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kazarr Jun 23 2015, 2:46pm says:

Hype is rising.

+6 votes   media: Mental Omega Side 4 Reveal Trailer
kazarr Mar 27 2015, 3:49pm says:

Hey, so what do you mean with "squad technology" and what ind of improved tech buildings did you have in mind?

+1 vote   mod: Generals The Improver
kazarr Feb 20 2015, 7:32pm says:

The discontinuement of development on naval units and mechanics is probably for the best. That said, I'm glad that your accomplishments thusfar will be available in an addon, as some of those maps were pretty good. I especially liked the amphibious transports, they were very fun to use against the AI.

+2 votes   news: Rise of the Reds Blog Update 21
kazarr Jan 29 2015, 8:43am says:

Reminds me of a Rise of Legends Sun Jaguar. Looks cool!

+1 vote   media: New Cabal toy!
kazarr Dec 3 2014, 7:41am replied:

I got this reply just about a year late, but even so, I followed your advice and gave it a try. The alpha demo ran much better, and I was actually able to play it, albeit still with some issues. My PC is simply archaic though, so it's impressive enough that it's playable at all. A job well done by the WftO team!

+2 votes   game: War for the Overworld
kazarr Nov 20 2014, 10:43am replied:

I think you did an excellent job! The trailer's presentation is absolutely top notch thanks to your voice acting.

+9 votes   media: Recycler Introduction Trailer
kazarr Oct 7 2014, 12:32pm says:

Not gonna lie, you guys have made HUGE improvements over time. It must've been a long and difficult road, but things have never looked better.I wonder how the gameplay will evolve though, as it is inherently clunky and heavy, though that last part is not a bad thing.

+1 vote   news: Son of Nor VIDEO Dev Diary #100 - Past & Future
kazarr Sep 4 2014, 3:09pm says:

I see an "I" symbol at the bottom of every icon. I wonder, does this mean that to get the info you have to actually press the I button while hovering over the icon or the unit? If so, that would be the best of both worlds, allowing for detailed information to be given without it taking up the whole screen like this normally.

+2 votes   media: New unit quickinfo
kazarr Aug 20 2014, 7:25pm says:

Really good, though aren't you using assets from the Witch Hunters mod in this image? I thought the developers of that mod vanished without giving anyone permission to use their mod for their own development?

+1 vote   media: Dark Prophecy MOD
kazarr Jul 26 2014, 4:20pm says:

Awesome, that'll be great!

+2 votes   media: Custom sidebar and voice for Cabal & The Forgotten
kazarr Jul 20 2014, 4:33am replied:

"One way trip!"

+4 votes   media: Demo Truck Variants
kazarr Jul 15 2014, 5:45am says:

The wait is almost over. Now we rise from the shadows and the unseen depths to spread the word...Kane lives!

+2 votes   media: 4 Days Remaining...
kazarr Jul 9 2014, 7:44am says:

This is a topic of hot debate in a lot of RTS forums. I am almost always in favour of more units, but only conditionally.
Those conditions being:

-New units must fill some niche for their faction that was not filled previously. This niche may be as simple as "mobile heavy firepower" for instance, or as specific as "mobile heavy firepower that stands up to unit X in the mid-game that would otherwise counter all mobile heavy firepower type units at this point in the game."
In either case, the unit brings novel strategic use with it, but however...

-New units may not be *too* similar to existing units. Some people may disagree with me here and I encourage them to tell me why they do, but in my personal experience a unit is most fun when it is special and not quite like anything else seen in the game. Giving a unit a unique method of attack like tesla troopers, prism tanks, chrono troopers, desolators etc. helps a lot. Consider unique methods of defence too, like assault tanks with small-scale force fields that when activated drain the power bar.

-New units shouldn't upset the game balance. This one speaks for itself and you guys have proven yourself more than competent at handling this aspect considering how difficult it is.

I realize that you are limited to an extent by the capabilities of the engine, but with Ares your options have broadened and there is a lot of room for creativity. To say "no" to more units would be to stifle that creativity. Perhaps if you have concerns about there being too many units, you can make new units be campaign-exclusive?
Either way, take your time on the decision and take your time with the mod, and keep delivering quality content like you do!

+14 votes   media: More units?
kazarr Jul 8 2014, 3:32pm replied:

Thank you for this information! I will avoid using Imperial Guard until the next patch.

