BrewLAN is a mod for Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance that has been in development by a team of one for since 2009. It adds a huge variety of new units for all factions, as well as offering several new game modes and features. It is available in 9 different languages, most of which were translated by humans; English, Russian, German, Czech, French, Spanish, Italian, Polish, & Chinese.


New units

BrewLAN 0.8, not including any of the packaged sub-mods, adds around 150 new units. Including Bubble Tea, Caffe Corretto, and Research & Daiquiris (The 3 main extra units mods), BrewLAN adds 38 for Aeon (T1: 9, T2: 8, T3: 18, EXP: 4), 48 for UEF (T1: 11, T2: 9, T3: 22, EXP: 6), 48 for Cybran (T1: 8, T2: 9, T3: 24, EXP: 7), 46 for Seraphim (T1: 9, T2: 12, T3: 20, EXP: 5). Most, but not all, can be seen in the image to the right.

Packaged sub mods

The sub-mods included with BrewLAN are subdivided by the categories Units, Gameplay, RNG, and Aesthetics, and modules.

Extra units mods:

Mods that you'll probably want active for most games.

Research & DaiquirisCaffe CorrettoBubble Tea

Bubble Tea

Bubble Tea: Adds experimental shield structures for Aeon, Seraphim, and UEF.

Caffe Corretto

Caffe Corretto: Adds a bunch of extra turrets, so far only for Cybran and UEF.

Research and Daiquiris

Research & Daiquiris: Overhauls how the game treats tech levels, and includes a large number of units to facilitate that, such as research centres. This does not function anything like Supreme Commander 2, and only affects how you get to the various tech, not what they consist of. This mod also serves as a location for me to dump my other units that don't fit into BrewLAN, Bubble Tea or Caffe Corretto.

Gameplay mods:

Twists to standard gameplay. You may only want one or two from this category active at any given time.

Crystal HillCrystal Hill: King of the Hill game mode. Functions as it does in Age of Empires II.

Paragon GameParagon Game: With locked teams, it gives the players on the smallest team(s) a starting Paragon, with a few shields, and support commander each. On unlocked teams everyone gets that.

TeaDTeaD: Replaces everything with a, currently quite basic, tower defence. Work in progress.

AntimassAntimass: Swaps mass and energy production. Have fun with those shields.

Corrosive OceanCorrosive Ocean: Water exposure deals exponentially growing damage over time.

Metal WorldMetal World: Maps spawn without mass points. Mass extractors have no limitations.

WaterlagWaterlag: Lets buildings which aren't factories, walls, silos, or experimentals be built on water.

RNG mods:

Mods that affect gameplay in random ways. Take or leave them as taste dictates.

Cost VarianceCost Variance: Randomly increases or decreases the costs and stats of some units.

Crate DropCrate Drop: Command & Conquer style random crates appear on the map. Picking them up gives gifts. Has a hats-only option.

Lucky Dip: Tech demo mod for situations where multiple mods add similar units; per player it restricts all but one at random. Partially configured for BlackOps and BrewLAN.

Aesthetics mods:

Do-nothing mods, only Experimental Icons Overhaul, Baristas, and maybe Damage Numbers are recommended for regular use from his category.

BaristasBaristas: Tags each unit with the name of the mod it is from, listed as an ability. So you know what is from what.

Damage NumbersDamage Numbers: Damage numbers float up from your units showing what they have dealt and are being dealt.

EIOExperimental Icons Overhaul: Replaces the default circle strategic icons for experimental units with icons that actually mean something.

Pulchritudinousity: Increases the view distance of various things for the sake of taking better screenshots. Not recommended for regular games due to increase performance drain.

Expert CamoExpert Camo: Framework mod for custom skins for units. Functionally inert on it's own, and not currently used by any BrewLAN mod.

Debug Tools: Creates numerous log outputs for things, including unit locations, expected AI thread values, DPS, and other such things. For testing purposes only, not designed for use in real games. Causes severe lag when Cybran engineers build.


BrewUIBrewUI: Adds the BrewLAN field engineer tab. Functionally inert without BrewLAN active.

