Revolution MOD

Enjoy the classic broodwar game with improved mechanics, new units, upgrades and abilities, and lot of changes changes that will improve the gameplay and open new strategies and compositions to fight with.

SC Revolution Mod 2.0

Mayor changes (version 2.0)

-Smart casting behaviour and self casting for some spells
-Rally points can be placed on minerals or extractor/refinery/assimilator to make workers automatically start harvesting resources when created.
-Increased starting workers amount and supply provided of main buildings. Added worker count
-Map is revealed at the start of the match.
-New damage type: Burst (deals 50% 75% and 100% to large, medium and small units)
-Energy upgrades also grant 25% faster energy regeneration.
-Added new graphics, sounds, icons and descriptions for passive skills. improved weapon tooltips (added range and damage type) and armor tooltips (added unit size)
-Added some togglable additional UI information (rally points, worker count, build queues transport queues, progress bars, and cooldowns)
-Harder AI with inflated resource harvesting

-Rally point can be used separately for workers.
-New unit: Baneling
-Ground suicide unit that morph from Zerling. Very effective against groups of small units.
-Deals bonus damage against buildings
-New unit: Roach
-Ground armored unit. Can move while burrowed. Great to soak damage and infiltration tactics.
-Organic Carapace upgrade: increase Roaches armor and regeneration
-New unit: Ravager
-Ground range unit that morph from Roach. Can attack air and ground units.
-Toxic Cloud ability: Creates a fungal cloud that spread to any air unit that touches it dealing damage over time.
-Fungal Bomb ability: Launch a fungal sac that hit the target area after 3 seconds dealing splash damage.
-Improved regeneration:
-Burrowed units and units inside Overlords regenerate 3 times faster.
-Improved Mitosis upgrade (buildings morph 25% faster and regenerate faster).
-Rapid Genesis upgrade for Zerglings: Decrease morph time of their evolutions.
-Ultralisk regenerate faster and attack deals splash explosive damage.
-Queen can infest Barracks and produce Infested Terrans.
-Infested Terrans are melee units and have the Frenzied ability (attack speed increased when health its low).
-Spore Colony and Sunken Colony can morph in each other.
-Tweaked spells: Snare, Plague, Dark Swarm, Spawn Broodlings

-New unit: Diamondback
-Ground assault factory unit. Can fire on the move.
-Can Deploy Shields to reduce incoming damage for a time.
-Shaped Hull upgrade: increase armor and reduce damage from explosive weapons.
-Valkyrie Reworked:
-Splash area and amount of missiles reduced. Damage and attack speed increased.
-New Hunter Mode tech allow Valkyries to attack ground units in target area.
-Dropship Reworked:
-New ability Blinding Nova that reduces vision and range of affected units
-Shares cloak tech with Wraiths.
-Unload units faster.
-Medic Tweaked:
-Base healing efficiency reduced
-Restoration spell now work in an AoE (removes acid spores, snare, plague, maelstrom, spores, blind, parasite and irradiate).
-Caduceus Reactor replaced with Stabilizer Medpacks upgrade: Increase healing amount and reduce energy consumption of Heal.
-Ghost Tweaked:
-Sniper Round ability: deals 65 damage to an organic target.
-Moebius reactor replaced with Moebius Suit upgrade: Reduce cloak energy consumption and increases shield regeneration rate.
-Firebats cost and stats increased. New upgrade Incinerator Gauntlets: improve damage and change damage type from concussive to burst
-Siege tank siege mode damage reduced, normal mode attack speed increased. New upgrade Maelstrom rounds increase damage against primary targets (with additional bonus against buildings)
-Production buildings can attach Tech Labs (allows to train advanced units) and Reactors (can train an additional unit) that can be switched between them.
-SCV Auto repair command: idles SCVs automatically repair the nearest damaged unit or building in its range.
-Battlecruisers have the warp jump ability that warp the unit to any position after a short delay
-Building Armor upgrade: Increase all buildings armor by 2 and reduces burning damage.
-Bunkers can be salvaged for 75 minerals.
-Supply Depots can burrow or build Extra Supplies add-on for additional 4 supplies.
-Tweaked spells: Defensive Matrix, Irradiate, Lockdown.

