Kane's Wrath Unofficial Patch 1.04 is is a big ban patch that will try to balance the game a bit more from my and the community ideas and at the same time will try to save the most import ingredient: "Fun".

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Need your opinion 14 (Zone Shatter... (Cabal/Legion 7 months ago)

Need your opinion 13

Need your help with Zone Juggy~

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Steel Talons Steel Talons

Add more Tiberian Sun units (Cabal/Legion 1 year ago)

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More Zone infantry for their Character... (Cabal/Legion 1 year ago)

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Nod Nuke Cannon (egozi44 2 weeks ago)

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Black Hand Black Hand

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Marked of Kane Marked of Kane

Need to fix balance (shaithias 10 months ago)

More Robotic & Cybernetic vehicles...

Tiberium Troopers' range looks...

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Scrin Scrin

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Reaper-17 Reaper-17

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Traveler-59 Traveler-59

Idea's to make travelers more... (Proxwarrior33 4 months ago)

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World Builder
World Builder World Builder

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Ideas and suggestions Ideas and suggestions

Post your ideas and suggestions... (shaithias 10 months ago)

add one or few more starting resources...

What to add/change in the next...

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Balance Balance

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Bug report Bug report

Mod doesn't work (egozi44 3 months ago)

GDI's Guardian cannon missing...

got "out of sync" while watching...

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General talk General talk

Changelog for future updates (Ahrimansiah 9 months ago)

had some fun with Tiberium-created...

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