The Tiberian Sun Client is a complete, stand-alone Tiberian Sun package for both players and modders. It fixes all known (fixable) bugs in Tiberian Sun and offers a ton of new functionality, including a new easier-to-mod file structure, new game options and pre-defined starting locations and teams. With the Client's bugfixes and enhancements, Tiberian Sun players get a significantly enhanced experience compared to the original game, while enjoying gameplay exactly identical to the original game.

For modders starting a new Tiberian Sun mod, it is not required, but highly recommended that you begin with installing the TS Client. The new file structure directly exposes the most critical INI and MIX files of the game, meaning that you don't need to download any special tools for most basic modding.

Features of the Tiberian Sun Client:

  • Full Tiberian Sun and Firestorm campaigns included, with optionally downloadable movies (about 1.3 GB in size)
  • Skirmish and CnCNet multiplayer support with pre-defined starting locations and teams
  • Dynamic map preview showing starting locations and teams on the map
  • Full CnCNet multiplayer support, including automatic transfer of custom maps, passworded games and private messages*
  • Support for spectators
  • Allows modding similar to Dawn of the Tiberium Age and Twisted Insurrection
  • All TS INI bugs fixed - includes fixes from Aro's Tiberian Sun: UMP
  • Compatibility with the latest operating systems, including Windows 7, 8.1 and 10
  • Saves statistics from all games of your commander career
  • Automatic updates (you can opt out) for delivery of bugfixes and possible additional content like multiplayer maps
  • FinalSun Map Editor included
  • Extra game options including Build Off Ally, Harder AI, Disabled Super Weapons and Disabled Refinery/Silo Storage
  • Includes some of the best and most beautiful multiplayer maps created for TS by the community (selectable in the "Fan-made" gamemode)
  • Enhances the game with convenient features like displaying health of units and structures when you hover over them

List of bugs fixed from original Tiberian Sun and Firestorm:

  • Fixed Nod War Factory anmation
  • Fixed Silo animation
  • Fixed Secondary Hand of Nod animation (Flashing pixels on the antenna)
  • Fixed Secondary GDI Barracks animation (Flashing pixels on the antenna)
  • Fixed several animations on the Civilian Array
  • Fixed several Uplink Center animations
  • Partially fixed Dam animations (Not completely fixed)
  • Fixed Proton projectile animation
  • Fixed Disc grenade animation
  • Fixed Harvesting animation
  • Fixed CANISTER palette issue
  • Fixed Harvester Dumping animation
  • Fixed Animation errors on GDI Tech Center
  • Fixed Animation errors on Nod Tech Center
  • Fixed GDI Radar damage Animations
  • Fixed Nod Stealth Generator damage Animations
  • Fixed Armor Upgrade Crate, now increases Strength instead of decreasing it
  • Fixed waterfall animations
  • Fixed RPG Turret Frames
  • Fixed Component Tower animation
  • Fixed Nod Power Plant animation issues (overlapping)
  • Fixed Obelisk charging animation for Tiberian Sun (Already fixed in Firestorm)
  • Fixed Silo damage fill animation
  • Added Entries to some Unused items in the mix files
  • Removed Cyborg Reaper Death Animation due-to multiple kill point bug
  • Firestorm Wall animation no longer shows through buildings
  • Laser Fence Post animation no longer shows through buildings
  • Nod Pyramid animation no longer shows through buildings
  • GDI Kodiak animation no longer shows through buildings
  • Tiberium Waste Facility animation no longer shows through buildings
  • Nod Montauk animation no longer shows through buildings
  • ICBM PowerUp value fixed
  • Fixed firing Animations on Mutants
  • Removed TargetLaser=yes from Titan
  • Titan FLH value fixed

* This client is not compatible with the official CnCNet client hosted on, but you can play with other players that also use this client.

To install the Tiberian Sun Client, simply extract the files contained in the download into a new, unique directory. This Tiberian Sun package is stand-alone and does not require the base game to function.


For modders with programming experience

If you're a programmer and wish to modify the client, the C# code is open-source at Feel free to fork it and do whatever changes you want. We only have a request that if you release a public mod that uses the client, you credit Rampastring of Dawn of the Tiberium Age (the mod that the client software was originally made for).

