The Haunted is a fast paced thirdperson horror-action game with focus on a intense multiplayer experience that is all about making a stand and liberating cursed places from the minions of evil. The game features several multiplayer modes such as coop or demons .vs. humans, where enemies are spawned and controlled by players. The outstanding visuals lay a perfect tone for the gameplay.

This week the good old Modcrew (Dave and Ryan) introduce some new segments for the show.

Posted by Henley on Mar 9th, 2009

This week the good old Modcrew (Dave and Ryan) introduce some new segments for the show and talk about the week's news and releases! With Ryan back from his work-induced coma he has his say about the comments regarding MOTY 2008, and we discuss how we are looking for new staff members.




So that's it for this week modders, but don't fear we will be back next week with more mods and goss for you all to enjoy! Don't forget to send your modding/gaming questions to and we will answer the questions on the show!

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LongBottom Mar 10 2009 says:

Thanks for the good words of Dreamball! Just to note about you speaking of custom mapping; yes we will be supporting it and be making it really easy to make maps (lot's of tutorials, example SDK content, etc). We'll also ship custom maps over Steamworks too :)

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Henley Author
Henley Mar 10 2009 replied:

Fantastic that's great! Cant wait to see what you guys do with it!

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XSparky Mar 10 2009 says:

Hi, thanks for the Good Words.
Well.. all models/textures are designed by our team from scratch (except leopard which is a heavily modfied version of Sigma6's leopard original created for OFP). As for the gamelay, we have our unque destruction System,damage warning indicators system, flares, smoke screen for tank, camo net, animated parts and especialy for the newly AH64A a whole MFD/TADS/LHADSS/FLIR system designed by Dr Eyeball.
You can find more information here

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angry_bot Mar 10 2009 says:

It's unfortunate that Firearms got screwed up so badly after RC 2.5. I used to love that game until it became a single-shot/campfest. It's too bad FLF died out: I only came around during the very latest versions and it's still the most fun I've ever had with an online game.

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Herr_Alien Mar 10 2009 says:

Well, regarding upcomming mods/games, I made a suggestion on that page: how about allowing in the competition only mods that have released some sort of playable demo/alpha/beta version of it? That should also help filter out some of the mods that seem to enjoy remaining unreleased ;)

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Henley Author
Henley Mar 10 2009 replied:

tho releasing something playable makes it released not un-released.

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Herr_Alien Mar 10 2009 replied:

Not really. A development stage build is definitely not how the mod will play. But it is rather proof that the mod is a sane candidate, since at least a part of the gameplay becomes visible, and, to some extent, it is something that can be graded.
More like a rough sketch of how the mod will play.

But I see your point. Technically, jailbreak would have been allowed to run for the best upcomming.

Still, it's somehing that's worth thinking about. I'd even drop the demo version and go with some videos showing (in game) how the mod will feel. But something more than renderers and cinematic trailers. Something that shows the devs at least actually playing it.

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MatthewD Mar 10 2009 replied:

That's actually a good idea, creating some sort of release candidate for the editors so they can choose best upcoming would be great. Then, nobody can hide behind their fancy-edited videos.

And by the time the release candidate must be submitted and you are not ready, then you should not be ineligible to compete. As a mod so far behind in development that doesn't even have a playable build would have no use for the torque license.

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Bird_of_Prey Mar 10 2009 replied:

I'm not sure how well this would work as it can be hard to put together a playable version of a mod when it's not all that far along that's going to look like anything. Sometimes unreleased mods have a bit done here and a bit there and the rest is on the hard drives of the members that are working on those assets. Though if they knew about it now, I guess they could work towards getting a little tech demo done, or what have you. But I just don't like the idea of mod teams having to take time out just to build a little demo that they'll never release to the public for the sole purpose of getting into the mod of the year awards. It might disqualify some smaller teams that have some really good ideas.
I think it all comes down to the fact that there is no real way to affect the placing of the mods you vote for. If you could pick your top ten for each category; things might be different. But then you're talking about a lot more work for the ModDB staff, but you know some people are going to complain anyway.

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Herr_Alien Mar 10 2009 replied:

Well, you see, I hate to see upcomming mod being awarded to mods that end up dead. It sounds more like the 'best upcomming screenshot(s)' in such cases. But when a mod has something playable, that's a different story.
If the team pulled it off that far, they will end up releasing. Plus, having a playable version is a major boost in morale for that team.

