Kane's Wrath Unofficial big bang Patch 1.04
is actually a mod that run with biber's and asuka's mod lancher,

it started with the aim of just balance changes and bug fixes, make stuff that people rarely used to be more noticeable, useful, and add more options for team play like RA3 and BFME had,
But since a lot of people requested from me to add a few stuff that in their opinions were supposed to be in the original KW I end up adding some new stuff (but I have red line and didn't added ton of useless stuff to the mixer as the mod don't aim to add too many new units to the point the factions will be unbalance and the units will be useless)

So this "Unofficial Patch" is now big bang patch that rather from just focusing on balance and bug fixes also add new stuff in order to make the more than half decade KW feel more refreshing,

I had many ideas how to add new stuff to game's gameplay, some worked and some didn't (and been removed)

This is project that is up on moddb for around two years and half by now and is still in work,

One of the main ideas of this project was to work with the community in order to create the mod for the community, however as I mentioned before the mod have red lines,

This project can be changed by your commits However I can't promise that I change anything you want, Please note that this mod also try to make things balances while also try to add uniqueness,

Uniqueness + balance in RTS is really hard to achieve but if they were added in the right way they can keep the most import ingredient in bay: the "Fun".

Here short list of what been changed so far:

*More bug fixed

*New units

*New features (More Upgrades/Abilities/Special Powers)

*Some game changes

*More features for team work

*Improved Balance (many things like support powers, units, abilities, upgrades, are more useful)

*Improved map pack (Optional)

*Economic system moved back to how it was in ver 1.00

You can see more info about the project here:


Don't forgot that a lot of stuff will be depend on the players commits, if you have ideas please say them here!

If it will be in my ability and I will see that many players are happy with it, I will add that idea :)

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Status update

News 4 comments

CNCTWKW Kane with Tacitus and ne

So after long time with no actual update I think it about time to tell people what going on.

I found myself sort of busy in the last year, after I took "small" vacation from modding, that vacation turned into doing things in RL which took a lot of time from me and made me less willing to modding at all, on my free time I preferred do other stuff like playing video games or other things I consider enjoyable, I eventually (and unintentionally) disappeared to a lot of people, all I can say is that I sorry about it and that I try be more active (If my brain will still function).

Despite what I just said I did mod a bit here and there and do so in baby steps but not really on consistent order, I still take things slowly but will increase the pace for the next version, aside from bug fixing and improvements I have big plans for the mod, The first one is related to just fix and add few more stuff.

The second (In few more releases After the current version I working on) is to try and bring back small naval fights to KW, but I will give more details in the future.

And the last one is making spin-off version to the mod that intend to be unbalance but have many units the community wanted in KW engine (without hurting the balanced version that it, as it separate).

Currently I need yours (the community) opinion in regard to adding two new units to the games, these units can be either useless or OP without the right tuning and i can't even promise I will success in bring them to working condition (I mean without any bugs or broken things till I test them out) but I can and will try.

Now, as for the units:

Cybernetic Engineer

Nod Engineer CnC4 Cncpt1

I always wanted to see this unit in action just in one mod, but I never found any public mod that had it, The C&C4 Beta Nod engineer aka the worm man, was replaced by the version we all know and love in the final C&C4 version.

cnc4 cyborg engineer redesign by

The Beta version however look more like the TW's Nod engi and fit to be one of MOK's cyborgs, however since I didn't found to it any actual use in the balance version (as the MOK's eng also the only engineer that use the cybernetic legs sub-object in the game, and I don't like to simply reskin stuff) aside reskining the current engi, I thought about leave it alone, as MOK in my mod have more than enough stuff to the point it be unfair to give them more (and because giving more armor to engi in the cost of being slower sound unfair to me), I was really close in put this model in "for spin off mod" folder but then I came out with some idea that can still give it a rule in the game, however I will need your help in deciding if to add it or not.

