This modification for Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion has been created during the old time of the Vanilla Sins to make the game more funny, interesting and good looking. A lot of balance changes, unique concepts and beautiful new music should make the game feeling more enjoyable!

Created by Developers of the Stargate mods.

Yes, there will be an update, it will feature the Vasari and will change their gameplay a lot in a positive and unique direction. The problem is the balancing, since a reduced amount of ships which are stronger cause some gameplay issues. We have been adjusting for about three months, but got closer to a release!

Honestly we are also waiting for a game update which increases the processor performance - the goals that we are having for the Advent can't be reached with that amount of lag.

ayy lmao

Integrated Mods:
Bailknight's Graphic
Sins Plus

The Team:
TheyCallMeProphet - Main Coder/Effects
Crazymodder96 - Coder/Inventions/Icons

Official Sins forum page:

Two fanmade YouTube videos:

I hope you enjoy this mod
. If you have ideas to optimize it or if you want to help me, write a comment!

Please send private messages or write a comment if you want to report bugs or give feedback!

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Crazy 2.99 Release



it has been a long time since the last update. I am sorry for that. But finally I was able to work on changes, test it by myself and complete an interesting update!

Balance Changes:

  • Deconstruction rate of fighters without host is higher
  • Faster phase space speed 28000 --> 90000
  • No jump costs
  • Advent now have a hyperspace speed research instead of a "Decrease jump cost"-Research
  • Akkan Battlecruiser's lvl 6 ability reworked --> now orbital but on a shorter duration
  • Fighters and AA-Frigates are more effective against bombers (300% damage)
  • Ion Cannons of Capital Ships do last shorter
  • Balancing of flagships
    • Less oppressive Marza Flagship, stronger Advent flagships, Skirantra Flagship has noticable construction costs for strike craft
  • Defensive platforms are now stronger (especially the Phase Missile Defenses)
  • Phase Missile Defense has a "Missile Swarm" Ability
  • Advent's Radiance Battleship and the Defense Vessels can now block Phase Missiles

Vorastra Titan vs an Advent fleet in close combat

The Vorastra as a juggernaut is able to destroy fleets in close combat.


The titans were too weak and too easy to destroy. I updated their defensive stats and tried to give each titan a different role.

  1. Ankylon (Tank with medium damage output)
    • Hull at lvl 10: 20950 +120% research bonus
    • with full upgrades: 30950
    • Shields at lvl 10: 12200 +60% research bonus
    • with full upgrades: 16700
  2. Ragnarov (Longrange single-target destruction)
    • Hull at lvl 10: 16875 +135% research bonus
    • with full upgrades: 23375
    • Shields at lvl 10: 11850 +60% research bonus
    • with full upgrades: 16850
  3. Coronata (Tanky, single target superweapon and fleet support)
    • Hull at lvl 10: 13800 +60% research bonus
    • with full upgrades: 16800
    • Shields at lvl 10: 17300 +120% research bonus
    • with full upgrades: 25300
  4. Eradica (durability and fighting potential)
    • Hull at lvl 10: 11600 +60% research bonus
    • with full upgrades: 14600
    • Shields at lvl 10: 20500 +120% research bonus
    • with full upgrades: 29500
  5. Vorastra (durability and high short-range damage)
    • Hull at lvl 10: 16700 +90% research bonus
    • with full upgrades: 24209
    • Shields at lvl 10: 14940 +90% research bonus
    • with full upgrades: 21940
  6. Kultorask (mass destruction, weak 1v1)
    • Hull at lvl 10: 15390 +105% research bonus
    • with full upgrades: 19890
    • Shields at lvl 10: 13270 +105% research bonus
    • with full upgrades: 17270


Due to the high maximum fleet capacity the game has some lagging/low FPS problems. I tried some ways to improve that at least in singleplayer.

  • Trade Ports and Orbital Refineries spawn less ships
  • Ships fire in waves and not continuously
  • Some "cleaned numbers" (I.e. not 23.349560 damage --> 23.000000)


  • TEC Rebels are now again able to capture neutral ships
  • Fixed missing string files

The future and v3.0:

I know that many people asked for that big, awesome update. We have some ideas what we could do, and it seems that the new patch 1.83 is very promising :D

  • Planet destruction WILL be a thing, but we have to calculate how it can be balanced
  • The capital ships will get some reworks. There are many abilities which are useless or just annoying
  • The goal is to push the three races further into different tatical roles. The Vasari should have a few, very strong ships while the Advent are able to spam. Sadly this is limited because of the bad performance of the engine
  • The teasered "Vadim Dreadnought" and other ships will be added, but it is not clear when and how at the moment

I am aware of an Error related with the Advent Loyalists/Coronata Titan. Please report MiniDumps with information of the circumstances

Enjoy the update!



