Dawn of the Tiberium Age (DTA) is a stand-alone mod that combines Tiberian Dawn (C&C 95) and Red Alert using the Tiberian Sun engine. The project's aim is to allow people to both play and mod TD and RA, while having all of the benefits of the TS engine.

All 4 factions (GDI, Nod, Allies, and Soviet) of the original games are included and can simultaneously battle one another on over 100 original multiplayer maps. This can be done either in classic mode (which matches the balance of TD and RA1 as closely as possible) or enhanced mode (which adds many new features and competitive balance improvements).

DTA also features dozens of challenging, unique singleplayer missions as well as co-op missions that can be easily played over the community-driven CnCNet online service.

Since this is a stand-alone mod, you don't require anything but the mod itself to be able to play: the original game is not required.

This mod is still actively being worked on, so you can expect frequent updates and if you find any bugs, please report them so that we can fix them as soon as possible.

Faction info:
GDI - Nod - Allies - Soviet


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RSS Articles

Greetings Commanders,

We just released DTA version 9.5.0. We first thought this patch was going to be a minor one, but it happened to increase in both size and development time during its course.

First off, with this update, DTA has started to make use of the Vinifera TS engine extension by CCHyper, that we've also been heavily contributing to. Currently the effects are limited, but over time this project can open up potential for major game engine improvements that would've previously been impossible even for us. Presently our custom build of Vinifera gives us the following features:

  • Screen shake, like in Red Alert 1, when objects with a high amount of HP are destroyed
  • Improved area damage logic for our Nuke
  • Improved AI nuke targeting
  • Fix for projectiles like SSM missiles disappearing in mid-flight when their target died from another damage source
  • The ability to load a saved game when you've lost a singleplayer mission, instead of only restarting or quitting

Liberation Extermination

The new 3-player Co-Op Mission "Liberation Extermination" by Tiberius.

This update also brings a bunch of new playable content, including a new Co-Op mission and 4 new multiplayer maps, two of them featuring large infantry-only swamp areas for unusual tactics.

[4] Lakesides

[6] Narrow River

[6] Marshlands

[8] Extreme Marshlands

As demonstrated by [4] Lakesides, this update also includes our new autumn assets for mappers to create maps for the season between our existing summer and winter theaters.

Speaking of maps, this version marks the public release of our new map editor that we revealed a month ago. The old "FinalSun" map editor is still included for people who want familiarity and for edge cases, but the client now directs you to the new editor by default. It can do 95+% of what FinalSun can, and it does most of it more efficiently. As it's the first release, some things can still be a bit rough on the edges; please drop a message for us on Discord, here at ModDB or on our forums at PPM if you have feedback or questions.

We've also made some minor graphical changes, balance changes and bug-fixes, the most significant ones being the new Chem Warrior created by Pinkthoth and the rename of the "Gatling Tank" to "Quad Tank", as its real-life inspiration, the Shilka, was never really equipped with a gatling gun. For more information about the changes, check out our change log page.

See you on the battlefield! We hope you'll have fun with these additions, and are looking forward to playing with you on CnCNet.

Introducing the DTA Scenario Editor

Introducing the DTA Scenario Editor

News 5 comments

A new, powerful open-source map editor. Built to be familiar to existing mappers, it provides a lot of quality-of-life improvements and new features over...

Dawn of the Tiberium Age version 9.0.0

Dawn of the Tiberium Age version 9.0.0

News 7 comments

Happy Holidays commanders! The DTA team are here with an early present, bringing balance changes, updated missions, as well as a brand new campaign system...

Change Log (from 4.2.5)

Change Log (from 4.2.5)


These are the changes that were made in version 4.x.x of DTA and the credits for whoever contributed.

Dawn of the Tiberium Age version 8.0.0

Dawn of the Tiberium Age version 8.0.0

News 7 comments

Greetings Commanders! DTA version 8.0.0 just released, a patch that first and foremost sees big changes to Nod in order to return them to their roots...

