BrewLAN is a mod for Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance that has been in development by a team of one for since 2009. It adds a huge variety of new units for all factions, as well as offering several new game modes and features. It is available in 9 different languages, most of which were translated by humans; English, Russian, German, Czech, French, Spanish, Italian, Polish, & Chinese.


New units

BrewLAN 0.8, not including any of the packaged sub-mods, adds around 150 new units. Including Bubble Tea, Caffe Corretto, and Research & Daiquiris (The 3 main extra units mods), BrewLAN adds 38 for Aeon (T1: 9, T2: 8, T3: 18, EXP: 4), 48 for UEF (T1: 11, T2: 9, T3: 22, EXP: 6), 48 for Cybran (T1: 8, T2: 9, T3: 24, EXP: 7), 46 for Seraphim (T1: 9, T2: 12, T3: 20, EXP: 5). Most, but not all, can be seen in the image to the right.

Packaged sub mods

The sub-mods included with BrewLAN are subdivided by the categories Units, Gameplay, RNG, and Aesthetics, and modules.

Extra units mods:

Mods that you'll probably want active for most games.

Research & DaiquirisCaffe CorrettoBubble Tea

Bubble Tea

Bubble Tea: Adds experimental shield structures for Aeon, Seraphim, and UEF.

Caffe Corretto

Caffe Corretto: Adds a bunch of extra turrets, so far only for Cybran and UEF.

Research and Daiquiris

Research & Daiquiris: Overhauls how the game treats tech levels, and includes a large number of units to facilitate that, such as research centres. This does not function anything like Supreme Commander 2, and only affects how you get to the various tech, not what they consist of. This mod also serves as a location for me to dump my other units that don't fit into BrewLAN, Bubble Tea or Caffe Corretto.

Gameplay mods:

Twists to standard gameplay. You may only want one or two from this category active at any given time.

Crystal HillCrystal Hill: King of the Hill game mode. Functions as it does in Age of Empires II.

Paragon GameParagon Game: With locked teams, it gives the players on the smallest team(s) a starting Paragon, with a few shields, and support commander each. On unlocked teams everyone gets that.

TeaDTeaD: Replaces everything with a, currently quite basic, tower defence. Work in progress.

AntimassAntimass: Swaps mass and energy production. Have fun with those shields.

Corrosive OceanCorrosive Ocean: Water exposure deals exponentially growing damage over time.

Metal WorldMetal World: Maps spawn without mass points. Mass extractors have no limitations.

WaterlagWaterlag: Lets buildings which aren't factories, walls, silos, or experimentals be built on water.

RNG mods:

Mods that affect gameplay in random ways. Take or leave them as taste dictates.

Cost VarianceCost Variance: Randomly increases or decreases the costs and stats of some units.

Crate DropCrate Drop: Command & Conquer style random crates appear on the map. Picking them up gives gifts. Has a hats-only option.

Lucky Dip: Tech demo mod for situations where multiple mods add similar units; per player it restricts all but one at random. Partially configured for BlackOps and BrewLAN.

Aesthetics mods:

Do-nothing mods, only Experimental Icons Overhaul, Baristas, and maybe Damage Numbers are recommended for regular use from his category.

BaristasBaristas: Tags each unit with the name of the mod it is from, listed as an ability. So you know what is from what.

Damage NumbersDamage Numbers: Damage numbers float up from your units showing what they have dealt and are being dealt.

EIOExperimental Icons Overhaul: Replaces the default circle strategic icons for experimental units with icons that actually mean something.

Pulchritudinousity: Increases the view distance of various things for the sake of taking better screenshots. Not recommended for regular games due to increase performance drain.

Expert CamoExpert Camo: Framework mod for custom skins for units. Functionally inert on it's own, and not currently used by any BrewLAN mod.

Debug Tools: Creates numerous log outputs for things, including unit locations, expected AI thread values, DPS, and other such things. For testing purposes only, not designed for use in real games. Causes severe lag when Cybran engineers build.


BrewUIBrewUI: Adds the BrewLAN field engineer tab. Functionally inert without BrewLAN active.

