This mod will add new units, upgrades, abilities and bring some changes to existing ones to improve the gameplay and bring more strategy to the game.

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Apr 21st, 2011
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This version include a new unit for each race, some changes, and minor fixes. Enjoy!


-Fixed Missile Turret attack launch spin (now the 2 missiles are visible)
-Fixed Extra Supplies (add-on) not disapearing if Supply Depot was burned down.


Energy upgrades Reworked (again):
Max energy is now 150 (50 starting).
-Zerg: energy regenerates 50% faster (150 max, 50 starting)
-Terran: energy regenerates 25% faster, +50 max energy (200 max, 66.66 starting)
-Protoss: +100 max energy (250 max, 83.33 starting)

Note: A side effect of the terran energy upgrades regeneration is that cloack consume a bit less energy. This is very easy to fix, but i will leave it to compensate the reduction in the max ammount of energy and to increase the value of Ghost and Wraith energy upgrades.

-HP increased from 40 to 45

Misile Turret
-HP back to 200

-HP increased from 70 to 75

New tech at Citadel of Adun for 150/150: Psi Rage
-Research Time: 2500
Description: After a preparation time, the Zealot release all his grath and enter in a berserker mode. In this mode a Zealot focus all off his psionic power in his blades losing his shields.
-Shields removed and base damage is increased by 25% (from 8x2 to 10x2).
-Each consecutive attack made against the same unit will reduce the cooldown of the next attack by 2 to a minimun of 8 (22,20,18,16,14,12,10,8).
-This change is permanent. Berserker Zealots emits psi radiation around them (just a visual effect)
-Activation time: 3 secs (Zealot can't move or atack)

High Templar
-Warp in High Templar requeriment changed from Templar Archives to Citadel of Adun
-Psi Storm doesn't need to be researched
-Psi Storm Damage reduced from 12 to 10 (total damge 80)
-Psi Mastery Upgrade also increase Psy Storm damage by 3 (total damge 104)
-Hallucination need to be researched for 100/100
-Templar upgrades moved to Citadel of Adun
-Psi Mastery upgrade requires Templar Archives. Cost increased from 150/150 to 200/200. Time increased from 2000 to 2500

-Damage reduced from 15 to 14

Control Tower, Machinery Shop, and Covert add-ons build time increased from 24 to 30 seconds and HP are set to 500.

Covert Ops is now buildable from Barracks

Ghost and Nuclear Silo now requires Covert Ops and Science Facility.


Zerg New Building: Baneling Nest
Requires: Spawning Pool
Cost: 150/0
Build time: 55 seconds
HP: 600

Zerg new unit: Baneling
Morph from: Larva
Requires: Baneling Nest
Cost: 50/50
Build time: 34 seconds
HP: 30
Armor: 0
Supply: 0.5 (2 in an egg)
Size: Medium
Space: 2
Ground Weapon: Volatile Burst
-Damage: 14 (normal)
-Damage bonus: 2 (melee Attacks)
-Special: Acid Spray (Deals extra 20 concussive dmg +2* Melee Attacks upgrade)
-Splash area: 50 px (both attacks deal 100% damage iin the splash area and dont damage your units)
-Range: 0

Baneling abilities:
-Explode: The Baneling detonates where it is standing, damaging nearby enemy units and structures. Can be used while burrow.
-Sap Area: The Baneling moves to target area and perform his Explode attack.
Burrowed Banelings deals 33% extra base damage (21+3*upgrade + Acid Spray).
Banelings also perform their Explode attack upon death.

Terran New Unit: Stormraven
Trained at: Barrack
Requires: Covert Ops
Cost: 75/50
Build time: 38 seconds
HP: 40
Shield: 60 (constant regeneration)
Armor: 0
Size: Small
Supply and space: 2
Ground Weapon: Shock Rifle
-Damage: 14 (burst*)
-Damage bonus: 2 (Infantry Weapons)
-Cooldown: 30
-Range: 10

New upgrade at Cover Ops for 150/150: Electrostatic Discharge
Shock Rifle bullets are charged with a large amount of static energy, when they reach a ground target the energy is released causing electronic malfunction and slowing small organisms.
-Units hited by Photon Shock Rifle are slowed (movement and attack) for 1.66 seconds. It won’t affect workers or other hovering units (Templars, Archons, Vultures), also Ultralisk are unaffected.

Protoss new unit: Sentry (WIP*)
Constructed at: Gateway
Requires: Cybernetics Core
Cost: 50/100
Build time: 46 Seconds
HP/Shield: 40/40
Armor: 1
Size: Medium
Supply and Space: 2

Sentry Abilities
-Shield Aura: Nearby ground units regenerate shields, only if shield is still active (shield >0)
-Seismic Shockwave: Burrowed units are forced to unburrow and stuned for 5 seconds (Lurkers are inmune). Spider mines are destroyed and siege tanks are forced to turn into tank mode. Affect units in a large area arround Sentry. Ability has 30 seconds cooldown.

*I need to work more in this unit. Seismic shockwave will damage buildings and has to be researched. I will add another ability or rework the shield aura. Also it need a new sprite, for now im using a reversed observer.

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SC Revolution Mod 0.2
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