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Whoah. I can't believe it's already been 2 years.

Underhell Chapter 1



*Make sure to completely uninstall Prologue before installing Chapter One, do not install on top!*

The game ONLY requires Source Sdk Base 2007 installed, no other source games are required.
(to avoid possible bugs/crashes)

2 years...

I guess it's true that time passes faster when you keep busy. I certainly didn't feel those 2 years pass. So much has happened for me, and I am sure things have changed for you as well.

For those who do not know, I have spent these 2 years working on the game Insurgency

Since the game's release we have been constantly releasing free updates and free DLC with new maps, new weapons, new game modes and improved content, the game has evolved in so many good ways, and it's been a blast to work on this, it has many of the things I love in a game, mainly tight gunplay and intense action and effects.

But that's not all I've been doing during this time, many of you have been sending me messages and posting comments, asking questions about Chapter Two and the future of Underhell. Some of you may think it's dead.


But it's not

Underhell has never been developed in a traditional way, I can realize that now that I am part of an actual game development team. It's been created in a very specific way which allowed me to make sure all the aspects of the game matched a certain style and fit in a certain way, and even if I had to make sacrifices or let some things go due to lack of personnel or time, the formula has worked so far.

It just takes a lot of time.

And that's really all I need from you at the moment, some of you have been asking to send donations, but I would rather not. It is true that from now on I want to be able to pay every team member that will work on this project, and therefore the financial side of things is a new concern, but this is all part of the process of making a game, and it will be dealt with in due time.

Some art

All this cool concept art has been created by Paxilon, who I have decided to hire after seeing the art work seen above. She was able to bring to life designs for future characters that I have had in mind for years now. There is plenty more of Character Concepts, but some of them would be spoilers, so here are a few of the non-spoiler ones.





The future

I am currently working on other projects that is true, and I am not spending as much time working on Underhell as I used to, that is also true. But that doesn't mean it's dead, and that doesn't mean I've given up.

I've said this many times, but after a while people stop believing it, so I have to say it again.

I will not stop working on Underhell, and Underhell is far from dead, and as long as I am alive I plan to keep working on it whenever possible.

News are and will be scarce for this, simply because I do not like to post news when there is nothing substantial to talk about. So it is possible that there will be silence from me and the development during some time, and that's the way it's gotta be until the game has made more significant progress.

Chapter Two is the biggest and largest Chapter of the game, in terms of size and scope, it has the most characters, more environments and quite a few memorable set pieces scenes. I want to make sure it is done right, and I'll take my time and the Source Engine is getting old.

I am developing this in a way that if we were to switch to another engine, we wouldn't lose the work that has been done so far, all these precautions and slow and careful building takes time, so that really is all I ask from you. Time.

I don't work in a AAA studio on this, in fact at the moment it's pretty much just me, and that is the way it's supposed to be for now, so all you can do is wait.

And we all know how hard that can be.

In the meantime, there's another game that kept us waiting which releases today. So let's go play that.

Underhell Chapter One - Anniversary

Underhell Chapter One - Anniversary

News 34 comments

One year ago today Underhell Chapter one was released. A lot of things have happened throughout the year, let's see where we are and where we are headed.

Underhell has been Greenlit on Steam !

Underhell has been Greenlit on Steam !

News 26 comments

Underhell has recently been Greenlit on Steam, thanks to everyone who voted. Updates on the weapon modeling of the game + a new ModDB design, and a Fan-Made...

Underhell begins now

Underhell begins now

News 30 comments

In case you haven't looked at the calendar, today Underhell begins! Also, development news!

Underhell Chapter 1 Released

Underhell Chapter 1 Released

News 106 comments

Underhell Chapter 1 + Prologue remake has been released. After over 2 years of hard work, we hope you will enjoy the game.

