The Dawn of the Tiberium Age is a stand-alone Tiberian Sun to Tiberian Dawn (C&C 95) and Red Alert total conversion which aims to allow people to both play and mod TD and RA, while having all of the benefits of the TS engine.
Since this is a stand-alone mod, you don't require anything but the mod itself to be able to play; the original game is not required.

DTA's classic mode aims to mimic Tiberian Dawn's and Red Alert's gameplay as closely as possible, while the enhanced mode adds many new features and balance improvements. Since you have the factions from both TD and RA available, you're able to for example have matches between Nod and Soviet or mix it up however you like.

This mod is still actively being worked on, so you can expect frequent updates and if you find any bugs, please report them so that we can fix them as soon as possible.

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1 comment by Rampastring on Apr 3rd, 2015

We just released DTA 1.1407. It includes various bug fixes, technical improvements, balance changes and, of course, 3 new singleplayer missions and 2 new co-op missions!

However, despite such general improvements and additions, the biggest highlight of our latest updates has been naval combat. Our 3D modeller Lin Kuei Ominae created 9 new ships, making it possible for us to entirely re-design and re-implement the naval arsenals and balance for each side. Here are the revised naval units of all sides, along with descriptions:


Gunboat: The basic combat ship of GDI, fairly expensive but effective against other naval units. It is mainly used for protecting your more fragile Missile Cruisers and Aircraft Carriers from opposing naval units and aircraft, although it can take out coastal land targets as well.

Missile Cruiser: Armed with long-range missile launchers capable of dealing high amounts of damage to any target from a distance, the Missile Cruiser is GDI's support ship. By clicking it while it's selected or by pressing "D" on your keyboard, it will do a sonar sweep that reveals all submerged and cloaked units in its vicinity. It has low hitpoints and its arcing missiles are easily dodged by moving enemy units, so to be effective it requires protection from Gunboats, especially against fast enemy ships like Nod Scarabs.

Aircraft Carrier: The capital ship of GDI fires remotely controlled drones that bombard its enemies. It has the longest range of all units in DTA, and is especially effective against enemy structures. Use it to bombard enemy bases from far away. The Aircraft Carrier is also able to deploy, allowing it to reload A-10s and build up to 5 stronger drones with infinite operating range. In addition, the Carrier works as a sensor array when deployed, making it possible for it to detect nearby enemy submarines, sea mines and deployed Laser Corvettes.


Scarab: A very fast and inexpensive boat equipped with a chaingun. While it deals notable damage against naval units, it's not very effective in direct combat and so it's best used for quick hit-and-run attacks in small groups. The Scarab is also able to fire at aircraft, so use it for defending your Laser Corvettes and Sea Shadows against those pesky Orcas and Longbows.

Laser Corvette: A fairly fast ship equipped with a laser weapon similar to that of the Obelisk of Light. It is able to defeat almost any other naval unit in direct combat if it gets close enough. As a special ability the Laser Corvette is able to deploy, enabling it to function as a sensor array and giving it stealth capabilities, which makes it ideal for setting up ambushes.

Sea Shadow: Nod's capital ship fires long-range cluster missiles that deal large amounts of damage to all targets on land. Use it to level enemy bases from distance.


Destroyer: The basic combat ship of Allies. It is fairly inexpensive and mainly used against other naval units. The short range of its cannon makes it ineffective for attacking bases, so the Destroyer is usually seen protecting the more fragile Frigates and Cruisers.

Frigate: Allies' support ship. It has medium-range missile launchers that deal mediocre damage against all targets. Its low hitpoints make it poor in direct combat, but its low cost, range and anti-air capabilities make it the perfect support ship for the Destroyer. The Frigate is able to deploy, allowing it to function as a sensor array and thus detect nearby enemy submarines, sea mines and deployed Laser Corvettes.

Cruiser: Like in Red Alert, the Cruiser has very long range and is scaringly effective against structures, especially in deployed (combat-ready) mode. Large buildings like Refineries and Construction Yards are destroyed within seconds. Due to its cost, inaccuracy, and low speed, the Cruiser is very vulnerable to opposing naval units and should be protected by Destroyers and Frigates.


