BrewLAN is a mod for Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance that has been in development by a team of one for since 2009. It adds a wide variety of new units for all factions, as well as offering several new game modes and features. The core design goals for the mod are simple; to add new, interesting, and visually aesthetic units which complement those already in existence and to maximise technical compatibility with other mods.

New units

BrewLAN version, not counting its sub mods, adds 127 new playable units. 29 for Aeon (T1: 7; T2: 6; T3: 15; EXP: 1), 34 for UEF (T1: 8; T2: 5; T3: 17; EXP: 4), 30 for Cybran (T1: 5; T2: 5; T3: 17; EXP: 3), and 34 for Seraphim (T1: 7; T2: 9; T3: 15; EXP: 3). You can find more details on some of them by clicking each of these images:

New game modes and modules

In addition to the units, BrewLAN now also offers additional sub-module modifications for adding additional variance to game play, and has some optional extra features separated from the main mod. The first two offer new game modes with different starting or victory conditions, the second two offer small tweaks with big impacts on game-play (that probably exist elsewhere almost identically, they are quite simple in concept), and the final two are specific to BrewLAN. They are as follows:

  • Crystal Hill: A King of the Hill style game mode, which features a large crystal in the centre of the map. Capture the crystal by moving units near it, and if necessary, killing the units already there. Once it has been captured for the first time it starts a 20 minute countdown. At the end of this countdown, each player who isn't allied with the controller of the crystal, loses the game. If control of the crystal changes within the last 5 minutes, then the countdown resets to 5 minutes. Symmetrical maps with flat land in the dead centre of the map work best. AI support for Crystal Hill is partial. They will send troops and drop ships to the area and scout it out, and sometimes camp it with small armies, but not much past that unless they would usually occupy the centre on the chosen map.
  • Paragon Game: A few vs many asymmetrical style game mode. If teams are fixed, the player(s) on the smallest team(s) each start with an experimental resource generator with four tech 3 shields around it, and a Support Commander. If teams aren't fixed then everyone starts with them and it becomes like playing with nothing but time. This mod also adds 3 factional experimental resource generators, so Aeon don't get a home field advantage on Paragon access, and restricts access to them for players who didn't start with them, so only the player(s) who started with them can ever build more. Additionally the Paragon was removed from the 'game ender' restriction unit list, so the other game-enders can be restricted without breaking the game mode.
  • Metal World removes the build restriction from anything that would be built on a mass point, which is usually just extractors unless you have other mods, and removes mass points from the map. This breaks regular AI, although Sorian AI have some cheaty workarounds in place that make them work with this.
  • Waterlag adds aquatic abilities to each building that isn't a factory, wall, silo, or experimental. The amount of mileage the AI get out of this is based entirely on the map.
  • BrewUI adds the additional field engineers to the idle engineers tab. Its a UI only mod that checks if BrewLAN is active before doing anything, meaning if you play a game without BrewLAN for any reason you don't need to disable it to prevent it from being active. Its separate from the rest of BrewLAN because there are many other mods that alter that part of the UI, and it can cause compatibility issues.
  • BrewLAN: Gantry AIx 1 & 2 adds an extra level of difficulty to UEF Sorian AIx's. Use if regular AIx isn't enough to challenge you. For modders interested it also acts as a scripting side example of how to create mods for mods.

Multilingual support

BrewLAN has full language support for English, French, German, and Russian. Of the included sub-mods Metal World, Antimass, Waterlag, BrewUI, BrewLAN: Gantry AIx 1 & 2, Experimental Icons Overhaul, Pulchritudinousity, Cost Variance, Crate Drop, and Lucky Dip add no new text to the game, so as such will function as expected for any language. Crystal Hill has new text notifications, which are available in English, German and Russian. Paragon Game is available in English and Russian. TeaD is only available in English.

German localisation by 106.Bluebird, French localisation by asdrubaelvect29 and jaisse, and Russian localisation by theonewhonevergivesa. If you would like to see BrewLAN translated into your language you can help! See the forum here for details.

No special installation is required for non-English language versions. If you are running the game in French, German, or Russian then you will see BrewLAN text in those languages. If you have any issues, bugs, spelling corrections, or anything else that requires attention, post it in the forum thread mentioned above.

Early history

Development for BrewLAN began on the 26th of August 2009, under the very short lived name of the "Tech 1 Balance Mod", because that was initial inspiration to create the mod; to balance tech 1 after a particularly unbalanced-feeling vanilla tech 1 only match. The actual name "BrewLAN" was adopted from a LAN party of the same name, hosted at the home of Joshua Wilson (CHCJoe) within the first week of development, where the mod saw its first multiplayer usage. The LAN itself taking its name from the fact CHCJoe was notorious for his tea; his enjoyment of it, and his frequent offering of it. Shortly thereafter, the first public download of BrewLAN, version 0.2b, was released on 13th of October 2009 with a sum total of 16 new buildable units (17 if you count the modified Novax, 18 if you count the Novax satellite separately); around a seventh of the current unit count.

