• Over 20 weapons with numerous attachments, no crosshair, and a focus on realistic weapon behavior including a free-aim system and intense suppression effects.
  • 13 multiplayer and cooperative maps that take place in 6 distinctive environments ranging from Iraq to Afghanistan to Somalia.
  • 8 multiplayer game modes supporting up to 32 players, with a focus on territorial control, destroying weapon caches and escorting high value targets.
  • 3 cooperative game modes where you and your friends team up to complete mission-based objectives, find and destroy enemy weapon caches, or survive against endless waves of swarming enemy.
  • Squad system built upon role-based player classes, which are customizable and asymmetrical based on what team you are on.
  • Squad-based communication system which includes 3D VOIP, allowing friendly and enemy players within proximity to hear you.
  • Overhead map detailing objective and teammate locations.
  • Accumulate supply to customize and upgrade your gear, affecting your weight, stamina, and movement speed.
  • Simplified HUD and UI for a clean, immersive user experience focused on the action and environments.
  • Highly immersive particle FX and audio to intensify the game experience.
  • Create custom maps and content using the Insurgency SDK and scripting system.
  • Playable on both PC and Mac OSX and supports multiplayer cross-compatibility.
  • Dedicated Server Support for PC and Linux.


Three territorial objectives, one for each team, plus one neutral. Each team only respawns when they secure an objective. Secure all objectives or eliminate all enemy to win. Every life counts, making this a very suspenseful experience dependent upon teamwork.

One team must escort their VIP player to the extraction point. Both teams only have one life per round, so coordination is paramount. The VIP is only armed with a silenced pistol, but can pick up a weapon from a fallen enemy or teammate.

In addition to three territorial objectives, each team has a supply cache to protect. Teams gain extra reinforcement waves until their cache is destroyed. When both teams have lost their caches and all reinforcement waves, it becomes a Firefight match.

This attack and defend mode has three weapons caches that must be discovered and destroyed. Blowing up a cache brings additional reinforcement and time for the attackers, while the defenders lose a reinforcement wave.

Three objectives must be captured by the attacking team in sequential order. For each objective captured, they gain more reinforcement and time to attack the next. Defenders have a finite amount of reinforcements and must use each wisely.

Capture the flag style game mode where you must seize the enemy's intel while protecting your own base from enemy infiltration. Multiple players on your team can collect enemy intel. Teams spawn by reinforcement waves, when a friendly player seizes the intel, and when an enemy carrier is killed.

Teams both have weapon caches they must defend while trying to destroy the enemy weapon caches. They also must capture a central objective on the map. Capturing the point or destroying an enemy weapon cache will spawn your team.

King of the Hill style game mode with a single objective. Controlling the objective will drain the enemy's reinforcement waves. To win players must eliminate the enemy team and its reinforcements or hold the objective and have more waves when time runs out.


Complete mission-based objectives such as capturing and defending key territory or destroying a supply cache against challenging AI enemy. Each successful objective will reinforce your teammates who were eliminated along the way.

Eliminate all enemy AI on a night themed map and find and destroy their weapon cache. The weapon cache spawns randomly in one of three potential locations. Players only have one life per round, so stealth and communication are advised.

Play as Insurgents and fight against endless waves of progressively difficult Security enemies on night themed maps. Reaching safehouse objectives with your team earns you supply to purchase better weapons and spawns any dead teammates.

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Thanks to Marxman, when selecting which ammo type you want to run, it now displays ballistic gel tests for the internal ballistics! This should help illustrate the advantages and drawbacks of different ammo types, along with understanding the explosive trauma that'll be inflicted on your opponents. I'll also go through the basics of how generally different ammo types perform. (Keep in mind right now, these are a work in progress and haven't been done for every round)

Handgun Calibers


Handgun rounds will generally do less damage and penetrate less armor than rifle rounds, but will have low recoil and high rate of fire in a compact smg package, or make a nice secondary for desperate times. Be aware you'll have trouble getting through lvl3a helmets and limb protection, and will suck against rifle rated plates. Depending on the armor your opponent has, you may want to magdump a few rounds in their pelvis to paralyze them, or, if you have especially good marksmenship, get a headshot.

Jacketed hollow points can be used to improve your terminal ballistics, expanding on contact, adding extra lethality while minimizing over-penetration. Using higher pressure 9mm ammo, or 5.7x25mm will reach those higher velocities for beating lvl3a armor, and upgrading to the fatter 45acp or 44 magnum will make meaner holes in squishy bits.

Shotgun Shells

Shotguns have unrivaled performance against unarmored bits, but also don't have great performance against armor. Using the right load can let you spew a huge spread of shot, forcing enemies to keep their heads down, or a tight spread to rival rifles at range. Just make sure to aim at unarmored bits, like limbs, the groin, or face depending on the enemy's armor. Or you can use sabot slugs to rip right through non-rifle rated plates and pulverize anything behind.