Submarine: The basic naval combat unit of the Soviet Union. Like all Soviet naval units, it travels underwater and so it cannot be detected by enemies unless it moves too close to a sensor array or sonar sweep. It can also do a sonar sweep itself to reveal enemy submarines, sea mines and deployed laser corvettes, but in doing so it will also give away its own position and that of friendly submarines that surround it. The Submarine's powerful torpedoes allow it to beat most ships in direct combat, but its low hitpoints and low range means that a group of Submarines is easily destroyed by long-range ships if exposed. The Submarine is capable of attacking land targets with a small cannon, but the cannon is weak and thus rarely useful on its own.

Missile Submarine: Equipped with long-range missile launchers, the Missile Submarine is used for attacking enemy bases, supporting basic Submarines in naval fights and for defending other submarines from aircraft. It has low health and so it's weak in direct combat and mediocre against other sides' long-range ships. Like the basic Submarine, the Missile Submarine is most effective when its stealth ability is used to perform ambushes and surprise attacks.

Project 941: A huge missile submarine. The low range of its torpedoes make it mediocre in direct combat, but what makes the Project 941 powerful are its missiles. When deployed, it fires bursts of missiles upwards to the sky, which shortly after rain upon its targets, causing massive area damage that no other unit in DTA is able to reach. Because the 941 is an experimental submarine, players can't have more than one of these on the battlefield at the same time.

Sea Mine: A slow and cheap remotely controlled floating mine. If it reaches an enemy unit, it will self-destruct, causing significant damage. The Sea Mine cannot take any damage before exploding, so a smart enemy can easily prevent their damage by using sensor arrays and sonar sweeps.

We hope you enjoy our revised naval combat as much as we enjoyed implementing it! For you to have more fun with the new ships (and everything else in the game), we went and also created 7 new default mode multiplayer maps for your entertainment.

It's also worth mentioning that when a player doesn't have a map that's selected by the game host, the map is now automatically transferred to that player, meaning you'll now be able to put the included map editor to good use.

To read the full change logs for our latest updates, visit the change log page.

See you on the battlefield, commanders! We've had decent daily online activity at CnCNet ever since we released DTA 1.13, so if you want some multiplayer action but lack friends to play with, go check it out!

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The Dawn of the Tiberium Age v1.1408

The Dawn of the Tiberium Age v1.1408

Apr 3, 2015 Full Version 2 comments

This is the full version of The Dawn of the Tiberium Age v1.1408; all files necessary to play are included, so you also don't need to have the original...

The Dawn of the Tiberium Age v1.1396

The Dawn of the Tiberium Age v1.1396

Feb 28, 2015 Full Version 9 comments

This is the full version of The Dawn of the Tiberium Age v1.1396; all files necessary to play are included, so you also don't need to have the original...

The Dawn of the Tiberium Age v1.1390

The Dawn of the Tiberium Age v1.1390

Feb 22, 2015 Full Version 12 comments

This is the full version of The Dawn of the Tiberium Age v1.1390; all files necessary to play are included, so you also don't need to have the original...

The Dawn of the Tiberium Age v1.1388

The Dawn of the Tiberium Age v1.1388

Feb 21, 2015 Full Version 20 comments

This is the full version of The Dawn of the Tiberium Age v1.1388; all files necessary to play are included, so you also don't need to have the original...

The Dawn of the Tiberium Age v1.1356

The Dawn of the Tiberium Age v1.1356

Dec 31, 2014 Full Version 36 comments

This is the full version of The Dawn of the Tiberium Age v1.1356; all files necessary to play are included, so you also don't need to have the original...

The Dawn of the Tiberium Age installer

The Dawn of the Tiberium Age installer

Dec 30, 2013 Installer Tool 2 comments

This installer will automatically download and install the latest version of The Dawn of the Tiberium Age for you. Mind that downloading the full package...

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nguyenhoang9011 Apr 14 2015, 9:46am says:

I have a question, how can I move the MCV to a resourceful island on naval map, seeing there is no hovercraft or naval transport in the navy unit, and the aerial transport can not use to transport MCV at all?

