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kazarr Feb 18 2014, 4:41pm says:

Does anyone know where to get a legal copy of this that doesn't cost an ungodly amount of money? I've seen this on Amazon for FIFTY dollars, but of course there isn't a single store around anymore where they'll sell it and the only alternative I can find is .iso torrents.

+1 vote     game: Battlezone II: Combat Commander
kazarr Nov 5 2013, 8:26am replied:

Would the Frogfoot possibly be repurposed into a general-specific GP to limit it's use, in so doing creating a balance? Or would that be too much like the A-10 Strike?

+2 votes     media: Russian Sokol
kazarr Sep 25 2013, 7:36am says:

How do you convert 2-dimensional Red Alert 2 models to 3-dimensional Generals models? Do you just make new models using the 2-D art as reference material? Because if you do, that's impressive, it looks just like the RA2 model.

+2 votes     media: Soviet Nuclear Power Plant
kazarr Sep 25 2013, 7:32am replied:

I recognise the exact model from Warcraft 3 to be precise.

+1 vote     media: Germ - Engineer of Bacterian
kazarr Sep 21 2013, 7:27am says:

Freind or foe? This looks like something interesting for NOD to find an ally in. One that they're not sure they can trust, and a sinister one, but thematically it works well.

+7 votes     media: Promotional Sketch: Tiberium Crawler
kazarr Sep 3 2013, 5:08pm says:

HELL yeah. Time for another crusade, GLA scum. And this time we brought some new toys...

+4 votes     article: Knights of Saint Peter
kazarr Aug 24 2013, 10:33am replied:

Some Ultimate Apocalypse mod fans seem to be accusing the ZMS mod of stealing assets and content from other mods. A lot of the models in this mod DO seem to have featured in other mods before, but as far as I'm aware they aren't stolen, simply used with permission.
You'll have to wait for a definitive answer from ZMS though, I don't know the fine points of it.

+2 votes     article: ZMS Mod 0.00.04 Common Test
kazarr Aug 23 2013, 9:00am says:

Looks absolutely awesome. One of the best models I've seen in the mod so far. My only concern is that animating it will probably be a pain, as with all walker vehicles.

+5 votes     media: PHOBOS
kazarr Aug 17 2013, 8:02am says:

Tracking, looks very interesting.

+1 vote     mod: Doom Desire
kazarr Aug 15 2013, 11:53am says:

Good to see that NoD and GDI still buy their harvesters from the same manufacturer, like in the olden golden days of Tiberian Sun. XD

+10 votes     media: NoD Harverster
kazarr Aug 15 2013, 11:09am says:

Drawing from Dark Heresy, eh? Excellent idea! Approved thousandfold.

+3 votes     media: The Lady of the Voids
kazarr Aug 7 2013, 9:56am says:

It's funny because nobody would be able to tell that this is the SAGE engine, of all things.

+5 votes     media: new Seawater
kazarr Aug 6 2013, 4:47pm says:

That grate is quite possibly the best thing about it.

+5 votes     media: Russian Helipad
kazarr Aug 4 2013, 6:24am says:

Superweapon General's defences have nothing on this. Though I somehow feel like she'd be something of a hard counter to the Continental Defence Subdivision, thanks to the mass use of superweapons and powerful bombers.
Good thing this is a complete conversion. :P

+1 vote     article: Border Patrol
kazarr Jul 24 2013, 2:33pm says:

VERY good model, but needs a bit of polish to blend it all together I think. Still, definitely an extremely worthy addition to the warriors of Khorne!

+5 votes     media: Khorne Berserker (updated model)
kazarr Jul 21 2013, 6:43am says:

There were people having technical difficulties with MEC? Hard to imagine, in my experience it's the most polished C&C mod out there.

+4 votes     article: Technical Support FAQ
kazarr Jul 16 2013, 8:50am replied:

Love it! GDI are going to be terrified of the sight.

+1 vote     media: Nod R.D.A. render
kazarr Jul 16 2013, 5:34am says:

That looks like some mean high-tech artillery. What does it fire like?

+3 votes     media: Nod R.D.A. render
kazarr Jul 15 2013, 7:55am says:

Might be interesting. It all depends on how the platforming mechanics and the shooter mechanics will interact.

+2 votes     article: Iron Soul gets Gameplay Reveal
kazarr Jul 15 2013, 6:54am says:

So what does this tank do, besides looking cool?

+4 votes     media: Striker Tank
kazarr Jul 12 2013, 7:37pm says:

So nuclear missles have green radiation and a new explosion FX now?

+1 vote     media: WuKong I told you don't throw garbage!
kazarr Jul 12 2013, 7:35pm says:

Oh man, can't wait to see the transformation animation.

+3 votes     media: Ragnarok - Finally in game!
kazarr Jul 12 2013, 7:34pm says:

It's extra satisfying to run over people in a spiky tank.

+2 votes     media: Sentinel Tank with Warden Missile Pods
kazarr Jul 8 2013, 6:59am says:

10/10, gets you high on adrenaline, so much action! :P
In all seriousness though, it's good to see that the resource collection for the WEA is up and running. Resource collection is an important part of any C&C game and mod, after all. (Unless it's Tiberium Twilight, but let's not talk about that title...)

+3 votes     media: DI Ingame Presentation
kazarr Jul 6 2013, 7:36pm says:

I adore what's there so far. The two energies colliding, causing a thunderous sound is immediately reminiscent of the conflict between NOD and GDI, a symbology that is supported by how the blast fades to reveal their logos up against each other.

+3 votes     media: WIP Intro Test
kazarr Jul 5 2013, 5:50pm says:

Well, so much for Allied air superiority. I think it's time to arm some nukes, comrades. LOTS of nukes. I have a feeling we might need them...

+8 votes     media: Irkalla Rises
kazarr Jul 3 2013, 1:27pm says:

Interesting. I'm not sure if Epsilon needed even more anti air, but they were kind of lacking in cheap, early anti armor. This infantry seems to cover that weakness. I wonder how that will affect gameplay.

+1 vote     media: Epsilon Archer
kazarr Jul 3 2013, 11:09am says:

Modding is a slow process man. I've done some minor modding work in the past too, nothing major, not much coding just a few basic unit additions, and even that took me ages.
Because of how much time and concentration modding takes, it's easy to get bogged down by other things that are also important. That's fine. Take your time. Rome wasn't built in a day.

+3 votes     article: Slow Progress
kazarr Jul 3 2013, 11:04am says:

What are the advantages of the NeoAxis engine over the RA3 Sage engine and vice versa? I'm not familliar with the NeoAxis engine.

+1 vote     article: Summer Update
kazarr Jul 3 2013, 11:00am says:

Looks a lot more badass than it actually is in-game, unless the unit's stats get changed.

+1 vote     media: USA Cyborg
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