AMAZING!

+2 votes   media: Savannh
[Q]uik Oct 27 2008, 4:53pm says:

cant wait for this ;)

+1 vote   media: Darineth Gates - Looking East
[Q]uik Oct 27 2008, 4:52pm says:

looking pretty good ;)

+1 vote   media: Darineth in SandBox 2
[Q]uik Oct 27 2008, 4:52pm says:

looking like a good system :D

+1 vote   media: Inventory System Mock-up
[Q]uik Jun 3 2011, 2:55am replied:

a chance to save 50$? hell yeah.

0 votes   article: RIFT ModDB Contest, 10 copies to win!
[Q]uik May 27 2011, 1:15pm replied:

your best bet is using planes with opacity maps

+1 vote   media: Luffy head with improved textures
[Q]uik May 26 2011, 5:11pm says:

thanks a lot for the critisism, I believe i wont do much with this model, however it was my first sculpt in Zbrush, i have done a bit of "sketch sculpts" or what to say, less serious chest sculpts so to say in the past. I am aware of the back area being bad, as i know the anatomy for the chest and stomach better than for the back.

Right now iam trying on a face model, ill post it here later on.

Thanks a lot for the critisism

+1 vote   media: 3d Chest Bust
[Q]uik May 13 2011, 6:47am replied:

now i do agree, mods should be free, and the whole "pay for making mods thing" shows of into his greed
however, the game is good and he definitly deserves the money, its not the graphics that makes it good, its the concept.

+1 vote   article: Minecraft's Plan for mods and api
[Q]uik May 4 2011, 8:17am says:

iam scarred for life lol x)

+1 vote   media: Quick sculpt: 45 mins | For a 2011 With no Scars
[Q]uik May 4 2011, 8:14am says:

brilliant model

+1 vote   media: Cowboy Girl
[Q]uik May 4 2011, 8:11am says:

this is epic, really, very very good job!

+1 vote   media: DNA Strand
[Q]uik May 4 2011, 8:07am says:

this.. this wow... just wow

+1 vote   media: C96 Mauser
[Q]uik May 4 2011, 8:06am says:

the quiver is quiet booring i must say, also the cape is booring aswell, but other than that it looks amazing

-1 votes   media: Hood WIP
[Q]uik May 4 2011, 8:01am replied:

and now ill be a pessimist and say: why care about it..?

+1 vote   media: Lust
[Q]uik May 4 2011, 7:58am replied:

wanting views are we?

+3 votes   game: Party of Sin
[Q]uik May 4 2011, 7:49am replied:

Ahh, i dont visit here too often, i can now see you got some updates, what you do got looks brilliant, really it does, i have this watched and ill certanly follow this =) I wish you the best of luck, and i certanly hope you will finish this game in time (ofc, since it would be awesome to play it then =) ) just hoping you wont rush it out too fast :)
looks wonderfull

+2 votes   game: Stone Rage
[Q]uik Mar 28 2011, 4:50am says:

looks excellent, however iam a bit worried, u put release as "Q4 2011", and i hav eyet to see any enviroment shots, character shots or anything? just those 2 models, you see if thats all u got then u defninitly got way more than half a year to go before you are finished. Can you please explain, what have you got ready really and what makes you think that you can finish it by the end of the year?

+2 votes   game: Stone Rage
[Q]uik Mar 28 2011, 4:32am says:

cba complaining about fps, as others have already, and iam not convinced it is unsmooth camera..
anyway, graphics reminds me alot of FO 3
looks good^^

+1 vote   article: Warm Gun - Showcase: Red Line Flythrough
[Q]uik Dec 2 2010, 3:21am says:


+1 vote   article: Beard Extermination HD Footage
[Q]uik Nov 26 2010, 7:11pm says:

i'd say the windows are too rounded on the sides, i havent seen the "realistic thing yet" but that seems sci-fi-ish for me.

good model otherwise =)

+1 vote   media: Snow-Cat
[Q]uik Nov 13 2010, 10:27am says:


+1 vote   media: Water Well In-Game
[Q]uik Nov 13 2010, 10:26am replied:

bah sorry for slow asnwer=) but no, i am not going to use this in anything.

+1 vote   media: Pumpkin man
[Q]uik Nov 7 2010, 11:51am replied:

I have a pretty dark screen, and i can see them perfectly? you gotta have the lights on ur screen really dark O__o

+1 vote   article: Second First Video
[Q]uik Nov 4 2010, 8:32am says:

I can easily see how fun this got to be to do!

