Kane's Wrath Unofficial Patch 1.04 is a big ban patch
that will try to balance the game a bit more from my and the community ideas and suggestions

Please note that my patch will also going to be a mod, I probably can make a installer but I really don't see the point since I want it to be easy to access and easy to switch from (in case that players will want to play in ver1.02 again)

And also note that I going to start the balance changes NOT from version 1.02 BUT rather from my Kane's wrath classic 1.00 mod since I want to try and rebalance the game again from ver 1.00 with the bugsfixes, but unlike EA who simplify "locked" and limits players actions by taking the building's radius and increasing the earlier game building's costs, I want to try and make more units useful and have fair gameplay so that players won't feel like sticking to one tactic or strategy while ignoring all the other options.

By fair I also mean that I want to try my best to create situations where some units can still live after terrifying attacks if the players had good control, micro, and maneuvers, and to not let players feel that "something" is too over powered to counter.

But when it come to support powers that do damage such as the Overlord's wrath I think it won't be fair to let players waste so much money and see how it gone for nothing, when player have good support power he will want it to at least kill small armies, but what EA done was to completely weak it over to the point it rarely kill barracks, which not feel so useful in my opinion.

As for upgrades I also going to reduce the damage of some of the over powered ones but at the same time not to the point they become useless (again like what EA done mostly in ver 1.01)

In other words this patch going to try to play fair without increasing too much and unneeded costs, reducing damages or limit builds radius, It will try to make more units and unused upgrades and tactics more useful and at the same time will try to save the most import ingredients: "Fun".

If there won't be any other way then I will increase and reduce costs, damages, and radius, But I will try my best to avoid it.

It all will be depend on the players commits, if you have ideas please say them here!

If it will be in my ability and I will see that many players are happy with it, I will add that idea :)

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10 comments by egozi44 on Aug 16th, 2015

I added the c&c4 visceroid to the game and need your help in regard to what their rule will be...

Portfolio Gallery 1 014command and conquer 3 visceroid

So the mutant Hovel already have tamed Visceroid (which are the small normal c&c3 Visceroids that came in squad of three)

But I wanted to add the C&C4 Visceroid as one bigger Mother Visceroid, just like how we had two small Visceroids that can mix into one big Visceroid in Tibirium Sun I wanted to go with the same idea and even wanted to add to the small Visceroids abiliy to mix with each other and create the mother Visceroid (not promise I will be able to make that abiliy but can try)

However after I took a look on how the C&C4 visceroid look in the game in big size (In pitbull's size)

I noticed that it's animations look a bit weird in the eyes unless it in the same size of the normal Visceroids

So I thought I may drop the entire mother idea and just make another squad of three C&C4 viseroids who are in the same size of the normal visceroids and have suicide atttack

But it will ruin uniqueness so I thought I should ask the community what they think is better and will make my decision from your advise

So what you think is better?

1. To add Mother Visceriod with medium size and have a bit funny animations ?

2. Add suicide Visceriod Squad which are c&c4 small visceriods which come in 3 or 4 squad memebers ?

Both will have suicide attack, the Mother Visceriod however will faction more like a vehicle and will have more power attack and health while the small ones will have lower attack and HP

What do you think?

Have a better idea?


I was able to fix the animation in big size

Now it just matter of deciding

Please let me know in the commits below

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Extracted and edited official maps pack

Extracted and edited official maps pack

Apr 28, 2014 Multiplayer Map 2 comments

Since WrathED still don't have option to change global objects in official maps I made a temporary solution by extracting all the official maps of KW...

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narcoutic. Aug 17 2015 says:

Hello to the creator of this mod. Having checked this I can honestly say that this is a pretty decent one. As a new fan (I guess? xD) I would like to give some suggestions to your work.

1. Can BH, MK, and vanilla nod have their individual commandos? Referring on the campaign BH, MK and NOD have their various leaders. MK has KANE, BH, has that black guy, and vanilla nod has the girl one. If you can make simple models of them especially KANE (I guess others will agree on this) it will give this mod some fresh look. Yeah KW has 9 factions but you know adding some distinctions between them will be a good idea. This can be done also on other factions but as I see on the campaign NOD is the one that are split into pieces so their are my concern on this idea.

2. Please don't get too far on ideas from KW vanilla, I've seen many mods (on TW) which are good but they decided to add something that for me is too redundant AND unuseful units.