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RSS Articles
BrewLAN FullFront

Since we're nearing the end of March and 0.8 still hasn't been finished I thought I would give a rundown on what has been done since, and what I still want to do before the release of 0.8, development of which started mid January after I got back from my America trip to shoot guns and commentate from the couch of the AGDQ. This is a concise summary of changes, you can see all the full changelog here and a holistic comparison view of all changes in their entirety here, although fair warning if you check those, there is actually a lot of stuff.


Patreon time-lapses

First off though, I have released two new time-lapse videos on my patreon to my supporters, of the Arthrolab and the the Cybran mobile sensor. These are currently only available to the $5 bracket and above, but will be made available to the $1 bracket in a few days time. If you want to support the continued development of BrewLAN and my other endeavours, any amount large or small is welcomed, and if you can't afford or don't want to support that way, there you can support in other ways; spread the word, help the community, assist with translations, ect.


''Observe my glorious filigree and weep, peasant''

Secondly, the Tea Emporium, the BrewLAN forum here on ModDB, has been opened as a means of better keeping track of on going discussions and conversations. Feel free to discuss balance, technical issues, translations, suggestions, the weather, cats, The Glorious Adventures of Federal Inquisitor Percival Prime his sidekick filigree Titan and his quest for a new hat, which kinds of fruit tea best accompany which kinds of cheese, them new pokeymans and how Lunala is so much cooler than Solgaleo, whatever. I am also going to start posting the transcripts from the nightly changelogs there for discussion as and when they happen.

New BrewLAN units:

The list of new units actually in BrewLAN so far is fairly slim. I put that down to the fact that two of them are experimentals, two produced for side-mods are also experimentals, and all of them have fully unique models. Except the one. The one you haven't seen screenshots of. These are as follows:

  • Cybran Experimental Land Factory
  • Aeon Experimental Air Factory
  • Aeon Tech 2 Mobile Tactical Missile Defence
  • Cybran Tech 3 Mobile Sensor Array
  • UEF Tech 3 Mobile Anti-Air
Arthrolab: Experimental Land FactoryExperimental Air Factory constructing a CZARMobile sensor array posesTech 3 Mobile Anti-Air

New sub-mods:

Experimental Shield Generator
Pillar of Prominence: Experimental Shield Projector
Centurion retexture and new experimental mod

As is always the case, I have made a bunch of sub-mods to do things that I either think should be optional or don't want in BrewLAN. These are:

  • Bubble Tea: Adds UEF and Aeon experimental shields. (Seraphim still to come)
  • Baristas: Lists the mod of origin for each unit as an ability of that unit. Very good if you run many mods and forget which units come from which mods.
  • Damage Numbers
  • Logger: A test mod that attempts to calculate and list the DPS of all units weapons to the log at the start of the game. It's about 99% accurate in my experience. Which is better than the formula that FAF uses, which is only accurate on a select few weapons. Currently only exists for testing purposes.
  • Expert Camo: A framework mod that makes creating unit re-skins easy. It is like the BlackOps icon support mod for unit re-skins. Supports map terrain-type re-skins, which is an un-utilised feature available in the games code. However, most custom maps don't define a terrain type.
  • Caffe Corretto: Additional field engineer tech. Planned to contain additional turrets and mines. Currently only adds an accuracy boost node for Cybran. Maximum adjacency buff off this node is a 50% reduction of projectile spread at the cost of a 50% reduction of rate of fire. This reduction affects different weapons in differing ways depending on each weapons reliance on the RoF stat vs other stats such as reload times, charge times, ect. It would have also contained a damage boost node, but the C-function for change damage outright doesn't work.

Balance changes:

Armillary: Tech 3 Mobile Anti-Air Defense
Mysterious UEF Flying Experimental
Shielded Scathis
  • Aeon decoy plane is now T2 and has 1050 health up from 525.
  • Armillary, the Aeon T3 Mobile AA:
    • Health up to 7100 from 3500
    • Energy storage down to 500 from 1500
    • Weapon drain down to 250 from 1500
    • Rate of fire halved. (DPS down to around 425 from around 850)
    • Explosion damage down to 500 from 2500
    • Explosion radius down to 1 from 2
  • Drop-pods now deal additional damage equal to the mass cost of their inhabitants.
  • Centurion no longer has sonar.
  • Gantry:
    • Health up to 112000 from 88000
    • Energy cost up to 156750 from 85050
    • Build time down to 7034 from 12600
  • Slink, the Cybran mobile AA:
    • Can no longer fire at non-air targets
    • Health up 2780 from 850
    • Energy cost 5870 from 8000
    • Mass cost 450 from 800
    • Build time 1800 from 4800
    • Cloak cost 150 from 500
    • Radar jammer removed
    • Damage reduced by 30%
  • Iyadesu blueprint drones now stay close to their parent.
  • Iyadesu can now only 'build' T1, T2, T3, and experimental units.
    • This excludes things like civilian buildings, which bugged out the UI.
  • Scathis Mk 2:
    • Energy cost up to 5994000 from 5945250
    • Mass cost up to 299700 from 294825
    • Energy drain time 0.25 seconds from 1 second (Meaning it no longer requires power plants to hit max RoF)