RSS Files
Dawn of the Tiberium Age v9.5

Dawn of the Tiberium Age v9.5

Full Version

This is the full version of Dawn of the Tiberium Age v9.5: all files necessary to play are included, so you also don't need to have the original game...

Dawn of the Tiberium Age Installer

Dawn of the Tiberium Age Installer

Full Version 6 comments

This installer will automatically download and install the latest version of Dawn of the Tiberium Age for you (the original games are not required).

Dawn of the Tiberium Age v9.0

Dawn of the Tiberium Age v9.0

Full Version 2 comments

This is the full version of Dawn of the Tiberium Age v9.0: all files necessary to play are included, so you also don't need to have the original game...

Dawn of the Tiberium Age v8.3

Dawn of the Tiberium Age v8.3

Full Version 6 comments

This is the full version of Dawn of the Tiberium Age v8.3: all files necessary to play are included, so you also don't need to have the original game...

Dawn of the Tiberium Age v7.15 (1.195)

Dawn of the Tiberium Age v7.15 (1.195)

Full Version 6 comments

This is the full version of Dawn of the Tiberium Age v7.15: all files necessary to play are included, so you also don't need to have the original game...

Dawn of the Tiberium Age v7.14 (1.194)

Dawn of the Tiberium Age v7.14 (1.194)

Full Version 3 comments

This is the full version of Dawn of the Tiberium Age v7.14: all files necessary to play are included, so you also don't need to have the original game...

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I tried this mod and I must say I really like it.
I tried every faction. The new ideas and units are awesome.

I do not know what is possible and what is not but I would have some questions:

1. Can you replace the current Nod helicopter with the original apache model from the old game (C&C1; Nod / RA1 allies)? It fits better the base game.
2. The same about the Orca model from C&C1;, though the TS model is maybe not so bad. I prefer the old one in this C&C1;/ RA1 universe.
3. Where is the Hind for the Soviets? I would keep it for them with the machine gun attack. It is a true russian cold war combat helicopter, it is a must have :)
4. I miss the Paratroopers, but maybe I miss the Parabombs more. Can you add these things to a specific faction? Like the superweapons with cooldown etc. (for example unlocked by building an arfield as in the base game...)
5. I understand that the gap generator does not work in this engine but could you then use the gap generator model as a base defense? I do not know, Chrono or "Prism" attack or something from TS.. It is currently a huge drawback and it bothers me if I play the allies :/
6. It is just a personal idea, but could you add a bomber or fighter jet to the allies? An older cold war plane.
7. I think the superweapons have low damage. Because of the quick repairing they are almost ineffective against buildings or base defenses, especially the allied superweapon. I am not talking about ultimate destruction but at least an instant kill of about 3 smaller powerplants.
8. Why is the Chrono Tank limited to 1? It is not that op. I know it comes now with stronger special attack instead of rocket launchers but still..
It had a huge potential for the allies back then when Aftermath came out.
9. As others said earlier the allied cruiser has very weak firepower. I think it must be changed for a better naval balancing. (Russian missile subs are much stronger)
10. What is the standard resource in this mod? Tiberium or Ore? I am little bit confused and I have not played on lot maps yet.

Thank you in advance!

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Rampastring Creator

Hey, thanks for the feedback!

1 and 2: The original games' aircraft are sprites, while aircraft in the Tiberian Sun engine must be voxels. So, we have had to recreate graphics for all of the aircraft and it's impossible to make them look exactly the same because voxels simply have a different look. It could be possible that our current voxels aren't the best ones possible, but we have no voxelers in our current staff.

3. We've intentionally kept the Hind out because we think it's better to balance the Soviet aircraft around using Yaks for the same purpose instead (as the Yak also has a machine gun). The Hind could still be added to classic mode though.

4. Sadly the TS engine is currently very limited when it comes to superweapons or support powers. We might be able to lift the limitations in the future, but as-is they're impossible to implement in a satisfactory way.