My idea is adding the Cyberntic engineer as Drone that come from the air tower (will required hand of nod though) and will repair aircrafts, Now the annoying part is that KW engine unlike C&C4 don't have any code I know of that can let you target friendly units without using the control key (one of the reasons the Scrin's corruptor don't have any cursor when you want to heal your units, and also hint why EA used repair drones with the MRT instead of giving it repair cannon or any of sort), this will make the unit to look broken, so here my ideas so far (help me out here by selecting the idea that look to you the most fitting or write me yours in commit below) :

1. Make it just as I said above (will look to some a bit broken though)

2. Give it a drone smiliar to the MRT

3. Give it repair gun that will do poor damage to enemies and heal allies only with control key (will look less broken that way)

4. Don't add it at all! MOK have too many things for balance game as they are.

5 Your idea? (Commit below)

Subterranean Reckoner

Reckoner CC4 Cncpt1

This is the unit i'm more afraid of, This C&C4 Reckoner which also look like the classic TS's subterranean APC after upgrade, can be OP in KW in one way or another, if it simplay will act as normal Reckoner with a drill that can "teleport" to the enemy base, sneaking engis and black hands to the mcv will be piece of cake. KW don't have any code that let you control digging units or "see" them underground, nor any way to block them or detect them, so making it "teleport" while showing to the player digging animation is the only way I aware of that can make it "dig" (As jumpjet... will make it ..jump... got it? jumpjets? jump? ahaa ahahahaa... nvm)

That Reckoner may look cool but can be too unbalance without proper limitations, So I have few ideas in mind and wanted to ask you what you think will be the best:

1. Make it replace the Black hand's Reckoner (As MOK already have their own modded Reck in this mod) and that it, leave everything the same but let it diiiggggg (OP alert D: ) (Will also need to change the Dozer upgrade description as it mentioned that the Reckoner can have dozer... Which won't happend with this model as the dozer won't fit anywhere with that drill)

2. Make it replace the BH's Reckoner but make the drill as tir2/3 upgrade, make it expensive (Still won't solve the engi spawn)

3. Give it really short digging range! and make the ability to cost money! (The engi still be a threat..)

4. Make it as separate Tir3 Reckoner that will be expensive, will have 1 slot, ability will cost money/may also be upgrade, and short digging range (don't see why anyone will want to use it then... and two reckoners sound a bit funny, plus Engi threat still present)

5. Add it as separate Tir3 unit that can attack with flames and particle beams from the windows only when unpack and don't have the ability to garrison infantries at all, give it short to medium digging range ability with proper cooldown that will cost money. (That sound like the most balanced way to go honestly)

6. Just don't add it, look like too much of a work

7. Your idea (I honesly out of ideas here~)

Unofficial Big Bang Patch 1.04 (0.2) Open Beta started!

Unofficial Big Bang Patch 1.04 (0.2) Open Beta started!

News 5 comments

Almost 3 years of work now in a single download link.

Extreme Units~

Extreme Units~

News 11 comments

I promised some small explanation in regard to the Extreme Units didn't I?

Inside look and status report, this time on Scrin factions

Inside look and status report, this time on Scrin factions

News 2 comments

Inside look and status report, this time on Scrin factions Scrin's sub factions had potential to be more extreme in their styles of power and speed, With...

Status report

Status report

News 7 comments

Status report about current situation and Presentation of new unit.

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Official KW's MP maps extracted, fixed, Unmoded

Official KW's MP maps extracted, fixed, Unmoded

Multiplayer Map 1 comment

Not to be confused with the "Kane's Wrath Fixed Map Pack", these maps are the same maps Just before I compiled them with the BuildMap bat, meaning that...

Unofficial Big Bang Patch 1.04 (0.2) Open Beta

Unofficial Big Bang Patch 1.04 (0.2) Open Beta

Full Version 25 comments

Unofficial Big Bang Patch 1.04 v0.2 Is out! V0.2 is more of a hotfix than anything else though~

Unofficial Big Bang Patch 1.04 (0.1) Open Beta

Unofficial Big Bang Patch 1.04 (0.1) Open Beta

Full Version 41 comments

Unofficial Big Bang Patch 1.04 (0.1) Open Beta! After almost 3 years of work the Patch/mod been released \(*0*)/ !

