BrewLAN is a mod for Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance that has been in on and off development by a team of one for over half a decade. It adds a wide variety of new units for all factions, as well as offering several new game modes and features. The core design goals for the mod are simple; to add new, interesting, and visually aesthetic units which complement those already in existence and to maximize technical compatibility with other mods. Read More...

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The fourth and final section. Finally.


Aeon units available in 0.5They get 6 units each at tech one and two, eleven at tech three, and a single experimental. (Although the Salvation gets re-listed as an experimental.) They get an entire 10 units with fully unique models (although 3 of those share the same custom model with different bits hidden), including one of only two walkers in BrewLAN; and the only one with a custom walk animation. This is mostly due to the fact that their art style is amorphous shiny sliced blobs, and are quite easy to make fully custom models for.

Tech 1

Field EngineerVivifier: Tech 1 Defense Engineer
"Tech 1 amphibious construction, repair, capture, reclamation, and mine layer unit. It is equipped with a personal shield and can build specialist defenses."
Unlike the other races field engineers, the Aeon defense engineers don't come equipped with weapons, instead only featuring a shield. If you are paying enough attention to micromanage, they can still beat the other field engineers in 'combat' by reclaiming them.

Light GunshipRespirer: Tech 1 Light GunshipTech 1 Gunships
"Light Gunship. Primary role is base defense. Effective against low-level ground units."
The respirer, being one of the first ever units added to BrewLAN, is over five years old. I have always planned to give it a more unique appearance than that of a distorted slightly retextured version of the tech 2 gunship... yeah... eventually.

Light Artillery InstallationCharis: Tech 1 Light Artillery InstallationAeon Resource Base
"Light stationary artillery. Designed to engage low to mid-level units."

Pressure MineMolehill: Tech 1 Pressure Mine
"An all-terrain, low damage, pressure detonated, mine system. Visible only to Omni."
The molehill technically counts as one of the units with 'fully unique' models, but its just a round shiny blob (Like any other Aeon unit OOOH BURN). But its a mine, its there to exist and explode people.

Light Shield GeneratorAspis: Tech 1 Light Shield Generator
"Generates a protective shield around units and structures within its radius. Upgradable twice."
This unit was another named by CHCJoe. At the time he suggested the name to be for the Cybran tech 1 shield, but since my plan was to bump the ED1 down to tech 1, along with the very clear naming convention of Cybran shields, that wasn't to be. Similarly for UEF and Seraphim tech 1 shields, they both had very clear naming conventions I wished to follow. Leaving Aeon, where it fits almost perfectly. Incidentally, the name 'aspis' comes from the ancient Greek word for shield, so if you build more than one they would be 'aspides'.

Light Air Staging FacilityPedestal: Tech 1 Light Air Staging Facility
"Light air staging facility. Repairs and refuels individual aircrafts."
This was the first of the tech 1 air staging facilities completed, and for a while was the only one. Mostly because it was the only one I had a proper idea of what I wanted it to look like. For a while it was also unable to pay host to tech 3 aircraft. Since it can hold the same number of tech 3 aircraft as the tech 2 air staging facility its more space efficient, however it doesn't repair them as fast, but its a good option for bulk refueling, if population limit isn't a concern.

Tech 2

Field EngineerButler: Tech 2 Defense Engineer
"Tech 2 amphibious construction, repair, capture, reclamation, and mine layer unit. Equipped a personal shield and radar."
This is one of a parallel pair of tech 2 alternative engineers with names taken from the family names of people who attended the namesake LAN party. The other being the Cybran 'Wilson', of course.

Tactical BomberImpaler: Tech 2 Tactical BomberAeon Tech 2 Bomber
"Mid-level tactical bomber. Equipped with a light Quark bomb and radar."
The impaler is a rare case, in that it was one of the only units which has a completed appearance before anything else. All other units started out the other way round; with a specific slot or role in mind, often with specific statistics but with without a defined appearance. As for the unit itself, impalers are basically glass cannons; they are a force to be feared if unopposed, but a flak cannon or two will see them come tumbling out of the sky.

Energy StorageTech 2 Energy Storage
"Stores large amounts of energy. Construct next to power generators for adjacency bonus."
Not a particularly interesting unit, doesn't even have a name, and is one of the only units with a directly re-used models that I have no plans to change eventually.

