Kane's Wrath Unofficial Big Bang Patch 1.04 is a mod that adds few new things and tries to balances the game a bit more from my and the community ideas while at the same time also tries to save the most import ingredient at bay: The "fun".

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The best Kane's wrath mod there is, very clean, keeping to the original lore, a crazy brutal ai, and so many fun fully working units that seem to really fit into the game nicely

Very nice job mate !!

- ItzTeeJaay


Lazymutt says

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This mod when i finally got it to work was a lot of fun other then the ten minute waiting time for all the as you put it extreme units which are hilariously small considering their summoning effects but i digress id love to see all the units you have getting worked on put into the mods to give me a much more interesting unit roster a few things that could be worked on

1. Make install Instructions a lot more clearer and make sure people know you HAVE to have your settings turned on high for the mod to work.

2. I think adding more support powers or upgrades would also be pretty cool i saw a few of those i loved the reapers and how they spawn i hate how i cant make them

3.like a few of the others here ol'rusty maston goes down a little too easy i like how you gave steel talons there own unique ultra unit i think you should do that with all of the nine factions

Things i think you did well

1. i love love love what you have done with the zone raiders they where very under powered and considering that your excpected to invest in zone raiders as your specialty unit before was a bit of a joke considering how under powered they used to be

2. i like your cyborg commando his ability has got a little bit over powered range but he is still a very cool unit to have for the marked of kane faction

3. it was interesting that you gave the black hand an aerial unit that could only attack air units i could see a lot of use for this unit if your fighting scrin but the ai unfortunatley doesnt really use air units otherwise.

4.i like your art replacers for some of the abilities as well as some retexturing of the units the upgrades look alot more obvious and seem to actually do something i like how have tryed to multipurpose a lot of these said upgrades

5. i like your mutant faction units i've played the forgotten mod for the original game and i have to say you did a better job then what they did i especially like your iron back units very cool.

things id like to see

id love it if you introduced the forgotten as the tenth faction with your mod even work with the forgotten boys on it just port the structures over i like some of their units but i think your ones do a much better job give them some individual defense towers their modular tower system especially using power plants isn't great.

id like to see some expanded aerial units and if you could make the scrin storm and assault riders build like the nod fighters do im sorry i forgot what they are called are they venoms are they anyway that way when i attack a map i can at least make it look like an actual alien invasion in fact expanding on all air units would be nice just some variety but i could live without it but i like the idea of adding naval units but then you would need to add some maps in that actually make use of them id love to have a fleet of battle ships with garrisonable hover craft and then go mass storm another players island that would be cool but anyway

also id like to see some mods for global conquest see if you can spice that up a bit mainly make the super weapon builds stack so if i have a bunch of ion cannon controls i can at least use the power faster man come on.

All in all as the mod is im giving you a 7/10 only because of what has yet to be added but im still very impressed and hope you stick at it i love this old game but i just ended up getting bored with after a while nut a few new units has sparked my interest once again

the Mastadon is too weak rather than turning it to a garasonable unit how about turning the mastadon the same as every other unit like MARV or just give it a ton of upgrades for use like the Tiberium Dusk and Tiberium Essence

Good mod.


kmstir says

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Excellent art, novel mechanics, and perfect system


Не понравилось

There is not much to say.

This is exactly what we need my child.


Best KW Mod