Kane's Wrath Fixed Map Pack

Kane's Wrath Fixed Map Pack

Multiplayer Map 3 comments

Probably not what you was looking for... But it took me some hours of work so I hope you will enjoy it xD

4 GB tool for KW

4 GB tool for KW

HUDs 12 comments

Want to play KW without the 2 GB ram limit? Want to be able to spawn more units without get lags? That the tool for you!

Extracted and edited official maps pack (Undated)

Extracted and edited official maps pack (Undated)

Multiplayer Map 2 comments

Since WrathED still don't have option to change global objects in official maps I made a temporary solution by extracting all the official maps of KW...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 360)

had been thinking and decided to share my thoughts :)

C&C4; Reckonier

Replace Black Hand Reckonier

dozer blades upgrade replaced by teir 3 Drill dig ability

stock upto 3 infantry

Dig ability range 50% shorter of entire screen to be used as a small escape from losing battles and not able to sneak to bases from very far away.

has 20% more hit-points than normal reckonier

Units inside can fire as vehicle moves

Unit cost $250 more than Nod & MOK reckonier

Vehicle can repack from deploying

Dig ability cost $0 to use due its a $1500 teir 3 upgrade with short range digging for mainly use as a headstart escape

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Number 3 for MOK enginner i find better, if its possible i like the repair beam sound like 'sparks' as it repairs.

C&C4; Reckonier i still need to decide xD I was actually hoping MOK would get it due their Cyborgs are just too damn expensive to use as a frontline Army when players use buzzers + Hammerheads + Snipers & support powers and decreasing their cost would make them OP, it explains why i almost never see pro players use em other than sold structures. BH infantry as a army is strong + cheap enough to spare.

Cause of what i used to had in mind before was the vehicle has a bit more armor + it can unpack, while has slower speed + cost $100 more than Nod reck & only have digging ability if other players can see it in curtain ways such as stealth detect

Also need to mention incase, is it possible you can use the C&C4; Reckonier model without the drill upgrade? if its possible you can use both types of the C&C4; units Models with & without their upgrades, that could be useful in able to choose the right kind for Kanes Wrath :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

For the cyborg engineer i think option 3 is best and for the subterrainean reckoner option 4 :D

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

When I played the maps of 1.02+ and 1.03. The Unofficial Big Bang 1.04 Patch doesn't applied on them. For example The Steel Talons still have the epic unit M.A.R.V. instead of Mastodon. But its construction facility is still "Mastodon Landing Zone" instead of "Reclamation Hub". Can this be fixed or it is just the way it is? And can you also add the Forgotten faction on the next patch?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
egozi44 Creator

Iirc I answered you about it before but i may be worng :p

1.02+ and 1.03 maps dont support the patch, they actually heavily moded maps that acting as if you play uop 1.03, they were made from different creator and have nothing to do with UOP 1.04 aside from the bug fixes I took while having premission from the creator (and had to fix alot of them manually as copy paste was not a option for most of them)

the reason the maps still showing names from 1.04 is because the game probably still load the mod's text file.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Okay, thanks egozi44!

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

That's me I forgot to log-in :D

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
egozi44 Creator

np :]

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Yo, what is the 'Supreme Commando' and why is he on an exclusive infantry tab that opens for GDI and Zocom when you have a Space Center. He sounds like an OP elite foot unit, and by his unit description IG he seems awesome asf. How do you unlock him though, I can't seem to play him. Also what is a GDI Symbol?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
egozi44 Creator

Info here:


You will need to find rare random crate that have faction's symbol on it, build the Space Center, and have 50,000$ :D

Reply Good karma+1 vote
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