Gantry haxBrewLAN: Gantry AIx: Additional difficulty for Sorian AIx, giving fairly severe hacks for the AI when they build an experimental factory. 3 variations exist. You can play them all together, but you probably shouldn't. The variations are:

  1. Linear increases in build speed and resource cheats over time.
  2. Player-mass gated exponential increase in build speed and resources.
  3. Like 2, but offers discounts instead of resources.
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RSS Articles

BrewLAN 0.8.3

News 4 comments

A new year, a new version of BrewLAN, an incremental upgrade, but hopefully better all round. This update, dubbed the convenient update because the git revision number is 711, mostly focuses on new features for the Research and Daiquiris sub-mod, and contains a new top-end for non-experimental combat aircraft, and a more gradual energy mid-game.

BrewLAN 0.8.3

Notable fixes:

  • Fixed the script that is supposed to detect and fix incorrect installs.
  • Fixed the Iyadesu breaking on some versions of the game if there were no build restrictions.
  • Fixed a potential AI related crash related to buildings being issued move orders.
  • Fixed Cybran and UEF tech 1 air staging being off center.

Notable changes:

Post 0.8 developments: Stargate projectile warping
Experimental Air Factory constructing a CZAR
All factions wind turbines
  • Split off advanced AI features from BrewLAN to a seperate mod.
  • Projectiles from the railgun Excalibur are now more reliable and have AoE where they eventually stop.
  • The Panopticon and the Seraphim tech 3 optics now have water vision.
  • The Stargate now warps projectiles.
  • The Gantry tech share feature now tracks factories and engineers for deciding what experimental to give access to, and now longer counts engineering stations.
  • Gantries now more dynamically choose their whole build lists on launch. Most visible effect of this is that they all now gain the ability to build field engineers currently.
  • Increased the rate of fire of the Ivan drop-pod artillery.
  • Increased the population cap of mines.
  • Mines can no longer leave wreckage's.
  • Aeon shielded mass extractors now disable the shield when production is disabled.
  • Various AI categories have been cleaned up.
  • UEF mobile anti strategic missile launcher now fires volleys of 2 rather than 3. Effectively the same as before, but graphically different.
  • Some localisation strings that shared vanilla strings are now unique.
  • The Centurion can now fire its weapons simultaneously, and is now considerably more effective.
  • R&D: Wind turbines now make use of adjacency bonuses, notable from energy storage.
  • R&D: Wind turbines now give each other slight adjacency bonuses, encouraging turbine fields early game.
  • Bubble Tea: AI will now build a specific number of the experimental shields per base, rather than having a random chance to build one each time it builds another shield.

Notable additions:

  • New and newly included mods:
    • BrewLAN: AI
      • The advanced AI control module separated out, for people who either don't want to deal with AI gantries, or have stability issues with it.
      • Features many less-RNG based AI uses of units.
    • Scathing Beetles
      • Replaces the projectiles of the Scathis and/or Scathis MK.II with Fire Beetles.
      • Created during a mod requestathon, and distributed with the April 1st mods.
    • Sudden Death
      • Sets the health of each unit to between 2 and 20, and the damage of each weapon to 2.
      • Created for, and distributed with, the April 1st mods.
    • Water Guard
      • Reduces the amount of damage units under water take from AoE damage from above water sources.
      • Created during a mod requestathon, and distributed with Equilibrium.
    • BrewLAN: Gantry Homogeniser
      • A quick mod, created by request, to remove the factional differences and restrictions from the Gantries.
    • Spomeniki
      • Places mysterious concrete sculptures randomly around the map. They can be reclaimed for mass.
    • Mass Random
      • Replaces each mass point with 0-4 mass points.
    • Rock, Paper, Scissors
      • Assigns each unit rock, paper, or scissors. Damage is divided or multiplied by 4 based on rock, paper, scissors rules.
  • BrewLAN:
    • New tarmac textures for size 8 buildings for Aeon and Seraphim.
    • Created a new tarmac texture for Stargate sized units for Seraphim.
Hovercraft Factory
Penetrator Bombers
Twilight Patron squadron intercepting Seraphim Penetrators
  • Research & Daiquiris:
    • Players now get starting research based on units they start the game with.
    • Tech 1 tidal generator for Seraphim.
      • Power output fluctuates, and is greater on maps with more water.
    • Tech 1-3 hovercraft factory for Aeon.
      • Research locked.
      • Provides a way to build some land units on water.
    • Tech 2 light power generators for all factions.
      • Around half the cost, size, and effectiveness of standard tech 2 generators.
      • Standard tech 2 generator now starts research locked.
    • Tech 3 penetrator bombers for all factions.
      • Research locked.
      • Factionally similar; each equipped with stealth, anti-missile flares, standoff missiles, torpedoes/depth charges, and drop 3 bomb volleys.
    • Tech 3 penetration fighter for Cybran.
      • Research locked.
      • Has beam anti-air weapons and stealth.
      • Cloaks while landed.
  • Experimental Icons Overhaul:
    • Added a bunch of previously missing, very unlikely, icon combinations; completing every permutation possible, instead of just every plausible permutation.
    • High damage missile launcher and bomber units now get tagged with a 'nuke' icon rather than a missile or direct fire icon.

