The Dawn of the Tiberium Age is a stand-alone Tiberian Sun to Tiberian Dawn (C&C 95) and Red Alert total conversion for which we tried to capture TD's feeling as well as possible (both concerning graphics and gameplay) in classic mode, while giving the player a lot of fun new stuff and access to the RA factions when playing in enhanced mode.

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Valherran Dec 29 2013, 5:17pm says:

Awesome! look forward to it! ^^

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23-down Dec 29 2013, 6:07pm says:

Really incredible. Also looking forward to it.

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Eaglas Dec 29 2013, 6:45pm says:

Wait did I miss something? XD whats up with the RA1 builds? XD

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NoSoldier Dec 29 2013, 7:06pm says:

Red Alert included.

The dawn of the old age (days)?

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Rampastring Dec 29 2013, 8:30pm replied:

RA1 fits the same Tiberium storyline by Westwood's definition, so The Dawn of the Tiberium Age is actually still a fitting name.

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NoSoldier Dec 29 2013, 8:50pm replied:

You're killing off my bad pun, Rampa ;).

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LordInsane Dec 30 2013, 12:30am replied:

Well, it'd have been The Dawn of the Tiberian Age by Westwood's usage...

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jfpoliveira12 Dec 30 2013, 2:07am says:

Will the Soviets and the Allies have any Enhanced arsenal? It would be so cool, if we finally got 4 skirmish factions to play with working AIs and a few of Westwoods offshot ideas (rocket P-51s).

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Bittah_Commander Dec 30 2013, 2:26am says:

Gameplay-wise, how would Rocket P-51s be any different from MIGs?
In any case, 4 factions are now indeed available for both human players and the AI.

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jfpoliveira12 Dec 30 2013, 2:42am replied:

it would just be a slower (like the Yakolev, so AA would be better against it, also could fire in a small strafe so it affects more targets but does less damage than a Mig, like a tank hunting plane) missile plane and expand the Allies air options, wich are very small for a faction whose focus was airforce on the sequels. And is awsome.

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Bittah_Commander Dec 30 2013, 7:55am says:

Right now Soviet only has planes, while the Longbow helicopter is the only allied attack aircraft. I already intentionally didn't give Soviet the Hind because this keeps the factions more diverse (plus the Hind would've shared its role with the Yak and thus make one of them redundant; with the Longbow and a Rocket P-51 in the same arsenal it would be no different).

Also, Red Alert 2 is irrelevant. The first Red Alert game was made by Westwood Vegas with Tiberian Dawn as the sequel in mind (hence why they internally called Red Alert "C&C0", while calling TD "C&C1"), while Red Alert 2 was created by a completely different studio (Westwood Pacific/EA Pacific) that had completely different ideas for the story and the timeline).

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jfpoliveira12 Dec 30 2013, 8:45am replied:

Ok, but are you still going to add more stuff to the Soviet and Allied arsenal?

If yes, I would suggest a light tank with a mine sweeping ability (I was thinking like the YR Lasher tank but hugelly nerfed, and the mine sweeping is just because of the greater importance of mines in RA I think it would be nice), an AA vehicle (truck based woud be awsome) and a Katyusha for the Soviets (a light, area of effect artillery that is only good vs infantry and rangers/buggies/humvees because it deal flame damage, like a flamethroer or tower). For the Allies I would suggest a sniper (because they have very poor infantary cleaning ability) and the phase transport (though that would clash with the Nod Stealth Transport, maybe make phase only invisible while not moving). A way you could add the Hind to the soviet side is making it their Air Transport so they dont have to use US Chinooks (I mean without weapons ofcourse).

Sorry for putting this here but I dont see a suggestion forum and I just thought I could help in some way. Cant wait to play with the Soviets vs Nod. ;)

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Rampastring Dec 30 2013, 9:01am replied:

We do have forums over at Project Perfect Mod.

Anyway, AA-only units don't work very well with the Tiberian Sun engine; in guard mode they often also try to attack ground units, making them do practically nothing. The Allies do have a Flak Hovercraft though; it's armed with a flak cannon against air units and small dual cannons against everything else.

Right now the Soviet already have a very strong (actually, the strongest of all 4 sides) artillery side with the fairly fast, long-range and effective-against-everything V2s and medium-ranged Tesla Tanks also being able to fire from behind MBTs (they also outrange most defenses).

Allies already actually have a Phase Transport, but it's buildlimited to 1 so it doesn't clash with Nod too badly.

I wouldn't have anything against Soviet getting their own side-specific image for the Carryall / Chinook, but we'd need a good voxel for that.

But yeah, hope you'll enjoy 1.12 when it's released later today ;) We also love feedback, although it'd be preferable if you had played the game before giving too many suggestions =P

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jfpoliveira12 Dec 30 2013, 10:29am replied:

Sorry, I wanted to upvote the coment. Yeah, I should probably play before I suggest, just wanted to help.

Cant wait to get my hands on next version though.;)

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jfpoliveira12 Dec 30 2013, 11:53am says:

BTW, when I meant Soviet truck based AA, I was talking about something like the GLA Quadcannon, AA-AG autocannon that is somewhat close to the other factions recon vehicles, but heavier, slower and AA.

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General_Steve_93 Dec 30 2013, 2:21pm says:

So,the new version is gonna be released today?

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Rampastring Dec 30 2013, 2:26pm replied:

It has already been released but the ModDB staff are taking their time authorizing our news posts and downloads.

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APB_ICE Jan 3 2014, 10:56pm says:

If the Allies get any enhanced units, I strongly advise against using any American stuff. It's so silly that almost everything the Allies use is based on American stuff when the USA didn't even fight in RA1. Instead of giving them P-51's, why not give them Me 262's or Spitfires?

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DTA 1.12 will be released on the afternoon of December 30.

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Dec 29th, 2013
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