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Underhell Chapter 1



*Make sure to completely uninstall Prologue before installing Chapter One, do not install on top!*

The game ONLY requires Source Sdk Base 2007 installed, no other source games are required.
(to avoid possible bugs/crashes)

And 3.

Well, it's now been 3 years since Chapter 1. A lot more has happened since last year, unfortunately not a whole lot has to do with Underhell itself. It has become clear for some time now, that this is going to be a long winded project.

Truth is, I have been busy with other things as well.

DOI Keyart Flat 1024x576

I know this news section isn't necessarily meant for other projects, I'm just talking about them to explain what I've been doing, so I'll be brief.

Around September 2015, I was offered a permanent position at New World Interactive as a Producer, the job offer included moving to Amsterdam in the Netherlands, and actually working on site, I was still living in Mexico at the time. So I just said yes, and I moved to Amsterdam last November and have been here since.

Dismemberment, an upcoming feature for DOI

screenshot010 Recovered2

Since I moved here, we began pre-production on Insurgency : Sandstorm, the follow up to Insurgency, and we also began working on Day of Infamy, which as originally a free mod we worked on for Insurgency, but soon after release, it became clear that it could become so much more. Valve offered their support and approval of the project, and we set off to turn it into an actual game with loads of original content. I've always been a huge fan of WW2 shooters, and it's been my dream for a very long time to actually work on one.

(For those interested, here's dod_charlie a really old, really ugly map I made for DOD:S years ago. It hasn't aged well.)

Moving up

So I went from working as a producer for one game, to now being a Production Director for 3 announced projects, 1 in pre-production, 1 in full production, and one in post-release content production. It may not be clear to everyone how complicated things can get while multi managing these things, especially in an Indie studio, but yeah, I've had my hands full for a while, and I've been loving every second of it.

What does this means for Underhell though ?


Well, it just means that things have been moving even slower. I must say that this learning experience as a Producer in a real game development studio is the best thing that could have happened to me. I'm learning so much every day and I'm blessed to work with an absolutely amazing team composed of many talented people...

Hmm...I'm a Producer in an indie studio, working with a team of talented people?

I wonder what's gonna happen next...Who knows? Nothing has been decided yet.

These things take time, what I can say at this point though, is that it is highly unlikely that Underhell will continue to be released simply as a Source Engine modification.


Source Engine is on its way out, it has been for the past few years, and every time I've heard something from Valve about it, they've made it clear that their support and interest for the platform is minimal, which is logical given the fact that Source 2 is on the horizon.

We developed Day of Infamy on Source because we already had a built platform with Insurgency which facilitated the production and made it an obvious choice, and we've managed to build a great game with unique features in a record time.

But when it comes to Underhell, the more time passes, and the more I realize that Source is getting old, and newer engines have enormous possibilities and would open so many doors for an even better game.

I realize that this is probably not the news you hoped to hear, since it means no Chapter 2 for a while still. I also realize some of you may grow tired of waiting, and I know that it can be pretty hard.

But in the long run, this means nothing but good news, and Underhell would be all the better for it.

So I'll see you when I see you. Not too early...not too late.

Underhell - 2 Years later

Underhell - 2 Years later

News 53 comments

Well, it's been 2 years already, and there's still a long road ahead.

Underhell Chapter One - Anniversary

Underhell Chapter One - Anniversary

News 34 comments

One year ago today Underhell Chapter one was released. A lot of things have happened throughout the year, let's see where we are and where we are headed.

Underhell has been Greenlit on Steam !

Underhell has been Greenlit on Steam !

News 26 comments

Underhell has recently been Greenlit on Steam, thanks to everyone who voted. Updates on the weapon modeling of the game + a new ModDB design, and a Fan-Made...

Underhell begins now

Underhell begins now

News 30 comments

In case you haven't looked at the calendar, today Underhell begins! Also, development news!

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Underhell Chapter 1 - German Language Pack

Underhell Chapter 1 - German Language Pack

Patch 8 comments

Underhell Prologue + Chapter 1 German Language Pack, includes translated subtitles and graphic content. Instructions:

Underhell Chapter 1 - TChinese Language Pack

Underhell Chapter 1 - TChinese Language Pack

Patch 14 comments

Underhell Prologue + Chapter 1 Traditional Chinese Language Pack, includes translated subtitles and graphic content. Instructions:

Underhell Chapter 1 - Spanish Language Pack

Underhell Chapter 1 - Spanish Language Pack

Patch 10 comments

Underhell Prologue + Chapter 1 Spanish Language Pack, includes translated subtitles and graphic content. Instructions/Instrucciones:

Underhell Chapter 1 - Russian Language Pack

Underhell Chapter 1 - Russian Language Pack

Patch 77 comments

Underhell Prologue + Chapter 1 Russian Language Pack, includes translated subtitles and graphic content. INSTRUCTIONS/ИНСТРУКЦИЯ:

Underhell Chapter 1

Underhell Chapter 1

Full Version 116 comments

Underhell Chapter 1 + Underhell Prologue Remake Do not install over the 2011 Prologue, first uninstall the old version, then install this clean.