Gantry haxBrewLAN: Gantry AIx: Additional difficulty for Sorian AIx, giving fairly severe hacks for the AI when they build an experimental factory. 3 variations exist. You can play them all together, but you probably shouldn't. The variations are:

  1. Linear increases in build speed and resource cheats over time.
  2. Player-mass gated exponential increase in build speed and resources.
  3. Like 2, but offers discounts instead of resources.
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RSS Articles

A Decade of BrewLAN

News 5 comments

10 years.BrewLAN FullFront

I started this project over 10 years ago.

It's silly to think that after 10 years, I still don't think it's complete. So, rather than pull a Spacebase DF-9 and just call it complete, here's BrewLAN 0.8.9; released on the anniversary of its first public release right here. But why you may ask is it not complete? The short answer is higher standards and expanding scope. BrewLAN is bigger than the original, albeit vague, design intentions and my skills are, somewhat, more advanced than they used to be. Oh also my old computer died and needed replacing, that didn't help.

But you didn't come here to read me reminis and complain. You came here to find out what's new. So with that in mind, here's the very abridged cliff notes of what has changed since 0.8.3.

Yes, this is the abridged version.

Graphical changes:

One of the things on the design document for what I consider BrewLAN 1.0 is reworks of most of my older units, these are the units that recieved graphical improvements in this version.

All-new models:

Slink, Gannet, Aeon tech 2 storages, Pigeon, Metatron, and Albatross were all given all-new unique models.

Slink Reborn (Before/After)New Gannet ModelAeon Tech 2 Mass StorageAggressive PitchAeon Mobile Radar RedesignAlbatross Redesign

Model tweaks and major texture changes:

The Gantry recieved an extended model, and slight reworkings for the UV, shading, texture, and animation. The Poker recieved a redone gun, and some fixed up UV and shading. The Flame Lotus had it's UV's redone to fix some stretching, a new texture, and a wheel fold animation when in transport. The Guardian had it's entire turret body recreated, had it's UV's all reworked, and was given it's own new redrawn texture where previously it re-used the battleships texture. The Seraphim engineering stations that previously used the tech 2 artillery texture now have a new UV and their own texture. The Longbow has also recieved a new UV and texture, additionally it now has a chance to spawn with or without a head, and will spawn without it's dish if intel is restricted, as mentioned above. And finally, not pictured, the Scarab recieved some minor texture and shading reworks but recreations of its animations, and a number of additional animations for things such as loading into and out of transports.

A new look for the GantryUEF Tech 1 Artillery RedesignFlame Lotus RetextureGuardian RedesignSeraphim Engineering Station RetextureLongbow Retexture

Shader fixes, UV improvements, and texture changes:

Pedestal RetextureZenith: Fixed shadingMost of these weren't considered important or noticable enough to the casual observer for screenshots, but there were minor texture, shading, and/or UV improvements for the Pedestal, Aspis, Impaler, Moldovite, LSD-Pulse, Resupply, Wally, Custodian, Zenith, Little Bertha, AP-12 Trapper, and the Seraphim tech 1 air staging, shield, and tech 1 and 2 mines.

Anti-Artillery Shield Occlusion

Other graphical changes:

  • Units that increase the satellite capacity now have the amount listed as an ability.
  • You can now see regular shields through anti-artillery shields.
  • Bubble Tea: You can now see the shield projections of the Aeon experimental shield through other shields.
  • R&D: Research centres working on tech level research are now visibly working on something the icon of that tier.


Since the main focus of development towards BrewLAN 1.0 was unit reworks, and bringing the average unit quality up, there aren't a great many new additions this time around. But there are still a number of notable additions:

UEF FightersUEF Mobile Air StagingUEF Mobile Tactical Missile DefenceMy battery is low and it's getting dark
  • R&D: UEF tech 3 penetration fighter.
  • R&D: UEF tech 2 combat fighter.
  • UEF tech 3 mobile air staging.
  • UEF tech 3 mobile tactical missile defence.
  • UEF tech 3 counter-intel satellite, an alternative built from the Novax centre.
  • Aeon experimental structure teleporter. (Only available through cheats for testing purposes.)
  • BrewLAN will now chat message you if you installed it wrong at the start of the game.
  • Debug Tools: One of the tester units will tell you information about the BrewLAN installation in chat when built.
  • Metal World: Added basic AI support for building extractors for LOUD, Sorian, and Vanilla AI, rather than the haphazard hacks it used to have.
  • Spomeniki: A monument to the Spirit and Opportunity has been added.
    • The Iyadesu can rebuild them if it gets to reclaim the monuments.