+1 vote     reply to comment
Bittah_Commander Creator
Bittah_Commander Apr 14 2015, 5:17pm replied:

You can use the Chinook to transport vehicles. To do this, simply select the Chinook and then click on the vehicle you want to transport; the Chinook will then attach itself to the vehicle and it'll carry it wherever you send it to.

+1 vote   reply to comment
nguyenhoang9011 Apr 15 2015, 11:11am replied:

Thank you for the instruction. It turn out I mistook the transport symbol for the unit selection symbol because how similar it is except the color. I'm used to how it look in C&C 3 and Red Alert 2 & 3. ( Tiberium Wars was the first game I played in the franchise after all).

+1 vote     reply to comment
Bittah_Commander Creator
Bittah_Commander Apr 16 2015, 7:05am replied:

The animation itself is also very different from that of a selection box, but I can see how you could get confused.
Maybe I'll replace it with the original carryall cursor from Tiberian Sun to make it more obvious.

+1 vote   reply to comment
Guest Apr 14 2015, 4:10am says:

Why can't connect to others in China? Does the server not support?

+1 vote     reply to comment
Rampastring Creator
Rampastring Apr 14 2015, 10:30pm replied:

Try using a different port (443 or 8000) when connecting.

+1 vote   reply to comment
KevinL Apr 11 2015, 1:37pm says:

Are there going to be any adjustments to the skirmish AI in the future? I noticed that it doesn't seem to play some factions as well as others, worse performing was whenever it was Allied since it never builds Light Tanks and waits until the Medium is available, by which time they are usually being overrun.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Rampastring Creator
Rampastring Apr 11 2015, 11:02pm replied:

Improving the AI is a neverending project, and the AI has been getting small improvements on pretty much every DTA update.

That being said, the AI ignores prerequisites when it builds units, so the fact that it builds medium tanks and no light tanks does not affect its performance.

I personally often spectate matches between Hard AIs of different sides and monitor the performance of the AI of each side, and I haven't noticed significant differences in the difficulty of the different sides' AIs. While Allies' basic ground vehicles aren't that powerful, the AI effectively compensates for that by using Chrono tanks and destructive Longbow attacks (which are somewhat less effective against other AIs than human players).

Usually the differences in the "skill level" of different AI players are a result of the map favoring one side more than another side for the AI's play style. For example, in small 1v1 maps the Soviet AI tends to be the hardest because their units are the strongest in direct combat.

What AI level are you playing against? While I focus on Medium AI as well, I mostly watch games between Hard AIs as we in the staff usually play against Hard AIs.

+1 vote   reply to comment
KevinL Apr 14 2015, 7:09pm replied:

I've noticed it doing what you were doing, the spectating hard AIs. I usually have the game at max speed if that makes a difference. The best performing I found was GDI, it seems to pummel whatever side it goes up against with air attacks, mainly because its A-10s always manage to eventually destroy the enemy Construction Yard. The sides are somewhat more balanced if I have multiple AIs on each side, but I don't feel like it's a perfect solution.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Rampastring Creator
Rampastring 15hours 34mins ago replied:

I've been doing some tests this morning I can't replicate your results.

A Soviet vs GDI match was very even. GDI eventually won after destroying the Soviet CY with A-10s, but the match took over an hour and during the match there were many moments where the Soviet AI had an advantage.

In GDI vs Nod matches GDI seems to have an advantage early on and seems to get to attack more (not surprising as that's generally true even with human players), but as Nod starts building Obelisks, Microwave tanks, Cyborgs and such the AIs were trading blows.

In GDI vs Allies GDI again has an advantage early on (mostly because of grenadiers), but the roles sometimes seemed to get reversed once Allies started building lots of Artillery, Chrono tanks and Medium tanks. For the most part, it was again even.

The air attacks of the Hard GDI AI are very punishing (even when they target harvesters and refineries), but usually Hard AIs are able to recover from them fairly quickly. Even if they lose a CY, they will sometimes build a new one, although not always.

+1 vote   reply to comment
Rampastring Creator
Rampastring Apr 15 2015, 11:39pm replied:

I'll try to check it out when I have the time for it. If I can reproduce your results, I'll try to fix it for the next update.

+1 vote   reply to comment
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