-New unit: Sentry
-Ground assault unit. Effective against small units.
-Can use Blink ability to instantly move a short distance
-Phase Reactor upgrade: reduce blink cooldown and instantly enable shield regeneration after blink
-New unit: Warden
-Robotic flying support unit.
-Time Warp ability: Slow ground units movement and attack speed.
-Guardian Shield ability: Increases shield armor of nearby ground units.
-Plasma surge ability: Instantly restores a small amount of shields and health of the targeted unit
-Carrier Tweaked:
-Initial capacity of interceptor increased to 6.
-Carrier Capacity upgrade increase interceptors capacity to 8 and reduce their build time.
-All damaged interceptors are repaired at the same time where inside the Carrier
-Shields work like SC2:
-Shield regeneration is 5 times faster but start recharging if units don't receive damage after 15 seconds (30 seconds for buildings).
-Each Shield upgrade slightly increases shield regeneration (with 3 shield upgrades, regeneration is 50% faster).
-Chrono Boost ability for Nexus: Target building research upgrades or train units 50% faster for 35 seconds. Photon cannons attacks 100% faster.
-Overload ability for Dragoons: highly increases rate of fire but cannot move and gets disabled for a while.
-Shuttle can pick up units from a further distance
-Scouts improved: better ground attack and cheaper.

If find bugs, balance issues, or want to make suggestions feel free to send a pm or post a comment.
You can also use the Forum to share any thought about this mod.

-The mod only works with Broodwar version 1.16.1 (you can get the patch in the official stacraft site)

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Version 2.0 Released!

The new version its finally here!! More than 3 years have passed since the last release, and lot of work was made to bring this version up. Thanks all for waiting and keep playing this mod.

SC Revolution Mod 2.0


Main Changes

This version adds some UI improvements like workers count, build progress overlays, rally points display, transports loaded units queue and improved tooltips for weapons(includes range) and armors (includes size).

Some previous changes were reverted to keep part of the BW balance. So some units are returning to their default state. Also the damage formula has been reverted, but a new damage type has been introduced to helps defining roles for the new units. Burst damage type deals 50% to large, 75% to medium and 100% to small. Concussive was reverted to 25%, 50%, 100% to keep the BW balance. So Burst is a kind of improved concussive damage.
And as well a lot of balance and design changes:

Introduced Smart Casting!

- All spells benefit from Smart casting behaviour: when multiple casters are issued a cast order, only one will attempt to execute the order.

Game star is now faster due to having additionals workers
Energy upgrades have been standardized to give +50 max energy and +25% faster energy regeneration.

The Sentry has been redesigned as a fighter unit with the blink ability. Functionally, resembles more a stalker from SC2, but focussed against light units. Its increased mobility and high burst damage, makes it great to harass workers, or snipe key units as templars, medics, ghosts and defilers. It can also be used to effectively fight infantry compositions and mutalisk.

The early game support role has been taken by the Warden. A new caster unit that comes from the robotics and help supporting your army. It have the time warp ability to slow down the attack and move speed of ground units, guardian shield ability that improves the shield effectiveness of your ground army. And plasma surge ability that instantly restores shield and hit points to a nearby unit.

The Shuttle, now benefits from an increased pick up range (like LotV) allowing better micro and drop strategies.

Firebats finally found their place as front line units. With increased stats and cost, can stand in fights longer, the medium size modifier makes them stronger against concussive and burst attacks.

Stormraven has been removed. It may be reintroduced in a future version on completely replaced by a new unit

The factory now has a new warmech unit: the Diamondback. A hovercraft capable of fire on the move, equipped with a shield generator that allow it to soak damage for a short period of time. Good to counter slow units, break siege lines or soak damage to defend a strategical position.

Valkyries now have a late game ability: Hunter Mode that allow them to attack any ground unit that moves in a certain area (Like LotV liberators)
Battle Cruisers now can move to any position on the map with the warp drive ability

Dropships shares the cloak tech with Wraiths, unload units 66% faster, and have the Blinding Nova ability, that reduces vision and range of affected units by 2 (range of units with 3 or less is unaffected).

Reactors now works like SC2 allowing to train two units at the same time

Banelings now morph from zerglings, and deals burst damage making them great to deal with groups of small units. But also get a bonus that deals 80 damage to buildings making them also devastating against defensive structures.
Roaches now are cheaper, weaker and morph as single units. Can now be used for infiltration tactics due to the ability to move underground, but also good to soak damage due improved armor and regeneration upgrade.