Panopticon — Now with finished texture

Functional changes:

  • Darkness no longer affects SACU's.
  • Removed some obselete code from the Darkness, and improved it's performance.
  • Novax centre no longer auto-builds the first satellite, to make it more obvious that it can build multiple now.
  • Panopticon is now considerably cheaper and starts with most of it's arrays disabled, with enhancements to enable them.
  • Nuke mines now have the option to auto-detonate, but default to manual still.
  • The Longbow no longer gets radar or a visible radar dish with the INTEL restriction enabled. (It needs to specifically be the INTEL restriction by name.)
  • Bubble Tea: Added the shields to the no-shields build restriction, yes this disables all three of the units added by the mod.
  • R&D: Penetration craft (fighters and bombers) no longer fire flares after death, and no longer fire flares at missiles that have been targeted by flares.
  • R&D: The Retributor is now restricted by the game enders restriction.
  • R&D: Overhauled the AI control for choosing research, if the AI wants to build something that's research locked it will now start researching it. It will still fall back to random research if nothing is requested.
  • R&D: AI will no longer try to build research centres after all research is complete, and will actively reclaim any they still have.
  • R&D: Research that starts complete is now based on starting engineers and factories for tech level research.


  • Numerous small translation errors.
  • Fixed the Seraphim SACU getting both regular and armoured T3 resource buildings with the engineering upgrade.
  • Slink no longer spams effects and sounds every 5 seconds when it's visible.
  • Crystal HIll: Civilians are no longer counted for calculating transfering hill control.
  • R&D: Fixed a script error related to game restrictions.
  • R&D: Fixes towards having research for restricted units. (Some restrictions might slip by.)
  • R&D: Fixed there being a research item for the hidden UEF hovercraft factory; a testing unit.
  • R&D: The Lancer now lands on top of repair pads, not half in them.
  • R&D: Aeon and Seraphim penetrator bombers can now land on air staging.
  • R&D: Fixed other small issues regarding penetrator bombers and air staging.

Final words:

You can view the full, unabridged, changelog of the whole of BrewLAN's 10 year history here. Fair warning though, it's over 5000 lines, 500 of which are from the most recent update, and goes in to day by day detail of the process. It's fairly comprehensive.

If you're interested in that history though, you may also be interested in the time-lapse videos created during that process. The majority of these were exclusive to my Patreon supporters, but I've changed policy with those to have them be exclusive for 6 months before public release. As a result, a large number are now visible to the public. You can see some of them here, and all of them on my YouTube channel. More are scheduled for the next few days. Some of them have music I created 10 odd years ago over them, some are silent. Depends how I was feeling at the time of editing them.

If you want to support me financially, there are several options if you find Patreon objectionable. You can find them listed in the links below. Benefits asside from the fuzzy feeling you get from helping someone make something you love include early access to time-lapse videos, access to some exclusive content, such as raw files or pre-optimisation full size textures, and currently access to an unreleased double-resolution version of Experimental Icons Overhaul. There's currently not a great deal of exclusive time-lapses, but there are about 10 that need editing that should be releasing soon. Oh, I also charge per release, so what have you got to lose?

BrewLAN 0.8.9
Supporters: Saxxonknight | Guillaume Chapeau | Ben Pankow | Mogwai | Neutral Effect | 🦕 Marcin Mikołajczak | Mirko Gebauer

BrewLAN 0.8.3

BrewLAN 0.8.3

News 8 comments

BrewLAN 0.8.3. Revision 711. The convenient update.

