Kane's Wrath Unofficial Patch 1.04 is a big ban patch
that will try to balance the game a bit more from my and the community ideas and suggestions

Please note that my patch will also going to be a mod, I probably can make a installer but I really don't see the point since I want it to be easy to access and easy to switch from (in case that players will want to play in ver1.02 again)

And also note that I going to start the balance changes NOT from version 1.02 BUT rather from my Kane's wrath classic 1.00 mod since I want to try and rebalance the game again from ver 1.00 with the bugsfixes, but unlike EA who simplify "locked" and limits players actions by taking the building's radius and increasing the earlier game building's costs, I want to try and make more units useful and have fair gameplay so that players won't feel like sticking to one tactic or strategy while ignoring all the other options.

By fair I also mean that I want to try my best to create situations where some units can still live after terrifying attacks if the players had good control, micro, and maneuvers, and to not let players feel that "something" is too over powered to counter.

But when it come to support powers that do damage such as the Overlord's wrath I think it won't be fair to let players waste so much money and see how it gone for nothing, when player have good support power he will want it to at least kill small armies, but what EA done was to completely weak it over to the point it rarely kill barracks, which not feel so useful in my opinion.

As for upgrades I also going to reduce the damage of some of the over powered ones but at the same time not to the point they become useless (again like what EA done mostly in ver 1.01)

In other words this patch going to try to play fair without increasing too much and unneeded costs, reducing damages or limit builds radius, It will try to make more units and unused upgrades and tactics more useful and at the same time will try to save the most import ingredients: "Fun".

If there won't be any other way then I will increase and reduce costs, damages, and radius, But I will try my best to avoid it.

It all will be depend on the players commits, if you have ideas please say them here!

If it will be in my ability and I will see that many players are happy with it, I will add that idea :)

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1 comment by egozi44 on Jul 14th, 2015

The remnant of CABAL's forces who join Kane and are known as "Marked of Kane" were about strong infantries, air force, and bunker type who can defend themselves with stronger defense and discount on stealth to hid their base more easily

With that style in mind I tried to polish it a bit more so CABAL's remnant won't only look useful But will also be useful.

CNCKW Awakened CameoCNCKW Enlightened Cameo

Awakeneds and Enlighteneds become a bit more useful and fearsome on the battlefield

For now Awakened's Minigun damage increased from 18 to 28

Awakeneds and Enlighteneds now have resistant to Tiberium Crystals and uncrushable by tier 1 units

That means that tanks will have hard time to deal with them and MOK can "dance" in battlefield without worry of dying faster, Snipers and heavy anti infantries upgrade will have more use now against them

Marked of Kane's Redeemer machinegun turrets will now make the Awakening's sound when they shoot and have red effect, Their damage had been increased from 27 to 30, Damage type had been changed fron Gun to Grenade

Their name had been changed to Heavy gun turret to fit more to the Awakening's cannon rather than the poor default Anti inf turrets

Enlighteneds Can now enter into Marked of Kane's Redeemer, it will add it Supercharged Beam turrets

Which are slow but more powerful than the missiles

Oh and Marked of Kane's Redeemer machinegun turrets now shows the Marked of Kane's icon on them

cnc3ep1 2015 01 19 06 33 40 97

Marked Of Kane now have more discounts on stealth related things:

Marked Of Kane's Stealth Tank Cost and build time had beed reduced to 1600$ and 16s

Marked Of Kane's Shadow Team Cost and build time had beed reduced to 700$ and 7s

Marked Of Kane's Cloaking Field will now cost 2500$ instead of 3000$

And Marked Of Kane's Emissary name and description changed to Stealth Emissary, Stealth Emissary can be stealthed as long as it stand still (not moving)
It reveal itself when it unpacked and while unpacking and when it become output it no longer stealth at all

CNCKW Tiberium Trooper Cameo

Tibirum trooper's fire range increased significantly so they will be more supportive unit that can slow down tanks while shoot from the middle/end of the line instead of getting crashed.
they now can heal friendly Scrin units as well just like the Scrin's Corruptor to encourage Team work
and also now have Tiberium Infusion upgrade to make them even faster and stronger, Tibirum trooper will now reveal itself when it firing on enemy's units since it's range is similar to mini artillery

Redeemer Tibirum trooper's turrets attack range increased from 250 to 370, It now can heal friendly Scrin units as well just like the Scrin's Corruptor (though it may be meaningless since it also use it's lazers so you need to timing it right)

and each faction's Redeemer now have different skin to it's flame thrower (in MOK case it green to fit the Tibirum trooper)

cnc3ep1 2014 05 24 05 05 26 68

Marked of Kane's Reckoner Name, description, skin, and pic had been changed to War Reckoner, War Reckoner can garrison three squads and they can attack from inside it without the need to deploy as a bunker, When it do deployed it have 4 garrison slots!