Can be morphed into Ravagers, a new ground ranged unit that deals burst damage, becoming a good counter to small units. Can also create toxic clouds against air units, and launch devastating fungal bombs against ground units and buildings.

Scourges now morph from zerglings improving the adaptive potential of zergs, especially with the rapid genesis upgrade which allow zerglings strains to morph much faster.

Queen has been finally made the zerg detector unit (Overlords no longer detect but they move a little faster, helping scout in the early game). Spawn broodling has returned as one of her abilities with some tweaks that makes it useful against more enemies.
Guardians no longer spawn broodlings but they now move a bit faster.

Mod Resurrection!

Mod Resurrection!

News 19 comments

“I have returned”. Well... it's been a long time (more than two years) since i updated this project for the last time.

1.5 Version is Out!

1.5 Version is Out!

News 18 comments

This new version brings a lot of new visual effect, reworked upgrades, some new abilities and improved game mechanics. There are also lots of balance...

Development Update

Development Update

News 7 comments

Some of the changes that are already implemented for the next version.

Version 1.1

Version 1.1

News 10 comments

New SC Revolution Mod Version. Fixed some bugs, added new game mechanics and balance changes.

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SC Revolution Mod 2.0

SC Revolution Mod 2.0

Full Version 22 comments

SC Revolution Mod 2.0 Version! After more than 3 years a new version has been Released! This version includes new units, spells and abilities. Lot of...

SC Revolution Mod 1.6

SC Revolution Mod 1.6

Full Version 51 comments

New version that fix some bugs, add some new features and balance changes.

SC Revolution Mod 1.5

SC Revolution Mod 1.5

Full Version 3 comments

This new version brings a lot of new visual effect, reworked upgrades, some new abilities and improved game mechanics. There are also lots of balance...

SC Revolution Mod 1.1

SC Revolution Mod 1.1

Full Version 17 comments

Fixed some bugs, reintroduce Infested Terrans, added new game mechanics and made some balance changes.

SC Revolution Mod 1.0

SC Revolution Mod 1.0

Full Version 11 comments

New version compatible with Broodwar 1.16.1. This version bring some changes including a new zerg unit.

Sc Revolution Mod 0.4

Sc Revolution Mod 0.4

Full Version 7 comments

This version Fix a lot of bugs and some crashes, add some new features, balance changes and improve AI scripts. Rally points now works for resource mining...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 312)

I have a big question, Blizzard gonna release Remastered of SCBW soon. Then, will you move the mod to the new patch? Because I think it may be very hard to transfer the data from the old version to the new version, on the other hand, the apps you use to mod the game may not be compatible with the Remastered. A little feeling that most players will leave 1.16.1 and move to newer patches, and this mod will dead. Sorry about this but I love your SC mod very much, old gameplay with new features though small but make the game fresher, more attractive to play. Thank you.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
RavenWolf Creator

Remastered its is a different game, so mods arent compatible. And probably wont be possible to mod it like BW, as plugins basically rewrite internal code of the game... Blizzard also released the 1.18 patch for BW. This mod is only compatible with 1.16.1. Updating the modding tool to be compatible with 1.18 is possible but very time consuming as it requires to update every memory offset. So the mayor of the modding community will have to stick to 1.16.1 for a wihle...

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Remaster will have old mechanic. There always be niche, for someone who dont like little the vanilla balance.

not sure remaster will easier to mod? dont think so.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Interesting. However, the "smart casting upgrade" may ruyin huge templar storms done with one click...

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
RavenWolf Creator

Yes, but you can click spam to make a similar effect selecting the exact position of every storm

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Can something be done with High Templar blue shadow when he move?

Blue High templar replica is more exhibit than the templar himself, stealing the focus from the unit GRP.

Shadow should be blurry (less contrasting silhouette), with more background tonned colour(darker), maybe transparent (with holes). In general more "vague".

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
RavenWolf Creator

I could check if some recolor could do the job

Reply Good karma+1 vote

does chrono boost affect upgrades speed?
could you make chrono boost to speed up also Carrier and Reaver sub-unit production?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
RavenWolf Creator

It does affect upgrades speed. And it can be made to affect carrier and reaver

Reply Good karma+1 vote

confirm Warden bug

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
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