The hacks and bugfixes written in x86 ASM and C for the Tiberian Sun game executable (Game.exe) are also open-source at

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As most of you have surely noticed, Dawn of the Tiberium Age and Twisted Insurrection got large updates last autumn that also included an entirely new client. However, this side-project of ours was left with the old, by-now horribly outdated client for a long time. Some of you have even been asking for an update in the comment sections. Today the situation has finally changed; the Tiberian Sun Client package has been updated to use the latest, same technology that DTA and TI use.

TS Client Main Menu

The update servers for the old version of the client went offline almost a year ago. Because of that, the old version (4.xx) of the client unfortunately won't be automatically updated to the latest version. So, you'll have to download the whole package again. But it should be worth it!

If you want singleplayer campaign videos and want to save yourself some bandwidth, you can keep the video MIX files (MIX\Expand01/02/03.mix) from the old version, download the video-less version of the new client, and then move the video MIX files from the old version to the MIX\ directory that resides inside of the new version's directory. You'll also have to rename the files from Expand01/02/03.mix to Movies01/02/03.mix, respectively.

TS Client Skirmish Lobby

A lot has changed since the old 4.08 version of the client. We don't have a detailed change-log available, however. The development of the new client, that has been re-written from scratch, started roughly a year ago and so all other changes have also accumulated over the year, and in the process we didn't keep track of every single small change that has been done. I did list some of the more important changes in the changelog, but that's only a fairly small sub-set of what a real changelog would look like. Despite the lack of a changelog the project's aim has stayed consistent though; we've only fixed bugs and extended Tiberian Sun. The original gameplay, including campaigns, remains unchanged from Tiberian Sun with the exception of bug-fixes.

With this release I'll also take the opportunity to announce that the client was made open-source a while ago. You can find its C# source code on GitHub at

In addition to the client, the bug-fixes and feature extensions to the original Tiberian Sun Game.exe file by the CnCNet team have been made open source. The code is available at Unless you're very skilled in x86 Assembly language, C/C++ and reverse-engineering, the code is probably not going to be much of use for you however. The repository also currently lacks a few changes that I made for this package's Game.exe; I'll push the changes to the repository within the next few weeks.

With the new spawner and client, it's unlikely that there's all that much to fix or improve in this project anymore. But if something that can be fixed or improved with a reasonably low amount of work is found, we'll update the build as usual. Until then, have fun, commanders!

Work on Version 0.7 Begins

Work on Version 0.7 Begins

News 25 comments

Lots of work has been done since the release of Version 0.6.5 and we are already nearing our next polished version. Check out the update for more information...

Killing Fields [Frank Klepacki Remix]

Killing Fields [Frank Klepacki Remix]

News 15 comments

We are thrilled to announce that the man himself, Frank Klepacki, has once again contributed to our original soundtrack. Check it out!

Twisted Insurrection: Version 0.6.5 Released

Twisted Insurrection: Version 0.6.5 Released

News 13 comments

Since the release of 0.6, we've had some major improvements done to the mod and engine overall, check out the update for more information!

Post DTA 1.15 progress and a peek at a few things to come

Post DTA 1.15 progress and a peek at a few things to come

News 20 comments

Several updates have been released since the release of version 1.15 of DTA and we're still going strong. Out of the large number of additions, changes...

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Tiberian Sun + Client 5.30 (Full)

Tiberian Sun + Client 5.30 (Full)

Full Version 38 comments

The full version of Tiberian Sun + Client version 5.30, including single-player campaign videos. To install, simply extract the ZIP file into an empty...

Tiberian Sun + Client 5.30 (No Videos)

Tiberian Sun + Client 5.30 (No Videos)

Full Version

Tiberian Sun + Client version 5.30, WITHOUT single-player campaign videos. Otherwise includes all functionality of the full version. To install, simply...

Dawn of the Tiberium Age v1.173

Dawn of the Tiberium Age v1.173

Full Version 7 comments

This is the full version of Dawn of the Tiberium Age v1.173: all files necessary to play are included, so you also don't need to have the original game...

Dawn of the Tiberium Age v1.172

Dawn of the Tiberium Age v1.172

Full Version 3 comments

This is the full version of Dawn of the Tiberium Age v1.172: all files necessary to play are included, so you also don't need to have the original game...

Dawn of the Tiberium Age v1.170

Dawn of the Tiberium Age v1.170

Full Version 10 comments

This is the full version of Dawn of the Tiberium Age v1.170: all files necessary to play are included, so you also don't need to have the original game...