5. We tend to have a philosophy of "if it can't be implemented properly, it's better not to implement it at all"; a missing thing usually bothers less than a thing that feels wrong. We might be able to create working gap generators in the future though.

6. We currently have no plans to expand the Allied air arsenal. If it's ever expanded, we'd most likely give them more helicopters, since they don't have an airfield.

7. We're working on balancing the Nuke and Chrono Vortex in a better way. The aim is that the next update should allow the Nuke to blow up adjacent power plants. The Chrono Vortex is more of an area-denial weapon and not intended for blowing up buildings by itself.

8. There are conflicting opinions on the staff about the Chrono tank. Some staff members think it's too strong while others think it's too weak, we might improve on it in the future. But it's a fitting pick for the second Allied Epic unit, hence it has a build limit, and it could be hard to balance without one, especially for PvP.

9. Have you tried deploying the Cruisers before telling them to fire? They destroy large buildings much quicker that way than Missile Subs.

10. Both Tiberium and Ore. They're equally valuable, but Tiberium spreads faster and damages infantry.

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Thank you for your detailed answer!

A minor graphical improvement for every aircraft would be maybe recommended in the future.
Plus I miss mainly the rotors from your helicopter models. If you could make it for the apache, longbow, transport helicopter, and later for the soviet Hind then they will be perfect!

Yes I deployed the cruiser and when I was shooting the enemy base I could barely cause significant damage even against the smaller base defenses. But I can not decide if the repairing is currently too fast but because of that I expect a higher damage from a cruiser, but this is just my opinion of course.

By the way I think the idea you can deploy ships and subs to have alternative attack is epic. I was quite surprised when I've found it out. The soviet super sub is so cool..
Deploying the GDI aicraft carrier to make the A-10 possible to take off is also brilliant.
Could you make the aircraft carrier a little bit bigger? Just for better realism and because the A-10 would look better on it if it would have bigger place while reloading.
Btw is it possible to have more planes on a carrier at the same time?
One more minor change came here to my mind.
Could you change the route (and maybe the look) of the little drones to return to the carrier after every attack?
For me they look like little starfighters or something like that.
They are not bad at all. It is rather about optics and a matter of taste :)

I was thinking of what do I miss and I noticed that the Iron Curtain and teleporting with Chronosphere are missing.
These are minor things but GPS Satellite and Sonar Pulse etc. are not available as well.
I accidentally found a crate which had an air strike support power in it with an A-10. Would the paraboms work also like this? (But as a fix support power for the soviets or allies)

What are the plans and which possibilites do you have concerning the secondary superpowers in the future?
It would be great if you could add these things in the next version of your mod too.

The mine layer is currently not available.
Is it possible to lay land mines manually and to return to a service depot to reload as before?

Could you add the invisible phase Transport with the rocket launcher to the allies? I think it is an unique unit and a personal favourite. It would be a cool addition for diversity.

I noticed I can not set the waypoint with naval yard/sub pen on the water for newly produced units. Is it an engine limitation?

In Ra1 they were fake buildings.
Do you plan to add them later?

Could you add separate tabs for infantry, vehicles, buildings etc like in Ra2? Would it be possible?

This is more likely a personal request but can you add capturable oil derricks as optional income to some of your maps and to the map editor?
This would be cool in situations where you are forced to fight for these oil derricks otherwise you will slowly fail because your funds run out faster than your opponents'.

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1. Rotors for helicopters are not functional in Tiberian Sun due to TS being made in a rush - there were many attempts to recreate them by community but they usually were either half-measures or had reliability issues.

2. Not sure what stops drones from returning to aircraft carrier but I guess it may be engine limitations - it's a projectile weapon after all, and most likely does not track the unit that shot them.

3. I'd personally like to turn airstrike into parabombs due to how A-10 is a regular GDI unit but then the animation for the modified cluster missile was a trainload and a half of graphical effort and would be a huge pain to change.

