Kane's Wrath Unofficial big bang Patch 1.04
is actually a mod that run with biber's and asuka's mod lancher,

it started with the aim of just balance changes and bug fixes, make stuff that people rarely used to be more noticeable, useful, and add more options for team play like RA3 and BFME had,
But since a lot of people requested from me to add a few stuff that in their opinions were supposed to be in the original KW I end up adding some new stuff (but I have red line and didn't added ton of useless stuff to the mixer as the mod don't aim to add too many new units to the point the factions will be unbalance and the units will be useless)

So this "Unofficial Patch" is now big bang patch that rather from just focusing on balance and bug fixes also add new stuff in order to make the more than half decade KW feel more refreshing,

I had many ideas how to add new stuff to game's gameplay, some worked and some didn't (and been removed)

This is project that is up on moddb for around two years and half by now and is still in work,

One of the main ideas of this project was to work with the community in order to create the mod for the community, however as I mentioned before the mod have red lines,

This project can be changed by your commits However I can't promise that I change anything you want, Please note that this mod also try to make things balances while also try to add uniqueness,

Uniqueness + balance in RTS is really hard to achieve but if they were added in the right way they can keep the most import ingredient in bay: the "Fun".

Here short list of what been changed so far:

*More bug fixed

*New units

*New features (More Upgrades/Abilities/Special Powers)

*Some game changes

*More features for team work

*Improved Balance (many things like support powers, units, abilities, upgrades, are more useful)

*Improved map pack (Optional)

*Economic system moved back to how it was in ver 1.00

You can see more info about the project here:


Don't forgot that a lot of stuff will be depend on the players commits, if you have ideas please say them here!

If it will be in my ability and I will see that many players are happy with it, I will add that idea :)

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Condor baby

The Condor need your help.

(You can skip to the "Help" part near the bottom of the page if you don't wish to read that wall)

So as some of you aware (or at least I hope you do...) the Condor plane was added to the ZOCOM faction as tier 3 supportive plane (You can thank Ahrimansiah for keep suggesting I should add it to KW in one way or another ;) ).

The Condor don't need to reload like any other GDI's planes or havocrafts, however that because of two main reasons, One it was hard to code it to act that way without bugs, and two because it was planned to be only supportive plane that can't attack, but in the last minute I decided to give it some weapon after all,

However if you thought I simply going to import it from C&C4 and just add it as another bomber, you were wrong.

After looking on the Condor's concept art and unused animation that were in both TT's final and beta version, I found out that EA probably had more rules for it than just standard bomber, but they eventually settle (?) with it just being as the firehawk replacement, the animations and art showed the plane was supposed to either manually or automatically unpack a portable ion canon when it attack some units, and the design hint it could also attack air targets using close range missiles though they both were left unused in the final version and the bones for the missile launchers were missing, leaving the launchers as unusable object that is just for show.

So my idea was to try and "resurrect" that behavior but in cool way that will fit KW and won't steal or completely replace the rule of something else.

The result was EMP havocraft that have second ability to transform midair to fighter aircraft!

The emp mod can only attack vehicles and structures while the fighter is faster and can only attack aircrafts without the need to reload, the catch however is that it's missiles are weaker from the Firehawk, so you can still see your hammerheads and firehawks as your primary planes for anti air attacks.

The Condor however is more like the Cryocopter×Megatangu from RA3, it have supportive and attacking rule that change it's behavior in unexpected way with a press of a button, but for balance sake it have 30s cooldown,

It also won't be able to gain veterancy due to me not find sane way to code it to it without getting reset upon unpacking (Rig, I'm looking at you... Oh wait, I fixed you didn't I?), I don't mind about it though because it was planned to be supportive plane anyway, and in my original plans it not was supposed to attack at all (the fighter mod was for escaping purposes.. Should I also note it the fastest plane in the GDI's fleet?),

So... please kindly ignore that issue or offer me creative way to solve it ;)

Either way I think it fine as it is now.


With that wall finish let move to the main reason this thread was made:


The Condor need to learn from you how to speak, what I mean by that? that I need your soul voice.

Since EA decided the Condor will take the firehawk's rule in C&C4, no voices for it could be found in the files, I did found some engine noises but that was all.

I could easily rename it and use other voice... but thanks to it unique behavior in KW I think a new voice will fit better.

So if you think you can voice it with good quality (and nice voice) please contact me (It can also be a female voice in case you wondered since it fit the ZOCOM's spirit... and since I'm not sexist ;) ),

I also need your help in giving it more lines or see if the ones I used fit the unit:

In EMP mod:


Condor ready!

Electromagnetic Plane ready.

In EMP mod:

Condor, standing by.
Conder here.
EMP is ready.
Hover engines functional.
Need my support?

Honor above all.

In Fighter mod:

Condor, standing by. (Reused)
Conder here. (Reused)

Missiles ready.
Need to shot some planes?
Give me a target.

The fastest!

In EMP mod:


Copy that.

We'll freeze that area!




Got it command.

On my way.


In Fighter mod:


Copy that.(Reused)

Airways clear.

I'll be there in a jiffy!




Got it command.(Reused)

On my way.(Reused)


Try to catch me!

In EMP mod:


Lets Burst them!

Silent the enemy!

Force them back to the stone age!

They all be black soon.

Paralyzation in process!

In Fighter mod:


We'll deliver.

We have a lock!

Target acquired.

Release the rockets!

Try to stop me!

The delivery arrived!

In EMP mod:

In combat:

Enemy engaged!

Enemy attack!

Any backup soon?

Permission to fight back!