BrewLAN 0.8 and the Future of BrewLAN

BrewLAN 0.8 and the Future of BrewLAN

News 12 comments

Where BrewLAN is now, what's changed since, and what to expect in the coming year.

BrewLAN 0.8 — 08|08|18

BrewLAN 0.8 — 08|08|18

News 11 comments

BrewLAN 0.8 is coming 8th of August 2018 to Steam, LOUD, and FAF.

BrewLAN 0.8 progress report

BrewLAN 0.8 progress report

News 27 comments

What has happened since, and where is 0.8.

RSS Files
BrewLAN 0.8.9

BrewLAN 0.8.9

Full Version 30 comments

The 10 year BrewLANniversary release. Version 0.8.9; half the additions you deserve, all the additions my old computer could handle.



Patch 2 comments

Gamestonk stonks soaring.

BrewLAN 0.8.3

BrewLAN 0.8.3

Full Version 35 comments

BrewLAN 0.8.3, revision 711. The convenient update.

BrewLAN 0.8

BrewLAN 0.8

Full Version 39 comments

BrewLAN 0.8. Revision 666. At long last, the beast is released.

Operation: Knife Fight

Operation: Knife Fight

Patch 10 comments

Ever wanted to watch a crab knife fight? Now is your chance. Copy the contents into your mods folder. Functions with SC, FA, and FAF. One of the sub-mods...

BrewLAN beta

BrewLAN beta

Full Version 28 comments

BrewLAN point seven and two halves. Because two halves don't make a whole. Delete any previous versions before installing.

Comments  (0 - 10 of 951)

Hello, could you please make a mod with only T3 mobile AAs?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

im kinda new on this mod but i notice the ai seems to not know how to upgrade and build better troops since i installed this i doing something wrong?..i already enabled all the ai on the mods and i play on the hard difficulty not the cheating one

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Balthassar Creator

I'm assuming you're using this with the vanilla AI?

Vanilla AI has no real custom unit support. The BrewLAN AI mod adds some to vanilla, but basically only the essentials. It's best used with literally any custom AI, since they all inherit the Sorian custom unit support.

I can also recommend using the development version on Github if you aren't already.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Я поиграл около 10 модов на scfa этот мод пожалуй лучший среди всех,т.к он более проработанный в плане дизайна и красоты юнитов

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes
Balthassar Creator


Reply Good karma+2 votes

So, basically I am back after looong time.
This time with proper computer and offi Steam version.
Tho not really playable with 3840x2160 res on single screen ˇˇ
Impressive to see one of best modders still kicking it nice.
I saw that fully patched Steam version has Percivals with 7000 hp, instead of 9300 and fell flat on my face..
It seems some if not all moddb mods doesnt exactly work on Steam version of Supcom:FA
I'll take a look at that LOUD project, but FAF is one big dissapoinment as youtuber Heaven would say.
All those years and still no GAZ_UI, BRO_UI, AZU_UI with hotbutton for Docking to air station.
Yeah, automatic ndvidia d3d fix, no camera shaking mods etc be nice.
Their latest version of Brewlan is ..err. version 84..IDK. And not 0.89.
The biggest problem I have is that black ops, total mayhem and several others are no longer being updated, and who knows where the hell I will get working older versions. Given that GPG forums are looong dead.
Latest TM here is 1.21, FAF has the bad version 1.37, I wonder where lets say 1.36 is, tho we know that Burnie will not return.
Nomads, omg, thats just..Their T3 AA defense, does it something?
Their field engineers comes from you?
Seems like they swapped SACU with ACU, removed the anchor abilities and heavily nerfed best tanky EMP tank by 2000 hp.
I no longer have any idea if Othuum is 6700 or 5250 or 9000 hp :D
Stay black and great, my fellow seton gentlemen reefs ( - ;

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Balthassar Creator

I only just realised I never changed the version number on the more recent github dev version, so both that and the ModDB public release are listed as 0.8.9. I'm assuming you're using the github version?

I am currently working on a rework of the strategic icons for 4k, which an early version of is available on my GitHub.

Fully patched Steam version? Are you applying additional external patches to the Steam version? The Steam version was ahead of the patches, so I have no idea where the 7k Percival is coming from.