4. Secondary superweapons most likely won't come anytime soon due to firstly engine limitations needed to hack or go around including limited superweapon count and secondly due to balancing difficulties

5. Sadly, Minelayer is unavailable in form of using ammo to create mines. The closest thing I managed to cobble together is a minelayer deploying into mine and spawning emptier minelayer as freeunit but this little nightmare cannot be resupplied at depot and can mess with unit targeting in addition to having emptier minelayer back at full strength. Plus, it's still as microintensive as the original vehicle.

6. Phase Transport with rocket launcher USED to be an Allied unit. It was taken down, first in favor of Tank Destroyer on steroids, then Enforcer.
Reason: Invisible transport with instant entering + C4-wielding Tanya = overkill on bases without MSA

7. Yes, lack of rally point for naval yards is engine limitation. TS water mechanics.

8. RA1 fakes can be replicated in a way but without displaying "FAKE" label over them, plus may create some faction disbalance so they are held back.

9. TS engine most likely does not support separate unit/structure category type separations. And even if it was hacked to do so it would feel too different from RA1 or TD.

10. It would be possible but I don't know what the dev squad thinks about it.

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Rampastring Creator

We already have capturable oil derricks on some maps. They were however added relatively recently (October 2020 IIRC) and so there's not yet a lot of maps that utilize them.

The Stock Exchange building is also present on some maps for the same purpose (but it generates cash faster than an oil derrick).

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Can you actally redeploy the Enforcer?

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Rampastring Creator

You can hold Alt while giving it a move order to undeploy it.

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Black screen after launch a game and none of the rendering options work

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My wishes for version 2.0:
1. In view of the high scale and high drawing range, it is necessary to increase the distance of unit firefights by two or three times.
Use this technique to improve tactical capabilities. Units that are in motion lose accuracy and aiming range. Allow the infantry to shoot on the move, also with a decrease in accuracy and distance. Reduce turret traverse speed by half to benefit from a surprise attack from the rear.
2. After the destruction of the base structure, leave the effect of smoke and burning for a long time for a better effect of war.
3. Make all tanks the effect of firing from a cruiser ship. The fight will look much more interesting.
4. Add the ability to dig in for artillery and infantry with an increase in accuracy and firing range.
5. Add factions with RA2 and Tiberian Sun, Dune 2000 (A la battlefield 2042 portal mode)
6. Add optional terrain deformation option. Like tiberian sun.
7. Add the ability for each building to illuminate everything around in a certain radius for night missions, or add the ability to build spotlights (of different colors).
8. Add the ability to capture uninhabited buildings, if possible.
9. Add maps with cities or villages.
10. Add the ability to move through scripts, as in tiberian sun.

I think many will support these improvements. I am ready to support the development. Thanks in advance.

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1. Primo that would feel alien to the original games, secundo the current combat is complicated as it is, tertio infantry is hardcoded to be turretless
2. That would needlessly make the situation on the battlefield less clear. DTA aims for vanilla games simplicity rather than overly elaborate graphical effects that make the situation unclear.
3...effect of firing from cruiser? Elaborate.
4. Primo, infantry cannot deploy or dig in. It's not RA2. Secundo, most artillery is already pinpoint precise and relies on mobility or burst damage, and the only artillery that could benefit from that is Allied Howitzer which is already very slow to turn and react and its ability would just needlessly complicate how the unit works.
5. Dune 2000 has unfitting graphics scheme and unmatching lore. RA2 and TS factions are just more advanced versions of current factions. Plus, 4 factions at the same time is already a huge burden to balance right.
6. DTA despite being based on TS engine completely disuses its terrain height mechanics because it aims simplicity and TD/RA1 feels. It's not going to get reversed.
7. That would feel really odd. Plus, why would a camouflaged tent give out blue light? Especially in the middle of nighttime operation? It would also largely negate effects of stealth generators. As of spotlights, then I personally could consider it, but for more competitive players it's nothing but sidebar clutter.
8. It's possible to capture neutral structures with engineers already. If you want garrisons in RA2 style - the engine doesn't support it.
9. We have them already and we are working on more.
10...move through scripts? Elaborate.

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