Mass StorageTech 2 Mass Storage
"Stores large amounts of mass. Construct next to extractors or fabricators for adjacency bonus."
Unlike the energy storage, this is more than just a slightly larger version of its tech 1 counterpart; this one has a new texture. The texture is identical to the tech 1, but bigger so it doesn't look as pixelly.

Proximity MineMound: Tech 2 Proximity Mine
"An all-terrain, high damage, radar detonated, proximity mine system. Visible only to Omni."

Heavy Wall SectionTech 2 Heavy Wall SectionAeon T2 Wall
"Restricts movement of enemy units. Can sustain extreme amounts of damage."
Not as cool as the laser covered Cybran equivalent, but functionally identical.

Tech 3

Field EngineerBilmon: Tech 3 Field Engineer
"Tech 3 amphibious construction, repair, capture, reclamation, and mine layer unit. It is equipped with a personal shield and can build specialist defenses."
Armored Assault Tank
Moldavite: Tech 3 Armored Assault Tank
Scarab: Tech 3 Mobile Strategic Missile Defense
"Heavily armored assault tank. Low rate of fire, designed as a heavy support unit."

Mobile Strategic Missile DefenseScarab: Tech 3 Mobile Strategic Missile Defense
"Mobile strategic missile defense. Build costs include first missile, however the vehicle lacks a fabrication suite to produce additional missiles unassisted."

Heavy Air TransportSolaris: Tech 3 Heavy Air TransportAeon Tech 3 Transport
"Heavy air transport. Armed with a powerful shield and heavy anti-air weapons. Can carry up to 72 units."

I briefly considered making the Solaris an experimental, or able to carry experimentals. Eventually decided against both.

Decoy PlaneBeguiler: Tech 3 Decoy Plane
"Lightly armored decoy plane. Equipped with powerful radar jamming equipment designed to create multiple false radar signals. Mimics air superiority fighter movements."

Shielded Mass ExtractorTech 3 Shielded Mass ExtractorAeon Shielded Mass Extractor
"High-end Mass extractor. Must be constructed on Mass deposits. It generates a shield dome large enough to cover itself and 4 small storages."
The shield doesn't take up any power, and can't be disabled.

Shielded Power GeneratorVon Mayer Reactor: Tech 3 Shielded Power Generator
"Large power generating structure. Possesses a powerful shield, which consumes a small portion of its operating output."

Shielded Mass FabricatorTech 3 Shielded Mass Fabricator
"Large mass fabrication structure. Possesses a powerful shield, which consumes additional power."

Nuclear MineMountain: Tech 3 Nuclear Mine
"An all-terrain mine armed with a full-yield nuclear warhead. Manual detonation required. Visible only to Omni."

Heavy Point DefenseAeon T3 Heavy PD, Anti-Armor PD, & Field EngineerOrbos: Tech 3 Heavy Point Defense
"Heavy defensive tower. Attacks land-based units, sea-based units, and low-altitude aircraft with a powerful laser. Does not engage high altitude aircraft, or submerged units."
One thing about the Orbos that you can't tell from the description is that it also comes with omni, and has a tendency to stare at random stuff. It can also miss sometimes. Less than 5% of the time.

Anti-Armor Point DefenseNihiloid: Tech 3 Anti-Armor Point Defense
"Very heavy defensive tower. Attacks land- and sea-based units with a powerful oblivion cannon."


Experimental Siege TankAbsolution: Experimental Siege TankAeon Experimental Seige Tank
"Experimental hovering siege assault tank. Equipped with a powerful oblivion cannon and tactical missile defenses."
The tactical missile defense on the Absolution is one of the best in the game. Beyond that its basically similar to the Tempest.

BrewLAN 0.5.1 UEF unit overview

BrewLAN 0.5.1 UEF unit overview

1 year ago News 11 comments

The third section of four of the BrewLAN version 0.5 and 0.5.1 units overviews.

BrewLAN 0.5.1 Seraphim unit overview

BrewLAN 0.5.1 Seraphim unit overview

1 year ago News 3 comments

Continuing with the overview of units in the BrewLAN 0.5 beta; we go through the units Seraphim get.

