BrewLAN is a unitpack and balance mod for Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance with a variety of changes and additions at all tech levels for all factions, including Seraphim. The design goals for the mod are simple; to add new, interesting and visually aesthetic units which complement those already in existence and to maximize technical compatibility with other mods, even if said mods may be incompatible in concept.

The name BrewLAN is taken from Joshua Wilsons infamous LAN party of the same name, where the mod in its earliest incarnation saw its first multiplayer usage. The LAN itself taking its name from the fact that lots of tea was served there.

Version 0.5 released

To mark the 5 year anniversary of the first ever public download of BrewLAN, version 0.5 beta was released on the 13th of October 2014, five years after the original public download. If you have any issues, bugs or anything else that requires my attention you can send me a message directly, or leave a comment below.

Multilingual support

BrewLAN 0.5 has full language support for English, French, German, and Russian. German translation was performed by 106.Bluebird, French translation by asdrubaelvect29, creator of Orbital Wars: Reborn, and Russian translation was performed by Google translate.

If you would like to see BrewLAN translated into your language, or if you have corrections, you can help! All it takes is translating this one document and uploading it somewhere for me to access. Benefits include your name on the credits and of course this mod being available in your language.

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Slight re-texture for UEF T3 walls and gates Experimental Rapid-Fire Artillery Coming 0.5.7+: King of the Hill with a Crystal
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0 comments by Balthassar on Dec 14th, 2014

The fourth and final section. Finally.


Aeon units available in 0.5They get 6 units each at tech one and two, eleven at tech three, and a single experimental. (Although the Salvation gets re-listed as an experimental.) They get an entire 10 units with fully unique models (although 3 of those share the same custom model with different bits hidden), including one of only two walkers in BrewLAN; and the only one with a custom walk animation. This is mostly due to the fact that their art style is amorphous shiny sliced blobs, and are quite easy to make fully custom models for.

Tech 1

Field EngineerVivifier: Tech 1 Defense Engineer
"Tech 1 amphibious construction, repair, capture, reclamation, and mine layer unit. It is equipped with a personal shield and can build specialist defenses."

Light GunshipRespirer: Tech 1 Light GunshipTech 1 Gunships
"Light Gunship. Primary role is base defense. Effective against low-level ground units."
The respirer, being one of the first ever units added to BrewLAN, is now over five years old. I have always planned to give it a more unique appearance than that of a distorted version of the tech 2 gunship... yeah... eventually.

Light Artillery InstallationCharis: Tech 1 Light Artillery InstallationAeon Resource Base
"Light stationary artillery. Designed to engage low to mid-level units."

Pressure MineMolehill: Tech 1 Pressure Mine
"An all-terrain, low damage, pressure detonated, mine system. Visible only to Omni."

Light Shield GeneratorAspis: Tech 1 Light Shield Generator
"Generates a protective shield around units and structures within its radius. Upgradable twice."

Light Air Staging FacilityPedestal: Tech 1 Light Air Staging Facility
"Light air staging facility. Repairs and refuels individual aircrafts."
This was the first of the tech 1 air staging facilities completed, and for a while was the only one. Mostly because it was the only one I had a proper idea of what I wanted it to look like.

Tech 2

Field EngineerButler: Tech 2 Defense Engineer
"Tech 2 amphibious construction, repair, capture, reclamation, and mine layer unit. Equipped a personal shield and radar."

Tactical BomberImpaler: Tech 2 Tactical BomberAeon Tech 2 Bomber
"Mid-level tactical bomber. Equipped with a light Quark bomb and radar."
Impalers are basically glass cannons; they are a force to be feared if unopposed.

Energy StorageTech 2 Energy Storage
"Stores large amounts of energy. Construct next to power generators for adjacency bonus."

Mass StorageTech 2 Mass Storage
"Stores large amounts of mass. Construct next to extractors or fabricators for adjacency bonus."

Proximity MineMound: Tech 2 Proximity Mine
"An all-terrain, high damage, radar detonated, proximity mine system. Visible only to Omni."

Heavy Wall SectionTech 2 Heavy Wall SectionAeon T2 Wall
"Restricts movement of enemy units. Can sustain extreme amounts of damage."
Not as cool as the laser covered Cybran equivalent, but functionally identical.

