Revolution MOD

This mod will add new units, upgrades, abilities and bring some changes to existing ones to improve the gameplay and bring more strategy to the game.

Mayor changes (Version 1.6)

-Rally points can be placed on minerals or extractor/refinery/assimilator to make workers automatically start harvesting resources when created.
-Increased starting minerals
-Changed damage formula: now modifiers are applied before Shields/Armor (this improves a lot armor and protoss shields for some units).
-Energy upgrades reworked and different for each race:
-Zerg: energy regenerates 50% faster (200 max, 50 starting).
-Terran: energy regenerates 25% faster, +25 max energy, +12.5 starting (225 max, 62.5 starting).
-Protoss: +50 max energy, +25 starting (250 max, 75 starting).
-Added icons and descriptions for passive skills.
-Added new graphics and sounds.

-Rally point can be used separately for workers.
-New unit: Baneling
-Ground suicide unit. Very effective against groups of units.
-Centrifugal Hooks upgrade: Increase movement speed.
-New unit: Roach
-Ground armored unit. Great to soak damage and counter small units.
-Organic Carapace upgrade: Increases armor and grant immunity to irradiate, plague, snare, blind and maelstrom.
-Improved regeneration:
-Burrowed units regenerate 3 times faster.
-Ultralisk regenerate 2 times faster.
-Hydralisk regenerate 4 times faster (12 while burrowed).
-Improved Mitosis upgrade (buildings morph 25% faster and regenerate faster).
-Swarm Seeds ability for Guardians: Each attack spawns a Broodling.
-Rapid Genesis upgrade for Scourges: Drastically decrease train time.
-Ultralisk attack deals splash damage.
-Queen Spawns Broodling replaced with Fungal Scourge (Deals damage to target unit and creates an AoE damage zone)
-Queen can infest Barracks and produce Infested Terrans.
-Frenzied ability for Infested Terrans: attack speed increased when health its low.
-Nydus exit don’t require creep to morph.
-Hive and Greater Spire research upgrades 50% faster.
-Spore Colony and Sunken Colony can morph in each other.

-New unit: Stormraven
-Ground assault/support unit.
-Electrostatic Discharge upgrade: Stromraven attack can slow down enemies making it a good counter against close combat units.
-Medic Reworked:
-Restoration spell now work in an AoE (removes acid spores, snare, plague, maelstrom, blind, parasite and irradiate).
-Caduceus Reactor replaced with Stabilizer Med-packs upgrade (Increase healing amount and reduce energy consumption of Heal)
-Ghost Reworked:
-Sniper Round ability: deals 80 ignore armor damage to an organic target.
-Moebius reactor replaced with Moebius Suit upgrade: (Reduce cloak energy consumption and increase shield regeneration rate)
-Can build Tech Labs (allows to train advanced units) and Reactors (reduce train time) that can be switched between Barrack, Factory and Starport.
-Building Armor upgrade: Increase all buildings armor by 2 and stops burning damage.
-SCV Auto repair command: idles SCVs automatically repair the nearest damaged unit or building in its range.
-Incinerator Gauntlets upgrade for Firebats: change damage to normal and improve splash area.
-Salvage ability for Bunkers: return 75 minerals.
-Supply Depots can burrow!
-Extra Supplies add-on for Supply Depots: add 4 to supply limit.

-New unit: Sentry
-Ground support unit. Effective against small units.
-Seismic Shockwave ability: Slow ground units. Burrowed units are forced to unburrow. Destroy Spider mines and unsiege tanks.
-Plasma Surge ability: Instantly restore shields to nearby ground units.
-Shields work like SC2:
-Shield regeneration is 6 times faster but start recharging if units don't receive damage after 15 seconds (30 seconds for buildings).
-Each Shield upgrade slightly increases shield regeneration (with 3 shield upgrades, regeneration is 50% faster).
-Reduced cost for shield upgrades.
-Chrono Boost ability for Nexus (Target building research upgrades or train units 50% faster for 50 seconds).
-Overload ability for Dragoons: increase rate of fire but cannot move and gets disabled for a while.
-Psi Rage ability for Zealots: reduce shields and increase damage, attack speed increases the longer it remains attacking a single target.
-Carrier Capacity upgrade also reduce Interceptors train time.
-Archon and Dark Archon regenerate up to 150 shield points to nearby units while warping.

If find bugs, balance issues, or want to make suggestions feel free to send a pm or post a comment.
You can also use the Forum to share any thought about this mod.

-The mod only works with Broodwar version 1.16.1 (you can get the patch in the official stacraft site)

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Mod Resurrection!

News 18 comments

“I have returned”

Well... it's been a long time (more than two years) since i updated this project for the last time.

