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We decide the importance we give to things. We decide what is important to us.

We decide if we care about things being a certain way, and if we do care about it and have the possibility to change it, then it's up to us to decide if we are willing to do so.
If we do care about it and cannot change it, then it's up to us to decide if we are willing to try and change it anyway, or if we are willing to accept it as it is.

The concept of "caring about a fictional character" in a book or a movie or a video game or the concept of "caring about the past". Caring about historical characters we have all heard of but have never met, or even caring about the past of our race, our civilization or our religion.
Does it directly affect us to know that our ancestors were enslaved by this or that civilization?
Does it directly affect us that our ancestors did this or that in the name of this or that religion?
Do we hold a grudge at the descendants of said civilization TODAY because of it?
Does it matter to us directly?

Will we let what a group of people we have never met has done to another group of people we have never met dictate how we live our lives? We decide whether we care or not, and that is part of what defines us. It's something we must all think about, and not simply take for granted.

What if I told you that if things had been slightly different, your best friend would have killed you. Would you still consider him your best friend?

Would "what could have been" matter more to you than "what is"?

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Excuse me I was wondering if there was anything onther than source sdk that I needed to download underhell?

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Hello Mxthe, I was wondering if I could have permission to share your great, wonderful Underhell music on my Youtube channel and not to worry, as I NEVER steal work of others, especially of devs of HL2 mods that I know and love... a lot. <3 So yeah, I was wondering if I could have permission to share your great Underhell music on my Youtube channel ( ) and I always give proper credit for each song so no worries about that. :) I am just asking permission first since I highly respect you guys after all, making such a legendary story and an even scarier House hub... >:D

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There are already a few tracks on youtube.
And yes. Publishing a full soundtrack on youtube that is available for purchase IS stealing.
Plus, there are a few things called "youtube to mp3" converters, making every soundtrack on youtube possible to be stolen.

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Hi Mxthe , I would like to get permission to use some of Your content , I hope you don't mind ?

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Is it true that the Underhell team received help from The_Author?

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That was long time ago, when Underhell was using SMOD.

"Many features of the latest SMOD were added because of requests from the community, and some from my own requests like the flashlight using battery, or the gibbing being model specific, those are features I requested to “The Author” on the Japanese forums, with Underhell in mind. “The Author” was this really nice mysterious Japanese programmer that made SMOD merely for a “Discreet enjoyment of the community”. I don’t think he had any idea that SMOD would become this popular.
“The Author” has now gone missing, I hope he was hired in a real company." - Mxthe, on ModSentry Interview.

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Also, come the Steam Underhell release, will we need to replay the whole game, or can we import our save files? I understand that there's a lot of retexture and remodeling work to be done, but will any of these changes/improvements force the players to replay? Not that it wouldn't be fun, but one does want to experience the next chapter as soon as it's available.

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I don't think that we'll be able to import save files from the Mod version simply because of incompatibility due to different Source engines.

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Mxthe, I was just wondering, why is it that you want to make games? I've heard a lot of reasons among others, such as wanting to make the next big thing, to make money, or even to fix the industry's image. This is kind of random and out of the blue, I know, but I've taken to asking myself it, and I was wondering what opinion someone might have the with the experience such as yourself.

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Bonne chance avec la team insurgency ! Le mod coop a déjà beaucoup de potentiel alors il ne pourra qu’être mieux avec un mec comme toi ! ;)

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