Notable graphic updates:

New anti-artillery shield graphics
New factional mine decals
BrewLAN running on original Supreme Commander
  • New shield dome graphic for the anti-artillery shield.
  • Landing drop-pods launched from the Ivan now leave behind pod remain worth 3 mass.
  • Mines explode in more satisfying ways.
  • Centurion has a new texture.

Notable script changes:

BrewLAN now features partial support for the original Supreme Commander. As you probably know, the native environment for BrewLAN and its sub-mods is the Steam version of Forged Alliance. After minor tinkering 7 of the sub-mods work on in their entirety. Those being Cost Variance, Expert Camo, Experimental Icons, Metal World, Waterlag, Baristas, and Anti-mass. BrewLAN itself partially works; key units such as the experimental factories work as expected, however units with heavy reliance on FA content obviously don't work. The Darkness for example; the buff system it uses to attack omni doesn't exist, so it likely not worth the effort to fix it.

On the subject of FAF support, I have begun the testing process. The latest build of BrewLAN appears to work. I have only tested BrewLAN so far, not the sub-mods, but it currently appears to work on FAF, FAF Beta, and FAF Develop.

Other notable script changes include:

  • Darkness omni-buff fix workaround moved out of Darkness script.
  • Gantry-stuck Atlantis dive workaround moved from Atlantis script to Gantry script.
  • Gantry scripts have split out and referenced by the other experimental factories.
  • Centurion script overhaul.
  • Improved wall and mine class hierarchy scripts.
  • Overhaul of build-mode key assignment for field engineers and the Gantry. (Build-mode is enabled with B)
  • Drop-pod artillery pods that land somewhere the inhabitants can't survive now kill the inhabitants immediately.

What still needs to be done:

My current development focus is making sure everything works with FAF, so since that is almost entirely a programming based goal, expect fewer updates with new content during that process. The support for original Supreme Commander is not a priority, and I don't plan to work on that any more before the release of 0.8. Following that there are 10 more units on my plan that I want to get in for this release, and a few others which I might do, but that I don't consider essential. You can see a full spreadsheet plan of all units I plan to create for BrewLAN here, and a list plan with notes and other annotations here. It is worth mentioning that not all things on those lists are planned for 0.8. Some are for after, some might not pan out, some might get split out or expanded; it's more for me to remind me what I want to do, but it could be of value as an observer. The important part though; 0.8 is within sight. There is currently no set date, but it is within sight. And no breaks this time.

BrewLAN 0.8 delayed

BrewLAN 0.8 delayed

News 7 comments

Due to both a broken tibia and fibula in the right leg, development on BrewLAN has had a substantial delay.

BrewLAN 0.8 release date announcement

BrewLAN 0.8 release date announcement

News 14 comments

BrewLAN version 0.8 returns this December on the 8th.

BrewLAN 0.5.1 Aeon unit overview

BrewLAN 0.5.1 Aeon unit overview

News 5 comments

The final section of the BrewLAN 0.5 & 0.5.1 unit overview. The Aeon.

BrewLAN 0.5.1 UEF unit overview

BrewLAN 0.5.1 UEF unit overview

News 13 comments

The third section of four of the BrewLAN version 0.5 and 0.5.1 units overviews.

RSS Files
BrewLAN beta

BrewLAN beta

Full Version 28 comments

BrewLAN point seven and two halves. Because two halves don't make a whole. Delete any previous versions before installing.

Operation: Knife Fight

Operation: Knife Fight

Patch 10 comments

Ever wanted to watch a crab knife fight? Now is your chance. Copy the contents into your mods folder. Functions with SC, FA, and FAF. One of the sub-mods...

BrewLAN beta

BrewLAN beta

Full Version 162 comments

I suggest downloading the development version of BrewLAN instead of this one. Read the full description for details. If you insist on downloading BrewLAN...

BrewLAN 0.5.1 beta

BrewLAN 0.5.1 beta

Full Version 17 comments

This is a hotfix for 0.5 beta. It directly fixes the X'treme Wars crash (caused by BrewLAN assuming the Fatboy could still build) and creates a workaround...