Crazy 2.993 (Reb. v1.86)

Crazy 2.99

Crazy 2.99

News 10 comments

I tell you of the work of the last 4 month and the planned features!

Crazy 2.98 is released!

Crazy 2.98 is released!


I'll tell you informations about the update! Read and comment it! :)

Crazy June news: v2.98 will be released soon

Crazy June news: v2.98 will be released soon

News 2 comments

I'm telling you about the newest update for Crazy!

"Crazy" news for January 2013

"Crazy" news for January 2013

News 3 comments

In this news I post infos about the music in the mod, features of the new update 2.95 and other stuff.

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Crazy 2.993 (Reb. v1.86)

Crazy 2.993 (Reb. v1.86)

Full Version 9 comments

A happy new year guys! As promised like 2 months ago (oops...) I got the new version for you. I did some balance changes and many bugfixes, which took...

Crazy 2.99 for Rebellion v1.85

Crazy 2.99 for Rebellion v1.85

Full Version 23 comments

Hey, after so many patches in a row I have updated "Crazy" for the newest Patch of Rebellion, v1.85. Fully compatible with all DLC's, although I did not...

Crazy 2.99 for Rebellion v1.82 (Updated Hotfix)

Crazy 2.99 for Rebellion v1.82 (Updated Hotfix)

Full Version 18 comments

Finally I can present you the comeback of "Crazy". This full version contains major changes. NOTE: The file has been replaced. To get the hotfix, you...

Crazy Galaxy Forge (2.988)

Crazy Galaxy Forge (2.988)

Mapping Tool

This is the Galaxy Forge Tool for my mod "Crazy" v2.988 . Enjoy it and create new maps!

Crazy 2.988

Crazy 2.988

Full Version 32 comments

After 4 months this version of "Crazy" is finally compatible with Rebellion and 100% free of crashes & other bugs! 2.99 will be released a bit later!

Crazy 2.983

Crazy 2.983

Full Version 30 comments

This update fixes some bugs and gives you the "Crew Derelict" ability back! Sorry for so many updates in so little time.

Comments  (0 - 10 of 482)

Are you guys still working on this Crazy Mod..

It's been a while since last month (MAY)... How it's going..

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Later after all that, whether possible on 2019 or 2020 or some day on 2021, hopefully on your last contribution, just saying it what if you're done after releasing 3.0 and later, try to add 1 or 2 different titan for each faction which specialized on their combat style and impressive firepower.. i suggest making it as minimod but that's at your discretion..

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I'll try to make short summary as much as i can..

------ Rework on all Capital Ships, Star Base and Titan's Special Abilities and little modification on it's Ultimate Abilities and also weapons relating to the faction's specialty
------ New Minimod for different addon of non-playable faction's, modified capital ships and/or flagships, infinite-style research and specialized research which only accessible by playing that faction (Different one for each)
------ New strike craft units, prototype capital ship for each factions, improved factions relationship especially for TEC Loyalist, Advent and Vasari Rebel and some tweaks on Pact parts.. Some of it require an addon while some only need improvement
------ New Models for CryTech Battleship and limited deployment by adding Superheavy Fortress-type Constructor which only be used by capturing it on Ship Graveyard and specific research located on 7th or 8th tier level
------ Diverse combat and tactics employed by each faction and hopefully when released, Advent Coronata faction are playable w/out crashing when deploying Titan as the game also crash whenever i add it as an AI..

------ For Advent's Star Base, please tweak it somehow and it's flagship, one of it at least must equip Psionic Surge as it's the weakest one of any other faction's flagship in overall spec. FOR FURTHER DETAIL, read my comment on Advent parts on April 20..



Too long not knowing it's 3.0 release date roughly and my mood might crash pretty bad which leads to not playing it for a long long time..

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Regarding titans special abilities and ultimate abilities;

I'll start with

---- Vorastra need to improve it's Maw abilities which it can eat a large numbers of frigates, corvettes and strikecraft within it's con range and capable of damaging nearby capital ship as it affects enemy's hull as well although only a small percentage of it..
----- Wave: 125-250
----- Duration: 10s-15s
----- Range: 4500-7000
----- Damage to nearby target: 5%-10% within it's Maw con range

It's Desperation abilities only need to add increased damage output as it converts some of it's damage to energy which powered it's energy-based weaponry.. It can be stacked as well

----- Like this, 1st level: 2%-3%-4%-5%
Total: 10%-15%-20%-25% damage output

---- Kultorask only need to extend it's range of Nano Leech and Gravity Pulse to 9000, it's Nano Remit range upped to 10500 from 7500 and Dissever are upgraded into this spec;
------------ Damage: 2700 (Instant)
------------ Damage: 85.0/s if the target are Nano Leeched
------------ Range: 10500 from 9000
But Antimatter cost are upped to 300 from 180 and cooldown time are upped to 150 fro 100

---- Ragnarov only need to change it's Overcharge effect on it's special abilities

------ Scattershot: 2250 and -12 armor from 1800 and -10 armor at max level
------ Snipe: 12000 from 9000 at max level
------ Explosive Shot: 4200 from 3000 at max level

Overcharge abilities now add increased damage output for railgun and newly added laser weapon if possible.. as for other weapons, it increase weapon cooldown by 13% and 25% respectively..