BrewLAN 0.5 Cybran unit overview

BrewLAN 0.5 Cybran unit overview

1 year ago News 2 comments

In lieu of posting the full change log since the last public release as I usually do I have chosen to post a general overview of the mod as a whole as...

BrewLAN 0.5 announcement

BrewLAN 0.5 announcement

1 year ago News 0 comments

BrewLAN 0.5 release announcement. With screenshots of all available units.

RSS feed Downloads
BrewLAN beta

BrewLAN beta

11 months ago Full Version 127 comments

BrewLAN version Requires Sorian AI. Make sure to follow the installation instructions and download the brewlan.scd.

BrewLAN 0.5.1 beta

BrewLAN 0.5.1 beta

1 year ago Full Version 17 comments

This is a hotfix for 0.5 beta. It directly fixes the X'treme Wars crash (caused by BrewLAN assuming the Fatboy could still build) and creates a workaround...

BrewLAN 0.5 beta

BrewLAN 0.5 beta

1 year ago Full Version 27 comments

BrewLAN 5 year anniversary edition. Version 0.5 beta. BrewLANniversary. Remove previous versions of BrewLAN before installing, direct overwriting will...

BrewLAN 0.4.4 beta

BrewLAN 0.4.4 beta

1 year ago Full Version 31 comments

BrewLAN version 0.4.4 beta. Doesn't require BlackOps Icon support. Stuff. There are an entire two new things since the last version. One of them is big.

BrewLAN 0.4.3 Beta

BrewLAN 0.4.3 Beta

2 years ago Full Version 19 comments

BrewLAN version 0.4.3 beta. Released partially as a hot-fix, as this version corrects the BlackOps Unleashed incompatibility. Installation should be pretty...

BrewLAN 0.4 beta

BrewLAN 0.4 beta

3 years ago Full Version 22 comments

At long last, after two and a half years, a release. BrewLAN 0.4 beta. Remove any older versions of BrewLAN before installing. Requires BlackOps Global...

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spice! Oct 16 2015 says:

Question about the Paragon-Gamemode, is it possible to build the Faction's Paragons without the Paragon being spawned in at the beginning of every match?

+1 vote     reply to comment
Balthassar Creator
Balthassar Oct 16 2015 replied:

Renaming or removing "\ParagonGame\hook\lua\sim\ScenarioUtilities.lua" would do that.

+1 vote   reply to comment
spice! Oct 16 2015 replied:

Will the AI build Paragons regardless of Faction?

+1 vote     reply to comment
Balthassar Creator
Balthassar Oct 17 2015 replied:

I have just committed an edit to the dev build that would make it so they could, although I've not tested it, so it doesn't necessarily mean they will. The AI isn't very good with Paragons anyway.

If you want a real challenge I suggest playing against a UEF Sorian AIx with the gantry hax 2 module on. It's probably closer to the experience you are after.

+1 vote   reply to comment
spice! Oct 12 2015 says:

Does this work with FaF? And is there Sorian AI support for them building the new units?

+1 vote     reply to comment
Balthassar Creator
Balthassar Oct 13 2015 replied:

Some graphical things don't work on FaF, but it functions fine. If you launch in the Blackops gamemode it works better.

There is extensive sorian AI support, including several hundred lines of code for them to use the Gantry properly.

I would suggest using the dev build, it has some unfinished things, but a lot of things work better on it:

+2 votes   reply to comment
spice! Oct 13 2015 replied:

Just watched a quick match of the AI fighting it on a Custom map with markers on BlackOps Faf with BlackOps mods enabled and TotalMayhem enabled and the AI built some of the custom units. Even if they don't, I'm just glad that the Sera got some buff, since in TotalMayhem they are super weak.

This is a great mod and you should seriously see if you can get this thing on FaF, good job man!

+1 vote     reply to comment
spice! Oct 13 2015 replied:

Alright, I'll download this and figure it all out. Also, best put "AI Support" near the top, it'll get more attention. ;P

+1 vote     reply to comment
GC_dzbanek Oct 12 2015 says:

Here are my coplaints (complaints...? can't find better name for it) about experimentals and such. Also some suggestions - taking into account Your to-do list from Github.

