This modification for Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion has been created during the old times of Vanilla Sins to make the game funnier, more interesting and good looking. A lot of balance changes, unique concepts for the factions and beautiful new music should make the game feel more enjoyable!

Why you should check it out:

  • Bailknight's Graphic Effects (modified) with epic weapon effects and wonderful explosions.
  • New planet types (Sins Plus with modified planet properties) such as colonizable Gas Giants, Urban Planets, Relic Worlds etc and uncolonizable planet types such as Ship Graveyards which have capturable derelict ships that have unique abilities!
  • Enhanced Flagship victory: Instead of only keeping your flagship at the home planet, every flagship is a unique type, has unique abilities and is an actual capital ship - with the risk of loosing it at the front.
  • Occupation victory Planets and Pirates are harder to beat.
  • Complete overhaul of the Vasari factions with unique capital ship, frigate and cruiser variations and research trees for both Loyalists and Rebels as well as many new abilities!
  • Several gameplay changes and new research for Advent and TEC and upcoming overhauls for them!
  • Improved Research Tree and more late game scaling.
  • New game mechanics that are fun and interesting to use tactically!
  • Higher AI difficulty.
  • Stronger titans and countermeasures.
  • Beautiful music.
  • New Sound Effects.
  • Growing Discord community for direct contact to the developers.

    Feel free to read more in our last News Article, the download description or on our Discord!

Fully compatible with Rebellion v1.95

Download Crazy 3.0 (Rebellion 1.95) FULL - Mod DB

If you'd like to communicate with the devs, other players, chat about the game or just to get more detailed updates about our progress, join our Discord server! We prefer using this server, as it allows us to communicate easier with you. Join for more information and the ability for feedback, feature requests, sneak peeks and other things:

The Team:

  • TheyCallMeProphet - Main Coder/Effects/Sound
  • Mcknife96 - Coder/Concepts/Icons
  • KillerMuffin53 - Concepts/Creative Work
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Hello there!

It has been a long time since there was an update on our mod, but finally we are about to release the newest version with a long list of exciting changes. It adds new game mechanics to the game and has the goal to refresh both our mod, the base game and the Vasari factions as individual parts of the game. You can find a more detailed ChangeLog on our Crazy Discord server.

We are going to talk about some of the most interesting abilities, how they completely change the game and how they look like. In the end of this article, there is a small Sneak Peek for the upcoming planned updates.

So what did we do all the time?

The Vasari were always a unique faction to play and were the hardest to learn. Everyone in our team always liked playing them, but neither the concepts of the Vanilla game nor the modified concepts in our previous versions of "Crazy" seemed to fit. According to the original lore descriptions, their numbers were low and much of their population was on the few giant ships they still own. Even when the TEC managed to build a defensive force, the Vasari had a good chance in battle because the few ships they had were superior in technology.
Of course this was a balancing issue. The Vasari are supposed to have capital ships that are as strong as four equivalent ships of the TEC and Advent. Obviously this causes balancing difficulties during the early game. Long testing sessions led to the results you will be able to try out very soon.

  1. Only one capital ship is strong enough to deal with enemy militias early game - the Jarrasul Evacuator. This is a reduction in choices, but partially solves the problem - it is the only ship that can upgrade all abilities to maximum and has a clear scaling.
  2. The scaling of the remaining five ships is extreme. Some of them have really bad stats, but once they get the experience or are leveled up, they can power much faster than their equivalents
  3. All ships take more ship slots
  4. Fleet capacity researches take much more time than before, slowing down the strong scaling. Additionally the experience your ships gain is lower in the start, but normalizes with more research.
  5. maximum of 9 capital ships + titan or 8 capital ships + flagship + titan

Vasari Rebels (left) in a protective formation for the Vulkoras Desolator. Vasari Loyalists using a tanky configuration with a different focus.

Vasari Rebels (left) in a protective formation for the vulnerable long range Vulkoras Desolator. Vasari Loyalists using a tanky configuration with a different, close combat version of the Vulkoras Desolator.

Demonstration of a couple results (GIFs)


With the Charged Missiles the ability, the Rebel Vulkoras can target everything within the whole orbit, but is vulnerable to attacks and loses phase missile shield penetration.


The Loyalist Kortul can heal itself with pulse beams and create chain-traveling pulse beams which hit multiple targets for additional damage. "Volatile Nanites" is much deadlier than before.