Built cost had increased to 1800 and build time to 18

(I'm still thinking about change it skin again... to be honest the War Reckoner was the very first unit i reskin back then, i think i can do better job now, maybe make it grey/white with green glass rather than red head and green glass? tell me what you prefer)

cnc3ep1 2014 06 10 01 33 01 88

Magnetic Mines now have longer damage duration and a bit longer damage range,

damage had been reduced from 16 to 11, Their attack speed increased, Damage Interval been changed from 1 to 0, They also can now kill infantry units (as it make more sense),

All these changed will make them to act like terror dron from RA3 because from what I read in different forums most players always wanted them to act like that

It will hopefully going to make them superior or on even terms with normal mines

their deploy Armageddon Bomber now have different skin to fit MOK, more speed, and more health to give them better chances to be deployed

I also Improved EA description about the Magnetic Mines since they didn't mention that they were stealth Great job EA :D

cnc3ep1 2014 06 10 04 03 48 02

Super charged particle beam cost increased to 5000 build time increased to 90s
Super Charged Shredder Turrets damage decreased from 125 to 90 to make them less OP, still work on them though as they still a bit OP atm


Marked Of Kane Will now have the Cyborg Commando instead of the normal Commando as people requested

It will cost 2500$ and take 25s to come out, it have EMP Shock as second ability (which is smaller version of the buggy's EMP burst),

It permanently Stealthed and Detect Stealth in close range, it also Immune to Suppression ,Immune to Tiberium ,Can't Be Crushed
have Call for Transport ability, And Increases combat effectiveness of nearby infantries units (thinking about removing the last one),

The Cyborg Commando is really strong against Vehicles and structures,
and can even give hard time to Epic units one on one,

It's great weakness however is infantries and anti infantries defenses which can spill it's HP it a matter of minutes

So now it give better reason to equipment Marv with Anti inf turrets
The A.I know how to use it and do so frequently

Marked Of Kane Secret Shrine's name changed to Cybernetic Shrine
and It also can build the Cyborg Commando from it

sshot0017 2

I still thinking about adding to MOK the Reapers as they feel absent from the Cyborg army

But I added to MOK too much stuff so I think it will make them too much over powered from the other factions, So I still not sure at the moment

For more info please read my updated change log and tell me what you think


~Transmission Out~

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Extracted and edited official maps pack

Extracted and edited official maps pack

Apr 28, 2014 Multiplayer Map 2 comments

Since WrathED still don't have option to change global objects in official maps I made a temporary solution by extracting all the official maps of KW...

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Cabal/Legion Jul 12 2015, 12:17am says:

Theres something i've just thought about.

Back when EA showed their closed doors by showing of the introduction of their new units for Kanes wrath you'll see in this video > Youtube.com

What you'll find suprisly is that they gave the venoms and then took it away for some reason the black hand's green charged partical beams upgrade

What i have in mind as a suggestion for the Black hand faction, is that because 1 of Black hand's greatest weakness is NOT having something else other than the mantis to deal with GDI's hammerheads because they are infantry killers and they have easier time to Hit & run at their base than other Nod factions due to they have no stealth, they should have for their air arsenal is only the venom and it can also be upgraded with green charged beams that EA took from them as well, Same as Reaper-17 that has stormrider as their only air unit

+1 vote     reply to comment
egozi44 Creator
egozi44 Jul 12 2015, 10:23am replied:

Yea I knew that EA made the charged particle beams for the venoms and awakening (there are screenshots that show it too and the awaking still have their upgrade script that EA forgot to remove xD, you just need BH lab and to buy the upgrade to make them use it)

It seem that back then EA still didn't make up their minds about what will be belong to who, you can also see in the video that most stuff are way more unbalanced compered to the release version (specters shoot too fast, awaking stronger and more useful, GDI support power is OP and shatter way more stronger than what they were in ver 1.00)