Special thanks:

Iyadesu development shot

And finally, I'd like to give special thanks and a shout out to my Patreon supporters and donors, without whom development would probably be proceeding less enthusiastically:

  • Saxxonknight
  • Ben Pankow
  • Mirko Gebauer
  • Mogwai
  • Neutral Effect
  • 🦕 Marcin Mikołajczak

If you would like to join that list, support the continued development of BrewLAN, and/or receive the other exclusive benefits such as time-lapse videos, cut content, and occasional preview builds you can do so here or here My Patreon charges per-release, not monthly, so you can be sure of value. If you find Patreon objectionable, but still want to offer your support and also receive the benefits that can also be arranged. Message me the PayPal receipt with the message "gief content" or something to that effect and I shall provide.

If you use Discord, there is a BrewLAN channel on the LOUD discord here: Come along, chat, get any help you may or may not need, see the new things I may be working on that I might not consider ModDB ready, whatever floats your boat.

BrewLAN 0.8 and the Future of BrewLAN

BrewLAN 0.8 and the Future of BrewLAN

News 11 comments

Where BrewLAN is now, what's changed since, and what to expect in the coming year.

BrewLAN 0.8 — 08|08|18

BrewLAN 0.8 — 08|08|18

News 11 comments

BrewLAN 0.8 is coming 8th of August 2018 to Steam, LOUD, and FAF.

BrewLAN 0.8 progress report

BrewLAN 0.8 progress report

News 27 comments

What has happened since, and where is 0.8.

BrewLAN 0.8 delayed

BrewLAN 0.8 delayed

News 7 comments

Due to both a broken tibia and fibula in the right leg, development on BrewLAN has had a substantial delay.

RSS Files
BrewLAN 0.8.3

BrewLAN 0.8.3

Full Version 12 comments

BrewLAN 0.8.3, revision 711. The convenient update.

BrewLAN 0.8

BrewLAN 0.8

Full Version 39 comments

BrewLAN 0.8. Revision 666. At long last, the beast is released.

Operation: Knife Fight

Operation: Knife Fight

Patch 10 comments

Ever wanted to watch a crab knife fight? Now is your chance. Copy the contents into your mods folder. Functions with SC, FA, and FAF. One of the sub-mods...

BrewLAN beta

BrewLAN beta

Full Version 28 comments

BrewLAN point seven and two halves. Because two halves don't make a whole. Delete any previous versions before installing.

BrewLAN beta

BrewLAN beta

Full Version 162 comments

I suggest downloading the development version of BrewLAN instead of this one. Read the full description for details. If you insist on downloading BrewLAN...

BrewLAN 0.5.1 beta

BrewLAN 0.5.1 beta

Full Version 17 comments

This is a hotfix for 0.5 beta. It directly fixes the X'treme Wars crash (caused by BrewLAN assuming the Fatboy could still build) and creates a workaround...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 826)

As of BrewLan0.8.3,here are some problems i've seen:

Bomber Projectiles:There is a projectile fired from all the penetrator bombers which leave lots of red lines all over the battlefield.It appeared when testing the new units.(The penetrator fighter is unaffected)

Hovercraft Factory:There is an option for me to research a "hovercraft factory" as the UEF.This factory does not show up in my build menu.If i spawn it with cheats,it has a strange texture.(It works tho)

Statue Kamikaze Commmader:The statue mod BREAKS the game.It gets rid of the commander and the statues themselves dont spawn.