Converting enemy fleets into resources

The Loyalist Jarrasul has a weaker version of "The Maw", utilizing it original ultimate as something more fitting (the old ultimate was basically a bombing ability). The converted resources are useful for a ship that carries a huge part of the Vasari population.

Annihilating everything nearby

The Kultorask just annihilates everything within its relatively short range when it uses all of its abilities in combination. "Dissever" causes a deadly chain reaction of explosions on ships affected with Nano Leech.

Demonstration of a couple results (Pics)

AOE Long Range frigates

The Rebel Kanrak Assailants are, unlike the Loyalist equivalent, multi-target long range frigates

A special Missile Platform spawned by the Rebel Skirantra Carrier

The Rebel Skirantra may spawn a specialized Phase Missile Platforms that can hit multiple enemy fighters at once with swift Phase Missiles.

An example of new researches and icons

New abilities require new researches. The Vasari Loyalists use Phase Cannons instead of Phase Missiles and got a new research tree for that. Additionally, some of the new abilities got their own researches as well as new icons. Icons of unused abilities have also been reused if they fit the new ability.

All of this is only a tiny bit of what we have changed. We hope you will give it a try and enjoy the new effects, features and mechanics. Some more examples of unique abilities:

  • "Assassinate" - Ability of the Loyalist Antorak Marauder that instantly executes an enemy capital ship if the damage drops it below a certain amount of hull and resets the ability, allowing it for multiple executes in a row
  • "Vampric Strikes" - for the first time (compared to Vanilla), ships can heal themselves by damaging other ships on-hit, effectively introduces Life Steal to the game
  • "Disintegrating Storm" - The Rebel Vulkoras Desolator has a special beam weapon. At level 6, it passively starts jumping to other ships, dealing percentual damage and healing the original Vulkoras
  • "Searching Missiles" - The Rebel Evacuator's phase missiles search for weak spot of enemy ships, giving them a chance to hit them. Another chance determines the possibility of a certain debuff
  • "Establish Network" - allows the Jikara Navigators to spawn a phase gate on neutral orbits
  • "Long Range Networking" - allows your phase gates to spawn another, weaker phase gate for yourself on friendly planets from long distance
  • "Black Hole Missiles" - The Phase Missiles of the Rebel Skarovas Enforcer are enhanced, create a singularity on impact and pull together enemy frigates and corvettes
  • "Nanite Split Attack" - If close to death, the Rebel Overseer creates to clones of itself, making all three cruisers invulnerable. After a short while, they destroy themselves and deal additional damage
  • "Infuse Artificial Immortality" - The Loyalist Rankulas targets a friendly capital ship. If it dies, it will become invulnerable and revives after a while

Sneak Peek:

Out of multiple updates, we can reveal two aspects of the game we are going to change in the crazy manner you are used to! Every update is going to change a major aspect of the game, which makes focusing and organizing the work easier.

  1. Star Base update
    1. Three different types of star bases for every faction for different roles
    2. Modified Defensive research tree with own category for star bases
    3. Overhaul of all the defenses
    4. Defenses are scarier again and you can't just overrun them as usual
    5. Pirate attacks will become stronger
  2. Minor Faction update
    1. Existing Minor Factions will be modified and be more useful
    2. New Minor Factions that replace some of the old ones
    3. Creative (and sometimes funny) new abilities that give new bonuses (we are going to try everything the game code allows us)
    4. Changes to research and occupation victories

Crazy 3.0 (Rebellion 1.94) FULL

Have fun with our update!

Greetings and stay healthy!


Crazy 2.99 Release

Crazy 2.99 Release


Detailed information about the new update, its changes and the future!

Crazy 2.99

Crazy 2.99

News 10 comments

I tell you of the work of the last 4 month and the planned features!

Crazy 2.98 is released!

Crazy 2.98 is released!


I'll tell you informations about the update! Read and comment it! :)

Crazy June news: v2.98 will be released soon

Crazy June news: v2.98 will be released soon

News 2 comments

I'm telling you about the newest update for Crazy!

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Crazy 3.0 (Rebellion 1.95) FULL

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Crazy Galaxy Forge (2.988)

Crazy Galaxy Forge (2.988)

Mapping Tool

This is the Galaxy Forge Tool for my mod "Crazy" v2.988 . Enjoy it and create new maps!