May need some help here!

In Fighter mod:

In combat:

Enemy engaged!(Reused)

Enemy attack!(Reused)

Honor above all!

Firing rockets now!

Lets hit them hard!

In Both mods:

Returning to base:

returning to base!

RTB on the go!

Home sweet home.

In Both mods:


We've been hit, RTB now!

Back to base!

Mission abort!

In Both mods:

Shot down:

Mayday! Mayday!

Condor, going down!

We're losing speed!

That all the lines I was able to come with (and most of it is copy-paste of other quotes with small changes), let me know if you have more/better quotes for this unit.

You can look at the TW's firehawk wiki page quotes for inspiration (it near the bottom)

Oh and of course it needless to say that the username of anyone who helped (aside anonymous users... unless you really want to stay

anonymous and being credit as one) will be added to the credit note.

Another poll!

Another poll!

News 3 comments

So I have yet another poll for you guys (please also make sure you take a look on the old poll in your free time):

Status update

Status update

News 5 comments

So after long time with no actual update I think it about time to tell people what going on.

Unofficial Big Bang Patch 1.04 (0.2) Open Beta started!

Unofficial Big Bang Patch 1.04 (0.2) Open Beta started!

News 5 comments

Almost 3 years of work now in a single download link.

Another poll! Ended

Another poll! Ended

News 1 comment

Thanks for your help guys, as you notice I added the Zone Juggernaut and Condor as was decided on the votes (though it really more about opinions matter...

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Kane's Wrath FPS Tweak

Kane's Wrath FPS Tweak

Effects GFX 3 comments

This mod aims to let the game better use/stress your better PC in pursuit of better performance. It is recommended to use with the 4GB memory patch for...

Official KW's MP maps extracted, fixed, Unmoded

Official KW's MP maps extracted, fixed, Unmoded

Multiplayer Map 2 comments

Not to be confused with the "Kane's Wrath Fixed Map Pack", these maps are the same maps Just before I compiled them with the BuildMap bat, meaning that...

Unofficial Big Bang Patch 1.04 (0.2) Open Beta

Unofficial Big Bang Patch 1.04 (0.2) Open Beta

Full Version 25 comments

Unofficial Big Bang Patch 1.04 v0.2 Is out! V0.2 is more of a hotfix than anything else though~

Unofficial Big Bang Patch 1.04 (0.1) Open Beta

Unofficial Big Bang Patch 1.04 (0.1) Open Beta

Full Version 43 comments

Unofficial Big Bang Patch 1.04 (0.1) Open Beta! After almost 3 years of work the Patch/mod been released \(*0*)/ !

Kane's Wrath Fixed Map Pack

Kane's Wrath Fixed Map Pack

Multiplayer Map 3 comments

Probably not what you was looking for... But it took me some hours of work so I hope you will enjoy it xD

4 GB tool for KW

4 GB tool for KW

HUDs 12 comments

Want to play KW without the 2 GB ram limit? Want to be able to spawn more units without get lags? That the tool for you!

Comments  (0 - 10 of 411)

Hi! Maybe someone tell it to you before but Liquid Tib Troopers have insane fire range :D especialy from occupy builds

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
egozi44 Creator

Yea I done it on purpose so they will have more strategic rule and be different from the BH (and be more annying after getting upgrades), But I don't recall if I took the garrison building into account back then :o

Will take a look again, thanks.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

I seriously love it with how the new updates went :)
With ZOCOM exclusively having Condor & Zone Juggernaut, faction having best air crafts and sacrifices rail guns for more use with Sonic tech & weapons.
Also Love the videos with female speaking voice for explaining how the units work while EA couldnt add speaking for their unit introduction videos xD. You say that Condor can have female voice due it fits ZOCOM's spirit which i totally agree with, it explains why they swap Zone troopers for Zone raiders and Nod soldier in Campaign says 'let's see what these ZOCOM ladies are made of'

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

I hope the next patch releases before the year ends, this mod is coming along very nicely. I have to say, good work egozi44! Please don't take out the GDI Condor, it's such a cool unit. Also, will the Condor be for Steel Talons or ZOCOM?

Thank you for all your hard work.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
egozi44 Creator

Thanks, I hope so too ;)

I may be able to include the Condor after all thanks to some other modder who help me out, The Condor for now is Zocom's exclusive unit.

Reply Good karma+3 votes

egozi44 I have a problem here, the Mutant Marauders were a little bit bugging when firing to the air but fire ground and the bullets hit to the aircraft.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

That's good news, can't wait to try out this mod.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
egozi44 Creator

Yea im aware of it, it been fixed for the next release but I still didn't release it xD

Let me know if you find any other bugs, also be sure to check the change log because it have all the unfixed bugs listed near the bottom, by opening it with simple note and pressing F3 you can search for any bug you want faster.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

egozi44 Take your time buddy, no rush. Just curious, what unit is bugged that needs to be moved to the easter egg or be removed from the mod?

Is the GDI Condor and Zone Juggy in the mod yet?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
egozi44 Creator

Thanks mate.

The unit I have issues with is the Condor, the units that already in the mod are fine (more or less as nothing is perfect).

The Zone juggy is already in the mod and work fine, I wanted to post the Condor's images month ago (as I usually do when a unit is in wotking condition) but found this bug in one of my tests and was trying to fix it/get help in fixing it, ever since.

It may be time to move on and focus on the Cybernetic enginner and Subterranean Reckoner rather then bug fixing things...

I put some work into the Condor though, so it hard for me to throw it over one critical bug :/

Reply Good karma+2 votes
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