+1 vote   download: Beta Firestorm over Kaurava Patch
kazarr Jul 8 2014, 11:41am says:

I am running into consistent fatal AI errors. One per match, in fact. The circumstances under which this bug was produced are as following:

-Installed the mod onto a clean copy of the Steam version of the game when it was released. Played it for a few hours against the AI.
-Applied the patch that shortly after came out.
-Made a custom IG regiment in the army painter.
-Played as Chaos Undivided against the IG regiment, producing a squad of Khorne Berzerkers before choosing the Zeallous trait.
After a short amount of playtime, a fatal AI error occurs. Playing another map and taking these same steps has caused the error to occur again, and then later again.

Later, playing as the Eldar against the IG to see if the problem was the race I was playing, I encountered the same error after some time.
In all of these cases I was playing on a 1v1 map against Imperial Guard, and they seemed to mostly use infantry throughout the game, and occasionally sentinels and chimeras.

If relevant, I can post my computer's specs too. Performance-wise the mod has run excellently so far however.

+1 vote   download: Beta Firestorm over Kaurava Patch
kazarr Jun 11 2014, 7:07am says:


+3 votes   media: Plague Marine Armour Update
kazarr Feb 18 2014, 4:41pm says:

Does anyone know where to get a legal copy of this that doesn't cost an ungodly amount of money? I've seen this on Amazon for FIFTY dollars, but of course there isn't a single store around anymore where they'll sell it and the only alternative I can find is .iso torrents.

+1 vote   game: Battlezone II: Combat Commander
kazarr Nov 5 2013, 8:26am replied:

Would the Frogfoot possibly be repurposed into a general-specific GP to limit it's use, in so doing creating a balance? Or would that be too much like the A-10 Strike?

+2 votes   media: Russian Sokol
kazarr Sep 25 2013, 7:36am says:

How do you convert 2-dimensional Red Alert 2 models to 3-dimensional Generals models? Do you just make new models using the 2-D art as reference material? Because if you do, that's impressive, it looks just like the RA2 model.

+2 votes   media: Soviet Nuclear Power Plant
kazarr Sep 25 2013, 7:32am replied:

I recognise the exact model from Warcraft 3 to be precise.

+1 vote   media: Germ - Engineer of Bacterian
kazarr Sep 21 2013, 7:27am says:

Freind or foe? This looks like something interesting for NOD to find an ally in. One that they're not sure they can trust, and a sinister one, but thematically it works well.

+8 votes   media: Promotional Sketch: Tiberium Crawler
kazarr Sep 3 2013, 5:08pm says:

HELL yeah. Time for another crusade, GLA scum. And this time we brought some new toys...

+4 votes   news: Knights of Saint Peter
kazarr Aug 24 2013, 10:33am replied:

Some Ultimate Apocalypse mod fans seem to be accusing the ZMS mod of stealing assets and content from other mods. A lot of the models in this mod DO seem to have featured in other mods before, but as far as I'm aware they aren't stolen, simply used with permission.
You'll have to wait for a definitive answer from ZMS though, I don't know the fine points of it.

+2 votes   news: ZMS Mod 0.00.04 Common Test
kazarr Aug 23 2013, 9:00am says:

Looks absolutely awesome. One of the best models I've seen in the mod so far. My only concern is that animating it will probably be a pain, as with all walker vehicles.

+5 votes   media: PHOBOS
kazarr Aug 17 2013, 8:02am says:

Tracking, looks very interesting.

+1 vote   mod: Doom Desire
kazarr Aug 15 2013, 11:53am says:

Good to see that NoD and GDI still buy their harvesters from the same manufacturer, like in the olden golden days of Tiberian Sun. XD

+10 votes   media: NoD Harverster
kazarr Aug 15 2013, 11:09am says:

Drawing from Dark Heresy, eh? Excellent idea! Approved thousandfold.

+5 votes   media: The Lady of the Voids
kazarr Aug 7 2013, 9:56am says:

It's funny because nobody would be able to tell that this is the SAGE engine, of all things.

+5 votes   media: new Seawater
kazarr Aug 6 2013, 4:47pm says:

That grate is quite possibly the best thing about it.

+5 votes   media: Russian Helipad
kazarr Aug 4 2013, 6:24am says:

Superweapon General's defences have nothing on this. Though I somehow feel like she'd be something of a hard counter to the Continental Defence Subdivision, thanks to the mass use of superweapons and powerful bombers.
Good thing this is a complete conversion. :P

+1 vote   news: Border Patrol
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