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Hey everyone; this is a bit of a detour from my current projects, but I thought this would be nice for the community to have easy access to.

As we all may (or may not) know, several versions of the C&C games only come with a handful of language packs to choose from--that, or they only come with the English language pack installed (The Ultimate Collection, for example). The technical support and help guides on CNCNZ.com indicate that there is a plethora of language packs available for each game, with the guides having links for the current patches for these games in different languages. However, one cannot use any of these patches unless they have the 1.0 files for each language, along with the .csf file for the games' launchers.

Sooo...since I couldn't find any reliable source for these packs, and since I see this need brought up a lot, I brought it upon myself to hunt down and make these packs for you, the community. :D

This post will mainly serve as a reference list to each pack and will be updated whenever a new language pack is uploaded onto my account. Details about each language pack will be within the pack's corresponding link below. Installation is via little installer exe's that I made myself.

The majority of these packs require one to have the English language pack already installed on their systems (which should already be included on each installation since that is the default). However, if you are unlucky enough to NOT have the English language pack for your game, I've provided them in the list below as well.

Disclaimer 1: If your game is already patched to the latest version available, then just run the language pack's installer--and boom, you're done; you DO NOT have to run the patching exe's from CNCNZ. I've done the hard part for y'all already :D

Disclaimer 2: Disk users please advise--these language packs DO NOT patch your games to their proper versions! You must use the English patch for each of your games prior to using these installers. Steam and Origin users don't have to worry about this part, as their games are already patched accordingly.

I will note that these language packs also contain previous language patch data that allows users to use the packs on older game versions (which explains why some of them are so bloated in size; but hey, I'd call it a bonus!). So...there's that if you like playing the campaigns on older versions.

Also, if you like what I do, consider sending me a small donation--not required, but much appreciated :) Some of these projects tend to be a pain in the ass to make (especially these language packs, since I had to put my other computer skills to the test aside from my Google-fu; that, and I had to put down some of my own money to grab what I needed since what I needed was inaccessible otherwise), but I do enjoy making these projects a reality since it benefits a game that I've loved for a long time. I love messing with this programming stuff, helping to rekindle the life of this community, and helping those new and old to the games have some ease-of-access for bits of functionality here and there. Another thing is that some of this stuff just needs to be out there for people to use in order to get the most out of their games--looking mainly at you, TUC users ;) not really much of an "Ultimate" collection if not everything is there and in working order, now is it? XD

The extra dollar here and there is nice, as it is a motivating reminder that people do enjoy my work (plus, ya boi loves some tea and needs some new kicks since mine are quite literally falling apart XD); however, again, it's not necessary.

If you do like what I do, but can't afford the donation, an encouraging comment is always appreciated; and helping spread the word is VERY beneficial too. Or not; that's fine too :P I keep track of how many downloads each of my projects get--and that's all the more encouraging as well :D

If you have any questions, feel free to ask; and if anything's broken, let me know and I'll replace the download link.

If you want a new language pack added (be it from the games I listed or from another C&C game), let me know and I'll see about adding it if possible.

If you see this, and you have the missing language packs from this list, AND you would like to include them here, please PM me.


Red Alert 3:

Red Alert 3: Uprising:

Tiberium Wars:

Kane's Wrath:


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