Comments  (0 - 10 of 456)

Great mod but the Vasari rebel Titan and Advent rebel titan are unkillable once they reach level ten the vasari titan can heal up to 3000 points per second and they can both solo 15 kol battleships and 2k worth of kodiaks and still win.

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
TheyCallMeProphet Creator


it perhaps seems like you don't use the correct strategies. While Titans with such a high level are indeed hard to kill (which is intended), every titan has its own counterplay. The Kultorask (Vasari Rebel Titan) is unkillable against spam fleets. However, if you try attacking it with few single target ships, ideally something tanky in the front and something with long range damage that stays out of the titan's range, it is pretty much possible. It is worth investing in the correct ship classes. Perhaps the 15 Kol Battleships would have been better without the Kodiaks. Additionally I want to note that if you use the patch, the Kultorask is back to vanilla healing values, hence weaker against few strong ships.
The Eradica (Advent Rebel) Titan can be overwhelmed by any force, however I wouldn't attack it without a titan. Ideally you have a strong bomber strike craft force (also works against any other titan) to burst it down. Once it is dead and the ultimate ability is triggered, you need to retreat until the 60 seconds are over and the titan is being destroyed.

I hope that helps you :)

Reply Good karma+1 vote

This mod was totally ruined. Pirates have become overpowering and you also get the totally brilliant idea to reduce the limit of capital ships :(

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
TheyCallMeProphet Creator

hey, sorry for replying so late, I read your comment earlier.
If you have an issue with Pirates, turn them off. They are supposed to be a serious threat, however we intend to weaken them early and strenghten their late.
If you complain about the capital ship limit, then you didn't read the patch notes. This change only applies for the Vasari, and for a good reason. Their capital ships are much stronger than their oppenents' in mid and late game.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

this is not CRAZY, this is MADNESS ... a perfect mod if you want to unlock all the achievements , FAST . Pirates are nasty and in mid-end game everyone use them in excess ... the result : LAG :D

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
TheyCallMeProphet Creator

Hey, I hope this means something good :D

If you are still interested, I'd be happy to welcome you on our Discord linked everywhere on this page.

The lag is not that unusual for this game, however I'd recommend to not play against too many Advent AIs.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Hi. I also discovered a small bug. Ships can no longer automatically join the fleet

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
TheyCallMeProphet Creator


this is not a bug, this is intended behaviour. This is needed to properly create fleets, especially for the Vasari. Basically this allows you to decide more accurately which ships belong to the fleet. I will give you an example and hopefully you will understand why then:

If you play Vasari Rebels, you have a very specific choice of capital ships, each of them with an unique role. The Vulkoras Desolator is inevitable when playing against Advent factions. However, it has stats so low that it can be easily destroyed, which creates the need for supportive/proctective ships staying nearby.
Therefore you want the Vulkoras to be the command ship of a seperate fleet within your fleet, with a Rankulas, a couple Stilakus Subverters and maybe anti-strikecraft ships.
The remaining fleet will be allowed to engage and either focused around your flagship, your Jarrasul Evacuator or your Titan.

Creation of fleets without auto-join is much smoother that way. To do that, you need to select the ships either by pulling the cursor around them, selecting every single one (shift) or selecting all those of the same type (alt I think).

I hope you can enjoy our mod!

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Hi guys, I played your mod, fantastic, but there are some bugs, a bit small that you have to fix releasing a better uptade, because I believe that for all the factions it is the loss of a unit that you are looking for but that currently is go to create has disappeared and is not in the frigate structure, then the minor factions if you want to buy a capital ship it activates but is not bought and does not appear on any planet, it would be a shame, to see small flaws that I can affect the course of the game.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
TheyCallMeProphet Creator

Are you talking about the carrier cruisers? Yes, they are currently removed, this is intended until we find a solution for the AI spamming carriers and causing unwanted lag. Believe me, we are working on it. Vasari are unlikely to get carriers back though, since they have extremely strong strike craft and anti-fighter measures on their ships.

The Minor Faction bug is known. When we have collected some bugs, we will release an optional bug fix patch. All those bugs will be fixed in the upcoming starbase update anyway.

Currently the few bugs can be ignored, a bit annoying, but bearable :D

Thank you for playing!

Reply Good karma+2 votes
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