BrewLAN is a mod for Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance that has been in development by a team of one for since 2009. It adds a huge variety of new units for all factions, as well as offering several new game modes and features. It is available in 9 different languages, most of which were translated by humans; English, Russian, German, Czech, French, Spanish, Italian, Polish, & Chinese.


New units

BrewLAN 0.8, not including any of the packaged sub-mods, adds around 150 new units. Including Bubble Tea, Caffe Corretto, and Research & Daiquiris (The 3 main extra units mods), BrewLAN adds 38 for Aeon (T1: 9, T2: 8, T3: 18, EXP: 4), 48 for UEF (T1: 11, T2: 9, T3: 22, EXP: 6), 48 for Cybran (T1: 8, T2: 9, T3: 24, EXP: 7), 46 for Seraphim (T1: 9, T2: 12, T3: 20, EXP: 5). Most, but not all, can be seen in the image to the right.

Packaged sub mods

The sub-mods included with BrewLAN are subdivided by the categories Units, Gameplay, RNG, and Aesthetics, and modules.

Extra units mods:

Mods that you'll probably want active for most games.

Research & DaiquirisCaffe CorrettoBubble Tea

Bubble Tea

Bubble Tea: Adds experimental shield structures for Aeon, Seraphim, and UEF.

Caffe Corretto

Caffe Corretto: Adds a bunch of extra turrets, so far only for Cybran and UEF.

Research and Daiquiris

Research & Daiquiris: Overhauls how the game treats tech levels, and includes a large number of units to facilitate that, such as research centres. This does not function anything like Supreme Commander 2, and only affects how you get to the various tech, not what they consist of. This mod also serves as a location for me to dump my other units that don't fit into BrewLAN, Bubble Tea or Caffe Corretto.

Gameplay mods:

Twists to standard gameplay. You may only want one or two from this category active at any given time.

Crystal HillCrystal Hill: King of the Hill game mode. Functions as it does in Age of Empires II.

Paragon GameParagon Game: With locked teams, it gives the players on the smallest team(s) a starting Paragon, with a few shields, and support commander each. On unlocked teams everyone gets that.

TeaDTeaD: Replaces everything with a, currently quite basic, tower defence. Work in progress.

AntimassAntimass: Swaps mass and energy production. Have fun with those shields.

Corrosive OceanCorrosive Ocean: Water exposure deals exponentially growing damage over time.

Metal WorldMetal World: Maps spawn without mass points. Mass extractors have no limitations.

WaterlagWaterlag: Lets buildings which aren't factories, walls, silos, or experimentals be built on water.

RNG mods:

Mods that affect gameplay in random ways. Take or leave them as taste dictates.

Cost VarianceCost Variance: Randomly increases or decreases the costs and stats of some units.

Crate DropCrate Drop: Command & Conquer style random crates appear on the map. Picking them up gives gifts. Has a hats-only option.

Lucky Dip: Tech demo mod for situations where multiple mods add similar units; per player it restricts all but one at random. Partially configured for BlackOps and BrewLAN.

Aesthetics mods:

Do-nothing mods, only Experimental Icons Overhaul, Baristas, and maybe Damage Numbers are recommended for regular use from his category.

BaristasBaristas: Tags each unit with the name of the mod it is from, listed as an ability. So you know what is from what.

Damage NumbersDamage Numbers: Damage numbers float up from your units showing what they have dealt and are being dealt.

EIOExperimental Icons Overhaul: Replaces the default circle strategic icons for experimental units with icons that actually mean something.

Pulchritudinousity: Increases the view distance of various things for the sake of taking better screenshots. Not recommended for regular games due to increase performance drain.

Expert CamoExpert Camo: Framework mod for custom skins for units. Functionally inert on it's own, and not currently used by any BrewLAN mod.

Debug Tools: Creates numerous log outputs for things, including unit locations, expected AI thread values, DPS, and other such things. For testing purposes only, not designed for use in real games. Causes severe lag when Cybran engineers build.


BrewUIBrewUI: Adds the BrewLAN field engineer tab. Functionally inert without BrewLAN active.

Gantry haxBrewLAN: Gantry AIx: Additional difficulty for Sorian AIx, giving fairly severe hacks for the AI when they build an experimental factory. 3 variations exist. You can play them all together, but you probably shouldn't. The variations are:

  1. Linear increases in build speed and resource cheats over time.
  2. Player-mass gated exponential increase in build speed and resources.
  3. Like 2, but offers discounts instead of resources.
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It has been a while since the last update.