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3 downloads away from 100,000. Congrats guys. :3

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Damn, I have been waiting for it for some time and then I forgot and now I'm late. Underhell is over 100k downloads. Congratulations Mxthe! Your masterpiece continues to grow (Even after finishing it 5 times I still want more so much lol)
and this is only the "mod" version of the first part of the game. Oh boy, I can see such a big future for both you and Underhell. Wish you the best!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

This mod should be a game in itself. Took me 16+ hours to complete the mod, which is way longer than the original Half-Life 2 took. Well made, I enjoyed it!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

I can't seem to get the console to open up in underhell. I did add in -console in both SDK 2007 and Underhell itself but the console just refuses to show up, any help?

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*edit I also did turn on developer console in the options.

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Holy crap. When I first downloaded this mod I was expecting only around 2 to 3 hours of gameplay. I am so wrong. I've lost count but I'm easily 6 hours into the mod making my way through Chapter 1, and the attention to detail is phenomenal. Ok I haven't completed it yet but from what I've played so far I can easily give it a high score.

The main selling point is how realistic it is to drop enemies with a headshot. Txthe has gone to great lengths to achieve this and the earlier levels before Chapter 1 begins really made me feel like a SWAT officer.

Currently got a playlist going on my channel here but is currently unfinished due to how long the mod is. The house is especially creepy and made me jump more than a few times. Chapter 1 hasn't so much made me jump, but it has kept me on edge. Couple of downers though, the voice acting is hit-and-miss but is mostly hit, though you can tell in some parts where the actors are clearly trying to emote, but fail badly. Other times it's clichéd but fun, and other times very well done. However like Metal Gear Solid there are parts where there is nothing but talk, and unlike MGS, you can't skip it either.

Still thoroughly playable and an absolute must to play since it's free. Given it's length though, you could easily be it's own game if the dev had the licences and resources to build it, and would happily have paid around $15 to $20 for it.

Well done to an awesome mod Mxthe. 9 out of 10.

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Underhell Chapter 1 is a great game. In my opinion even if Underhell Chapter 2 is not being made, I don't think I would complain. Your team have given many gamers here more than some modders or even game developers could have given.

Underhell is long enough to be considered a game by itself. Not to mention free and entertaining.

I wish you all the best in whatever you want to do.

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Long enough and more importantly designed well enough. Underhell is one of my most cited games when arguing with noobs, as it showcases more clever, detailed, less repetitive design in so many different areas than most AAA games.

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I am worrying about if My computer could still work on the game

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I respect your decisions and understand everything. Underhell is awesome and one of the best mods i've ever played period. I wish you best of luck in your endeavors and i wholeheartedly believe that one day Underhell will get chapter two and beyond and you will achieve your goals. But i must ask - as a person who doesn't see anything wrong with source engine (lack of understanding perhaps), i can't help but wonder - where will this end? First you have to find a new engine, then you have to make a port of prologue and chapter one (otherwise what's the point), then new, better engine comes out and on and on and on and that's not even getting into amount of work required. Not judging, just asking. Don't take it in a wrong way - i still believe that everything will be alright. As i said, i respect your decisions. Best of luck to you.

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Highest Rated (184 agree) 10/10

Underhell is one of those mods that comes along every so often, that makes you look at retail and remember when they used to make good games like this...and saddens you a little that the industry can't turn out gold like this these days. In a world of MMO's, Call of Duty FPS's, we get a classic game with a good story, incredible atmosphere, and depth to boot. Fun gameplay on top of that? This is a lovechild, and that is what makes it amazing. This is the result of someones vision come to life. They…

Mar 6 2011 by Mkilbride

Lowest Rated (6 agree) 4/10

Saw some really cool action scenes in the trailer so downloaded but then it turned out to be another basic attempt at horror. Shame :( The mapping in the house at the start seemed really cool and there was some good entity work and some parts where genuinely mysterious. I wanted to learn more about the character but then I was thrown into a selection of dark corridors which is so abymally basic I quit and removed the game from my PC. Sorry, but these same cheap scare tactics come up over and over…

Apr 25 2011 by Urby

Single Player

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