I've got AMD everything, so I can't test the nvidia stuff thing, and the UI stuff I do is usually just util stuff.

Any TM version after 1.21 is just FAF specific fixes, so I wouldn't worry.

Nomads is a little dead in the water since Exotic is working on that game that may or may not go anywhere. I have contributed a model to Nomads, but that was a recreation of their air staging. I'm not sure if it's public or not yet. I have been considering other Nomads units, but never actually done it.

A good majority of the new units I make these days are commissions, so I guess no one is really interested in Nomads.

9k Othuum was a BrewLAN change. Default on Steam is 6.7k because it's positioned as a half way point between the Titan and the Percival, but since BrewLAN gives them a T3 bot at around the Titan level, I moved the Othuum up to Percival level.

Reply Good karma+3 votes

Yeah, more than 12 years without hotbutton for Dock.Unbeliveable.
I forgot whats Github ˇˇ
FAF version, aint sure if its supposed to be version 0.84..
FAF restricts to 7/13/19. Uploaded by PhilipJFry..
Hmm, or I did took the moddb one? ..SMH.
Nope, no additional external weird FAF mods or patches or anything.
Of course, I got ToxicFrogs enable mods on, so I would need smallest rebalance Percival mod ever XD

Yeah, Nomads not having any walkers, (even just retexturing some UEF and Cybran units to black/orange would do) is a shame.

What I forgot in those that the whole BlackOps establisment and others stopped being updated and FAF offers only the nonworking latest versions.
BlackOps for FAF 3680 or later, ok, whatever.

I havent forgot or gave up on that Lucky Dip with TM yet, tho compatibility or missing unit roles can be problem.

Yeah, Titan is ultra fast, Othuum very slow, Percy with Brick superior..everything. Well, Brewlan brings equality to all ˇˇ
The other stronger shielded chicken Ilsha, yeah, that one is nice.

Brewlan AI Gantry beating all over. Aeon exp air factory spamming Tempest the big submarine..Ok :D

The version with released Sanguine Tyrant, Sisha, Zmara, Simurgh, Deluge class, Xiphos, other penetration bombers and fighters are pending?
What happened to Yolona Oss? Perhaps shall be Sera Paragon?
Thank you.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Balthassar Creator

"Public" release pending. Development release:

Uploaded by Fry is correct. He approached me to handle my FAF uploads, I just haven't co-ordinated anything with him since he resigned as a FAF moderator.

TM, BlackOps, and a bunch of other things are all maitained by Uveso on FAF. So they continue to work on the current version of FAF.

If you have suggestions for blueprintID combinations to include in Lucky Dip, I can add them.

Reply Good karma+3 votes

Damn, too much awesomeness in one place.
16 mods active xD
It fixed my Percys. Cityscapes are beautiful.
Penetrators penetrate. Tho, for T3 torpedo bombers,
I had 20 + 20 T3 gunships, 10 T2 tactical bombers, 10 T3 strategic bombers, 2 exp defences which cant shoot over the smallest of hills and it were still killing single weakest cybran battleship over half an hour ˇˇ
I only dont like the redone icons over nromal icons when building units and structures.
I had 10x health Hench AF mod, Anti-mass, Wonky Resources,
Cost variance, Paragon, nothing but time, lovely spomeniki, fantastic aeon deluge class, Exp Ic Overhaul be nice, Mass Point RNG, but negated with Mass World, really awesome ˇˇ and Tech Level Randomiser.
So both Absolution and GC build on T2 in one second, second Paragon under minute, mass extractor in 168 minutes:D
Dont know if Salvation was there. Bubble Tea is very impressive.
Bletchley Park briliant, shall try Magnum Dong, Knife Fight, Camo, rad RAD which is lit, other Gantrys, Sudden Death, Crystal Hill, Corrosive Ocean, Waterlag, Damage numbers nice, Crate Drop, Pulchri screenshots, Ult SW, Invisible, Scathis Beetles and Wreckage Deckay and two other factions some other time :D
Bloody good job, sire!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
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