Dawn of the Tiberium Age v1.169

Dawn of the Tiberium Age v1.169

Full Version 35 comments

This is the full version of Dawn of the Tiberium Age v1.169: all files necessary to play are included, so you also don't need to have the original game...

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How exactly does this change how the game reads MIX files? Can it not read nested MIX files anymore? Trying to figure out how to make a vanilla TS mod (Warzone) work with this client.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Rampastring Creator

IIRC it should be able to read nested MIX files. I'm not very familiar with the details on changes to MIX file reading though as while I made the client, the file structure modifications were made by Bittah_Commander. You could ask him.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Bittah_Commander Creator

Nested MIX files work fine. My implementation of the hack to get the game to read MIX files from subdirs did indeed prevent it, but it was replaced with a more advanced patch from dkeeton with which nested MIX files do work.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Hello, just downloaded the game and it looks like it (at least the 5.30 no video version) can't be updated by the ingame way (as it tells me it failed everytime i try), the log has :
Checking version on the server.
Trying to connect to update mirror
Error connecting to update mirror, seeking for other mirrors
An error occured while performing version check: Unable to connect to update servers.

I checked the ModMode=false in the ClientDefinitions.ini and firewall isn't blocking the process.

I am able to update Twisted Insurrection and DTA without a problem, it's only this client that has this problem.

I worked around it by snatching all the actual updated files (thanks to good old httrack ) from
and overwrote the default files by the updated ones, but it's rather convulated as a method

The only difference i can see is that the updater look for http while the page is a https , but no idea if it is truly why the ingame updater fails.

Is there anything i am missing ?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Will the new TS-DDRAW(GDI) renderer from DTA make it into the TS Client some time?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Also, is the .exe in the client still using the hardcoded values for the Artillery and Mammoth from here?
Wanted to know for editing rules.ini.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Hey all. Quick question about maps. How do I get more maps for this?

Long story short, it seems the map editor, FinalSun, that comes with this doesn't work for me. Every time I try to use it, it crashes on start up.

Inside the maps folder, I see Custom, Fan-made, Firestorm, mission and TS. All of these work, but I'd love to add more. So far any that I DL and place inside the Custom folder like it said, won't show up. Plus I never have the Custom option show in game. Just normal ones and Fan-made show up.

I've tried placing a few maps into those folders but they still won't show up.

Any help would be awesome! Thanks

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

The client Won't update no matter what i do, so my game speed is stuck. Any ideas to fix this?

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

Did you modify "ModMode" in ClientDefinitions.ini within TS_Client_5.30_Full\Resources folder before?

ModMode=false ; set to true to disable the updater and to hide the "cheater!" dialog when modding the game

Setting true will disable auto updater.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

The Tiberian Sun Client is really stable! I haven't encountered any crash yet, but found some glitches in version 5.43. They aren't serious issues but I didn't see them in the original game.

- When loading the saved files of single player campaign from original TS, the background was missing so only the green loading texts displayed with whole black background. (I played NOD missions in original TS until level 4.) However, if I started new mission from level 1 in TS Client, either GDI or NOD, the background is normal.

- When units attacked, the target lines had red ones and green ones at the same time. This looked so complicated on the screen when players controlled many units.

How do I disable the briefing before new missions get started? I'm used to start the mission right away and don't bother to read it first.

Also, I accidentally found a feature about engineers: if I set a engineer in convoy mode (Ctrl + Alt) near my building, he could actively repair the building of red damage, but guard mode (G key) couldn't make him do this. I also "captured" the *mutant headquarter* in NOD mission by chance... Never knew this feature 19 years ago!

However, if 2 or more engineers were in convoy mode and were near the building of serious damage, they'd all get into it and waste the second and other engineers. This issue also happened in capturing enemy's building. Would you improve this feature and don't let 2nd and other engineering into a repaired/captured building?

In the end, appreciate the community members who help improve this classic game!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Recently I found engineers wouldn't repeatedly capture identical enemy's buildings in convoy mode. Only the special structures in campaigns made them do this so I mistook!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
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Rated 9/10 because it is a simple yet flawless project that everyone new to the field of modding should look at. I kept it one point out of 10 because it's, unfortunatelly, still quite incomplete.

Dec 13 2011 by Crimsonum

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