That's all and Good Luck ^^

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egozi44 Creator
egozi44 Aug 17 2015 replied:

Hi there : )

Your suggestions are always welcome

1. I don't really sure about the idea since people probably won't want to see Kane dies on the battlefield and it will make less sense in the story too, I also don't have any models for the BH leader aside from his lovely statue xD

Oh and BTW Kane already have Skirmish rule there ; )
Still didn't reveal what though

Here pic

2. (2 can also keep answering on 1) The patch/mod is basically aiming to do big balance changes, fix bugs, and add only a few new units that fans want and thought they should be there from the start, I don't going to add to many random units to the factions and if I do they be easter eggs : )

One of the basic ideas of the patch were to Not add useless things And make useless upgrades, units, Second abilities, More useful :p

I had to revisit most of the Support powers and abilities and tweak them to work better, so even if you play the same game you will notice that stuff changed and the SP more rewarding

In RTS game is mostly always goes Uniqueness vs Balance,
Nod and Scrin already have different commandos so if for example I will add another commando for the GDI it will be less unique and may lose it charm,

Nod have normal commando (which is now always stealth), BH have the deadly twins (As EA and fans named them... they the same commando with 3 ranks, un-stealth, and can be build twice), And MOK have the Cyborg commando

Scrin have their master mind, Reapers so far don't have one at all, Travelers have prodigy which I also tweaked, I working on his area ability but for now it have more range, and he have accelerator upgrade just like any other Travelers inf

GDI and ZOCOM have their normal commando but the jumpjet was tweaked to work better, and they have AP ammo upgrade
Steel talons have nothing so far :3

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narcoutic. Aug 18 2015 replied:

oh so I guess I will just sit there and wait till this beast came out xD .. I see you have a pretty good plans on this so ignore my last suggestions haha. Oh that kane model though, really nice !

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egozi44 Creator
egozi44 Aug 18 2015 replied:

Thanks :3
It alright to suggest stuff
So if you have ideas feel free to tell me

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Cabal/Legion Jul 12 2015 says:

Theres something i've just thought about.

Back when EA showed their closed doors by showing of the introduction of their new units for Kanes wrath you'll see in this video > Youtube.com

What you'll find suprisly is that they gave the venoms and then took it away for some reason the black hand's green charged partical beams upgrade

What i have in mind as a suggestion for the Black hand faction, is that because 1 of Black hand's greatest weakness is NOT having something else other than the mantis to deal with GDI's hammerheads because they are infantry killers and they have easier time to Hit & run at their base than other Nod factions due to they have no stealth, they should have for their air arsenal is only the venom and it can also be upgraded with green charged beams that EA took from them as well, Same as Reaper-17 that has stormrider as their only air unit

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egozi44 Creator
egozi44 Jul 12 2015 replied:

Yea I knew that EA made the charged particle beams for the venoms and awakening (there are screenshots that show it too and the awaking still have their upgrade script that EA forgot to remove xD, you just need BH lab and to buy the upgrade to make them use it)

It seem that back then EA still didn't make up their minds about what will be belong to who, you can also see in the video that most stuff are way more unbalanced compered to the release version (specters shoot too fast, awaking stronger and more useful, GDI support power is OP and shatter way more stronger than what they were in ver 1.00)

EA also didn't showed the BH faction in the video which make me suspect that they didn't make them/finish them at that point

For balance and uniqueness reasons they delete the upgrade after that, can't blame them as back then they seem to be aware that one of the biggest things that players hate in their RTS games was mirrors (like what we got in RA3 when they sold their soul to the devil xD just kidding)

Anyway I will think about it but if I will do something similar I think about adding them flame thrower that don't reach to the ground (just close range anti air) rather then the beams which make them look similar to other venoms

Oh and in the UOP the mantis are way more cheaper and take less time to come out (it seem that EA planned to make them as other type of stealth tanks at first... maybe they forgot to change their cost and build time?)

So players that use BH now are way more dangerous to air as they can spawn a lot of mantis than before

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Guest Jul 7 2015 says:

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

egozi44 Creator
egozi44 Jul 7 2015 replied:

Thanks :p

There's still no release date for now

I and my partner will decide on when to release it eventually
There are stuff that need to be added and fixed for both the c&c4; units and KW itself

That why I recruiting more people

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Guest Jul 7 2015 replied:

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

egozi44 Creator
egozi44 Jul 7 2015 replied:

I hope it will be done perfectly too

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