+1 vote   article: In Game AI Editor: Party of Sin
[Q]uik Nov 4 2010, 8:16am replied:

what he means is that with this engine you simply cannot put enough polygons into the meshes to make them even close to realistic and the texture sizes will stay at 1024x1024 if not less =)

I think this is what he means anyhow xD

+1 vote   media: Ok, after messing with files for a few hours.
[Q]uik Nov 4 2010, 8:13am says:

damnit! iam already subscribed


+2 votes   article: The Beard Ultimatum
[Q]uik Oct 20 2010, 4:56pm says:


+1 vote   media: Half Life 2 Dog with Arm Upgrade
[Q]uik Oct 13 2010, 6:22am says:

awesome render, great lightning, great "fog", great model, great texture.
any more words necessary?
didnt think so.

+1 vote   media: Gatling Tank
[Q]uik Oct 29 2012, 4:53am says:

Cant wait until you release it to the public - by then, I will certanly grab a copy - no doubt.

+2 votes   game: Dungeon Dashers
[Q]uik Oct 22 2012, 5:36am replied:

Should've re-rendered ^^ Oh well, gorgeous gun

+1 vote   media: Lee Enfield
[Q]uik Mar 28 2012, 1:49am replied:

RO2 has brilliant gameplay?

-3 votes   media: GDC Screen 3
[Q]uik Feb 13 2012, 1:11pm replied:

doesnt matter if he did or didnt, they have registered a trademark on it

+1 vote   media: B3
[Q]uik Jan 28 2012, 3:03am says:

Trees seems WAY to small xD

+1 vote   media: CONFIRMED MAPS 01 (Untitled)
[Q]uik Jan 27 2012, 7:56am replied:

they HAVE to be replaced if youre going to make it standalone

+2 votes   article: WRECKAGE is going Standalone!
[Q]uik Jan 25 2012, 7:23pm says:

simple, isnt it?
is there even any uneven-ness on the ground? is the ground just straight up flat?
Also, more variety would be awesome.

not bad though

+1 vote   media: CONFIRMED MAPS 01 (Untitled)
[Q]uik Jan 15 2012, 6:09pm says:

I would redo the backrounds for them, since theyre very... "cheap" (gradients never work well IMO)

Icons as a whole looks awesome!

+1 vote   media: Skill Icons
[Q]uik Jan 5 2012, 11:16pm replied:

I think ill pass.

+3 votes   media: Exclusive screenshots from the interview
[Q]uik Dec 19 2011, 10:36am replied:

I really hate this attitude, sure, dont vote, doesnt matter for me, but dont bitch about your government being crap afterwards

+4 votes   poll: Voted in the Top 100 mods?
[Q]uik Dec 16 2011, 9:37am says:

I'd like to see a few more polies at the bottom(not the grey area), seems a lot sharper than the rest of the model.

otherwise it looks great

+1 vote   media: GDI Radar Tower
[Q]uik Dec 10 2011, 11:07am says:

just make sure the MW2 rig isnt there once in game..

looks good ^^ and i agree with x56erx

+1 vote   media: Taking Point - Animation Update 3 (12/9/11) : Cron
[Q]uik Dec 2 2011, 11:54pm says:

spider model is rather.. crap though, not speaking of the texture
i do hope its a placeholder =P

Game looks awesome btw

+2 votes   media: Just a fight
[Q]uik Nov 7 2011, 2:31am replied:

I did... or I did for the helm! XD and the sword... should have looked into it more on the body but i was stupid enough neither to use such references or anatomical ones

+2 votes   media: Pyramid head
[Q]uik Oct 24 2011, 1:33pm replied:

wow... thanks a bunch man!!

+1 vote   media: PSSH-41
[Q]uik Oct 18 2011, 1:28am replied:

But the chains I atleast are fine with! But the bricks seem unnecessary? atleast for now. Or do you plan do add more stuff to the bottom? If so we will wait and see right? :)

+2 votes   media: WIP - User Interface
[Q]uik Sep 26 2011, 1:11am says:

A question here: are the normals baked? it almost looks as it was quickly made in photoshop, how big are the texture maps? if below 2048 i would suggest cranking them up a bit: especially considering these guns are extremely lowpoly, so adding a bigger texture map could be quite great.