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DuckSauce Mar 10 2009 says:

good modcast
why was there such a long talk about the moty awards again? don't tell me that whole DBD discussion is STILL going on?

I wouldn't know since I skipped out of it fairly quickly, from all I hear it's gonna be a mod, so it won fair and square since it's upcoming.
Sucked for NeoTokyo and the other mods but fair is fair.

Btw I spotted youtube links of actual ingame footage of NeokToyko on Interlopers, so besides the fancy trailer NeokTokyo does have some footage to show, but I think it was added after the awards though.

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AlCool Mar 10 2009 replied:

Apparently we don't know what a mod is haha.

Check the page, its a map map pack, plain and simple.

Here a quote "Dead Before Dawn is a campaign based off the 2004 remake of Dawn of the Dead.". A modification of a game changes the game. DBD is an ADD-ON to the REGULAR game. All the ingame footage is a maphack used to put the AI director in but with NO scripted sequences. Why is it that moddb still doesn't know their left from their right? Quit trying to defend your stupidly wrong decisions that you've been miraculously pulling off in the past couple months. Yes obviously more then 30 MODDB HIGH RANKING (well low but you get what I mean) members were wrong and know nothing about modding, yeah like that's whats happening.

Fricken get a grip.

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DuckSauce Mar 11 2009 replied:

Apperently Campaigns can go far enough as to change models and script things to make it a real story like experience.
So you could say DBD will be a mod and it seems to want to be a mod, the real problem is whether it will deliver. NOT whether it's a mod or not, it's promising to be a upcoming mod, there really isn't much to argue about that. So it won fair and square, but chances are it will never deliver, which would be bad but there's no point continuing to be all negative about it.

The way I see it, DBD now has more reason then ever to make sure it delivers, or else there will be thousands of angry zombie fans :P

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Herr_Alien Mar 12 2009 replied:

Any change to the game is a mod. Even a sound pack.
What I like about DBD is that they did show people playing it. So I say it has won the prize fair and square. Other mods won the title while showing even earlier work, yet failed to deliver. At least DBD shows you that what they have is playable.

Yes, I am mean :)

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QuadX Mar 15 2009 replied:

Just wanted to comment on this discussion. The problem here is that the term "mod" could be interpreted in more than one way. To me, it seems that the website uses the term to refer to a rather substantial difference from the original game. Such as Age of Chivalry from HL2, which isn't just a simple map or anything, it's an actual "mod." However, think of the term itself, it is short for "modification" in all technicality which then could be interpreted to mean that anything you do to change a game is a "modification," there for a "mod." Again, moddb interprets small changes like a pack of weapons for a game as an "addon" or so it seems anyway. So if you want to get technical about it, Dead Before Dawn is definitely a mod, but in terms of how it is interpreted on this website it is probably better off as an "addon" rather than giving it a mod profile. If you do that, then that means that the potential for every other "Campaign" for L4D could also have its own profile page which I think would be insane considering how many campaigns or maps are being made for L4D now that the community is thriving.

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moci Mar 10 2009 says:

Henley, you are way more enthusiastic than on the podcast17... on that cast you were kind of bored or something where as here on the modcasts your voice is much more lively... how come?

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Henley Author
Henley Mar 10 2009 replied:

Well podcast 17 is a bit more edited then the modcast, not only that this is my show and its kinda my stomping grounds and so I guess I feel more at home here. Who knows I thought I sounded ok.

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robnkarla Mar 10 2009 says:

Thanks for the coverage and kind words :) BFME doesn't get much coverage and visibility, so thank you.

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Bird_of_Prey Mar 10 2009 replied:

Which is too bad, as it's still a great game. :D

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stenchy Mar 10 2009 replied:

It looks awesome, I'll have to pick it up and give it a go.

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BlueWolf72 Mar 10 2009 says:

nice stuff

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Dogmeat65 Mar 11 2009 says:

Thanks for the kind words about Jailbreak; 0.6 will be the next version, we're skipping 0.5 as 0.6 was going to be all about the OB port anyway. Progess is being made, we're hurrying as fast as we can :)

Also, I intend to get a doctorate some day, so my name will legally be Dr. Slaughter.

That or join the army to become Private / Sergeant / Captain / Lieutenant / Major / General Slaughter.

In real life it's less fun, actually having to convince people that's my real name has been difficult on more than one occasion...

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Henley Author
Henley Mar 11 2009 replied:

Still awesome name.

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