You may find yourself asking why 2020 and 2021 saw no 'public' releases of BrewLAN, and why this one isn't version 0.9 or something. Well one reason is because I set some arbitrary goals for what "BrewLAN 0.9" would be, and this isn't that.

But we're here for what BrewLAN is, not what it isn't, and what it is is large.

Before we start, there is now a BrewLAN wiki. You can find it here.

New unit sub-mods

The most notable new mod additions stem from BrewLAN: Research & Daiquiris being cut up into parts. BrewLAN: Penetration, BrewLAN Bletchley Park, and BrewLAN Magnum Dong are the direct result of that, taking the aircraft, intel, and other experimentals respectively from R&D.

Following this, units that would have previously ended up in R&D were placed in those mods and also BrewLAN: Tea Party; which contains a single unit created after this change.

Other new mods

Swiss Cheese causes damage to make craters, Cityscapes causes civilian cities to spawn on maps that support it, BrewLAN UI: Strategic Icon Overhaul replaces the old icon mod and affects all strategic icons, and then there's the cursed mods, which I make a point to not document. If you want to know what Stonks does, you have to find out the hard way. No looking at the source files. That's cheating.

Cityscapes on Diagonal Coasts

New units

UEF Experimental Mobile SensorFor UEF:

Deluge Class: Experimental BattlecruiserFor Aeon:

Toxotai: Cybran T3 Missile TankFor Cybran:

For Seraphim:

New unit models

Some more unit model refreshes, not as many as last time, and not as many as planned but they are for: T2 Proximity Mine, T3 Nuclear Mine, T3 Artillery Defense Grid, T3 Engineering Station, T3 Mobile Rocket Platform, Experimental Transport, and Experimental Point Defense.

Cybran MRLUpdated Excalibur Appearance

Notable changes

There were a lot of changes, you can see the full, painfully long, changelog since the 0.8.9 here, but some of the notable ones; the ones that I noted while scrolling through the big list, are:

  • Scarab can now walk backwards
  • Ivan reworked to no longer delete and recreate units
  • Swapped the targetting on the weapons of Tomcat
  • TeaD now has scripted build lists rather than fixed build lists
  • The UEF engineering resource structures can no longer make T2 and T3 turrets with R&D enabled
  • Gantry 'stolen tech' clause now supports custom factions
  • Pillar of Prominence can now protect other shields (including other Pillars)
  • Walls now connect to other walls, and wall turrets no longer affect the ground
  • Crate Drop crates now cycle
  • Increased the costs of Vishuum by a 6th
  • Decreased the costs of the Night Skimmer by around 30%
  • Engineering ships now have scripted build lists

Notable fixes

There were a lot of fixes, and I've tried to filter for interesting ones that weren't also caused since the last public release, some interesting ones include:

  • Fixed nuke mine outer radius dealing 40 damage in 500 radius instead of 500 damage in 40 radius (yikes)
  • Several fixes relating to Vaxis
  • Absolution no longer takes footfall damage, and no longer gets stuck behind structures
  • Fixed a freeze when assisting a builder adjacent to a Paragon
  • Iyadesu-built CDR Rover drones no longer error on death
  • Vishuum no longer kills Ilshatha on dropping them from the front middle two attach points
  • Fixed Crate Drop having no crates on maps smaller than 5km
  • Fixed Crate Drop vet function on FAF
  • Fixed Pillar of Prominence on FAF
  • Fixed penetration fighters not cloaking as intended when landed
  • Fixed anti-missile weapons on FAF
  • Hologram units are now silent
  • Fixed an Iyadesu permanent recipe exploit
  • Fixed an Iaathan permanet drone exploit
  • Fixed Slink not becoming visible to fire when controlled by an AI
  • Fixed Cloakable Mass Extractor not being buildable underwater
  • Fixed research items of units loaded after R&D not having descriptions
  • Fixed Tesla Coil dealing less damage when given maintenance cost reductions
  • Fixed Vulesel having a medium transport class instead of small
  • Fixed Ilshatha having a medium transport class instead of large
  • Fixed Atha-Ythia having a medium transport class instead of large
  • Fixed Sinn having a large transport class instead of medium
  • Fixed attach points on Aeon defence engineers, Hedgehog, and Uosthuum

Call to action

*crumples papers, read notes* oh yes, I'm supposed to plug things *ahem*. So what are you waiting for? Download today, subscribe to my YouTube for time-lapses and other extra content, support me on the money thingies, and do the thing!