Like this:
---- Energy Damage Output: 10%-20%
---- Physical Weapon Cooldown: 13%-25%

---- Ankylon only need to improve some of it's abilities;

---- Group Shield now draws excess energy toward targeted allied or own ship which gives small increase on shield restore rate

------- Shield restore rate: 10%-15%-20%-25%
------- Range are upped to 10000 from 7000 because it's role are to support the fleet in combat..

---- Eradica combines Purification abilities into Strength of The Fallen which works both way;

----- Any friendly or own ship destroyed within range shall increase it's Damage Reduction from 2%-5%-7%-10% (10%-25%-35%-50%)
----- Any enemy ship destroyed within it's range shall increase it Damage Output and temporarily absorbed it's hull which makes as additional armor from +1-+2-+3-+4 (Armor Bonus: 5-10-15-20)

Like this; ((It's Name should be Strength of the Warriors or something similar)
-------- Damage Output at 100% max from 90%
-------- Damage Reduction at 50% max (Not including extra % from Unyielding Will)
-------- Armor Bonus: 20 at max (Does not affect Hull point bonus)

----- Adds new offensive abilities which works like Cleansing Brilliance but with limited targeting as it works like Burst Rocket version..

----- Duration: 3s-5s-8s-10s
----- Max Target: 2-4-6-8
----- Damage: 250-350-500-600
----- Range: 7500-9000-10500-12000

Or could try new abilities like this one i call Soul Storm which use Psionic Surge weaponry against large numbers of enemy ships and structures

It’s capable of weaken massive fleet assault & possibly destroy most frigates in one powerful strike.. It fires a barrage of large-sized Psionic Surge at a single target which dispersed into multiple smaller surge which hits nearby target & greatly weakens the enemy’s strength in numbers. It continue to dispersing like a storm for few seconds which could seriously weaken a massive assault fleet..

Antimatter cost: 100-125-150-200
Cooldown time: 150s-135s-120s-100s
Duration: 10s-15s-20s-25s
Damage: 250-350-500-600 for each hit
Damage nearby target: 35-60
Range: 5000-7500-10000-12500

---- Coronata could make it's Ultimate Abilities, Repossession capable of capturing Capital Ships, Star Base and Planets that are not it's capital or one that has reveals it's Artifact as it nulls it's control immediately.

But it should not able to affect any ship which are made invulnerable or flagships..
--- Captured Star Base only can use basic 3 upgrade which is weaponry, structural and hangar bay.. And unlocked Abilities as well
--- Captured Capital Ships can only use abilities unlocked by previous owner but the faction can only limits it capture to 8 capital ships and 4 star base at most in order to be fair even though there's room for more..

---- Suppresion Aura now adds abilities that can reduces enemy's chance to hit from -7% -> -13% -> -20% -> -25% and can affect strike craft within range as well.. By the way, it's range are upped to 8000 from 6000 at max level



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Allow me some correction regarding Titan's..

1st of all, Each titans squadron on each sub-faction at level 10 (MAX) should houses;

--- Ankylon: Upped from 5 to 8
--- Ragnarov: Upped from 4 to 6
--- Coronata: upped from 10 to 15
--- Eradica: Reduced to 13 from 20
--- Vorastra: Reduced to 8 from 11
--- Kultorask: upped to 10 from 6

The reason to these changes;

--- Vorastra now houses doubled the amount of antifighter weapons and gains increased weapon range and they also have highly durable hull repair rate than any other faction..
--- Eradica are a powerful force to be reckoned with if only the modders make AI-based Advent Rebel uses Unyielding Will when reaching level 6 and change/or combine some existing abilities.
--- Ankylon are basically a mobile fortress in the first place, usually each fortress houses lesser number of squadron than star base or any fortress itself (If there's one similar to Behemoth Fortress from E4X)
--- Kultorask only need to make some improvement on adding Phase Cannon for 1 or 2 capital ships and increased phase weapon rate of fire
--- Ragnarov requires some remodelling which allows to replace autocannon weaponry emplacement with laser weaponry and add Autocannon itself on the rear, replacing flak emplacement.. As the flak emplacement on the front, just need to add half of the flak located on the rear at the middle or front arc..
--- Coronata (if i remember right) only need to add few extra beam and laser point defense for weaponry and need fixing on it's special abilities..

Next message i shall give rough ideas for it

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I want to propose an idea regarding Coronata faction but since Coronata Titan is unreachable to play as it leads to game crash in my current mod (2.993 for Rebellion v1.86), so i'll give it later after playing 3.0 update..