Rifle Rounds


Rifles rounds, like 5.56x45mm, can rip through helmets and limb protection and provide much greater accuracy and terminal ballistics than handgun calibers. You'll have a wide variety of options to choose from too.

5.56 Open Tip Match

Just looking at 5.56x45mm, ball ammo makes for a great jack of all trades, while soft points make for a close quarters machine, deforming on contact to create nasty wounds, but suffer when it comes to accuracy or armor penetration. Open tip match rounds expand less, but are great marksmen rounds when pinpoint accuracy is demanded.

This clips shows the devastating power of 5.56x45mm, but also shows that it can be stopped by lvl3 or lvl4 plates. You'll want to follow up your quick double taps to the chest with a headshot for a Mozambique drill or aim lower at the pelvis and let your recoil ride up for a Zipper drill against enemies who need extra encouragement to be sent to Valhalla. You could also use the spicier m855a1 or m995 to rip right through lvl3 armor.

.308 Soft Point

5.56x45mm is no slouch against two legged targets, however, if you have a taste for the excessive or need something to guarantee a one hit kill at longer ranges, .308 maybe for you, at a cost of much harsher recoil. Ball is good, but soft points will absolutely pulverize any poor sob at the end of your barrel.

.308 Armor Piercing

.308 AP, when you don't feel like worrying about anybody's armor getting in the way of your sweet, sweet certified juicy tango removal.

300 Blackout Subsonic

However, some of you may prefer a stealthy playstyle while rocking the accuracy of a rifle. 300 blackout subsonic ammo will keep you whisper quiet, for tricky flanks or round ending assassinations. However, your terminal ballistics won't be much better than 45acp, so watch out against plates, limb protection, and helmets.

300 Blackout Polymer Tip

5.56x45mm is great, but it doesn't do particularly great out of shorter barrel lengths. The supersonic 300 blackout polymer tips will have much better expansion out of a 10" or less barrel than 5.56x45mm soft points. This makes for a great tool for high stakes close quarters combat. The recoil however, will be a little more spicy.

Hesitation Ambush Highlights

Hesitation Ambush Highlights


Some highlights of awesome tactical, cqb, action and teamwork on the intense close quarters map, Hesitation on the Ambush game mode.

House - Intense and tactical close quarters combat!

House - Intense and tactical close quarters combat!


House is an elimination map where SRT have to control the perimeter and breach IAD's house to destroy their cache.

Nail - Complex, tactical, and difficult WIP map!

Nail - Complex, tactical, and difficult WIP map!


Nail is currently undergoing a new art pass by Marxman! Expect lots of frantic cqb and punishing long range sightlines! Good strategy and tactics are...

Miasma - Small map for dueling

Miasma - Small map for dueling


Miasma is a small map meant for one versus one up to three versus three players. This map is more for if you want to practice your aim with friends.

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Brazilian Armed Forces Security By Cots

Brazilian Armed Forces Security By Cots

Brazilian Armed Forces Insurgency by Cots Full Version

Use: Do not open, re-work or redistribute this mod without the permission of the author(s).

Insurgency: Sandstorm - Server quickstart batch

Insurgency: Sandstorm - Server quickstart batch

Multiplayer Map

Just a small Batch to quick start a Insurgency: Sandstorm server. Choose map and gamemode by pressing the key accordingly, and you ready to start.

Swords vs. Spies (v.002)

Swords vs. Spies (v.002)

Swords vs. Spies (SvS) Full Version

Swords vs. Spies is an asymmetric stealth total conversion mod for Insurgency.

Skyscraper_SvS (v.003)

Skyscraper_SvS (v.003)

Swords vs. Spies (SvS) Multiplayer Map 2 comments

The first map featured in Swords vs. Spies, this map is focused on close quarters environments. The map features many custom systems, such as tripwires...

Swords vs Spies (v.b001-old)

Swords vs Spies (v.b001-old)

Swords vs. Spies (SvS) Full Version

Swords vs. Spies is an asymmetric stealth total conversion mod for Insurgency.

Insurgency map contest

Insurgency map contest

Multiplayer Map

Finalists for the Razer and Game Banana Insurgency map contest.

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bukanijam - - 18 comments

Congrats on 2nd placed IOTY. Should've been 1st.

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removethisprofile - - 431 comments

good deathmatch server:

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alencore - - 445 comments

Insurgency has sold it's soul to NUKETOWN...LOL!

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PASA24 - - 51 comments

So.. I dont full understand, I can play Insurgency at linux?
Just in Steam no linux platforms.

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Guest - - 687,512 comments

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trainbomb - - 67 comments

Some more official maps for this game!
Would be also great to see a PKM machine gun.

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SturdyBatonX - - 2 comments

where the download

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medve - - 1,475 comments

where the english

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Check steam.

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where the steam

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