EA also didn't showed the BH faction in the video which make me suspect that they didn't make them/finish them at that point

For balance and uniqueness reasons they delete the upgrade after that, can't blame them as back then they seem to be aware that one of the biggest things that players hate in their RTS games was mirrors (like what we got in RA3 when they sold their soul to the devil xD just kidding)

Anyway I will think about it but if I will do something similar I think about adding them flame thrower that don't reach to the ground (just close range anti air) rather then the beams which make them look similar to other venoms

Oh and in the UOP the mantis are way more cheaper and take less time to come out (it seem that EA planned to make them as other type of stealth tanks at first... maybe they forgot to change their cost and build time?)

So players that use BH now are way more dangerous to air as they can spawn a lot of mantis than before

+1 vote   reply to comment
Guest Jul 7 2015, 11:30am says:

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

egozi44 Creator
egozi44 Jul 7 2015, 3:48pm replied:

Thanks :p

There's still no release date for now

I and my partner will decide on when to release it eventually
There are stuff that need to be added and fixed for both the c&c4; units and KW itself

That why I recruiting more people

+1 vote   reply to comment
Guest Jul 7 2015, 7:32pm replied:

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

egozi44 Creator
egozi44 Jul 7 2015, 9:36pm replied:

I hope it will be done perfectly too

+1 vote   reply to comment
Cabal/Legion Jun 12 2015, 12:22am says:

Yeah have a watch of this video of the TIberian Sun unit voice Quotes :)


The cyborg commando's voice is from 1;58 to 2:19

+1 vote     reply to comment
Cabal/Legion Jun 10 2015, 3:06pm says:

Also theres something i wanna show you just in case you properly didn't see it, check this link and look at buttom comment of mine :)


+1 vote     reply to comment
Cabal/Legion Jun 10 2015, 3:01pm says:

Even if the Cyborg commando will fail to have house colour, still keep it please :)

Also that reminds me i need to ask, which voice Quotes does it have?

From Tiberian Sun Cyborg Commando
Or From C&C4; Cyborg commando

I was also gunna ask in case you'd might be interested :)

You know the Marked of Kanes control node's thats on mission 'Will Made Flesh' What if the faction had that as a replacement of either the Hand of Nod or the secret shrine? Because the faction replaces humans for cybernetics and them nodes are where they come from.

If that idea is not possible for Marked of Kane, i'd say for the suggestion is,

Hand of Nod is where all cyborgs come out except for the Cyborg commando.

Secret shrine is where the Cyborg commando can be build and where it comes out from.

You'll need both Tech lab and secret shrine to build cyborg commando.

Now for the Kodiak..... That unit has always been 1 of my faves of all C&C4; and i dont mind it all having it join Kanes wrath :)

Because ZOCOM is all about having the strongest air power of all GDI factions, and while they are the Main Creators of the MARV not GDI and they have no Artillery.... I think its best that they Keep the MARV while they also have a Exclusive support power to summon the Kodiak for $5000.

Just like how they work in C&C4;, they have both blast type cannons that can blow ground units and structures from long range.... about the same distance as a Juggernaut

While their other weapon is machine gun turrets that can fire at air crafts.... Because they are gun based weapon, they do same kind of damage what a venom or APC without AP ammo does while doesnt do much damage to Planetary assault carriers.

Adding gun based turret is only adding small extra bonus to defend it self while due to its main design is being a Artillery unit for ground targets.

I think having that unit as a replacement for juggernauts only as a summon unit like the scrin mothership is good enough for me for me :)

+1 vote     reply to comment
egozi44 Creator
egozi44 Jun 11 2015, 9:37pm replied:

Soryy for the delay
I saw your pm just forgot to reply

I will think about it

As for the voice I think I will stick with the C&C4; one because I assume that the old ver don't have a voice for every situation

Any chance that you can find me the voice Quotes of the old one so I can hear them? I don't even recall anymore how it sound like

For the Marked of Kanes control node's I don't think I can add it because it will look broken since it don't have building animations, I may change it as Cyborg factory as natural building if I will have time

Now lets hope that the Kodiak will work just like I was able to add IronBack :D

+2 votes   reply to comment
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