+1 vote   media: SVD Final - Gun models by Andrew Marley
[Q]uik Aug 27 2011, 10:14pm says:

try to use more than one smoothing group :3

+2 votes   media: DESERT EAGLE .50Cal Gun Model
[Q]uik Jul 19 2011, 6:21pm replied:

thanks guys:)

+1 vote   media: Dining Table
[Q]uik Jul 9 2011, 1:53pm says:

u need to work on those torches heh, but other than that it looks brilliant!

+2 votes   media: Interior Cave Level
[Q]uik Jul 2 2011, 9:54am says:

really cool looking helmet O__o very nice model and texture work

+1 vote   media: stahlhelm
[Q]uik Jun 24 2011, 12:12pm says:

screen shot is made by pressing the pint screen button (prnt scrn) on the keyboard then pasting it into paint (ctrl + v)

+2 votes   media: more pics
[Q]uik Jun 12 2011, 4:51pm says:

just need working on those animations, but i supppose its a placeholder? x) you got some amazing lightning going on there, graphically very impressive

+1 vote   media: Barok & Ether Fields GodRays
[Q]uik Sep 7 2010, 12:14pm replied:

It is a total conversion, so they might intent to change that?

+1 vote   media: UNSC Harvester
[Q]uik Sep 4 2010, 4:31am says:

nice render.. but i agree with above posts

+1 vote   media: Living Room Render
[Q]uik Sep 2 2010, 3:01am says:


cant come up with any critts! looks really highpoly for a game model tho?..

ooh, i forgot, we live in the 2010 now! there is no such as "too highpoly for a ingame model" nowadays ;);) may I ask, do you use a handmade engine or a premade, such as UDK or Unity3d for your game?

+1 vote   media: Mp5k.
[Q]uik Aug 28 2010, 4:22pm says:

looks real frickin great!!

+2 votes   media: lowpoly rock
[Q]uik Aug 25 2010, 5:54am says:

why is it 22k polygons.....?
it looks like a 10ker approx :S

+3 votes   media: British Lynx Marine Helicopter
[Q]uik Aug 19 2010, 6:11pm replied:

iam not too sure about that....

looks good^^

+1 vote   media: Universal Defence Sidearm (UDS)
[Q]uik Aug 7 2010, 9:44am replied:

correct, you can always make 2 versons, one which follows the concept from point to point and one other with your special touch, and let them decide

+1 vote   media: UDS Concept
[Q]uik Aug 5 2010, 11:49pm replied:

called motion blur :3

+1 vote   media: TS_Isles test video
[Q]uik Aug 3 2010, 4:44am says:

thanks all^^

+1 vote   media: Health pack thingy
[Q]uik Aug 2 2010, 8:19am says:

nice looking gun here^^

+1 vote   media: 590
[Q]uik Jul 30 2010, 11:12am replied:

are you suggesting he is to get 3ds max, even if one of the older, just to "auto smooth"?
either you are rich, or you do not know the price of autodesks softwares...

+2 votes   media: RPG7 40 Minute Project
[Q]uik Jul 30 2010, 11:11am says:

nice one! ^^

+1 vote   media: At-ST low poly
[Q]uik Jul 28 2010, 7:16am says:

the backround is making me have a hard time focusing on the weapon, i can tell it looks brilliant though, i have to agree with the "waffle magazine" it looks awful, i love the rest of the gun though.

+1 vote   media: Aug A3 1 Hour Project
[Q]uik Jul 27 2010, 12:15pm says:

his legs are probably the best looking part, his arms seems almost completly squarish and i believe his shirt would have more wrinkles at the chest and back area, and the wrinkles at the arm part of the short looks really bad, they look more like... scratches on a window than wrinkles. a little bit too harsch wrinkles at the groin perhaps aswell? the "pocket" on his stomach and the side looks just weird, more definition on those perhaps? and his hands look real thin.

other than that i ttotally agree with above post, sorry if iam being an pain in the arse but iam just giving you ideas of what needs improving. I can however say that i could not possibly do anything like this, considering my skills in sculpting are equal to 0. So it IS an GOOD model all over.

+2 votes   media: SEK member
[Q]uik Jul 27 2010, 12:10pm says:

the texture is..
grrrr i love it! :D

+1 vote   media: my first textured model
[Q]uik Jul 26 2010, 1:44pm replied:

i hope it isnt true this game is far from done..