Tech 3

Field EngineerBilmon: Tech 3 Field Engineer
"Tech 3 amphibious construction, repair, capture, reclamation, and mine layer unit. It is equipped with a personal shield and can build specialist defenses."
Armored Assault Tank
Moldavite: Tech 3 Armored Assault Tank
Scarab: Tech 3 Mobile Strategic Missile Defense
"Heavily armored assault tank. Low rate of fire, designed as a heavy support unit."

Mobile Strategic Missile DefenseScarab: Tech 3 Mobile Strategic Missile Defense
"Mobile strategic missile defense. Build costs include first missile, however the vehicle lacks a fabrication suite to produce additional missiles unassisted."

Heavy Air TransportSolaris: Tech 3 Heavy Air TransportAeon Tech 3 Transport
"Heavy air transport. Armed with a powerful shield and heavy anti-air weapons. Can carry up to 72 units."

I briefly considered making the Solaris an experimental, or able to carry experimentals. Eventually decided against both.

Decoy PlaneBeguiler: Tech 3 Decoy Plane
"Lightly armored decoy plane. Equipped with powerful radar jamming equipment designed to create multiple false radar signals. Mimics air superiority fighter movements."

Shielded Mass ExtractorTech 3 Shielded Mass ExtractorAeon Shielded Mass Extractor
"High-end Mass extractor. Must be constructed on Mass deposits. It generates a shield dome large enough to cover itself and 4 small storages."
The shield doesn't take up any power, and can't be disabled.

Shielded Power GeneratorVon Mayer Reactor: Tech 3 Shielded Power Generator
"Large power generating structure. Possesses a powerful shield, which consumes a small portion of its operating output."

Shielded Mass FabricatorTech 3 Shielded Mass Fabricator
"Large mass fabrication structure. Possesses a powerful shield, which consumes additional power."

Nuclear MineMountain: Tech 3 Nuclear Mine
"An all-terrain mine armed with a full-yield nuclear warhead. Manual detonation required. Visible only to Omni."

Heavy Point DefenseAeon T3 Heavy PD, Anti-Armor PD, & Field EngineerOrbos: Tech 3 Heavy Point Defense
"Heavy defensive tower. Attacks land-based units, sea-based units, and low-altitude aircraft with a powerful laser. Does not engage high altitude aircraft, or submerged units."
One thing about the Orbos that you can't tell from the description is that it also comes with omni, and has a tendency to stare at random stuff. It can also miss sometimes. Less than 5% of the time.

Anti-Armor Point DefenseNihiloid: Tech 3 Anti-Armor Point Defense
"Very heavy defensive tower. Attacks land- and sea-based units with a powerful oblivion cannon."


Experimental Siege TankAbsolution: Experimental Siege TankAeon Experimental Seige Tank
"Experimental hovering siege assault tank. Equipped with a powerful oblivion cannon and tactical missile defenses."
The tactical missile defense on the Absolution is one of the best in the game. Beyond that its basically similar to the Tempest.

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BrewLAN 0.5.1 beta

BrewLAN 0.5.1 beta

Oct 17, 2014 Full Version 17 comments

This is a hotfix for 0.5 beta. It directly fixes the X'treme Wars crash (caused by BrewLAN assuming the Fatboy could still build) and creates a workaround...

BrewLAN 0.5 beta

BrewLAN 0.5 beta

Oct 12, 2014 Full Version 27 comments

BrewLAN 5 year anniversary edition. Version 0.5 beta. BrewLANniversary. Remove previous versions of BrewLAN before installing, direct overwriting will...

BrewLAN 0.4.4 beta

BrewLAN 0.4.4 beta

Jan 5, 2014 Full Version 31 comments

BrewLAN version 0.4.4 beta. Doesn't require BlackOps Icon support. Stuff. There are an entire two new things since the last version. One of them is big.

BrewLAN 0.4.3 Beta

BrewLAN 0.4.3 Beta

Aug 15, 2013 Full Version 19 comments

BrewLAN version 0.4.3 beta. Released partially as a hot-fix, as this version corrects the BlackOps Unleashed incompatibility. Installation should be pretty...

BrewLAN 0.4 beta

BrewLAN 0.4 beta

Nov 2, 2012 Full Version 22 comments

At long last, after two and a half years, a release. BrewLAN 0.4 beta. Remove any older versions of BrewLAN before installing. Requires BlackOps Global...