--- Is it possible to add minimod for different additional faction (1 or 2 extra) as i'm hoping to fight a different enemy and battle style next time?

--- Could use a new different faction addon as non-playable faction which is similar to playing Occupational Victory but that non-playable faction could be battled on normal skirmishes sometimes.. I got very bored of fighting Vasari faction whenever playing Occupational Victory..

--- Could you guys change Pirates Capital Ships and Titans into something derivative from Ragnarov faction and make it only deploy 3 wave in maximum pirate raid level in the future? If it's possible, change Truce among Rogues abilities from being instantly be Allied to gain Cease Fire?
------ Means that the pirates won't attack any TEC Rebel faction that has researched Truce Among Rogues but they can still be attacked through Pirate Offer Mission as it can be considered as top-secret mercenaries leading unknown assault on nearby random world of their target as long as they get paid very highly.. Difference is this time most player or AI can only offer 4 times only as it takes time to complete their mission or die fighting except TEC Ragnarov which capable of 5 times..

--- Pirate Mercenaries research upgrades also gives 250 fleet supply and gain the ability to see wherever their ships go even though on enemy planets for 180 seconds after the last pirate ship destroyed.. Other than that, it gives max speed and acceleration increase of 50% and 100% respectively..

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Added on Pirate Mercenaries, why there's increase on max speed and acceleration is because they share some technology as the truce is made

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In Summary terms, is it possible after Crazy Mod 3.001 or later update version?

---- Modified Star Base for all faction and capturable one
---- New units of Strike Craft for all faction
---- New kind of weaponry only usable by Flagships and Titans
---- Variations of newly-added research subject for all faction relating to their specialty
---- Fix and relocate some of the existing research subject
---- Change the Titans strike craft squadron limit and weaponry on certain places
---- Add Infinite version of enhanced stats which can be researched 999 times for resource sinking in later gameplay
---- Minimod for using modified Capital Ship specific for each sub-faction/ access for using Super version of different flagships for each faction if player add flagship victory
---- Different model for CryTech Battleship and possibly some top-secret prototype capital ship/Dreadnought version (Up to your discretion)

All of this could be made into a minimod if this is too much to add into the Mod or change it somehow in later update after 3.001 or something

If you wanna know details, read my previous message

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Regarding new model for CryTech and new top-secret capital ship, add it as a minimod for later as it seems that it become a low-level priority for now..

Regarding Titan squadron, each sub-faction at level 10 (MAX) should houses;

--- Ankylon: 8
--- Ragnarov: 6
--- Coronata: 10
--- Eradica: Reduced to 9 from 12 if i'm not mistaken
--- Vorastra: Reduced to 10 from 11
--- Kultorask: 12

----- Vorastra are powerful juggernaut hunter as they carry lots of weapons including anti strike craft weapons, Ragnarov should be one as well although it's type are more of a Super Destroyer style with lots lots of weapons almost doubled of Vorastra

---- Eradica should have a direct powerful offensive abilities derived from it's firepower as Purification can be used passively combined with Strength of the Fallen.. Like this

----- Damage output are the same on each level (original setting)
----- Range increased from 5000 at level 1, 6500 at level 2, 8000 at level 3 and 10000 at level 4
----- Hull, Shield and Antimatter conversion starts at 12%-25%-37%-50% per friendly ship destroyed within it's range

----- Use Cleansing Brilliance version this time but make it multiple shot simultaneously like 6 Beam Shot fired from it's Beam Cannon emplacement.. I name it Transcending Annihilation as it means the same as Cleansing but capable of affecting any ship within it's linear range of it's target.. (Could be named something else)

---- (Ultimate Abilities) Unyielding Will should changed somehow
------ It's Invulnerability should last 150 seconds at level 1 and 300 seconds for level 2
------ Each 25% hull point drop normally increase it's Damage Reduction and Ability Cooldown rate but this time, it shall gain increased weapon cooldown by 25% per 25% hull drop at level 1 and gain 50% increase when upgrading Unyielding Will to level 2
------ Antimatter restore rate are set at the same although it's still very high rate. 250% at level 1 and 500% at level 2

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Also, add damage propogation which reflects enemy attack back similar to Rapture's Vengeance Ability by 25%/50% at 75% hull drop, 50%/100% on 50% hull drop and 75%/150% on 25% hull drop

Means that it'll be at 150% and 300% damage propogation respectively

Also, please add Phase Jump Disabled if there's no chance of survival via instant hull repair used by Platform or captured Hoshiko Cruiser or if there's a chance of it survived, please disable Passive Regeneration when it's hull depleted to 0%

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Some correction, Eradica squadron are reduced from 20 to 12 and Coronata idea are to be announced for improvement after releasing 3.0

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