I apologize for disappear for so long, but I needed to focus in other stuff (work, study, and rl), and after that, part of my work was lost when my PC broke, and it was hard to regain the motivation to work in the mod again.

But a few month ago i decided to give a second chance and try to finish this mod. The release of LotV and the updates of some of the mods here brings a lot of ideas and challenges to try to implement.

Sadly, I still don't have much free time to get fully committed to this, but i expect to make a release soon with several changes and a new unit for each race.

I will be posting information of the upcoming changes.

Here a demostration of smartcasting:


PD: And, no i wasn't dead…. lol ;)

1.5 Version is Out!

1.5 Version is Out!

News 18 comments

This new version brings a lot of new visual effect, reworked upgrades, some new abilities and improved game mechanics. There are also lots of balance...

Development Update

Development Update

News 7 comments

Some of the changes that are already implemented for the next version.

Version 1.1

Version 1.1

News 10 comments

New SC Revolution Mod Version. Fixed some bugs, added new game mechanics and balance changes.

1.16.1 support

1.16.1 support

News 2 comments

New version compatible with Broodwar 1.16.1 This version bring some changes including a new zerg unit.

SC Revolution Mod 1.6

SC Revolution Mod 1.6

Full Version 50 comments

New version that fix some bugs, add some new features and balance changes.

SC Revolution Mod 1.5

SC Revolution Mod 1.5

Full Version 3 comments

This new version brings a lot of new visual effect, reworked upgrades, some new abilities and improved game mechanics. There are also lots of balance...

SC Revolution Mod 1.1

SC Revolution Mod 1.1

Full Version 17 comments

Fixed some bugs, reintroduce Infested Terrans, added new game mechanics and made some balance changes.

SC Revolution Mod 1.0

SC Revolution Mod 1.0

Full Version 11 comments

New version compatible with Broodwar 1.16.1. This version bring some changes including a new zerg unit.

Sc Revolution Mod 0.4

Sc Revolution Mod 0.4

Full Version 7 comments

This version Fix a lot of bugs and some crashes, add some new features, balance changes and improve AI scripts. Rally points now works for resource mining...

SC Revolution Mod 0.3

SC Revolution Mod 0.3

Demo 5 comments

Revolution AI included (still need work). Terrans now have Tech Labs and Reactors that can be switched between Barrack, Factory and Starport. Added some...

Post comment Comments  (50 - 60 of 258)

I have some questions:

First,if I have BWAI scripts (like Green Tea AI for SC2,but this for SC1 :BW),then can I play this mod with BWAI ,because old AI is very easy to win :P

Second,why do only Zerg have more than 2 rally points ? When I play Zerg,I can set a rally point to mineral and the other to somewhere else,but Terran and Protoss can't do this :(

Maybe I don't understand the rally point system in this mod or SC2 ...

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I think, it's because of all the zerg units hatched inside a building (hatchery), of workers (drones) and fighter (zergling, hydra etc). so, it is not possible to put one point realy, realy pont because if it is devoted to all zerg units ...... something will happen :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
RavenWolf Creator

Tech tree and units/upgardes have some changes from normal BW, so im not sure that BWAI scrips will work (but you can give it a try, i think that prtoss and zerg scripts can work).
I will improve the AI scripts when i have more free time.

And for rally points, like Lagi said, terran and protoss only have workes on the main building(for now).

Reply Good karma+3 votes

Terran and Protoss can produce only one unit (worker:SCV or Probe) in Main building (CCener or Nexus). What for they need 2 rally points?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Thanks for all of your does make sense to me :D

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

pls next update :)

and pls with vikings XDD

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
RavenWolf Creator

I wil be uploading some videos this week, but the next release will take some time.

And sorry, no vikings for this mod.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

its ok :)

thx for this mod :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Hi RavenWolf! I have a question for you: will you change old anims of SCBW to anims of SC2?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
RavenWolf Creator

Hi Somebody :)
Im adding some SC2 graphics, but i want to keep the graphics close to the original BW.
Also, i dont have the time (or the skills) to rip SC2 graphics. But other modders already have shared their work whit me, so im editing some graphics to make them fit.

Reply Good karma+3 votes

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.


Yes, SCBW style is important. I think it should be good if you will add new units (tanks and infantry for Terrans, robots and maybe aircraft for Protoss, something new for Zerg) and edit Larva menu (to have buttons to spawn Drones and Overlord and sub-menu to spawn light and heavy ground and air units). And why Lurker hasn't rapid regen as for Hydralisk?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
RavenWolf Creator

There are new units beign developed.
Larva sub-menu have a small bug. it only works well for spawning two units from an egg, other way the spawned unit will keep the larva sub menu until selected again.
Regeneration for lurkers can be OP considering that they will regenerate much faster while burrow and still can attack.
THanks for your suggestions.

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Great Work!

Jun 16 2011 by icesheep

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