BrewLAN 0.3 beta

BrewLAN 0.3 beta

May 27, 2010 Full Version 5 comments

BrewLAN 0.3 beta. Now with full language support for German and English. Remove any older versions of BrewLAN that you may have before installing. Still...

Post comment Comments  (30 - 40 of 210)
ledernierrempart Online
ledernierrempart Nov 3 2014, 8:42am says:

nice mod. really! but, well... factions are very unbalanced especially in t4. ^^'

+1 vote     reply to comment
Balthassar Creator
Balthassar Nov 5 2014, 6:50pm replied:

I would be interested to hear which bits specifically you find unbalanced.

+1 vote   reply to comment
ledernierrempart Online
ledernierrempart Nov 8 2014, 10:22am replied:

i dont have all in mind but what i remember is that the t4 ftu factory where too insane and that having it would be an insta win(seriously a t4 factory producing t4 tank factory very quickly which produced lots of units, etc ). the super aeon hover tanks are well op as well with their range and cost but indeed got not much hp.
well it is that only aeon and ftu got new t4 assault mobile units (and the t4 factory)

i remember playing brulan with mayem, that t4 factory was really a problem XD

+1 vote     reply to comment
Balthassar Creator
Balthassar Nov 9 2014, 12:28pm replied:

Gantry was always seemed borderline OP, but you can recreate its effect minus the infinite build with 12-15 engineers for around half the actual cost. The Gantry just makes it easy. I'm never sure if too easy. The Absolution has the same weapon as the Tempest, its situational; I get people telling me its underpowered.

+1 vote   reply to comment
wheelmandan Oct 25 2014, 4:55am says:

does this work on steam?

+1 vote     reply to comment
Balthassar Creator
Balthassar Oct 25 2014, 6:13am replied:


+1 vote   reply to comment
Krapougnak Oct 23 2014, 3:41pm says:

Bug report for Cybran T2 Walls. The laser thingy just goes nuts if one of the walls gets destroyed.

Picture here :

+1 vote     reply to comment
Balthassar Creator
Balthassar Oct 23 2014, 6:24pm replied:

I am genuinely ashamed of myself for not encountering or testing for that before now. It is fixed for the next version.

If you want the fix before next release its simple: In "/brewlan/lua/defaultunits.lua" change line 173 from "AttachBeamEntityToEntity(self, k, v1.ent, k, self:GetArmy(), v.beamtype)" to "v1.ent.Trash:Add(AttachBeamEntityToEntity(self, k, v1.ent, k, self:GetArmy(), v.beamtype))"

Make sure you also get anyone you play with to do that as well if you do.

+2 votes   reply to comment
Krapougnak Oct 25 2014, 4:45am replied:

No need to be ashamed of anything, you cannot be aware of everything, that's why we, the players, are here, to test the mod and report :)

Out of curiosity is the next release near or far away ? I'm really looking forward to those missing walls. :)

Btw your fix for the Cyb T2 wall works like a charm.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Balthassar Creator
Balthassar Oct 25 2014, 6:34am replied:

The next significant release is likely to be around Christmas or new year depending on how much dev time I get around then.

Anything before then would depend on how long it takes me to finish the things I want to get in the next version or, on if I do any critical bug fixes before then worth released early, as with 0.5.1.

+1 vote   reply to comment
Blackrobe Oct 21 2014, 8:35pm says:

Hey Balthassar. Love the Mod, great job. Was wondering if you had considered a T3 Stealth Generator, and an Experimental Shield Generator for the UEF?

+1 vote     reply to comment
Balthassar Creator
Balthassar Oct 22 2014, 2:25pm replied:

I have considered both. I may give them a T3 stealth, and I probably won't give them a dedicated experimental shield gen.

+1 vote   reply to comment
Blackrobe Oct 22 2014, 6:48pm replied:

Ok. I only ask because I figured that as you created an Exp Shield Gen for the Cybran, that you might do one for UEF. One can only hope :)

+1 vote     reply to comment
Balthassar Creator
Balthassar Oct 23 2014, 8:32am replied:

I may eventually give them an experimental shield thing, but its unlikely to be a single bubble.

+1 vote   reply to comment
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