A Decade of BrewLAN

A Decade of BrewLAN

News 5 comments

BrewLAN is 10 years old. BrewLAN 0.8.9 is now out.

BrewLAN 0.8.3

BrewLAN 0.8.3

News 8 comments

BrewLAN 0.8.3. Revision 711. The convenient update.

BrewLAN 0.8 and the Future of BrewLAN

BrewLAN 0.8 and the Future of BrewLAN

News 12 comments

Where BrewLAN is now, what's changed since, and what to expect in the coming year.

BrewLAN 0.8 — 08|08|18

BrewLAN 0.8 — 08|08|18

News 11 comments

BrewLAN 0.8 is coming 8th of August 2018 to Steam, LOUD, and FAF.

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Full Version 12 comments

BrewLAN is nearly a teenager. God help us all.

Brewcoin NFTea

Brewcoin NFTea

Full Version




Patch 2 comments

Gamestonk stonks soaring.

BrewLAN 0.8.9

BrewLAN 0.8.9

Full Version 29 comments

The 10 year BrewLANniversary release. Version 0.8.9; half the additions you deserve, all the additions my old computer could handle.

BrewLAN 0.8.3

BrewLAN 0.8.3

Full Version 35 comments

BrewLAN 0.8.3, revision 711. The convenient update.

BrewLAN 0.8

BrewLAN 0.8

Full Version 38 comments

BrewLAN 0.8. Revision 666. At long last, the beast is released.

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just a quick bug/question, this mod doesn't seem to work with the X4 unit cap mod, just makes an empty map with a single mass icon, is there a workaround or will this be fixed in later updates? or will you be adding your own unit cap mod to this one?

and a small review: a great mod and one of my top 5 recommendations to anyone out there.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

This looks great. I can't wait to try this mod.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I've noticed that all faction ACU's only have just over 300 HP damage when using overcharge, to attack buildings, as opposed to 800 HP overcharge damage when BrewLan Mod is not enabled. Is this a bug, or a deliberate nerf? Running FAF and no other mods.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Balthassar Creator

BrewLAN doesn't touch ACU's.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

The FAF balancing over the years is largely utterly crazy.
Atleast for me.
Overcharge requiring 2500-3000 energy(requiring to have pgen first) and not just 1500. Seems to supposed to be 5000 energy even.
And OC anti-structure damage is weirdly supposed to restricted to 500 damage.(restricted to 400 damage vs ACUs and SACUs)
Rhinos(metal bawkses) has became strongest T2 unit(except chicken Ilshavoh) with 1900 hp from weakest 775 hp; increased range, damage, but severly nerfed movement speed and that goes on.
SACUs healths are halved(strongest cybran SACU from 38 000 hp, is literally 19 000 hp only now).
Only cybran battleship were nerfed from 47 000h hp to 44 500 hp.
Otherwise FAF naval balance barely makes any sense to me anymore.
Considerable FAF nerfs - Percival from 9300 hp,1600 dmg to 7200hp, 1450 dmg, etc, etc,etc.
Nearly all heavily shielded units have heavily buffed hp but heavily nerfed shields.
And Galactic Colossus keeps being buffed and nerfed back and forth from between 99 999 hp and 100 000 hp over and over again :D

The Brewlan is original unpatched balancing from around 2009.
I also need to couple it with older version balancing of blackops:unleashed.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Luckily, Brewlan without FAF(pure Steam only) fixes all and I look forward to bomb it all with Ishtar :D

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

great work! so expect for the next version

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Mod doesn't work. This will be the only mod I enable so there are no conflicts and when I load into the game my ACU goes invisible and I cannot build

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
Balthassar Creator

You probably installed it wrong.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Bonjour, j'arrive enfin a le faire tourne c'est cool mais quand je sélectionne une tourelle comme l'artillerie légère mon jeu crash et l'ingénieur du mod est invisible. Merci d'avance pour votre réponse.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Balthassar Creator

Sounds like an install issue again.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
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