- Scathis is labeled as "game ender", but on maps larger than 20x20 it's not accurate enough to take down anything - even base, if it's shielded. High firerate and AoE cannot make up for low accuracy and per-hit damage. *Will add screenshots if needed*

- Engineering resource generators are like tier below their counterparts from other races. They're useful, but not as much as Aeons' shielded or Seraphim armoured ones.

Seraphim and Aeons are pretty much fine.

Suggestions, ideas & such:
- >>Shield<< could have not high durability, but fast regen rate, to make it differ from Iron Curtain.
- >>Mine<< could have same explosion as T3 mine, but with additional EMP effect with enormous range and long duration.
- >>Suthanus<< Wait, isn't Suthanus their T3 mobile artillery?

- >>Strategic experimental 2<< could be total opposite of their military doctrine - very high accuracy and per-hit damage, low AoE and firerate (to compensate for current Scathis flaws). Maybe orbital laser strike with point damage?

- >>Strategic experimental 2<< could be mobile (maybe amphibious or flying) thing firing long-ranged (something likecurrent T2 artillery) volleys of 100% accurate shots at targets, going in straight line.

- T3 tactical lauchers for every faction. This is currently only weapon of it's kind, being sth between T3 strategic launchers and T2 tactical ones. Ideal for clearing out froups of lesser units.
- T2 walls are hard to place properly. Well, mostly aesthetic thing.

And please, keep in mind that there are only suggestions. I don't even hope for any of these to be included in the mod... Though such possibility exists.

+2 votes     reply to comment
theonewhonevergivesa Oct 13 2015 replied:

My two cents, I hope you won't mind.
My idea is for Cybran >>Strategic experimental 2<< to be a cruise missile bomber. I.e. a big plane with tactical/strategic (optional - SMs built in a similar vein to T3 Strat Missile Subs, but can be launched only in flight) missiles. Alternatively, a flying long-ranged microwave laser.

I doubt that it can be coded and I will not mind if this suggestion will be rejected for any reason(s).

+1 vote     reply to comment
Balthassar Creator
Balthassar Oct 15 2015 replied:

The Scathis is easily the weakest of the four. I agree. And to that end I have just lowered its costs by about 1%. It gets a good degree better when surrounded by power plants, and that now offsets that cost. As for being specifically labeled as a game ender; it's close enough to the other 3 that any situation where they are restricted it should be as well.

The UEF engineering resource buildings have many issues, and I already plan to rework them at some point, but that is extra cause to. (The main reason is that there is a bug where resource buildings that are using more than they are producing stop producing at all, and suddenly crash your economy totally).

Being a large bubble would already make it too close to the Iron Curtain for me; which is why I was going to make it either 'project' shields onto units individually, or make it not a shield.
It being a seraphim mine, I was going to give it the residual energy signature of their walker.
Yes. They both take their names from the weapon. It's the equivalent of calling the Mavor 'Artillery'. I never realised the T3 mobile was already called this, and when I did notice, I didn't bother changing anything and hoped no one else would notice.

I don't like orbital lasers. They make for bad gameplay experiences. But that did give me an interesting idea for an experimental...

What you have described there is the Absolution.

T3 tactical launchers I had already considered mostly because I hate the amount of micro it takes to make T2 tactical launchers good. It was a maybe list unit that never made it onto the maybe list.

Unfortunately for T2 walls, if they lined up with things like T1 power plants things would walk between them.

'Strategic' experimental meant building.

Flying nuke launcher is an interesting idea, but unless I do an extra set of flying experimentals is unlikely. It would in no way be hard to code.

+3 votes   reply to comment
GC_dzbanek Oct 15 2015 replied:

It's cost is like if it was just a bit weaker than other three (four with Paragon) game enders - but the difference is bigger. Having theoretical range of Mavor, in practise anything - even pretty large base - farther than 15 km will receive only hit or two per minute... If it's unshielded, of course. Doubling firerate with generators will make it receive two to four shots per minute, then. Up to seven if You are lucky. I'm certainly not.
That was the reason for which it was able to move - close ditance to target and actually hit it.
This is just short. If You are interested, here's full post:

+1 vote     reply to comment
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