+1 vote   media: In-game Screenshots
[Q]uik Jul 25 2010, 10:50pm says:

render is just fine however the lightning on the model is very unrealistic, the light reflection should be more white than white as shown in pic, unless a red light is used.. however wouldnt that affect everything else aswell? the model is brilliant however

+1 vote   media: Honda civic eg6
[Q]uik Jul 25 2010, 8:58am replied:

and it looks bad unsmoothed, and therefore smoothing groups can help ALOT. and smoothing groups takes no extra time to render what i know?

+1 vote   media: PP19 Bizon
[Q]uik Jul 25 2010, 8:56am replied:

yeah like i said, not my model =) "Josh mooney" on forums, and his UVmap.


+1 vote   media: The angry goblin/zombie
[Q]uik Jul 23 2010, 12:11pm replied:

making a model straight from a reference doesnt always mean it looks good, or realistic, I personally would have followed Wird's advice...
now it doest acually looks good without that, but if you do as he said iam sure it would look 1000000000 times better =)

+2 votes   media: car wheel hi-poly
[Q]uik Jul 23 2010, 12:04pm says:

looks a lot like an XM8 ^^ looks great, very very good

+1 vote   media: ARC-3 Assualt Rifle
[Q]uik Jul 15 2010, 5:55pm says:

bad shader to show of an unfinished human model tbh, legs look like something an satyr would have :S and whats up with his face? very hard to tell much from that shader. Poly flow seems messy above and below belt aswell

+1 vote   media: Officer Front view (No officer hat)
[Q]uik Jul 14 2010, 5:35pm replied:

iam much aware of how much the texturing can affect the model =) i've been modelling long enough to understand that^^ just saying that there might be flaws in the model aswell, but i wont say anything furter on that subject^^ it might just be the screenie aswell. Don't get me wrong, you are an excellent modeller aswell as an excellent texturer, there isnt any doubt in that

+1 vote   media: Screenshot
[Q]uik Jul 11 2010, 8:51pm says:

yeah the model itself seems very of, if you look at its fingers: it is more alien like than human, so the human model needs a lot of work, if not a total remake.

+2 votes   media: Screenshot
[Q]uik Jul 9 2010, 6:28am says:

as far as i see, this is not going to be done in "september 2010" you still have a lot more to do, but it is looking good so far, looking forward to more updates

+1 vote   game: Mighty Gladius - Rise to glory
[Q]uik Jun 12 2010, 3:19pm replied:

wouldnt wanna see THAT naked lol xD except for the hair it looks awesome^^

+1 vote   media: The Hooker - Female Version 3 (WIP)
[Q]uik May 17 2010, 3:49pm says:

alright, sorry for posting AGAIN, but, tbh the campaign wasnt good, the first mission was buggy as h*ll, and with no conversations it feels just like the challenge mode. the last mission was just too easy and long. i do however like that we get to play around a bit more with weapons.

texture on the main character was awesome btw!

+2 votes   mod: Lugaru: the Bubble Theory
[Q]uik Dec 5 2009, 7:46am says:

that is.. creepy awesome! really detailed and all! how did u go? did you model it all in pieces and then "put it together" or? really awesome anyway

+1 vote   media: ED209 Final render 1 Click on Link in Discription
[Q]uik Oct 26 2009, 4:12pm says:

the shadows is a bit to... overlapping and there are too many different shadow colours, but otherwise its great^^

+1 vote   media: College render
[Q]uik Oct 26 2009, 3:56pm says:

personally i only new about the rifle and the sniper O.o :P

+1 vote   media: Morita Rifle 2
[Q]uik Oct 26 2009, 2:41pm says:

what do you mean by fraps? sorry, my english isnt the best, would love to help ;) also, iam not that skilled, been doing this for around a year, so there is def better guys out there.

+1 vote   media: STS : Morita In-Complete
[Q]uik Oct 20 2009, 5:25pm says:

just a crit or two: the ammo or is it a handle? however the thingy in the front is way to skinny

also make the texture a bit more clean

+1 vote   media: Weapon - Flamethrower (Complete)
[Q]uik Oct 18 2009, 10:59am says:

AWESOME looking^^ i wish i could draw that gr8^^

+1 vote   media: Concept Art - Weapons
[Q]uik Oct 25 2008, 12:32pm says:

kraddy: i sort of agree, but still not.. i mean it would be very nice to have quicker fights aso, but still, it is very much harder to get balanced Game play in that way =P

pic: looks VERY good!

+1 vote   media: Enemy Spotted
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