BrewLAN 0.5 beta

BrewLAN 0.5 beta

Full Version 27 comments

BrewLAN 5 year anniversary edition. Version 0.5 beta. BrewLANniversary. Remove previous versions of BrewLAN before installing, direct overwriting will...

BrewLAN 0.4.4 beta

BrewLAN 0.4.4 beta

Full Version 31 comments

BrewLAN version 0.4.4 beta. Doesn't require BlackOps Icon support. Stuff. There are an entire two new things since the last version. One of them is big.

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Considering that we now have the wonderful UEF Experimental Sensor array, that is the Panopticon, I was wondering whether the original UEF Experimental Satellite System, the Novax, which you made into a T3 Observation Satellite Uplink instead; is now redundant? I do miss the original features of the Novax, in that it could hunt down and destroy units, or destroy fringe engineers with its laser, etc. So perhaps it is time to restore the Novax to its original function?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Balthassar Creator

The Panopticon has existed since 2015, and you know this. It just has a model now. But that is besides the point.

As late- and end-game intel structures they both serve different roles at different times. The Panopticon can't see Command units, cloaked units, and can't see through stealth on its own. It also has a massively prohibitive running cost. Whereas the observation Novax gives absolute vision of a single point, and has an easily sustainable maintenance cost. They have different roles, and are sometimes both necessary.

Also, my reasons for killing of the Novax as orbital laser in the first place still haven't changed. Even if I killed off the observation Novax for being redundant with the Panopticon, which isn't happening and I don't believe is true, the original Novax wouldn't be coming back. It was a feel-bad artillery: From the perspective of the person using it it was a just an artillery, and an artillery that was useless against shields, from the perspective of the person getting shot by it, it was both an immortal unit you couldn't interact with, and an artillery you couldn't identify the source of.

You could also park it above a silo and functionally disable that silo for good, because if they fired a rocket from said silo it would impact into the Novax satellite, explode in the air above the silo, and do nothing to the Novax. It was also used to suicide into things through shields. And both of those were horrendous and exploitative.

The original Novax is never coming back in that form.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Holy cow a supreme commander mod that is still being developed!!! i just got back into the game today and am looking to enhance my experience with friends and this is just the thing though i will wait for .8 (also cant wait for it to come to FAF)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Hey Balth, so you know, there is a crash bug that only happens with Brewlan and Sorian. It is a bug directly tied to a transport attempting to pick up a unit that doesn't exist. This crash is commonplace, and i am using FAF. Ill get you the unit codes and crash logs next time it happens.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Balthassar Creator

At a guess it's probably the engineering stations. There was a similar bug with the default station, and the game doesn't know how to handle picking up a building. I'll look into how they fixed it with the Kennel/Hive. Assuming it is related to that bug.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

This MOD well deserved to be in the FAF, mainly to be better known.
You could also do topic with him in the Steam community.
Great work, my congratulations ...

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes
Balthassar Creator

The plan is to release 0.8 to FAF.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Interesting, do you have plan to add some more "Crossover" units? Like that Absolution which look like Eldar tank, or gate from Stargate for Serafim? My suggestion maybe some C&C inspired units, Mammoth Tank as T3 and Mammoth Mech from Tiberian Sun as Experimental for UEF, for Cybran I think will fit many NOD units like Banshee jet or Cloaked Stealth Tank, NOD and Cybran actually are similar in many ways, not just aesthetically, and by black and red color scheme, but also fact what they both use a lot of stealth and advanced technology and ruled by immortal ruler.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Balthassar Creator

I already have the stealth tank. I have considered the mammoth, but always put off actually doing anything about it. There are a bunch of others that I have considered.

Reply Good karma+4 votes

Mammoth walker/Star wars AT-AT most likely for UEF. Tho I think some other mod already did it.
Or Terran Thor, T4 Percival/Brick :D
And give the Aeon some Wraithwalker xD
And Seraphim walker with two heavy thau cannons and less ilsatha pew pew bolters.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

I'm sure I have seen an UEF Disruptor as well, I think it was in Black Ops Unleashed extra unit pack.
Alternatively, Harkonnen Devaststor from EBFD could also fit UEF. "Reference level high, but not toxic".

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

In my opinion enlarged classic Mammoth Tank would make sense as UEF's Land Assault experimental; with UEF acknowledging the need of a cheaper experimental (*cough*Monkey Lord*cough*), and the best idea UEF would have would be a plain giant tank, with two giant Gauss cannons and Flayer SAMs (Secondary guns too, smaller Gauss cannons/riot guns/ plasma cannons).

That's just my thoughts, and you seem to already have your own plans for UEF Land Assault experimental (seeing as there's something called "Deus Vult" on the BrewLAN unit spreadsheet).

Also, UEF T2 Pillar heavy tanks were already pretty Mammoth-like; and fully upgraded Cybran Hive looks like an Obelisk of Light.

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