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Underhell Chapter 1 - German Language Pack

Underhell Chapter 1 - German Language Pack

Patch 8 comments

Underhell Prologue + Chapter 1 German Language Pack, includes translated subtitles and graphic content. Instructions:

Underhell Chapter 1 - TChinese Language Pack

Underhell Chapter 1 - TChinese Language Pack

Patch 14 comments

Underhell Prologue + Chapter 1 Traditional Chinese Language Pack, includes translated subtitles and graphic content. Instructions:

Underhell Chapter 1 - Spanish Language Pack

Underhell Chapter 1 - Spanish Language Pack

Patch 10 comments

Underhell Prologue + Chapter 1 Spanish Language Pack, includes translated subtitles and graphic content. Instructions/Instrucciones:

Underhell Chapter 1 - Russian Language Pack

Underhell Chapter 1 - Russian Language Pack

Patch 77 comments

Underhell Prologue + Chapter 1 Russian Language Pack, includes translated subtitles and graphic content. INSTRUCTIONS/ИНСТРУКЦИЯ:

Underhell Chapter 1

Underhell Chapter 1

Full Version 117 comments

Underhell Chapter 1 + Underhell Prologue Remake Do not install over the 2011 Prologue, first uninstall the old version, then install this clean.

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I know this was a while ago, but....

"There is plenty more of Character Concepts, but some of them would be spoilers, so here are a few of the non-spoiler ones" - Mxthe

if you wanted to show us non-spoiler ones, then why did you show us Max, who we never met in the game or am I missing something? Aslo we didn't know Jessica would be in chapter 2. I guess you were tired and made a mistake?

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Hi,i have a very wierd bug when i launch a chapter i get a VERY VERY WIERD colorful screen like if i'm high or soemthing,i tried to launch the game in Directx8 mode but the game crashes when i launch a chapter so you guys got any idea on how to fix this bug? because i REALLY WANT to try out this mod
Here are my specs
INTEL CORE 2 CPU 6300 @1.86 1.87 ghz
GPU: Intel(R) Q965/Q963 Express Chipset Family

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Intel Q965/963 has GMA 3100 integrated GPU which doesn't support lots of features like shader model 3 and etc. Since DirectX 9 uses shader model 3 your GPU can't render images properly. Only thing you can do is to switch to older DirectX versions. Try lowering settings after you switch to DirectX 8. Also there is DirectX 8 and 8.1 so try switching between them too, trust me, it makes a difference (at least for me). You can switch to DirectX 8.1 by typing -dxlevel 81 in steam launch options. I think there is a difference between switching DirectX versions with steam launch options and in the game. Try that too (You can change DirectX version in-game with a command: mat_dxlevel). If none of this works then switch to DirectX 7. Though you will get a few graphical glitches (Like wireframed blood sprites) because Underhell uses some of the newer effects that require shader model 3. Hope I helped, good luck!

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Not really necessary, but I do hope someone makes an update patch for the Alpha Squad in remedy to their new models to Nightmare House 2's 2015 update.

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any news on chapter 2? :s

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Until Underhell releases on Steam.

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then what is taking so long to release?
I remember when it got Greenlit, it was about 1.5 years ago.

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You had better read artcles

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Can you summarize it for me?

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He is taking his time, because he wants Underhell to be perfect. Also, he is working on many projects and he is alone. Chapter 2 is the biggest part of the game too. All this takes a lot of time and as he said, he doesn't like to talk about something when there is nothing big to it. This is the reason we only get updates once a year, which is good, Because if he posted updates every month or so and showed off the game, part by part, we would lose interest and game would turn out less exciting. All we can do is wait, if we keep telling him "Where is chapter 2" he will lose incentive which will result in slower development or even canceling the game. Instead, we should respect him for all his work and praise him for awesome game

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Don't forget that it's completely free as well, so it's hard to complain when it's a small team making something like this especially if it's gonna be as long as the first chapter.

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Underhell is one of those mods that comes along every so often, that makes you look at retail and remember when they used to make good games like this...and saddens you a little that the industry can't turn out gold like this these days. In a world of MMO's, Call of Duty FPS's, we get a classic game with a good story, incredible atmosphere, and depth to boot. Fun gameplay on top of that? This is a lovechild, and that is what makes it amazing. This is the result of someones vision come to life. They…

Mar 6 2011 by Mkilbride

Lowest Rated (14 agree) 3/10


Mar 8 2012 by ruMpel

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