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Halloween model

[Q]uik Blog

Since it is halloween i thought i would make this model, Pyramid head.
It took a week and iam pretty darn happy with it. And I can see that i have improved over this year.

User Posted Image
(noticed image above screwed up, so here is a link to it aswell:
and here comes a link form last years halloween:

Busy days!!

[Q]uik Blog

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Right now iam busy helping out in this mod here: so iam sorry, i cannot work for your mods atm, especially since i barely have time for this one!

Thank you for your understanding.

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Being busy

[Q]uik Blog

Hello again, i am posting now to say that right now iam real busy with, well just simply enjoying the summer, keeping up with friends and being with my kiddo, but i've managed to take the time to make some modelling and i hope to do some texturing aswell since i can feel my texturing skills rust more and more for every day which passes.

I havent been very active here on Moddb but i hope thats about to change aswell, as for now enjoy these two awesome model pictures:

edit:**looks ill need to rezise the shotgun a bit, it is in my gallery anyhow.**

Modelling progress

[Q]uik Blog

Okay so, this is my first "blog" post. Well however, i have decided to model some new weapons and stuff to show you guys about where my skills are =P now if you think my skills is good enough for your mod or anything like it, give me a note will you and i will see if iam awailable ;). Anyway, things that iam gonna make for the next few weeks is: An sci-fi Assault rifle, an Smoke granade, an Flashbang granade an explosion granade. These are the one i know for sure, iam thinking about an shotgun and perhaps an Alien a like sci-fi gun.

Also keep in mind that these ones will mostly be to increase my texturing and UV mapping skills, not modelling itself. In further project i might take on something that might take a little bit more modelling to get done^^

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