Missing Textures:The ground textures for the T3 SMD and light powergens are replaced by a "missing texture" texture.The default surface texture is also used for the hawking and sagan campuses.

Other than that,good work!I died when i saw the names the ai used for their gantries."Mom's Friendly ..... (cant remember rest)? "Legion Academy"??? "Foundry"?????DONUT FACTORY???!!!!!!aAWHAT!!!!!?????????XDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDD

But seriously,this is priceless.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
Balthassar Creator

Most of those issues are caused by incorrect installation. You probably have the files nested in a folder they shouldn't be.

Check the installation guide on the download page, there is a section on checking things are in the correct place.

The UEF hovercraft factory was cancelled in development because the UEF have like 1 hovercraft. Apparently I never checked that I removed it properly. This will be rectified.

Mom's Friendly Robot Company thanks you for your business.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

PMYCVq44(Pastebin link number)

What caused this?I reinstalled(correctly) and it did not change anything.

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
Balthassar Creator

Send me the full log.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Balthassar Creator

The error is because it can't find the projectiles in the files, the rest of the log would indicate why it can't.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Hi there. As a player of this mod who plays it all the time, I humbly request a hotfix for two gamebreaking issues for version 0.8 beta.

- UEF still seems to crash at points within the game (AI UEF only). I'm unsure if it is just Sorian AI or normal AI which does this, but it is confirmed after several hundreds of hours of playing this mod, Seraphim, Aeon, and Cybran never ever crashes the game. UEF AI faction late game crashes. It is unconfirmed that it only happens with Sorain AI.

- The Seraphim experimental builder does not function in this update.

Minor things:
- The Seraphim gateway portal is a bit wonky imo. Reason being, you cannot poor armies through it to your other gateway and I'm kinda sad about that. Any possibility of a fix?

- The UEF Satellite doesn't seem to properly work either imo. Built it once, but first impressions you build three but after that you cant build anymore and something about their fuel indicator is funky but I understand why you added it.

Finally, thank you for reading! If there is a patch for the above, at least the two major things, where can I find it? Thank you for making the mod and have a good day.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Balthassar Creator

There is an update in the works that I am planning to release this month, in which I have already addressed most of those issues. You can get the current development version here:

To go over the points in detail:

- That may have been an issue with the engineering resource buildings having the engineer category. There was an engine crash related to the AI issuing move orders to buildings which was caused by that. If that was the cause of your crashes, it's been addressed. This issue also rarely came up with engineering stations. I resolved that one as well.

- The Iyadesu issue is related to unit restrictions. On some versions of the game the version released with 0.8 won't work unless there are build restrictions. This has been addressed. (You can also probably enable a build restriction to fix it.)

- Stargate can be a bit fiddly, I find giving units an order to move to just in front of the gate, then just behind the gate, then continuing the orders on the exit gate works most of the time. If you have some specific use-cases I can look into a more specific solution.

- I increased the flight height of the satellite for aesthetic reasons, then found out that intel is spherical. So the satellite not being able to see things has been fixed. The satellite having fuel that you can't refill is intentional. It is to allow you to get it into position quickly, but not be able to scout the whole map. This is why the fuel scales with map size.

If the issues persist with the dev version, let me know.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Hi there! Thank you for responding and sorry for the.... 13 day late reply. xD

First off, thanks for the update, that is appreciated and I'll probably test it out soon then. :)

- No comment

- What build restrictions should I tick on to make the unit work?

- Thanks for tip

- No comment

And will do thank you!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Balthassar Creator

Any build restriction will do; it was the absence of the restricted table in some versions of the game when there are no restrictions that caused the issue. So pick something you wont miss.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

there is a cybran t3 sniper bot in the cheat menu from your mod(got it from baristas),did you scrap it?

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
Balthassar Creator

Kinda. One is still planned, but I'll probably start again from scratch for it.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

The sniper bot is called the "arcame" and this bot even has a profile picture,unlike a seraphim turret i saw in the caffe coretto mod.

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
Balthassar Creator

Aracme has existed for longer.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
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