Tabletop Playground

Experience digital tabletop gaming like never before with realistic physics and satisfying controls. Recreate and modify classic games or build your own and share them with the world. Utilize specialized tools to play niche and complex games with up to 8 players across PC and VR. Get ready for the definitive tabletop gaming experience, with Tabletop Playground.

16 Player Multiplayer

Play solo or with up to 16 players simultaneously online, with cross platform play between PC storefronts planned. Save and resume games at anytime and discover a never-ending selection of games to be played with friends or strangers across the world.

Modern and Satisfying Controls

Featuring powerful physics and responsive, snappy controls, every move and action is as satisfying to do as it is in real life. Whether through a screen, or through virtual reality with and without motion controllers, experience more responsive and fluid gameplay than ever before.

Powerful In-Game Editor

Adjust the rules and enjoy tabletop favorites exactly how you want, or quickly forge your own ideas into original games. The easy to use and powerful in-game editor, coupled with JavaScript scripting to allow for complex rules and actions, means you’re only limited by your creativity.

Specialized Tools For Niche Games

Built from the ground up with greater functionality for war-gaming and niche games in mind. Utilize specialized tools to create formations, measure distances/angles, access movement/dice roll history and manage custom unit amounts. Digital war-gaming will never be the same again!

Realistic Graphics and More Customization

Through the use of Unreal Engine 4, experience the ultimate immersive game sessions you can have playing tabletop games online. Personalize your game space with beautiful and cozy 3D locations and lose yourself in the detailed game pieces and realistic graphics.

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RSS Articles

Last night we shipped a new update for Tabletop Playground! Check out a round-up of other updates we've delivered since we last saw you in November!

Tabletop Playground Media Content

In December we added custom backgrounds, subfolders for resources and templates to keep your packages tidy, and several control tweaks. Now you can play board games in whatever locale you can make, and more powerful importing tools from similar frameworks to TTPG mean work is more easily transferred into TTPG's competent scripting set!

December Update - Custom Backgrounds

In January, we shipped an update all about the little things, and lots of them: improvements to how the game looks and feels, more intuitive and powerful interactions, convenient new options and commands in various places, and removal of a couple of restrictions. In addition there are new methods and callbacks for scripting, and a lot of fixed issues!

In February, many new features, convenience improvements, and fixes went live. Some highlights are the extended object coordinates window with aligning and arranging functionality, VR hands, clipboard buttons, more shortcut keys, more scripting UI functionality, and an upgrade to a new version of the JavaScript engine.

February Update - Aligning Axes

February Update - VR Hands

Finally, our latest update in March introduced a new tag system, a setting to show player heads, and lots of improvements for snap points and scripting! You can observe other players in VR or otherwise to see where they're looking - useful for games of bluffing and for gamemasters testing user engagement!

March Update - VR Player Heads

With all these updates, Tabletop Playground is more powerful than ever, and our inclusive community of creative game makers grows every day. Now's a great time to get in on the action and make your own tabletop concept come to life!

You can also check out our 4-pack here:

Tabletop Playground: November Update!

Tabletop Playground: November Update!


Featuring teams, trading cards, object library improvements, and more!

Late 2021 Tabletop Playground Catch-Up

Late 2021 Tabletop Playground Catch-Up


Read our catch-up of the newest updates to Tabletop Playground since May!

2021 Tabletop Playground New Year Update

2021 Tabletop Playground New Year Update


Happy New Year Tabletop gamers. It is time to recap the latest updates we've released over the last few months for Tabletop Playground!

Dominos, PDF Support, More Players And Biggest Discount Yet!

Dominos, PDF Support, More Players And Biggest Discount Yet!


Since our last development blog, the developer took a well deserved break before continuing to add more features and improvements to flesh out the game...


I tried this game with my friend.I found milebournes A game i used to love playing years ago. Sadly there was no way to install the game.We tried everything we tried using the importer program that came with the game but nothing worked it showed the game but when we tried to play it the mod said it didnt have a start field so at that point i had to start laughing it was just so horrible! My friend started to cry saying we got ripped off! We both agreed to spend at least a few hours trying to get it to work. We started reading how to get the game installed But it looked to me that unless your a computer tech with basic programming knowlege in i think it said lua I wouldnt bother because your not going to be making any games or downloading any mods that work What you will be doing is you will spend all day doing what we did! It's pretty sad somebody really dropped the ball on this one!But before i could convince him to try one more time after 6 hours he grabbed the keyboard and uninstalled the game. We went and got a real deck of cards on a real table with a few beers without us having to try and figure out computer programming language A really horrible day turned into a fun card game.This is something that i'm going to remember for a very long time

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PlasticityStudios Creator

I'm sorry that you've had difficulties playing the game. When a mod doesn't have a start state that means the mod author hasn't provided a save state with where thigns are on a table. You can still play the mode by starting with an empty table and adding the objects from the mod directly.
You also don't need any programming knowledge to play or create your own games. For example, you can find a tutorial on how to create a basic game here:

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But what's going to entice me to get this rather than play tabletop simulator? There are so many of these games trying to do Tabletop Sim, if you want to succeed do something they don't, find what they're lacking.

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PlasticityStudios Creator

Hi richtofen115, thanks for your comment! I created Tabletop Playground because I wanted a way to remotely play tabletop games with my friends. I started back in 2014 when Unreal Engine 4 became available and continued to work on it while similar games emerged: Tabletop Playground offers more realistic graphics, it has a strong focus on enabling anyone to easily create their own content using the in-game Editor, and it includes unique features such as color schemes or movement history. I hope this quick overview answers your question. More information is coming over the next months on!

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